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Preparing for the major fundraising event, Keystone House, Inc., reached out to TFI Envision, Inc.
to create the strategic communication materials that make a the difference for such a highly
competitive non-profit event.

Norwalk, CT, January 28, 2011 --( Keystone House, Inc.'s major fundraising event each year
is their May Silent / Live Auction Dinner. Because the event happens to fall on the 5th of May, it was
decided by Keystone's Development Committee to adopt a “Cinco de Mayo” theme to add a little 'spice'
to the event. TFIEnvision, Inc. has donated their services to develop the graphics for this event.

“It was important that all the materials for this event be engaging with a sense of fun. But we also had to
make it relevant to Keystone. So we adopted the 'Cinco' or '5' from the theme as a means of telling the
story of Keystone,” said Elizabeth P. Ball, President | Creative Director of TFIEnvision, Inc.

First, the development of the logo to provide the charisma for the event. Next, the development of
relevant copy points using '5,' including:
- 5 reasons to support Keystone
- 5 core values of Keystone

The first piece of communication out to the public is the Save the Date card. Typically it is considered a
'teaser,' but TFI Envision pushed it further to include virtually all the information you need to know about
attending, becoming a sponsor, and taking out an ad in their digital journal as well as the 5 reasons to
support Keystone.

TFIEnvision also created a single sided information card about Keystone to be used as mailing insert as
well as distribution at libraries, public spaces and event. It provides their mission statement and brief
descriptions of their programs. Half the battle is just getting people to know who and what Keystone is.

In addition, TFIEnvision has created a banner for their building to encourage people to “Make a
Difference” by participating in this fund raising event and to learn more about Keystone.

“The lively, colorful Keystone Cinco de Mayo logo, created by TFI Envision, invites you to want to know
more about the event. We've just sent out our Save the Date card, and have already sold a number of
tables, ads and sponsorships. A true demonstration of the power of great graphics,” said Jim Robertson,
Development Director, Keystone House, Inc.

Keystone House, Inc. is 501c3 not for profit organization that provides residential and psychosocial
services for adults with psychiatric disabilities in the greater Norwalk, Connecticut area.

The mission of Keystone is to increase the ability of persons with disabilities to adjust to and remain in
the community environments of their choice with personal success and satisfaction with as much
independence as individually possible. Keystone's residential services include two transitional housing

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programs, one long term housing program, a supportive apartment program and a psychosocial
rehabilitation program. Keystone House, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Connecticut in 1972.


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