TIffanI wood _ neIl cummIns by hjkuiw354


									                                                         bohemIan fanTasy weddIng!

                                                       TIffanI wood &
                                                        neIl cummIns
                                                          The ‘popsTar’ Turned solo
                                                        sInger marrIes her dream man

               iffani	Wood’s	packed	a	lot	into	the	
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Above: After her stint on Popstars seven years ago, Tiffani‘s had plenty of time to get used to having
               past	few	years.	She’s	led	the	life		                                                                                                                                                        her hair and make-up done! Left: With her gorgeous flower girls. Centre left: A moment of reflection for the
               of	a	pop	star	as	a	member	of	Bardot,	                                                                                                                                                       bride and groom. Below: The bride and bohemian bridesmaids make their way to the ceremony
               released	a	solo	album,	Bite Your
      Tongue	–	and	managed	to	meet	the	man		
      of	her	dreams	and	fall	pregnant	in	between!
           And	when	Tiffani	married	that	man,		
      Neil	Cummins,	the	wedding	was	befitting		
      of	a	bride	who’s	been	in	the	spotlight	since	
      she	took	Australia	by	storm	as	a	‘Popstar’.
           The	ceremony,	that	touched	on	both	
      Moroccan	and	medieval	themes,	was	held		
      at	the	magical	Crystal	Castle	near	Byron	Bay.		
      As	if	the	spectacular	hinterland	location	
      wasn’t	enough,	the	giant	stone	Buddha		
      they	married	in	front	of	typified	the	couple’s	

      ‘I walked down the
        aisle and couldn’t
         stop laughing!’
      love	of	mysticism	and	spirituality.	‘As	soon		
      as	we	saw	it,	we	just	knew	it	was	perfect,’		
      said	Tiffani	of	the	place	they	chose	to	
      exchange	their	vows.
           Neil,	32,	met	Tiffani,	29,	at	a	Sydney	
      nightclub	he	was	working	at	in	July	2005	
      and	admits	it	was	love	at	first	sight.	In	
      October	2005,	he	asked	Tiff’s	father	Robbie	
      for	her	hand	in	marriage	without	knowing	
      that	Tiffani	was	listening	at	the	door	and	
      silently	squealing	with	joy.	After	a	lot	of	
      waiting	–	four	months	passed	before	he	
      found	the	courage	to	ask	her	–	she	accepted	
      his	proposal	at	her	gangster-themed	28th	

                                                        Above: When Neil met Tiffani in 2005, he says it was love at first sight. Left: The singer films a clip for her CD,
                                                        Bite Your Tongue. Right: The groom with best man Dave Freeman and groomsman Richie Penisini

40	                                                                                                                                                        february 19, 2007 ok!   ok! february 19, 2007                                                                                                                  41
wedding exclusive                                                                                                                                                                            wedding exclusive
                                               birthday	party.	But	on	the	day	of	the	wedding,	              caught	his	eye	and	gave	him	a	little	cheeky	
                                               it	was	Neil	who	was	kept	waiting	while	                      smile	–	that	was	definitely	a	highlight.	And	
                                               Tiffani’s	driver	got	lost	and	caused	her	to		                so	was	seeing	all	the	bridesmaids	together,’	
                                               be	45	minutes	late	for	her	big	day!                          she	adds,	explaining	that	she	chose	all	their	
                                                    ‘My	dad	was	panicking	a	bit,’	reveals		                 accessories,	including	parasols,	tamborines	
                                               the	bride,	‘and	my	mum	was	stuck	with	four	                  and	fans	to	complement	the	dresses.	‘I’d	
                                               flower	girls,	trying	to	keep	them	under	control.	            visualised	a	girly,	bohemian	garden	party	
                                               But	I	was	just	thinking,	“It’s	my	wedding,	                  feel	and	one	of	the	surprising	things	was	
                                               they’ve	got	to	wait	for	me!”’                                that	it	all	looked	so	good	together.’	
                                                    Finally	Tiffani	and	her	bridesmaids	–	her	                   In	front	of	the	celebrant	and	their	
                                               sisters	Cassandra	and	Rochelle,	and	Neil’s	                  guests,	Tiffani	and	Neil’s	friends	said		
                                               younger	sisters	Fay	and	Katie	–	and	the	flower	              a	few	words	about	the	couple,	including	
                                               girls	arrived,	throwing	rose	petals	ahead	of	a	              reading	an	American-Indian	blessing,	
                                               drummer	and	pied	piper	as	they	walked	down	                  Together.	What	followed	was	a	declaration	
                                               a	pebbly	pathway-cum-makeshift	aisle		                       of	their	love	as	they	read	out	love	letters	
                                               to	where	the	remainder	of	the	bridal		                       they	had	written	privately,	ahead	of	their	
                                               party	and	guests	were	                                                              shared	vows,	which	
                                               eagerly	waiting.
                                                    Resplendent	and	
                                                                                   ‘I’d visualised                                 promised	that	they		
                                                                                                                                   will	live	their	dreams	
                                               glowing	in	the	late	stages	
                                               of	pregnancy,	Tiffani		
                                                                                 a girly, bohemian                                 side-by-side	and	fall		
                                                                                                                                   in	love	more	and		
                                               wore	an	empire-line		             garden-party feel’                                more	each	day.	
                                               oyster-coloured	frock	in	                                                                Finally,	to	loud	
                                               Thai	silk,	embellished	with	French	lace,		                   cheers,	the	celebrant	announced	the	
                                               pearls	and	handmade	Swarovski	crystals.		                    couple	were	husband	and	wife	and	they	
                                               The	gown	was	complemented	by	a	French	                       sealed	the	deal	with	carefully	chosen	
                                               chantilly	mantilla	veil,	all	made	by	Personalised	           Cerrone	rings	–	hers	amethyst	with	pink	
                                               Weddings	Couture.	The	singer’s	bridesmaids	                  sapphires	and	his	a	titanium	plantinum	
                                               wore	rich	lavender	dresses	by	George	Gross	                  band,	set	with	a	ring	of	diamonds	–	and	
                                               with	Alannah	Hill	accessories	and	flowers		                  of	course,	a	passionate	kiss!		
                                               in	their	hair.                                                    The	newlyweds	and	their	guests	
                                                    ‘When	we	walked	down	the	aisle,’	says	                  then	retreated	to	a	terraced	area	
                                               Tiffani,	‘I	couldn’t	stop	laughing,	I	was	just	              overlooking	the	rolling	hills	for	the	
                                               cracking	up.	I	could	see	everyone.	One	of	                   wedding	pictures.	‘Oh,	it’s	so	beautiful,’	
                                               the	flower	girls	was	crying,	as	I	met	my	dad	                said	Tiffani’s	good	friend	Holly	Brisley.	‘I	just	           Above: Tiff and Neil read out love letters to each
                                               the	photographer	was	calling	out,	and	it	was	                love	the	whole	setting	and	her	dress,	and	the	               other before sealing their vows, and also included
                                               just	a	big	commotion!	Then	I	spotted	Neil	and	               bridesmaids	dresses	were	beautiful	too!’                     an American-Indian reading in their ceremony

                                               Above: After the ceremony the wedding party made their way up the hill for photos in the lush hinterlands of Byron Bay. Left: Highlights of the day included the love and support
                                               of family and friends, including actress Holly Brisley, who attended the wedding with husband Paul Ford, the beautiful setting and the exchanging of rings sealing their union

42	                 february 19, 2007 ok!   ok! february 19, 2007                                                                                                                                                                  43
wedding exclusive                                                                                                                                                                                                          wedding exclusive
           Guests	soon	retreated	to	a	nearby	
      hired	property	where	they	were	met	
      by	a	five-piece	drum	band,	Drum	Café,	
      and	champagne	and	cocktails.	The	
      medieval-Moroccan	theme	prevailed	
      throughout	the	evening	with	a	large		
      U-shaped	dining	area	decorated		
      with	black	and	hot	pink	settings,	
      complete	with	a	bongo	drum	on	each	
      seat	for	the	60	guests.	There	was	also	a	
      tarot	reader	and	henna	artist	on	hand	
      to	keep	guests	entertained.
           When	Tiff,	Neil	and	the	bridal	
      party	arrived	in	vintage	Bentleys,	
      guests	were	instructed	to	beat	on	
      their	drums	as	they	entered.	The	tribal	
      drumming	continued	for	20	minutes,	
      as	children	danced	and	the	whole	
      reception	laughed	and	cheered	the	
      couple	all	the	way	to	their	seats.	
           ‘Now	I’m	relaxed,’	Neil	told	OK!	
      after	their	gourmet	wedding	feast.	
      ‘But	at	the	start	I	was	very	emotional	
      and	very	stressed.	I	warned	her	not	
      to	be	later	than	30	minutes…’
           ‘He	had	a	tear	in	his	eye	when	he	
      was	kept	waiting,’	chimed	in		
      Dave	Freeman,	Neil’s	best	man.

         ‘at the start, I was
           very emotional
           and stressed!’
          ‘Watching	her	coming	down	the	aisle		                                        Above: The bride and groom don’t hold back on the dance floor – and Tiffani is seven months pregnant!
      and	that	feeling	of,	“She’s	mine”,	made	it	all	                                  Right: The party’s over for one sleepy flower girl! Bottom right: The couple head off on their honeymoon
      worthwhile	though,’	added	the	happy	groom	
      before	running	off	to	join	Tiffani	and	cut	the	                                       Then	what	surely	was	the	most	engaging	                whirlwind,	the	couple	now	have	time	
      impressive	castle-shaped	cake.			                                                and	surprising	part	of	the	evening,	came	the	               to	reflect	on	their	big	day.	They	left		
          Dave	works	with	Neil	in	the	security	                                        unveiling	of	a	song	Tiffani	had	written	just	two	           at	midnight	to	spend	two	nights		
      industry	and	says	it	was	an	honour	to	be	his	                                    days	before	the	wedding,	entitled	Tonight.	                 at	the	glamorous	Conrad	Jupiters	
      best	man.	‘I’m	very	proud	of	him,	that	he’s	                                          ‘It	was	a	secret	little	song	I	wrote,’	she		           Casino	on	the	Gold	Coast,	and	will	
      actually	done	it!	And	today,	wow,	there	is	so	                                   says.	‘It’s	called	Tonight	because	it’s	really	that	        spend	nine	days	in	the	Cook	Islands	
      much	detail	that	I	wasn’t	expecting.’                                            night,	that	moment	when	you	realise	you’ve	                 before	returning	home	and	preparing	
          During	the	speeches,	parents	of	both	the	                                    become	husband	and	wife	and	that’s	what	the	                for	the	birth	of	their	first	child,	due		
      bride	and	the	groom	spoke	of	how	proud	                                          lyrics	are	about.’	The	couple	then	had	their		              on	Easter	Monday.
      they	were	to	welcome	Tiffani	and	Neil	                                           first	dance	to	Steve	Winwood’s	Higher Love.                      ‘It’s	funny,’	says	Tiffani.	‘Because	
      into	their	families.	‘It’s	brilliant,	we’re	so	                                       ‘My	favourite	part	of	the	night	was		                  of	the	wedding,	the	preparations	for	
      excited	to	have	Tiff	in	the	family,’	said	Ray	                                   mine	and	Neil’s	dance-off,’	laughs	Tiffani.		               the	baby	haven’t	really	happened	yet.	
      Cummins,	Neil’s	stepfather,	while	his	father	                                    ‘We	asked	the	DJ	if	it	                                                             But	it’s	really	going	
      sent	a	telegram	from	the	UK	with	his	best	
      wishes	and	hopes	to	visit	them	soon.	
                                                                                       would	be	so	different	to	
                                                                                       have	a	fast	song	mixed		
                                                                                                                             ‘you become                                   to	hit	us.	We’re	
          The	most	anticipated	speech	came	from	
      the	best	man,	but	he	didn’t	give	too	much	
                                                                                       in	with	the	slow	one	we’d	
                                                                                       chosen,	because	Neil	
                                                                                                                           closer instantly.                               “Oh	my	God,	this	
                                                                                                                                                                           baby	is	going	to	
      away	–	not	even	about	the	two	bucks’		                                           works	in	clubs	and	I’m		         It’s a real surprise’                              have	to	come	out!”	So	we’ll	
      nights,	in	Sydney	and	the	Gold	Coast.	                                           in	music	it	just	seemed	                                                            go	on	our	honeymoon	and	
                                                                                       appropriate…	We	thought	the	slow	dancing	                   come	back	to	baby	overdrive.’
                                                                                       would	go	on	forever,	so	I	gave	the	DJ	the	nod	                   But	for	now	the	couple	are	enjoying	
                                                                                       and	he	put	a	dance	track	on…	And	I	don’t	                   wedded	bliss.	‘We	just	keep	looking	at	each	
                                                                                       know,	Neil	just	went	for	it	and	I	was	in	shock!’            other	saying,	“Hubby!”	“Wifey!”	Oh	my	God,	
                                                                                            ‘I	knew	the	dance	was	going	to	be	                     we’re	actually	married!’	says	Tiffani.	‘Even	
                                                                                       something	different,’	adds	Neil,	who	has	                   though	nothing’s	different,	it	is	so	different.	
                                                                                       previously	admitted	he	always	thought	he	                   You	become	closer	just	instantly.	It’s	a	real		
                                                                                       was	a	good	dancer	until	meeting	Tiff	‘the	                  and	pleasurable	surprise.’	
                                                                                       professional’,	and	has	since	been	too	scared		
                                                                                                                                                      text by kelli armstrong PHotograPHs by donatella Parisini-
                                                                                       to	let	loose	on	the	dance	floor	in	front	of	her…	               lowry www.donatella.com.au assistant PHotograPHer
                                                                                                                                                        cHristian watts cHristofotograPHics.org Hair by lores
                                                                                       until	their	wedding	night!                                         giglio make-uP by samantHa cHidiac for naPoleon
                                                                                                                                                       Perdis wedding dress by Personalised weddings couture
                                                                                            ‘When	I	saw	him	showing	off,	I	thought	                  bridesmaid dresses by george gross bridesmaid accessories
                                                                                       there’s	no	way	you’re	getting	away	with	that,	                 by alannaH Hill wedding cake by Jack’s bakeHouse, ballina
                                                                                                                                                      flowers by Jaiya floral designs entertainment by tHe drum
      Above: Tiffani sings her wedding song Tonight.                                   so	I	started	busting	out	some	moves	too.	Neil’s	                 cafe wedding ceremony at tHe crystal castle recePtion
                                                                                                                                                    Venue riana tHrougH a1 accommodation agency, byron bay
      Right: The table settings, cake – and henna tattooist!                           mum	asked	if	I	was	still	pregnant	afterwards!’                    *you can see tiffani walk up the aisle at www.okmagazine.com.au
                                                                                                                                                                   with thanks to www.barwickmultimedia.com.au
      – all fitted the ‘Bohemian Fantasy’ wedding theme                                     While	Tiffani	says	the	night	passed	by	in	a	

44	                                                            february 19, 2007 ok!   ok! february 19, 2007                                                                                                                              45

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