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Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Description:    Let Web metrics expert Brian Clifton help you maximize your website's potential. In this book you'll
                discover the information you need to get a true picture of your site's impact and stay competitive
                using Google Analytics. Featuring implementation techniques not documented elsewhere, this
                informative guide teaches you how to turn data into actionable information and optimize the user
                experience of your website for better conversions.

                You'll learn to:

                -Measure your web traffic, its sources and visitor engagements and understand its impact on ROI
                -Configure your data collection parameters to track all online marketing channels, Flash events,
                banners, and more
                -Follow best practices for tracking offline activities and learn how to extract, analyze, and integrate
                the collected data
                -Optimize checkout systems, pay-per-click campaigns (including AdWords), SEO, and email
                marketing efforts
                -Discover the benefits of ad version testing and the insight multivariate testing can bring

                With a better understanding of your website visitors, you will be able to tailor page content and
                marketing budgets with laserlike precision for a better return on investment, and ultimately, a
                better bottom line

Contents:       Introduction

                Part I Measuring Success

                Chapter 1 Why Understanding Your Web Traffic Is Important to Your Business
                Information Web Analytics Can Provide
                Decisions Web Analytics Can Help You Make
                The ROI of Web Analytics
                How Much Time Should You Spend on This?
                How Web Analytics Helps You Understand Your Web Traffic

                Chapter 2 Available Methodologies
                Page Tags and Logfiles
                Cookies in Web Analytics
                Getting Comfortable with Your Data and Its Accuracy
                Issues Affecting Visitor Data Accuracy for Logfiles
                Issues Affecting Visitor Data from Page Tags
                Issues Affecting Visitor Data When Using Cookies
                Comparing Data from Different Vendors
                Unparallel Results: Why PPC Vendor Numbers
                Do Not Match Web Analytics Reports
                Data Misinterpretation: Lies, damn lies, and statistics
                Accuracy Summary and Recommendations
                Privacy Considerations for the Web Analytics Industry.

                Chapter 3 Where Google Analytics Fits
                Key Features and Capabilities of Google Analytics
                Did You Know...?
                How Google Analytics Works.
                Google Analytics and User Privacy
                What Is Urchin?.
Google Analytics versus Urchin.
Criteria for Choosing between Google Analytics and Urchin

Part II Using Google Analytics Reports

Chapter 4 Using the Google Analytics Interface
Navigating Your Way Around: Report Layout.
Selecting and Comparing Date Ranges
Hourly Reporting
Scheduled Export of Data.

Chapter 5 Top 10 Reports Explained
The Dashboard Overview.
The Top 10 Reports.
Visitors: Map Overlay
Ecommerce: Overview Report
Goals: Overview Report
Goals: Funnel Visualization Report
Traffic Sources: AdWords Reports
Traffic Sources: Source and Medium Report
Content: Top Content Report
Content: Site Overlay Report
Traffic Sources: AdWords Positions Report
Site Search Usage
Content Reports: $Index Explained.

Part III Implementing Google Analytics

Chapter 6 Getting Started
Creating Your Google Analytics Account
Tagging Your Pages.
Server-Side Tagging
Collecting Data into Multiple Google Analytics Accounts
Backup: Keeping a Local Copy of Your Data.
When and How to Use Accounts and Profiles
Agencies and Hosting Providers: Setting Up Client Accounts
Getting AdWords Data: Linking to Your AdWords Account.
Testing After Enabling Auto-tagging
Answers to Common Implementation Questions

Chapter 7 Advanced Implementation
_trackPageview(): The Google Analytics Workhorse
Virtual Pageviews for Tracking Dynamic URLs
Virtual Pageviews for Tracking File Downloads
Virtual Pageviews for Tracking Partially Completed Forms
E-Commerce Tracking.
Capturing Secure E-Commerce Transactions
Using a Third-Party Payment Gateway
Negative Transactions
Online Campaign Tracking.
Tagging Your Landing Page URLs
Tagging Banner Ad URLs
Tagging E-mail Marketing Campaigns
Tagging Paid Keywords
Tagging Embedded Links within Digital Collateral
Custom Campaign Fields
Event Tracking
Setting Up Event Tracking
Flash Events
Page Load Time
Banners and Other Outgoing Links
Mailto: Clicks
Customizing the GATC
Subdomain Tracking
Multiple Domain Tracking
Restricting Cookie Data to a Subdirectory
Controlling Timeouts
Setting Keyword Ignore Preferences
Controlling the Collection Sampling Rate

Chapter 8 Best Practices Configuration Guide
Initial Configuration
Setting the Default Page
Excluding Unnecessary Parameters
Enabling E-Commerce Reporting
Enabling Site Search
Goals and Funnels.
The Importance of Defining Goals
What Funnel Shapes Can Tell You
The Goal Setup Process
Tracking Funnels for Which Every Step Has the Same URL
Why Segmentation Is Important
Filtering: Segmenting Visitors Using Filters
Creating a Filter
What Information Do Filter Fields Represent?
The Six Most Common Filters
Assigning a Filter Order

Chapter 9 Google Analytics Hacks
Customizing the List of Recognized Search Engines.
Differentiating Regional Search Engines
Capturing Google Image Search
Labeling Visitors
Sessionizing Visitor Labels
Tracking Error Pages and Broken Links
Tracking Pay-Per-Click Search Terms and Bid Terms
Tracking Referral URLs from Pay-Per-Click Networks
Site Overlay: Differentiating Links to the Same Page
Matching Specific Transactions to Specific Keywords
Tracking Links to Direct Downloads
Changing the Referrer Credited for a Conversion
Capturing the Previous Referrer for a Conversion
Capturing the First and Last Referrer of a Visito
Importing Campaign Variables into your CRM System

Part IV Using Visitor Data to Drive Website Improvement
Chapter 10 Focus on Key Performance Indicators
Setting Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
Selecting and Preparing KPIs.
What Is a KPI?
Preparing KPIs
Presenting Your KPIs.
Presenting Hierarchical KPIs via Segmentation
Benchmark Considerations
KPI Examples by Job Role
E-Commerce Manager KPI Examples
            Marketer KPI Examples
            Content Creator KPI Examples
            Webmaster KPI Examples
            KPI Summary
            Using KPIs for Web 2.0
            Why the Fuss about Web 2.0?

            Chapter 11 Real-World Tasks
            Identifying Poorly Performing Pages
            Using $Index Values
            Using the Top Landing Pages Report
            Using Funnel Visualization
            Measuring the Success of Site Search
            Optimizing Your Search Engine Marketing.
            Keyword Discovery
            Campaign Optimization (Paid Search)
            Landing Page Optimization and SEO (Paid and Non-paid Search)
            AdWords Ad Position Optimization
            AdWords Day Parting Optimization
            AdWords Ad Version Optimization
            Monetizing a Non-E-Commerce Website.
            Approach 1: Assign Values to Your Goals
            Approach 2: Enable E-commerce Reporting
            Tracking a Non-E-commerce Site As Though It Were an E-commerce Site
            Tracking Offline Marketing
            Using Vanity URLs to Track Offline Visitors
            Using Coded URLs to Track Offline Visitors
            Combining with Search to Track Offline Visitors
            An Introduction to Website Optimizer
            AMAT: Where Does Testing Fit?
            Getting Started: Implementing a Multivariate Test
            A Multivariate Case Study

            Appendix Recommended Further Reading
            Books on Web Analytics and Related Areas
            Web Resources
            Blog List for Web Analytics


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