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									             Setting up Paperless Invoicing and Credit Card Billing is proud to offer green solutions to our customers. Your invoices can now be viewed
and paid on-line. To enroll in paperless invoicing and online credit card processing, please complete the
following process.

Step 1: Enrollment request form

To initiate the enrollment process, completely fill out the Paperless Invoicing and Credit Card Payment
setup request form (included for your convenience on the last page of this document) and send it to This form must be completed completely, including all relevant account numbers.

Step 2: User profile setup email sent to you

Within 1 business day of the receipt of the request form, will send you an email with a
link that will allow you to finish creating your user profile. An example of this email can be seen below:

Please note, the email you receive is specific to the accounts for which you have requested this service.
For that reason, do not share this email with others wishing to enroll in paperless invoicing for their
accounts. Those individuals need to send in their own setup request form to receive their personalized
email and link.
Step 3: Create user profile

Next, you must create an online user name and password that you will utilize to sign into EventBuilder
and view or pay invoices on the accounts you have selected for this feature. Click on the link in the
‘Enroll’ link in the email you receive to go to the user setup page.

Because you will likely not have a User ID and Password already established, scroll down to the
information boxes located in the section for those who do not already have a User ID.

Once all required information has been completed, a submit button will appear at the bottom of the
Step 4: Email Verification

Once you have submitted your new user ID, you will see the following page:

This verification email will be sent to the email address specified in the original request form sent to
Customer Care. Go to the verification email and login using the link provided in that email.

Step 5: Elect Invoicing Option

When you log in, you will go to a page that asks for you to elect the invoicing option you would like. You
will have the option of having:
      Paperless invoices and paying by credit card online
      Paperless invoices, but paying by sending in a check
      Continue receiving paper invoices and sending in a check for payment.

The option you choose will be the way the account is handled going forward. This can be changed
online at anytime under the paperless invoicing settings of your account.

This completes the enrollment process. Once you have elected to utilize the paperless invoicing feature,
you will receive an automated email at the end of each billing cycle to notify you that an invoice is ready
to be viewed and paid.
                  Paperless Invoicing and Credit Card Billing Request Form
To enroll in paperless invoicing and online credit card processing, please complete the form below and
send it as an attachment to

Customer Information

        First and last name:

        Email address for billing:

        Phone number:

Account Details

        Please list all account numbers for which you would like to set up paperless
         invoicing and payments: Account
      Number (i.e., CLS-####)                                                                     Account or Department Name

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