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									Wordpress Membership Site Plugins Criteria For Marketing

Wordpress has become one of the most powerful marketing tools on the
internet today. When you create a membership site for marketing purposes,
you are opening the door to tons of revenue in the end; if you are using
Wordpress. This is due to the fact that Membership sites are very
lucrative and easy to use if you structure them properly.

Many people have a mistaken belief that Wordpress is just for blogs and a
website. However, this belief is totally false and if they use Wordpress
correctly and to its maximum flexiability, they will discover it is a
great marketing tool. One of the newest marketing tools that Wordpress
has begun is membership sites. There are a number of internet businesses
that are using membership site plugins but not every one of them are made
the same. There are a few basic criteria which your plugins should have
to create a great membership site for your marketing site.

1. Membership levels and types:
When you have the ability to create multiple levels of membership you
will have the flexibility to allow special promotions or even higher
membership levels in which you will give members access to more in-depth
information if they pay more for it. Also it is important to have levels
that are free, subscription based, and also a onetime payment.

2. RSS Feed Encryptions:
You will want to make sure that any information that you want members
only to have access to do not get broadcast through your RSS feed. If
your RSS feed is not encrypted then anyone who would visit or join your
site would see the information you are limiting to visitors without even
paying for it. Failing to encrypt your RSS feeds can result in losing
thousands of dollars in revenue.

3. Content Teasers
This will allow you to have a small portion of certain content for
visitors to your site. In order for them to read on they will have to
click on a link which will tell them they will have to subscribe to read
the rest of the article.

4. Sequential Delivery
If you have a membership that you are training people or are just wanting
to make sure that visitors gain access to certain content that you are
offering on a monthly basis you will need to be sure that you have
sequential delivery. If you do not have this then someone can gain
access to all of your content from the very first day.

5. Payment Gateways
Some plugins only work with PayPal which gives you major limitations. You
will want the ability to work with any merchant processor you wish.

6. Training and Support

You need to have a strong customer satisfaction which is important for
any business. If you do not have access to the owner of the plugin then
do not use it because it would not work with your marketing business.
These are all necessary parts of your membership site for your marketing
site. If your plugin does not have any of these then you will need to
search for another plugin that does.

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