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					                                           The Titti Tattler
                              e 1,
                                            Dragons Abreast Brisbane – Phone : 1300 889 566
                              Issue 1

                              CHRISTMAS BREKKY IN THE
         2010                 PARK 2010
       Issue 11               The champagne corks popped as the
                              champagne fizzed and once again this
                              year, Pink Connections came to the
  Recent Events for           fore to provide a wonderful barbecue
  Dragons Abreast             breakfast for all of us to share. Their      Café 2 U also came and seemed to be
  Brisbane                    support is outstanding, and very             doing a brisk trade – even had some
                              much appreciated by all our members.         ladies from another group in the park
  MISSABITTATITTI                                                          come for a coffee.
   Pan Pacs                  Not only did they set up tents,
                              barbecues and tables, supply the             This year, rather than bringing a
   BRD Regatta               eggs, bacon, sausages and tomatoes,          Secret Santa the suggestion was made
                              they cooked, served and supplied             that we should make a gold coin
   Hello Gary                lucky door prizes. Thanks Denyse and         donation which could go to charity. I
                              team for your generosity. And a              think a few people must have put in
   Brekky in the Park        special thank you to Barry who               some extras as there was $150 in the
                              brought a gift of a Christmas CD for all     pink pig when I counted up the
                              of us.                                       money. Café 2 U also made a donation
                                                                           to our morning.

                              BRD Sports Regatta
                              The weather was not kind, but a small        some MBT members jumping in other
                              and enthusiastic group of teams arrived      boats so that 3 even teams of 14 from
                              at Lake Kawana in the rain to take part      Sunshine Coast, Snapdragons and
                              in the BRD Sports Regatta. The knock         Missabittatitti could compete.
                              out racing was popular and the prizes
                                                                           The really special event on the day was
                              for winners were a knock out as well.
                                                                           the final race, where members from
                              MBT was asked to handle the food tent        each of the survivor teams combined
                              on the day and Edith agreed to               to put a composite survivor boat into
                              coordinate things. Various members           the 1500m race. Del from
                              were allocated tasks (slicing and dicing     Snapdragons swept, Ryoko from MBT
                              the tomatoes, onions, lettuce) and           drummed (and reminded us to breath)
What‟s in this Issue?         anyone who could was asked to provide        and ladies from Sunshine Coast,
Christmas Brekky in the       home cooked goodies on the day. We           Redcliffe, Townsville and Brisbane put
Park                      1
BRD Sports Regatta        1   also had plenty of cold drinks but the       everything into their paddling. Yes, we
Coles Petrie Tce              cool, wet day meant that most people         came 9th of the 9 teams competing, but
Awareness                 2   headed for Cafe 2 U which had set up         we did it with style and we were, after
Hello Gary                2   next to us for hot drinks instead of cold.   all, the only all women’s team in the
Coordinator‟s                                                              race.
Comments                  3   Janelle P had an amazing array of gift
Dear Diary                4   baskets for raffle prizes and our own        Comments on the food, the raffles and
Pan Pacs                  4   June S spent the day selling the raffle      the regatta in general have all been
Matthew‟s Creative            tickets.                                     very positive so thank you to all who
Installation Open Day     5                                                contributed.
Contact Information       6   The pink challenge went off well with
Pan Pacs photos           7
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                             Information Day – Coles Petrie Terrace

                             Scott, son of Tricia Taylor one of   Amazing how difficult it is to give
                             our long term supporters,            things away. However lots of
                             manages Coles at Petrie Terrace      people were willing to chat, find
                             and asked that MBT come in to        out what we were about and
                             provide information and a touch      make a donation, and try the
                             of pink for October‟s Breast         cake – with some encouragement.
                             Cancer Awareness day. A few
                             members donned their pink wigs,      I was told the staff would polish
                             fluffy halos and feather boas, to    off any leftovers, so nothing went
                             distribute slices of the pink        to waste.
                             ribbon cake (sponge with cream –
                             delicious) and information about
                             Dragons Abreast to the customers
                             on Saturday morning.

                                 Hello Gary
                             Confusingly, the owner of Hello      and shorts as well as a carton of
Tricia, Scott, Pam, Leigh,   Gary is not Gary at all. His name    beer. Who could possibly argue
     Janelle & Lizzie        is actually Simon. Nonetheless       at the price?
                             he was very welcoming and took
                             great care of the ladies who         As well as fantastic coffee
                             went to Hello Gary for a pink        (which Simon insisted on serving
                             fundraiser on 27th November.         to us free of charge) Hello Gary
                                                                  has muffins, cakes, chocolate,
                             Lizzie organised everything          and toasted sandwiches. The
                             beautifully and we had the           avocado on toast was delicious.
                             dragon boat parked out front
Rosalie, Simon & Helen       thanks to the efforts of BRD and     The mother of one of the
                             George. Pink wigs, green wigs        customers we spoke to paddles
                             and feather boas stood out in the    with the pink team from Mt
                             crowd at this very busy little       Warning. She said her mum (74)
                             espresso bar in Temple Street at     gets really excited going to
                             Coorparoo.                           regattas and on outings with the
                             We were selling raffle tickets for
                             Simon‟s pink fundraiser. Winner      We finished the morning around
                             takes all and for $5 you could       11am and Simon has promised to
   Lizzie & Carol with       win free coffee for a year (got to   come to have a paddle with us in
      Chris & Barry          be good in anyone‟s book), a         the new year.
                             signed Lion‟s match ball, jersey
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Coordinator’s Comment
This has been a big year for             bunch you are. I believe Missabittatitti
Missabittatitti. Members have gone       is the BEST team in Australia. Why?
to CNY in Sydney, to Canada for the
                                         Well it’s not because we’re a big club
IBCPC Regatta, to Macau for the
                                         (though I know we are); it’s not because
World Club Crew Titles and to
                                         we are strong (though I believe we are
Sydney for the DAA Corporate
                                         that as well); it’s not because we are
Regatta, finishing off the year with
                                         competitive (though I think we all like to
the Pan Pacs on the Gold Coast and
                                         compete or we wouldn’t be in a dragon
the BRD regatta last weekend.
                                         boat club). I believe we are the best
Our fundraising has included the         because we care. We care for each
Golf Day, Lady Skippers, Sunnybank       other and we care about others. We are
Quilters raffle and Hello Gary as well   generous with our time and our talents,
as other smaller events and              willing to take on any role that comes
fundraisers throughout the year.         up. I would especially like to thank the
And of course the Kim Walters            ladies who all put in this year by helping
Choices Fashion Parade wouldn’t be       with the fundraising and attending the
the same without paddler                 various awareness raising events to
involvement. This year we were           which we were invited.
represented by our new Events
                                         So thank you for being so wonderful,
coordinator, Di Clohessy.
                                         being part of my life and accepting me
Next year is shaping up as a big year    as your coordinator this year.
as well – perhaps not as many
                                         Finally I would like to say “Thank
overseas trips, but we certainly have
                                         you” to Rosalie for her leadership and
CNY in Brisbane and Sydney and the
                                         caring throughout her term as
inaugural DAA National Regatta 9-10
                                         coordinator, the outgoing committee for
September to look forward to.
                                         all their efforts and the incoming
 I just want to take this opportunity    committee for taking up the challenges       And didn‟t we all love the
to tell you all what an incredible       of keeping things going in 2011.                      fridge?
Notes from the coach
Hi everyone,                                                                          1800 metre sports category.
                                         those paddlers that need this.
Hasn‟t this year gone fast – it seems                                                 Well done MBT, Sunshine
                                         PanPacs was a prime example of true
like no time at all since last                                                        Coast and Snapdragons. We
                                         competition within the Pink
Christmas. I would like to reiterate                                                  look forward to more
                                         community. During the year our
my comments from yesterday‟s                                                          collaborative events like this.
                                         Tuesday night paddling went by the
wonderful breakfast.                                                                  And finally my thanks go to
                                         wayside – which has encouraged a few
My thanks to Corina Bradley for her                                                   sweeps, drummers, supporters
                                         pink paddlers to brave the BRD
assistance with the coaching                                                          and volunteers which make
                                         training sessions. Well done Gay
throughout the year – it has been                                                     this group spectacularly
                                         Howard and Pam Cosgrove who are
invaluable and enabled me to fulfill                                                  unique. I am reminded of
                                         attending regularly. The advent of
my other obligations within the Club,                                                 Doc‟s (Louise) ditty yesterday
                                         OC6 training on Thursday mornings has
or cover me while I had work                                                          where it all started with a
                                         proved to be very popular amongst
commitments. My thanks also to                                                        „little itty bitty titty lump‟.
                                         the group with at least three boats
Rosalie for her good steadying                                                        Please have a very safe and
                                         out most Thursday mornings and no
influence throughout the year.                                                        happy Christmas and New
                                         shortage of paddlers willing to brave
Year 2 of Evolution has seen DA                                                       Year. Oh and the pictures on
                                         the early morning start for a bum on
Brisbane undertake several                                                            the electric photo frame
                                         seat. This cross training really builds
competitions throughout the year.                                                     thingamajig look great, thank
                                         up your endurance and strength, so I
The results speak for themselves. I                                                   you all for your best wishes
                                         encourage you all to give it a go.
think myself we are heading down                                                      and kind generosity.
                                         The BRD regatta held recently at the
the competitive path for those that                                                                          Ewen
                                         Sunshine Coast was a great example
want to do this while still
                                         of the Pink community banding
maintaining a social content for
                                         together to form a crew to race the
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Dear Diary

                       Upcoming Events for Missabittatitti
  Christmas Break starts            11th Dec 2010      OC Paddling resumes                    13th Jan 2011
                                                       Coomera Dragons Regatta, Regatta
  Dragon Boat Paddling resumes      15th Jan 2011                                             30th Jan 2011
                                                       Waters, Lake Oxenford
  CNY Corporate Regatta
                                    6th Feb 2011       CNY Regatta Darling Harbour Sydney     13th Feb 2011
  Southbank Brisbane
  Manly Dragons Sports Regatta –                       QDBF State Championships – Kawana      19th-20th March
                                    27th Feb 2011
  Kawana Waters                                        Waters                                 2011
  ADBF Australian Championships –   31st March – 3rd   Cooloola Dragons Sports Regatta –
                                                                                              24th July 2011
  Canberra                          April 2011         Tin Can Bay

Pan Pacs 2010
Pan Pacs again and this year we
entered only one team in the
Dragons Abreast Section of the
regatta. However, with extra MBT
paddlers supporting State of the            Malaysian team finished first. More
Nation in the Women’s and Open              importantly, weren’t they a delight
Masters and Grand Masters racing            with their infectious enthusiasm,
as well as providing extra paddlers         excitement and enjoyment of
for Snapdragons, we all had plenty of       everything that was happening.
racing over the 2 days.
                                            Of course no trip away would be
 MBT paddled hard and, despite              quite right without the odd get
some intense racing when the teams          together for drinks and food and Pan
crossed the finish line together,           Pacs was no different, but the final
managed to hold out the other teams         night at the Waves provided added
to win both the 500m and 200m               excitement as we all clattered
races. Bling was shared around on           downstairs in the wee small hours
both days, and Gay was particularly         when the fire alarms
surprised to win a Gold and Bronze          were activated.
medal in the same race. She had
paddled with Snapdragons earlier in         Sunday morning we enjoyed
the day, so of course she won a             breakfast organized by the Gold
bronze with them as well.                   Coast ladies with a couple of prize
                                            winners at the table, before
Highlight of the regatta would have         dispersing after a great weekend of
to be the Malaysian Pink Team               racing and camaraderie.
winning one of their heats in a
knockout. One sweep lost it and took
out the second placed team as well
just before the finish. So the
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                      Matthew’s Creative Installation Open Day
                                                                              Carmel & Matt
                    What a great time we had at Matt‟s     cheekily, “Oops! I wasn‟t supposed
                    installation open day in his town      to do that.” He had patiently woven
                    house at Norman Park on the 11th       an intricate web across the lounge
                    July. Lots of family and friends and   room ceiling, under the overhead
                    about seven of our Paddlers came       fan, ensuring the fan could still
                    along to view his exhibition.          function safely. Matt also
                                                           constructed out of various bits and
                    We enjoyed wine and nibbles and        pieces an abstract ark-like structure
                    were entertained by Matt on his        which he called „Titanic‟.
                    drums. Our lovely Ryoko and Marlee
                    excelled in providing us with          In the front courtyard he
                    delicious sushi (Matt‟s personal       constructed a mobile out of string
                    favourite!).                           and cans. In almost every available
                                                           space was a lovely surprise. What
                    Over the preceding months Matt,        people seemed to love most was
                    with the encouragement of Kat          that it was an interactive exhibition.
                    “Danger” Sawyer from Access Arts,      We placed a mound of these same
                    had created some amazing               materials for those who felt inspired
                    installations made from cardboard      to add their own flair to the
                    boxes, paper rolls, wool, tape and     installations or to take home a
                    whatever else he could lay his hands   souvenir.
                                                           As for me, I was so proud of his
                    He spent hours and hours focused on    achievement, his patience, his
                    creating a fabulous collection of      creativity and his endurance to get
                    alternative art. What astounded me     it all done for the opening. I became
                    was that he saw potential in stuff     very patient and tolerant with the
                    we have no use for.                    mess that was generated during the
                                                           construction, and it was so worth it
                    Our girls particularly got a laugh     when Matt said he had the best time
                    when, on the wall, they saw that       and would love to do it again…
                    Matt had stuck a “Please Do Not        However, I‟m not so sure about
                    Remove From The Aircraft”              that.
                    emergency procedure card. He said                      Carmel
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                                Information & Contacts

 B1 modelling the latest            Ruth & Edith with the Malaysian pink team at
  in Paddling gear from             the Cancer Council Morning Tea

To learn more about Dragons                   Remember, if you want your story in
   Abreast Visit the Web!                     the Newsletter, please forward by
                                              email to or                     hand to a member of the committee.

   Dragons Abreast Brisbane –
     Phone : 1300 889 566
Some Photos from the Pan Pacs