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									                               Olive Trade S.A.R.L.
Company Profile
Name         Olive Trade
             Al Nour Street, Baino – Akkar - Lebanon

City         Baino
             Mobile: (961-3) 283-724
Tel/Fax      Fax: (961-9) 936-265


Contact       Youssef Fares, General Manager
E-mail       youssef.fares@olivetrade.com
Description Olive Trade® specializes in the production and sales of olive
            derivative product mix. The company's product portfolio ranges
            from olives (green, black, pitted, sliced, stuffed) to soap. Our
            main focus is on high quality olive oil (extra virgin, organic)
            meeting with international norms, as well as the new aromatized
            oils line that we lunched few months ago. The specialization in
            olive oil production has been our core family business since the
            late nineteenth century.

             Olive Trade®'s state-of-the-art production mill, based on the latest
             three-phase VDP oil extraction system, was imported from Alpha
             Laval, the renowned market leader, based in Italy. The quality of
             our produce is ensured by our total control over the production
             chain process from olive culture to harvest through oil extraction
             and storage. Olive Trade® uses both olives from the family
             orchards as well as olives bought from the farmers in the
             surrounding villages of -Akkar- the poorest region in Lebanon.

             On the retail side, Olive Trade® focuses on the niche market of
             high-end specialized stores in Lebanon and abroad with our
             exclusive brand “ZEJD”.
             “ZEJD” (oil in the ancient Phoenician language) highlights the
             rich historical background of the Lebanese olive oil related to its
             Phoenician origins.

             With initial success at introducing “ZEJD” at international shows,
             Olive Trade® expanded its export capabilities; In addition to the
             French, German and U.S. markets tackled under “ZEJD”, Olive
           Trade® is targeting the English market through agreements with
           distributors of equitable gourmet foods.

Brand name ZEJD
Products      -   Extra Virgin Olive Oil
              -   Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
              -   Flavored Olive Oils
              -   Olives
              -   Olive Oil Soap

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