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The workout


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									                               THE CHEAT’S GUIDE

                        The     TO SPRING HEALTH

                               No time to exercise? Well,
                              make 30 minutes and try this
                              simple workout to get your
                               body (and mind) in shape.
                                ANNA-LOUISE BOUVIER
                                and JOANNA McMILLAN
                                     PRICE explain

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                              o time to exercise? This is              HOW HARD ARE YOU WORKING? Test your rate of perceived exertion
                              undoubtedly the most common
                              excuse for not exercising. But that’s    Level       Exertion         How I feel
                   the thing — it’s an excuse, not a barrier. You
                                                                         1           None           Relaxed and sitting comfortably.
                   don’t need much time to exercise if you’re
                   smart about the way you move.                         2                          Could do this all day.
                       Essentially, there are four things you can                   Minimal
                                                                         3                          Getting warmer.
                   change: frequency, duration, intensity and
                   type. Changing the type of exercise you do                                       Starting to sweat and can feel my heart rate increasing but
                   is certainly a good idea in that it reduces                     Moderate         feeling good. I could do this for a while.
                   the chances of overuse injuries, continually
                                                                         5                          Sweating, breathing harder but still able to talk.
                   challenges your body in different ways and
                   stops you from getting bored with the same            6                          Can still talk but am getting a little breathless.
                   old routine.                                                     Strong
                       However, if you want to maximise the              7                          Breathing and sweating hard, this is tough.
                   amount of energy you expend to control your                                      Could no longer hold a conversation. Can only keep this up for
                   weight and improve your health, the first three        8        Very strong
                                                                                                    a very short time.
                   factors are what you need to consider.
                       Think of the total number of kilojoules                                      My legs feel heavy, I’m gasping for air and can only last a few
                                                                         9     Very, very strong
                   you expend during exercise as the product
                   of frequency x duration x intensity. In              10         Maximal          Absolutely awful! I have to slow down.
                   other words, to maximise fat burning
                   and kilojoules spent you can (a) work out
                   more often, (b) make each exercise session         anywhere you happen to be, making it useful
                   longer, or (c) make your workout harder by         even on holidays).                                     Bad knees? Tricky feet?
                   increasing the intensity. Walking is a great          Spend eight minutes warming up (working             Getting fit is sometimes not as easy as it
                   way to burn fat — if you have at least an hour     at an RPE level of 3-5), 12 minutes exercising         sounds and often the thing that will stop
                   every day to do it. But if you are short on        more intensely (at an RPE level of 6-9),               you is not your lack of fitness but a flare-
                   time (who isn’t?), make your walk tougher by       then 10 minutes strengthening, toning and              up of old knee or foot problems. This can
                   walking up hills or jogging in parts to make       stretching in four exercises.                          be really frustrating.
                   you fitter, faster.                                                                                            If you find even brisk walking on the
                       The bottom line is the less time you have      Phase 1: The warm-up                                   flat stirs you up, try to work in some
                   for a workout, the harder the session should       Start walking at an RPE of about 3. After a            gentle hills to get your heart rate up (and
                   be. Our advice is to work as hard as you can       couple of minutes as you start to feel warm,           stay on the grass rather than the road.)
                   for the time you have.                             increase your pace, and again after another            Another alternative is a mini trampoline
                       To help you gauge the intensity of your        couple of minutes until you are on about level         in the backyard to help decrease the
                   workout, you can use what’s called rate of         5. That is, you should be starting to sweat and        shock absorption.
                   perceived exertion (RPE). Just as a doctor         feel your breathing and heart rate increasing.             If that is still terrible, try some jogging
                   might ask you to rate your pain on a scale of      Maintain this pace to the eight-minute mark.           on the spot in a pool. This lets gravity
                   1-10, PRE asks you to rate how hard you are                                                               take the load off your joints but still lets
                   working on a similar scale. Finally, you’ll need   Phase 2: Get intense                                   you work on your RPE.
                   a wristwatch with a timer or a stopwatch to        When you hit the eight-minute mark, pick
                   time each section of your workout.                 up your pace dramatically to an RPE of
                       The wonderful thing about RPE is it works      about 8 or 9 — you couldn’t keep this up
                   for athletes and complete beginners — it’s all     for more than a few minutes. Maintain for           Phase 3: Strengthen,
                   down to how you feel. This means an RPE
                   of 8 may be from fast running for some, but to
                                                                      two minutes.
                                                                          Use the next two minutes to recover while
                                                                                                                          tone and stretch
                   novice exercisers this may be brisk walking. See   still working at an RPE of about 6 (i.e. your       As you have already worked your legs hard
                   our table (above right) for more information.      pace should still be above warm-up level).          during your walk and/or run, the focus
                       We have devised this speed workout to          Repeat this cycle a further two times, i.e. three   here is on upper body and core (including

                   give you a challenging, intense workout in         intervals lasting 12 minutes in total. After        abdominal) strength.
                   30 minutes. You don’t need to go to the gym.       the last two-minute recovery, move into                Try the exercises on the next page to give
                   You can do this from home or your office (or         phase three.                                        your muscles a workout.                                  ✒

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          The exercises
          Once you have your heart racing, try these exercises to complete your 30-minute workout
          The Upper Body
          Toner                                                                           The Tummy                                            makes a straight line
          Get in the modified push-up                                                      Flattener                                            to the back of your
          position as shown (right).                                                      This variation on the                                head and you are
              Picture your ribs moving                                                    traditional sit-up is                                leaning back from
          slightly inwards and your hip                                                   a great total core                                   your hips.
          bones at the front drawing                                                      workout, but is also                                 • Hold this position
          together. You should feel your          As you get stronger, you can either     easy to cheat with.                                  for five SLOW breaths.
          stomach tighten. This activates your    increase the number of push-ups         Again find your                                       Repeat five times.
          core at the front and stops your back   you do and/or progress to full          limit and build up in                                You’ll know you
          collapsing forward like a banana.       push-up position.                       order to get results.                                are doing it right if
          • Keep your back in position.                                                   • Sit on the edge of                                 your stomach wall
          • Take a breath.                        What’s your limit of control for        a chair.                                feels hard and flat (even if you
          • Breathe out and slowly unlock         push-ups?                               • Let your back, tummy and              have to poke through a little
            your elbows until you get to your     You should come back up when            shoulders slump (easy).                 creamy layer first).
            limit of control.                     your:                                   • Lift your arms to 90 degrees,         What’s your limit?
          • Breathe in as you come back up.       • Shoulders lift towards your ears.     keeping your shoulders relaxed.         You are leaning back too far and
          • Repeat five times.                     • Chin sticks out.                      • Roll back a little then gently lift   cheating when your stomach
          • Have a break and then do              • Stomach bulges.                       up your chest until your back           bulges, your back sways or aches.
          another five.                            • Back sways.

                                                                                        The Total Body Stretch                                                        •
            The Total Body                                                              This is a brilliant stretch for your
            Firmer                                                                      upper and lower body and is a
            This works all your postural                                                relaxing and safe way to finish your
            muscles and will make                                                       workout. All you need is an old
            you feel stronger                                                           dressing gown cord or a long belt.        Gently drop your right leg out to
            and straighter.                                                                                                       the side until you feel a stretch in
               Progress to this one                                                                                               your groin muscles on the right.
            once you feel you have really         • Relax your neck and shoulders.                                                • Hold for five breaths.
            mastered the Upper Body Firmer.       • Unlock your elbows just a little.
            • Assume the position as shown.       • Don’t let your back sway
            • Push back through your heels.       or drop.
            • Draw in your tummy and              • Hold this position for five
            activate your core as in the          SLOW breaths.                         Position 1 Hamstrings
            exercise above.                       Repeat five times.                     • Lie on your back with a pillow
                                                                                        under your neck if necessary.
                                                                                        • Stretch both legs out straight.         Position 3 Spinal Twist
                                                                                        • Loop the belt around the arch of        • Now take your leg back up.
             Hot physio tips                      so you can see your body and          your right foot and hold the belt         • Transfer the belt to your left hand.
             Not seeing any changes in your       get some feedback about your          like reins.                               • Gently roll the leg across your
             body? Then you are probably          technique.                            • Relax your shoulders and lift           body until it slowly reaches the
             cheating.                               If your upper body is really       the leg up until you feel a strong        floor and you are in a spinal twist.
                 Push-ups are great exercises,    weak, it’s best to spend a few        stretch in the muscles at the back        • Look to the right.
             which is why you often see           weeks just doing the tiniest          of your leg.                              • If you have a bad shoulder or neck
             them in workouts. However,           unlock and then straighten in         • Keep the other leg straight.            problem, instead of extending the
             they are also very easy to cheat     order to build your total core        • Hold for five breaths.                   right arm, just keep it bent and rest
             in and consequently become           and upper body strength rather        Position 2 Groin                          your hand on your chest wall.
             at best useless and at worst,        than cheating and ending              • Hold the belt in your right hand        • Hold for five breaths.
             dangerous. Before you start,         up with a stiff neck, shoulder         (with your leg still in the air).         You’ll know you are doing it
             try a couple next to a mirror        tendonitis and sore wrists.           • Place your left hand on your left       right if you feel strong stretches in
                                                                                        hip to stop the hip from rolling.         your leg muscles.

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