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									Meet our 2010 Hall of Fame Inductees
Like every year for the last nineteen, the                                                            Mr. Laikin currently serves on the Indiana
Alumni Association Hall of Fame selection                                                             University Kelley School of Business Dean’s
committee has the undaunting task of selecting                                                        Advisory Council and Kelly School of Business
up to four winners from a hugely talented pool                                                        Executive Board of the Johnson Center for
of nominees. This year proved no different.                                                           Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He was the
Since the inception of the Hall of Fame, eighty                                                       recipient of the William L. Haeberle
eight outstanding alumni have been selected,                                                          Entrepreneurial Legacy Award in 2008; and
based on their professional achievements and                                                          inducted into the Central Indiana Business
personal contributions which have improved                                                            Hall of Fame in 2008; and was named Indiana
the lives of others in their communities and, in                                                      Entrepreneur of the Year in 1995.
some cases, around the world. On Tuesday,                                                                             Donald Thompson is a
May 25, four more incredible alumni were                                                                              member of the Class of
introduced at the Alumni Association’s annual                                                                         1980. Mr. Thompson re-
Hall of Fame prior to the NCHS Baccalaureate                                                                          ceived his Bachelors Degree
Program. Meet this year’s recipients:                                                                                 in Electrical Engineering
                  Allison Ranelle Brown is a                                                                          from Purdue University and
                  member of the class of 1994                                                                         has since accepted the
                  who graduated with honors.       2010 Hall of Fame Inductees: From left to right.                   Purdue University Out-
                  She continued her studies at       Robert Laikin, Allison Brown, Peter Egbert.                      standing Electrical and
                  Howard University where                Not pictured: Donald Thompson                Computer Engineering Award along with
                  she graduated summa cum                                                             being named a Purdue University Old Master
                  laude. Her post-graduate         resident in ophthalmology, he worked for four      Fellow in 2006.
                  studies took her to Harvard      months at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in        Don Thompson is currently President of
                  University School of Law         rural Haiti. That experienced opened his mind      McDonald’s U.S.A. with responsibility for
where she was Articles Editor for the Harvard      and heart to service with the Christian Eye        strategic direction and overall business results
Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review.           Ministry (CEM). Over 500,000 patients have         of nearly 14,000 restaurants in the U.S. He is
While in law school, Allison served as the first   been seen by the CEM supported eye centers         one of the highest ranking African Americans
intern for the Legal Resources Center (LRC) in     and Dr. Egbert has been involved in 18,000 eye     in the restaurant industry. He was named
Accra, Ghana, and she assisted in the revision     operations. He receives no compensation for        Executive Vice President and Chief Operations
and execution of the LRC’s “Democracy and          his work on the Board of Directors of CEM;         Officer of the McDonald’s USA in 2005. He is
Human Rights Educational Campaign.”                International Aid and Special Consultant for       the first African American to hold the post of
                                                   eye services for International Aid.                Chief Operations Officer for McDonald’s USA.
After graduating from Harvard Law School,
she returned to Indianapolis where she clerked     Dr. Egbert’s work has allowed him to see the       Mr. Thompson is passionate about providing
for Indiana Supreme Court Justice, Theodore        world in a special way and he has helped other     educational opportunities for young people.
Boehm and later for Federal District Court         people see the world in Haiti, Honduras,           He is on the board of Johnneta B. Cole
Judge, David Hamilton.                             Afghanistan, Jamaica, Botswana, Mali, Saudi        Foundation and served as Chair of the 2007
                                                   Arabia, Costa Rica, China, Nepal, and Turkey,      Chicago Youth Centers Gala. He also served on
Since 2006, Allison has worked as a civil rights   just to name a few of the countries where Dr.
attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice in                                                        the Salvation Army Steering Committee and is
                                                   Egbert has donated his time and talent. In         a former board member of the San Diego
the Civil Rights Division’s Educational            2004, Dr. Egbert received the Outstanding
Opportunities Section where she monitors                                                              Ronald McDonald House Charities. Due to a
                                                   Humanitarian Service Award from the                business trip to Ireland, Mr. Thompson was
compliance issues and actions related to school    American Academy of Ophthalmology.
districts around the country.                                                                         unable to personally accept his award and sent
                                                                    Robert J. Laikin is a             his lifelong fellow North Central Alum Gary
In 2007, Allison co-founded the Race and                            member of the class of 1981.      Nicholson to do so in his behalf.
Ethnicity Equity Working Group at the Latin                         He continued his studies at
American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter                                                          After the Hall of Fame reception, Alumni
                                                                    Indiana University where he       Association board member Judge David
School. In 2008, she also founded the Judicial                      received a degree in
Clerk Review to support law students and                                                              Shaheed officially inducted all four of our new
                                                                    Business Administration.          Hall of Fame members during the
legal professionals through the judicial                            He put his business educa-
clerkship application process.                                                                        Baccalaureate Program, where each was able
                                                                    tion to good use, by              to accept their plaque and impart their words
                  Peter R. Egbert, M.D. is a                        launching Brightpoint, Inc.       of wisdom to the 2010 graduating seniors.
                  member of the class of 1959.     in 1989. Since that time Brightpoint has
                                                   become a household name in central Indiana
                  After NCHS, his studies
                  took him to DePauw               and is now a $5 Billion global leader in the         Visit
                  University and then to Yale      wireless handset distribution and customized
                                                   logistics business. It has operations in 28
                                                                                                           for a complete listing
                  University Medical School,
                  where he studied ophthal-        countries and more than 3,000 employees                    of North Central
                  mology. When he was chief                                                               Hall of Fame Members.
  A note from                                                 What the Alumni
  Washington                                                  Association
   Township                                                   Has Been Up To….
School District                                               This year has been a very productive
                                                              year for the Alumni Association. Last
                                                              summer, the Board of Directors
                                                                                                        We’d love to include your
                                                                                                        information in this Reunion Guide.

Superintendent,                                               attended a retreat where we were
                                                              able to discuss what the Alumni           3
                                                                                                             Giving back to North Central.
                                                                                                             This year we awarded our $3000
                                                                                                             Merit Scholarship, our $3000
   Dr. James                                                  Association’s current core responsi-
                                                              bilities should be enabling us to
                                                              fine-tune our mission to focus on the
                                                                                                        Stephen      Drybread     Memorial
                                                                                                        Scholarship and started the Roberta

   Mervilde                                                   following four areas:
                                                                                                        Quandt Memorial Scholarship with a
                                                                                                        $1000 award for 2010. We also

                                                                    Keeping Alumni connected to         produced our annual Leadership
                                                                    each other and back to North        Conference for select Juniors and
          Sustaining the                                            Central. Obviously keeping our      Seniors and re-vamped and re-
          Commitment to                                       40,000+ Alumni and their contact
                                                              information updated is a huge
                                                                                                        invigorated     the   Homecoming
                                                                                                        Tailgate Party to help build school
            Excellence                                        undertaking. The majority of this
                                                              work falls upon our secretary Susie

                                                                                                             Providing social and fund-
                                                              Hale who is constantly updating the            raising events. Last year, we
On Election Day, Washington Township voters                   database. This summer and fall, we
overwhelmingly approved the 2010 General Fund                                                                hosted our first Poker for
                                                              hope to expand our software to            Panthers Texas Hold ‘Em event, re-
Referendum. I know how many hours of work went into           record activities that our Alumni
these victories – by parents, teachers, staff members, and                                              launched our Brick Sales with a
                                                              were part of while at North Central,      rededication of the Brick Plaza and
neighbors – who all understand the basic truth: that          ie Sports, Performing Arts, ROTC,
everyone in the community benefits from great                                                           hosted a reception where we
                                                              etc. This will help us keep our groups    introduced the 2010 Hall of Fame
Washington Township Schools. As members of the best           connected back to each other and to
Alumni association in the state – after all NC boasts more                                              members. Watch for details for
                                                              the school. This year was a banner        another Poker for Panthers event and
than 40,000 alumni – you can testify as to how our            year in communications because we
children will benefit from that continued excellence.                                                   a new Putt for Panthers golf outing.
                                                              finally launched our e-letter, The        If you would like to help with these
The Class of 2010 sustained our tradition of excellence.      Cyber Panther. We currently have          events, please let us know.
The Valedictorian, Boning Han, was selected as Indiana’s      about 15,000 email addresses. Next
                                                              year we hope to publish the e-letter      When you received the newsletter
Mr. Science and will attend Harvard this fall. Our
                                                              when we have updates we want you          notification, you were asked to help
Salutatorian, Lauren Stephens, was recognized as one of
                                                              to know about, so please make sure        us raise money so we can continue
40 Indianapolis Star Indiana Academic All-Stars and will
                                                              we have your updated email address.       moving forward to improve the
attend MIT. Roughly 90% of the Class of 2010 achieved
                                                              We also have decided that this would      Alumni Association and our efforts.
the Indiana Core 40 Diploma, and more than 44%                                                          We hope that you will help us meet
achieved the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma. North           finally be the year to be financially
                                                              and environmentally responsible by        our $200,000 goal. With that money,
Central was also one of 12 Indiana high schools                                                         we plan to:
                                                              “going green” with our annual
recognized by Dr. Bennett and Governor Daniels for its
                                                              newsletter. Now we can spend that         • Increase the amount of the Merit
high level of participation and success for students in the
                                                              money on giving back to North               Scholarship to $7500
Advanced Placement program. Our fine and performing
                                                              Central and its students. And, if you
arts continue to be second to none, and our State                                                       • Add additional Merit Scholar-
                                                              are reading this newsletter, then most
Championship in Boys Basketball marked the 100th year         likely you went to our new and              ships, some based on need
of the IHSAA tournament.                                      improved website to download it.          • Create an Alumni Mentoring
We are more than a year into the process of accrediting       Our website now matches the entire          and/or Tutoring Program
our elementary and middle schools as International            township websites, allows us to go in
                                                                                                        • Create an Alumni Athletic Hall of
Baccalaureate schools. Washington Township will be one        and make updates ourselves and will
of 6 public school districts in the country to accomplish     allow for more interaction with our
that status. For this and many other reasons, we have         Alumni.                                   All of these efforts demand both time
seen a tremendous increase in students who live outside                                                 and money. The Alumni Association

                                                                   Assisting Reunion Groups.
our district who apply to attend our schools. In the land                                               hopes you will give as much as you
                                                                   Providing the databases for
of competition among schools, people from inside and                                                    can and/or donate your time. Our
                                                                   reunion planners is just part of
outside our community are attracted by the excellence.                                                  new website has a section where you
                                                              this service. We also help publicize
                                                                                                        can volunteer to serve on the board,
In many ways, these are the good old days. This is also a     the events, set up school tours, assist
                                                                                                        help with administrative tasks, work
great opportunity for NC Alumni to get involved               with gatherings at the Homecoming
                                                                                                        our events and donate goods or
through the Alumni Association, The Washington                Tailgate Party and assist with
                                                                                                        services. Eventually we will need
Township Schools Foundation, as a mentor or tutor in          fundraising ideas. We are currently
                                                                                                        mentors to help the North Central
Washington Township Schools, or at the ballot box. In         working on a Reunion Guide which
                                                                                                        students of today become the
order to continue that excellence, it will take the help of   will provide guidelines, ideas,
                                                                                                        successful alumni of tomorrow. Your
many, but especially those who have benefitted directly.      vendors, etc. for the planners. If you
                                                                                                        Board of Directors thank you for
                                                              or your company has a product or
                                                                                                        making our Alumni Association even
                                                              service who can offer incentives to
       If you would like to view Dr. Mervilde’s               our reunions, please let us know.
       Superintendent’s Notebook, please visit

Kevin Wanzer Gives “Heads Up”
to Class of 2010
Funny Man and Motivational Speaker, Kevin Wanzer (Class of 1985 and                  2. Do what you know is right. Period.
1996 Hall of Fame recipient) imparted wisdom with his frenetic humor at              1. Enjoy the time spent with your true loved
the NCHS Baccalaureate Program on May 25. Kevin coaches people on                       ones.
how to look at life in a different way and urged the Class of 2010 to               Kevin demonstrated the effects of his OCD
celebrate how far they have already come in their young lives. Kevin, who           (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) with a story
used to work for the David Letterman Show, put together (with the help              about how, as a child, he always was looking for
of his Facebook friends) his “Top Ten” list:                                        a lucky penny on the streets. Of course, in his
10. If possible, put off the real world as long as you can. Take this time to       mind, the penny was only good luck if the head was
     travel, to volunteer, to discover your passion.                                facing up. So, if the penny was tails-up, he would turn it
 9. Pursue joyfulness in your life, not just happiness. Happiness is                over so that the next person would find it heads-up for good luck. And
     fleeting, but true joy is everyday passion to do what you love to do.          sometimes at night, he would throw a handful of pennies up in to the air
 8. Embrace your uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.                           to land on his bedroom floor, so the next morning he would “happen
 7. Be aware of how accepting you are of others who are different.                  upon” some good luck (heads-up) pennies. Before Baccalaureate began,
 6. Continue to learn and realize that we may graduate, but we never                Kevin placed “heads up” pennies in front of each graduate’s seat so they
     leave the classroom of life.                                                   could create their own good luck, but also asked them to take that penny
 5. Take up a foreign language, a musical instrument of some sort and a             and leave it for someone (underclassman, teacher, counselor, etc.) who had
     casual non-contact sport.                                                      made a difference in their lives. Kevin reminded the Class of 2010 that this
 4. Leave a legacy of kindness. You won’t remember if someone played                is a beginning of the beginning for them and hoped they came away from
     a sport or was popular, etc. You will remember how they made you               his talk as “wow, he really made cents”.
 3. When we allow others to succeed – we succeed.

2010 Leadership Conference
On September 15, 2009, the North Central             In addition to the traditional speakers, the             journey to the top of Mt. Everest and shared his
Alumni Association welcomed approximately            students heard from Kevin Wanzer, an                     life lessons about being honest with yourself and
130 North Central students to the Tenth Annual       entertaining and engaging motivational speaker           seeking out others to help you excel. Jerry Coraz
Leadership Conference at the Washington              and a member of the class of 1985.                       told students to be aware of what is happening
Township Community Education Center. In              Introducing the speakers was Patti Freeman               around them and in the world and that study
keeping with tradition, four distinguished           Dorson (1974), attorney, North Central parent            and scholarship ensures freedom. John McGoff
alumni were invited to share their personal          and Alumni Association board member. Dorson              said North Central High School prepared him
reflections on their North Central experience        explained to the participants that the Alumni            well for studying medicine at Indiana
and how it shaped and informed their                 Association was established to keep graduates            University and told students, “If you persist,
professional and personal success. In addition,      of North Central in touch with their school and          you can be successful.” Worthe Holt remarked
each speaker described the importance of one of      introduced other North Central alumni                    that at North Central, he learned his work ethic,
the Washington Township character values --          participating in the Leadership Conference,              about the importance of camaraderie and that
scholarship, honesty, respect and service to         including Sonja Kantor (1977), president of the          service to others is a labor of love, all of which
school and community -- in his life.                 Alumni Association, and Miles Roger (2002),              have guided him throughout his life. Finally,
This year, the four distinguished alums included     member of the Alumni Association board.                  Kevin Wanzer wrapped up the conference with
David Carter (1982), mountain climber and                                                                     a funny, engaging, high energy presentation
                                                     Each speaker rotated among four small groups             imparting his message that students are not only
businessman, Jerry Coraz (1971), Assistant           of students. The students energetically engaged
United States Attorney for the Southern District                                                              role models for each other, but they must be a
                                                     with the speakers, participating in discussion,          role model for themselves.
of Indiana, Dr. Worthe Holt (1975), physician,       asking questions and sharing their perspectives.
healthcare administrator and fighter pilot, and      At the end of the group breakouts, the speakers          The Leadership Conference provides the
Dr. John McGoff (1977), emergency room               came together as a panel and fielded more                student participants a strong foundation for
physician, colonel in the Air Force National         questions from the participants.                         ways to live the Washington Township values as
Guard and two-time Congressional candidate.                                                                   they venture out into the world and become
                                                     David Carter described his extraordinary                 responsible citizens.

  Homecoming Tailgate Party to be
  a Blast from the Past
  Plan to join Alumni, Washington Township and North Central families               be fun and games, including face painting and a bounce house for the
  and friends at the Annual Homecoming Tailgate Party, sponsored by                 kids. As always, admission is free. Alumni volunteers will be grilling
  the Alumni Association. This year, North Central’s very own principal,            up burgers and dogs and a full meal with drink will be just $5. The
  C E Quandt has agreed for his band “The Foster Children” (who are                 classes of 1975, 1990 and 2000 will be hosting their pre-Reunion event
  still together after almost 50 years) to provide entertainment for this           at the Tailgate Party.
  year’s event. It should be a “Blast from the Past” and fun for students           See you Friday, August 27, from 5-7 pm at the Practice Football Field
  and alumni alike! The Indianapolis Colts are making our Homecoming                just north of the Football Stadium. And stay for the Homecoming
  one of their first stops on their Friday Night Football Tour and there will       Football Game when North Central takes on rival Lawrence Central.

Drybread                                                                   Roberta Bowsher
Scholarship                                                                Quandt Memorial
Winner                                                                     Scholarship
                                                                                                            ast February, North Central and the
                                                                                                           Alumni Association lost a coura-
                                                                                                           geous friend. Roberta Quandt,
                                                                                                     former NC teacher and board member of
                                                                                                     the Alumni Association lost her battle with
                                                                                                     Mesothelioma. She had retired in 2003
                                                                                                     after 30 years of teaching English at North
                                                                                                     Central High School, to ride horses, travel,
                                                                                                     garden, and golf with her husband, North
                                                                                                     Central High School Principal C E Quandt.
                                                                               Roberta Bowsher        The Alumni Association voted unani-
                                                                                    Quandt            mously to create a memorial scholarship to
                                                                           honor her service to North Central and the Alumni Association. Her
                                                                           colleagues in the NC English Department quickly put together the
                                                                           criteria for the Roberta Bowsher Quandt Memorial Scholarship
                                                                           which included demonstrating the character values of the MSD
                                                                           Washington Township, while taking challenging courses and staying
                                                                           in the top 25% of their graduating class. The student must also have
                                                                           demonstrated financial need and how s/he overcame a significant
                                                                           personal challenge. The committee had no problem selecting this
                                                                           year’s recipient from the pool of applicants. Aya B. Smith is one
                                                                           outstanding student, who learned that the obstacles in her life like
                                                                           her mother moving to Japan, being evicted from their home and
                                                                           living in motels and through her father’s illness, actually helped her
                                                                           become stronger. She realized her strength allowed her to overcome
                                                                           her adversity and was able to make something of herself. Aya was
                                                                           presented the Roberta Bowsher Quandt Memorial Scholarship by
   Stephen Drybread Memorial Scholarship winner Otto Sipe with             Roberta’s daughter, Kristin Chapman Hogan during 2010
      Alumni Association Scholarship Chairman, Scott Horrall
                                                                           Recognition Night at North Central. Aya’s story is inspiring to all
                                                                           and embodies Roberta Quandt’s legacy and passion for imparting

         ith a class ranking of 18 of 712, our 2010 Stephen Drybread       knowledge and serving her community.
         Memorial Scholarship winner, Benjamin “Otto” Sipe was
         also a contender for the coveted Merit Scholarship award.
In addition to being an avid photographer and freelance graphic
designer, Otto likes to “wind down” by “throwing (clay) on the
wheel”. It is no surprise that Otto enjoys this “quiet” time. In
addition to his academic accomplishments, he was involved with
the National Honor Society, acting Chairman for Rockin’ for Riley
(Junior and Senior years), Young Democrats Vice President (also in
his Junior and Senior years), Varsity Rowing (Senior year) and
working as a waiter at his parent’s restaurant (Tulip Noir) on
weekends. For fun, Otto helps non-profit organizations develop their
web sites, for free! The list is longer, but you should get the
impression that Otto is “kinda busy”…
Otto plans to study biomedical engineering at the University of
Michigan (Ann Arbor). At the Hall of Fame reception, Otto
graciously thanked the Alumni Association for the honor and
monetary award telling us that the money would be put to good use,
probably buying clay for his artistic endeavors. Wherever he lands
after college, we are confident Otto will be successful in
accomplishing his goals. Good luck Otto!                                   Roberta Bowsher Quandt Scholarship Winner, Aya Smith (center) with
Stephen Drybread was a North Central student (class of 1965) who             Roberta Quandt's daughter, Kristin and Roberta's husband and
played in a popular “60’s” band, at the time named “The Boys Next                           NCHS principal, C E Quandt.
Door”. The band was arguably the most successful local band of the
era – opening for big-name bands like The Beachboys and The
Hollies. Stephen died in an experimental plane crash several years         Oops!
ago. The Stephen Drybread Scholarship is a result of a collaborative       We are not sure how it happened, but last year
effort of many of Stephen’s counterparts and fans. A local business        we printed the incorrect picture for one of our
man, Kent Baker, conceived the idea of a scholarship that would
                                                                           2009 Hall of Fame Inductees. So sorry, Kathleen
recognize Stephen Drybread’s artistic legacy. The purpose of the
$3000 award is to recognize a North Central student who wants to           (Kacy) Andrews. Your senior picture from the
pursue a career in performing or visual arts, and demonstrates a           Class of 1987 gets to be re-printed in this year’s
financial need.                                                            newsletter. Sorry for the mistake!

2010 Alumni Association Merit Scholarship
     ach year, the Scholarship Selection Committee of your Alumni
     Association must make the difficult decision of selecting just one
     recipient out of many exemplary students. All applicants must
have taken advantage of opportunities for advancement at North
Central while demonstrating a caring contribution back to his or her
school and community. This senior must exemplify excellence in
scholarship, school involvement, community activity, and personal
commitment to his or her future success.
The caliber of students applying for the merit scholarship has always
been world class. This year was no exception. The outstanding finalists
were Sara Louise Andler, Rhaiana Monique Campbell, Sarah Olivia
Elser, Eritrea Tesfamichael Ghebrehiwet, Emily Alexis Kleinman, Alex
Catherine Raby, Benjamin Otto Sipe, William Lane Staal, Amy Marie
Stautz, and Lauren Hannah Stephens.
The winner of the 2010 Alumni Association Scholarship was awarded
to Lauren Hannah Stephens. Lauren’s grade point average, at the time
of the application process was 5.15 / 4.00, with perfect SAT scores. In
addition to being recognized as a National Merit Scholar Semifinalist
she was “involved” at North Central: National Honor Society, Cross
Country, and Track and Field; Lauren also volunteered as a tutor for the
Learning Center.
Outside of academics, Lauren’s organizational and community service
ranged from establishing a free one-week camp for middle school
students, appropriately named “MathMania”, to being
involved with her church where she acts as                                                                                                                   Merit
the Youth Representative on the                                                                                        School.                            Scholarship
                                                                                                               l High         it
Epworth United Methodist
                                                                                                  orth Centra lumni Mer                                  winner Lauren
Church     Creative    Worship                                                         senior at N Central A echnology in                                 Stevens with
                                                      or Ma
                                                            dam,                chool         North       e of T          ithout                             Alumni
Committee. One of Lauren’s                                              high s ceive the etts Institut e money. W llege
                                          Dear Sir               ens, a        re            us          th              co                                Association
most memorable experiences was                             Steph nored to                                              f
                                                                                      assach grateful for , the cost o rateful
                                                   auren         ho            ing M                                                                       Scholarship
attending a six-week summer               I am L , I was ill be attend e extremely scholarship extremely g k not                                            Chairman,
                                                  tly                          r              it                           n
camp at MIT – spending eight to            Recen ship. As I w ily and I a fers no mer nd me. I am want to tha each
                                                   r              m              f            a            I               o                                   Scott
ten hours a day on research,               Schola , both my fa nd as MIT o y parents n addition, hip, but als ip and
                                                   ll             a               m            I            s              h                                  Horrall
ultimately earning an award for             the fa inancial aid concern for is concern. the scholar is scholars
                                                    f                             h                         th
“Top Five Presentations” while she          much rce of much o alleviate t o organized funding of
                                                a sou        lping t ociation wh ribute to the                                   the
was there.                                   is          r he                                                           attend ing
                                                 you fo        ni ass       d cont                             tion to        ar
                                                        he alu
                                                                          ho help
                                                                                    e                                     invita enjoyed he also
                                               only t al donor w ss of 1979
                                                                                             .                     o the
Lauren sent us a beautiful thank you
                                                         u                 la                       ip, b  ut als ellent and I s alumni. I the
note. Please read what she had                  individ ular, the C                        olarsh It was exc th Central’ more time
                                                 in par
                                                         tic                      he sch            .           of Nor to see one                entral’
to say. Ë                                                                only t on May 25                                                 orth C
                                                                   not                                ments                                             ed
                                                        reciate ceremony accomplish people and ne. One of N ity. A retir s
                                                  I app Fame
                                                                              azing            et new ral a great
                                                                                                                        o          mmun es a clas
                                                   Hall o ll of the am nity to me                                           the co          h              ,
                                                           a            port  u           Nort   h Cent olunteers in entral teac like sports
                                                   about       the op my time at iends and v o North C r activities ack to the
                                                   enjoye at made               ork of
                                                                                         fr               t t             icula              eb
                                                            h                                    r wen             a-curr           nly giv         ciation
                                                    staff t hs is its netw e daughte lved in extr lumni not o lumni Asso et the
                                                    stre ngt           t w   hos                vo
                                                                                        me in office; an         da        y. T he A ure to me
                                                              cientis          s beco                               e part            leas           ears in
                                                     Lily s rily; parent he guidance the tailgat d it was a p unded my y f that
                                                             ta                 t                ke                an                  f            to
                                                     volun kstore, and t events li important                                  t also          n par
   Special thanks                                              o                 s
                                                      the bo but also ho e extremely my scholars and you ha as well.
                                                                                                                     hip, bu          ve bee
                                                      school, network a only funded raise a child other people                                           Yet I
                                                                                                                                                 ept it.
       to the                                          an d this o had not
                                                                 wh                s a vil
                                                                                           lag  e to
                                                                                                      over 4
                                                                                                               0,0 00               ored   to acc have the
                                                                                                                            m hon . First, I                 the
                                                       people hool. It take me, but for                             nd I a           y               all of
                                                        high   sc              for                          ilege a esponsibilit e you that dition, I
                                                                        only                      se priv mes r
     Class of                                           village
                                                         The s
                                                                         ship is
                                                                                    an im ivilege co
                                                                                           pr                  wisely
                                                                                                                        and I niversity. I I will work
                                                                 cholar that with scholarship ees for the my future a ise one. M e
                                                                                                                                       r         n a
                                                                   now               e the rd tuition f estment in t was a w is to tak
      1979                                                also k ibility to us towa
                                                                   s                  d                  an inv           estme
                                                          respon will be use have made hat the inv und my ed portance o aving
                                                           mo   ney         tha  t you            u re t          lpin g f

                                                                                                                                      he im me from h my
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                                                                   stand                to ens           re he             realize           co              ue
                                                           under d as I can ose who a I can. I also scholarship nd to contin ope to
     who raised                                             as h  ar
                                                                                      th                y               this             inte
                                                                            ity to y opportunit unities like ive back. I y life. I also e same
                                                             respon age of ever ity. Opport willing to g oughout m                                  ide th school
   money at their                                                    t                  n
                                                             advan my commu ple who are reer and th rship and t ears of high
                                                                     o                  o                   a
                                                                                                                            r                o prov
                                                              back t unity of pe my college c r this schola derful four                          o fina
     reunion to                                               a  comm roughout
                                                                       et  h              re
                                                                                                       ou fo             won
                                                                                              pay y k you for a larship will
                                                                                  ble to ers. Than
                                                                                                                                          help t
                                                               servic                                                scho
                                                                         y be a                              t this
   underwrite the                                                                        th
                                                                one da nities for o college tha
                                                                opport the years o
    2010 Merit                                                   and fo
    Scholarship!                                                  Laura

Alumni in the News
1960 ________________________________________            He moved back to Indiana in 1987 and started            Andrew D. (Andy) Schleppi married Lauren
Daniel R. Culbertson served in the Army Reserve          Meyer Najem with co-founder Karl Meyer. Anthony         MacNaughton in May, 2010. Both Lauren and Andy
for 29 years and as a pastor for 26 years. He earned     is CEO of Meyer Najem. He and his wife, Liza, have      are graduates of Indiana University. Lauren is an
a BA in business from Indiana University, an MBA         four grown children.                                    elementary school art teacher and Andy is
from Ball State and then spent 12 years as a sales       1979 ________________________________________           employed as an environmental engineer. The couple
representative selling copiers, wholesale furniture,                                                             resides in Denver, Colorado.
                                                         James Milborn was a diver for North Central from
and women’s wear. Dan then entered the seminary.         1976 – 1979. After diving at Purdue, he started         1998 ________________________________________
He retired as a pastor in 2007. He has recently          coaching high school and is now in his 25th year of     John F. Luerssen married Emily Merchant on July
completed a Chaplain Residency Program at                coaching. He is currently the diving coach at           11, 2009 in Hood River, Oregon. John earned a BA
Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. Dan enjoys              Hamilton Southeastern High School. His two              in Political Science from Indiana University. He was
playing tennis and golf, reading, and traveling.         daughters also swim for the high school. James has      a Special Forces Medic in the U.S. Army serving
1968 ________________________________________            been with Allstate Insurance Company for 25 years.      twice in Iraq. He fulfilled his Army obligation and
Thomas L. Davis, of Frost Brown Todd, LLC was            1985 ________________________________________           is now pursuing a law degree. Emily completed her
recently awarded the Honorable Paul H. Buchanan,                                                                 Doctor of Medicine degree from IU and is a captain
                                                         Lisa Ann Schwitzer, is President of LB&A Sign           in the U.S. Army. The couple resides in Tacoma, WA
Jr. Award of Excellence. The Buchanan Award is           Management and has moved their center of
given to an Indianapolis Bar Association member                                                                  with their three dogs.
                                                         operations to the II Fishers Office Suites (14074
whose attainments as a lawyer have been notable,         Trade Center Drive in Fishers).                         1999 ________________________________________
whose contributions to the Association have been                                                                 Niles Emerick recently accepted a management
unique, and whose honorable service to the               1986 ________________________________________
                                                                                                                 position with Apple, Inc. in Denver, CO. He was re-
profession has extended over a significant period of     Stephen A. Kidd has over 15 years of experience as      elected to his second term as Treasurer of the
time. This is the highest award bestowed by the IBA.     a professional chef and has now released his first      Volunteer Connection Board of Directors (a Boulder
Tom concentrates his practice in personal injury         cookbook. It is “The Couch Jockey’s Cookbook” and       County based non-profit).
defense and business litigation.                         is available in print and ebook formats though
                                                          Shaun F. Swindler graduated from Rosalind
1970 ________________________________________                                                                    Franklin Medical School in 2009. He is completing
                                                         k. With a tongue & check approach Steve has made
Richard L. Hodge served in the U.S. Navy 1970-           the process of a complete romantic meal as simple       his first year internship at St. Vincent Hospital in
1972. He served in Vietnam in 1971 with the              and painless as possible. The recipes have been         Indianapolis followed by a three year residency at
helicopter squadron, the HA (L) -3 Seawolves, as a       paired into full menus and the menus include lists      Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis
doorgunner.                                              for all of the cooking tools, tableware and groceries   specializing in Ophthamology.
Henry R. Schull retired in October 2008 after 35         that you will need. Steve can be reached at             2001 ________________________________________
plus years working for Indiana Insurance Company                   Andrew P. King married Melissa McNair on
as Sr. Premium Auditor. His passions for fly-fishing,    1989 ________________________________________           January 2, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. Andy received
tying flies and some golfing are still his main areas                                                            a BA from Purdue University and a Master of
of interest. After retiring, he took up running again.   Mark S. Frankovitz will marry Emily Insalaco on
                                                         June 12, 2010. Mark received his undergraduate          Divinity from CTS, Decatur, GA. Melissa received a
He has run the Mini Marathon and has lost 27                                                                     Master of Divinity from Columbia Theological
pounds since retiring.                                   degree in psychology at Indiana University. He has
                                                         his own business “Accounting Search, Inc” in            Seminary, Decatur, GA. The couple resides in
1972 ________________________________________            Denver, Colorado. Emily is employed at the Denver       Atlanta, GA.
Patricia J. Smith is pursuing a long dreamt career       Zoo as a curator of Behavior Husbandry. The couple      Derick Pierce performed last fall as a member of a
as a realtor. She is working out of the Allisonville     resides in Denver, CO.                                  joint honor guard for a NFL game in Wembley
Road Office of the F.C.Tucker Company and is             1994 ________________________________________           Stadium in London, England. He was on the field
helping people buy and sell their homes in the                                                                   with Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins and
Greater Indianapolis Metropolitan Area. Contact          Carissa Potenza is living in New York City and          Grammy winner Toni Braxton during the national
Patty at                    recently co-produced “Owning the Weather”, a            anthems for both the US and the UK.
                                                         documentary film which examines weather
1973 ________________________________________            modification, geo-engineering, and man’s                2002 ________________________________________
Carson C. Smith has joined Laird Plastics,               contributions to climate change. The film features      Emily Munson was crowned Ms. Wheelchair
Distributor and Fabricator of Plastic Sheet, Rod and     interviews with some of the most significant            Indiana 2009, a title awarded to the most articulate
Tube. He is calling on Industrial Accounts               persons in modern science, environmental activism,      and passionate advocate for those with physical
throughout the state of Indiana, and he is               philosophy, and meteorology. “Owning The                disabilities.
completing his year as Master of Century Lodge No.       Weather” was shown as part of the 2009 UN               2006 ________________________________________
764 and Commander of Raper Commandery No. 1.             Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, and
Contact Carson at            has been recently reviewed by multiple                  Darryl Wayne Finkton, Jr. is the only Hoosier to be
                                                         media/news outlets. The film is available for           named a Rhodes Scholar for 2010. He will study for
1976 ________________________________________                                                                    a master’s in global science and MBA at Oxford
                                                         download on,, and can also
Vincent Steven Alig announces the publication            be seen on Video-On-Demand channels. More info          University after graduating from Harvard. His
of his book: “All the Paths of the Lord”. This           about “Owning the Weather” can be found at:             future plans include medical school. Darryl’s
novel is about the life of a missionary church  You can               accomplishments at Harvard include co-founding
planter in Australia and is loosely based on the         contact Carissa at            and directing a sustainable water-delivery system
international experiences of the Alig family, who                                                                for a community in Ghana and neuro-imagery
lived and worked as church planters in Australia         1996 ________________________________________           research in infant cognition in a French medical
for nearly six years in the 1990’s. Signed copies        Conrad J. Miller married Andrea Ming-Wai Wong,          laboratory. Darryl also played basketball for
are       available        from       his     website:   a graduate of Swarthmore College, on May 31, 2009.      Harvard for two years before a knee injury ended, or you can             Conrad works for Vosges Haut-Chocolat of New            his career.
email Vincent at                       York City. The couple lives in Brooklyn, New York.      Retired Teacher_______________________________
Kenneth Edmonds headlined the annual Circle              1997 ________________________________________           Tom Seward, Jr. celebrated his 50th anniversary
City Classic concert last October at the Indiana         Heather M. Swindler (Class of 1997) and Ryan D.         with his wife Thelma. He retired from North Central
Convention Center. Edmonds has won 10 Grammy             Cook (Class of 1999) were married on March 29,          High School. Mrs. Seward is also retired. The
Awards for his recordings, songwriting and               2008. Heather obtained her law degree from              Sewards have two children and six grandchildren.
production work. He last performed in Indianapolis       Thomas M. Cooley Law School, passed the Indiana
in 2007 at the Madame Walker Theatre Center.             Bar Exam in 2006 and practiced law in the                If you have news about yourself or a classmate
Anthony Najem majored in building construction           Indianapolis area before returning to Butler                you’d like to share, visit
management at Purdue University. After                   University to obtain a Pharmacy Degree. Ryan has               and fill out the submit news form.
graduating from college, he worked seven years at        started his own successful body shop within the                  Or you may email your news to
a power plant construction company in Houston.           Indianapolis area called Panel Craft.                   

  In Memoriam
  Retired NCHS                  Class of 1961                   Class of 1969                  Class of 1976                   Class of 1986
     Faculty/Staff              David L. Lutz                   Leslie Dentel Combs            Gregory Jay Segal               Wendy S. Mossler
  Michael W. Cupp,              Roberta M. Bowsher              Sandra Kay Morrow              Class of 1978                      Levandoski
     Learning Unlimited            Quandt                          Gaines                      William R. Fredrickson          Anne Lorraine Winter
  Patricia Glassmeyer,          Class of 1962                   Katherine Brett Zickler                                        Class of 1987
     Librarian                                                     Rettinger                   Class of 1979
                                John W. Hammel                                                 Charles A. Kirk                 David L. Marcus
  Kathleen M. Serge, Office     Sandra S. Streib Lee            Class of 1970
     Personnel                                                                                 Class of 1980                   Class of 1988
                                Larry P. Meister                Joyce A. Dean Schreiner                                        Jennifer K. Chambers
  George E. Sharp,                                                                             Jill A. Himelstein Dumes
     Mathematics                Class of 1963                   Class of 1971                  Kevin R. Killion                   Meyer
                                Deanna J. Daupert               David Brannan                  James Fredrickson               Class of 1992
  Class of 1958                                                 Robert J. Wise
  Stephen L. Blair              Class of 1964                                                  Bev Leopold Merenbloom          Susan A. Smith Dallas
                                Judith Ann Masters              Class of 1972                  Class of 1982                   Eldon D. Groves
  Class of 1959                    Kramer                       Jeffrey Lakin                                                  Nicholas J. Schroeder
  Connie Zimet                                                                                 James E. Sanders
                                Class of 1965                   Gregory B. Millis                                              Class of 1993
  Class of 1960                                                                                Class of 1984
                                Alan L. Deerwester              Class of 1973                  Curtis Brooks, Jr.              Robert L. Burrows
  Lynn Umphrey Canfield         Christopher Scott Linn          James W. Burge
  Elizabeth O. Flanders                                                                        Thomas D. Hilligoss             Class of 1997
  Richard G. Miller             Class of 1966                   Class of 1974                  Kathleen A. Lekovich            Ryan Hartman
  James A. Spencer              Ruth M. Vollrath Roberts        Harry Donovan III                 Jones                        Class of 2003
  Dottie K. Reed                Class of 1967                   Class of 1975                                                  Scott Michael Morin
      Underwood                 Elizabeth Cooper Gurgus         Nedra B. Nickson
                                Karen S. Leander

NCHS Spirit Club $25 - $50            Terry Dobbs Kemp - 1972                Phebe Taylor - 1998                   Robin M. Porter - 2001
Dick E. Aikman - 1965                 Carol Brown Kornas - 1964              Carol A. Lynn Terzo - 1971            Scott R. Sochar - 1978
Judith A. Wiggam Aikman - 1965        Nancy Belcher Callier Kritser - 1967   Roy Richard True - 1958               Claudia J. Somes - 1972
Michael E. Andrews - 1973             Michael D. Kuebler - 1995              Susan Chipper VanFleit - 1965         Jeffrey H. Smulyan - 1965
Steven I. Ball - 1971                 Elizabeth Root Lammers - 1977          Terry C. Waldman - 1967               Mark Berkowitz Summers - 1970
Timothy H. Bellish - 1977             Ruth Carey Adams Linsmith - 1958       Steven L. Weinstein - 1973            Elizabeth Lees Taggart - 1974
Mary Jaquelin Bennett - 1970          Andrea R. Lurie - 1964                 Adra A. Heider Wheeler - 1958         Thomas L. Trankle - 1967
James D. Blythe II - 1958             Steve T. Madawick - 1974               Judy Schlegel White - 1976            Georgie Miner Woessner - 1967
Roberta Mathers Borlik - 1959         David A. Martin - 1966                 Matilda J. Wilhoite - 1969
Alan E. Bower - 1968                  Megan Martz - 1998                     Jan Wingenroth - 1969                 Red, White & Black Society $101 -
Kristina Leslie Brannan - 1978        Kathleen Rose McCormick - 1969         Charles L. Winings - 1990             $250
Susie Bohard Bremen - 1970            John P. McGoff - 1977                                                        Dale C. Arfman - 1971
William D. Bugher - Retired Teacher   Diana Mercer - 1982                    Principal’s Club $51 - $100           John K. Barry - 1986
John David Butler - 1973              Susan Davidson Merrell - 1962          Class of 1978                         Natalie R. Morgan Best - 1992
Pam Shough Cagle - 1964               Richard J. Moak - 1965                 Pete Bill - 1972                      Sondra Hodgson Copanas - 1963
Stephen Cagle - 1964                  Dallas E. Mulvaney - 1964              Stephen G. Birr - 1963                Jay B. Erne - 1994
John B. Caldwell - 1977               Peggy Patterson Naile - 1966           Ann Wilhoite Brilley - 1964           Chris Floyd - 1984
Ann Eberhart Canary - 1961            Janice B. Hall Nelson - 1958           Lawrence Dlott - 1967                 Edward T. Haynes - 1975
Patricia A. Henry Cutsinger - 1958    David M. Newland - 1978                Carol Reid Hall - 1974                Ronald A. Klain - 1979
Ann Butz Dean - 1967                  Ted Charles O’Donnell - 1996           Darryn L. Duchon - 1982               David M. Mandelbaum - 1972
Carl W. Dean - 1964                   Jacob S. Pactor - 2000                 Tamara Kennedy Hardy - 1971           Ralph J. Power - 1976
Patti Freeman Dorson - 1974           Sharon D. Hart Prete - 1961            William Hardy - 1969                  Roberta M. Bowsher Quandt - 1961
Valerie K. Davis Dye - 1974           John Thomas Risk, Jr. - 2006           Mark E. Hershman - 1963               Ralph E. Roper, Jr. - 1964
Linda Morgan Elliott - 1975           Mary Susan Risk - 2008                 Cheryl Ball Jacklin - 1964            Henry R. Schull - 1970
Mark E. English - 1960                Anthony Ritchey - 1980                 Scott G. Jacklin - 1964               Paul Troup III - 1959
Robert G. Fishman - 1963              Miles Roger - 2002                     Judy B. Laikin - Patron
Joshua J. Garrett - 1995              Barbara L. Dougherty Rollins - 1961    Sidney J. Laikin - Patron             Panther Society $251 - $500
Matthew Henry Gonso - 1997            Becky Wolf Royer - 1958                Dennis H. Leibowitz - 1959            Class of 1979
Stephen W. Hadley - 1963              George Salge - 1967                    Kurt W. Lewis - 1977                  Mary Ann Mitchell Holand - 1975
Margaret Ann Coates Hill - 1960       John R. Sansbury - 1959                Sara Clark Lootens - 1977             Timothy S. Mitchell - 1974
L. Scott Horrall - 1978               Barbara M. Skinner Schmidt - 1961      Shannon M. Lyst - 1977                Lonnie G. Nefouse - 1964
Liane Groth Hulka - 1997              Oliver J. N. Seidler - 1968            Daniel C. Marr - 1973                 George Donald Steel - 1971
Marianne Plzak Inman - 1960           David Weeks Shaheed - 1965             Thomas R. Mote - 1970                 Chris Wolfla - 1983
Nancy Vinton Jarrell - 1964           Benice Schuchman Silver - 1969         David J. Porter - 1970
Lisa Sue Nisenbaum Kagan - 1978       Joanne Julian Solomon - 1965           Deborah L. Franz Porter - 1970        Superintendent’s Circle $501 - $1,000
Sonja Kantor - 1977                   Edwin Bullock Sterner - 1969           Jason T. Porter - 2002                Class of 1989

                                                                         Help Wanted
      The Alumni                                                         Join the board!
                                                                         The Alumni Association is
     Association                                                         looking for several more
                                                                         board members. If you live
   Board of Directors                                                    in the Indianapolis area
                                                                         and would like to join our
                                                                         dynamic group, please call
                                                                         Susie Hale at 317-259-
                                                                         NCHS for an information
                                                                         packet and application.
                                                                         Prospective board mem-
                                                                         bers need to apply by Sept.
                                                                         25 with the slate being
                                                                         voted on at the Oct. 12
                                                                         annual meeting.
                                                                         Reunion Guide planned
                                                                         The Alumni Association is
                                                                         in the process of creating a
                                                                         Reunion Guide which will
                                                                         include vendors who will
                                                                         offer special pricing or
                                                                         offers to reunion groups. If
                                                                         you would like more
                                                                         information, please contact
    From left to right, Front Row: Susie Hale, Patti Dorson Freeman,
        Sonja Kantor, Adra Heider Wheeler, Beth Root Lammers.            Susie Hale at 317-259-
Middle Row: Lonnie Nefouse, Miles Roger, James Blythe II, Susie Bohard   NCHS.
      Bremen, Liane Groth Hulka, John Caldwell, L. Scott Horrall.
      Back row: Matt Gonso, David Weeks Shaheed, Tony Ritchey.           Volunteers needed for:
            Not pictured: Katherine Hawkins, Rob Albright.               • Tailgate Party
                                                                         • Data Entry

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