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The Spartan

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					The Spartan
Issue 7 - Saturday 3 October, 2009

Friday’s results highlights
Lloyd Gordon, Media Assistant

In the final day’s play of AUG 2009 many teams fought
brilliantly and in true Spartan style overcame the odds to find   TeamMONASHTM dominant for
victory. You will read further how the swimming team claimed
overall gold for the first time in AUG history in this edition.
                                                                  the second year running
                                                                  Miles Rodriquez, Media Intern
We had some great success over other sports, including
gold in the Team Kendo Kyu competition, Women’s Tennis            TeamMONASHTM has successfully defended their title as
and Basketball. But it was the multitude of medals won            Australian University Games Overall Sporting Champion,
individually in sports such as Swimming, Athletics, Fencing       winning for the second successive year. The title was decided
that truely showed the depth of Monash University across all      by just two points in the end, Monash accumulating 1050
sports contested at the games.                                    points to Melbourne Univeristy’s 1048 over the course of the
                                                                  five days.
Well done to TeamMONASHTM
                                                                  Carolyn Kenny, Athlete Support Coordinator said ‘every point
Below is a short summary of results from day five,                does count, a great team performance from Monash we are
for a full list go to:                   ecstatic with the result!’

• Athletics Men and Women: Monash win BRONZE overall              The week long event was well contested by all, however
• AFL Men: Monash 22 def by Melbourne 64, win SILVER              Monash proved to be a dominant force claiming overall victory
• AFL Women: Monash 28 def VU 23, win BRONZE                      in many sports, including Women’s Basketball, Kendo Kyu,
• Baseball Men: Monash 8 def Macquarie 3, win BRONZE              Women’s Netball, Taekwondo, Women’s Tennis, and for the
• Basketball Women: Monash 60 def UNSW 56, win GOLD               first time in AUG history, Swimming.
• Cycling: Monash finish 4th overall
• Fencing Women Sabre Team: GOLD                                  Monash claimed
• Fencing Men Sabre Team: SILVER                                  overall Silver in
• Handball: Monash 9 def Melbourne 8, finish 5th                  another three sports,
• Hockey Men: Monash 2 def by UWA 3, win SILVER                   and overall Bronze in
• Kendo Kyu Team: GOLD                                            a further eight sports.
• Netball Women: Monash 52 def Melbourne 40, win GOLD
• Softball: Monash 0 def by USYD 7, win SILVER                    AUG 2009 was
• Soccer Women: Monash 1 def UNE 0, finish 5th                    filled with brilliant
• Squash Women: Monash 162 def LTU 119, win BRONZE                performances from
• Taekwondo: Monash win GOLD                                      both individuals and
• Tennis Women: Monash 3 def Griffith 0, win GOLD                 teams in a wide
• Touch Women: Monash 10 def USYD 1, win BRONZE                   range of sports.
• Volleyball Men: Monash 3 def UNSW 0, win BRONZE                 Monash students from all campuses supported the victory with
• Water Polo Women: Monash 15 def NCLE 5, win BRONZE              Monash South Africa student Ozario Cremona completing the
                                                                  international contingent, and Dale Stevenson breaking a ten
Many thanks to all the teams who sent through results, this       year old Shot Put record.
was an enourmous help over the course of the games.
You can also send your pictures through to:                       It was an overall team effort from TeamMONASHTM, with all                                      athletes proudly adhering to the Spartan code, as developed
                                                                  by the athletes prior to the games.
For all media enquiries contact the Editor, Lloyd Gordon.
Tel: 9905 8818 Email:            Over 30 Monash University student athletes have been
                                                                  selected by the governing body, AUS as ‘best in their sport’
                                                                  and have been named in Green and Gold teams thus far.

       The Spartan - Issue 7, Saturday 3 October

Swimming team creates history
Miles Rodriquez, Media Intern

                                             The Monash swimming team has won
                                             the gold medal at Australian University     Want to see our
                                             Games 2009. It is an historic victory for   government do
                                             the team as they have never achieved
                                             first place in the 17 year history of the   their bit to end poverty?
                                                                                         Did you miss out on the Zeroseven
                                                                                         Roadtrip? We have unfinished business
                                             The team’s manager, Laura-Ann Wong
                                                                                         and are hitting the road again!
                                             was blasé regarding the team’s success.
                                             ‘We did pretty well I guess. Everyone       Oaktree aims to double our impact in
                                             was supporting each other which made        election year 2010. We need you to
                                             it easier,’ she said.                       help us build the movement towards
                                                                                         a sustainable world, free from global
Acknowledging outstanding performances from the likes of Amy White, Sam                  poverty.
Bennett, Mark O’Donnell, Nicholas Findeisen and George Goonan, Miss Wong also
gave honourable mentions to swimmers such as Daniel Cavenagh for competing in  
an event, the 200m butterfly, which he had never swam before and Chris Little for
heading the cheer squad which ensured the team’s spirit was kept at a high and
positive level.
                                                                                         Did you know...?
The gold medal was complemented with Green & Gold selection for Paul Benson,             Lloyd Gordon, Editor
one of Monash’s best swimmers over the course of the week.
                                                                                         Melbourne is the only city to have
Soccer turns the tables                                                                  hosted AUG two years in succession.
                                                                                         In 1997 and 1998 LaTrobe, Melbourne
Miles Rodriquez, Media Intern                                                            and Monash shared the hosting of the
Monash’s men’s soccer team have finished an unsuccessful AUG campaign on a
good note, with a commanding 4-0 win over Adelaide University. Two early goals
                                                                                         Monash again hosted AUG last year,
from Tonny Masinde sealed the result for Monash, which ended the competition in
                                                                                         and in doing so became the first
ninth position.
                                                                                         Victorian based University to host the
                                                                                         games twice.
Defensive midfielder, James Scott played Masinde in for both goals to underline
Monash’s desire to play direct and attacking soccer.
                                                                                         In 2010 the games will be located in
                                                                                         Perth, and every second year untill at
Scott formed a strong midfield partnership with Peter Sugija and Richard Nation,
                                                                                         least 2015 AUG will be located on the
the later capping off a magnificent performance by dribbling two defenders in the
                                                                                         Gold Coast.
penalty area, before shooting into the top corner of the goal.

The match was capped off with an insulting, 20 yard goal from
Jarrod Clague who played the majority of the tournament as
Monash’s first choice goalkeeper.

In a disappointing week for the side, manager Alex Pogoriller
spoke warmly of coach Nick Malios, who was appointed only
weeks before AUG 2009 began. ‘It was good to have a young
face this year. He took (being appointed coach) in his stride quite
well and quickly adjusted to the AUG climate,’ he said.

With tactical changes that included moving defensive midfielder
Lachlan Petras into the sweeping position, Malios brought fresh
ideas to the team.

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       The Spartan - Issue 7, Saturday 3 October

Photo highlights

The TeamMONASHTM Cheersquad                   Shot of the games, the Beach Volleyball team in action

Team captain Tom Forde with the               Clockwise from top right: The Women’s Soccer Team, Monash v Melbourne Women’s
‘Overall Sporting Champions’ Trophy           Hockey, Bronze winning Men’s Volleyball Team, The Monash ‘cheersquad’ at the Hockey

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