Comprehensive Cancer Center Raises the Quality of Care in Hawai i by mikeholy

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									                                        N E W S F R O M T H E C A N C E R R E S E A R C H C E N T E R O F H AWA I ' I
SPRING 2007                                                                                                                                VOLUME 8, ISSUE 1

Director’s Message                                      New Center Update
A Banner Year                                           Comprehensive Cancer Center
Dear Friends,                                           Raises the Quality of Care in Hawai‘i

   We’re brimming
with news destined                                             s we move closer to the start of construction on the Cancer Research
to ensure 2007                                                 Center of Hawai‘i’s new, comprehensive cancer center facility in
becomes a banner                                               Kaka‘ako, we would like to again share with you the purpose of the
year for health
care in Hawai‘i
                                                               center and the ways it will benefit the people of Hawai‘i.
and a healthier                                            One of the most important reasons a world-class comprehensive can-
                       Dr. Carl-Wilhelm Vogel
population.                                             cer center is urgently needed is that this facility will enhance the type and
   As you know, the “tobacco tax                        quality of cancer research being conducted in Hawai‘i. It will facilitate
increase” bill passed last year and                     more rapid transfer of research findings from the laboratory to the
went into effect in late September
2006. Shortly after, one of the most
                                                        patient care setting. Stepping up the pace of translating critical new can-
progressive anti-smoking laws in the                                                                                 cer discoveries
nation also went into effect, prohibiting                                                                            into new and
smoking both in and even within close                                                                                direly needed
proximity to workplaces and many                                                                                     treatments for
public environments. The year 2007
is the first in which both of these
                                                                                                                     specific types of
landmark bills will play out in full                                                                                 cancers is very
— and we look forward to witnessing                                                                                  much in line
what we are sure will prove to be                                                                                    with the efforts
positive health-related results by the
                                                                                                                                      (continued on page 4)
year’s end.
   There is no doubt that the above bills
have faced some hurdles since passing,                  Generous Partners
the most significant of which may have                  Xcel Wetsuits to Donate Proceeds to Benefit
been the incorrect wording submitted
in 2006 for the tobacco tax. The house                  Skin Cancer Research and Prevention

and senate have hastened to resolve
                                                               cel Wetsuits is raising money for                 of Hawai‘i in honor of Skin Cancer
this problem and we thank them for
                                                               cancer research and prevention.                   Detection and Prevention Month. Xcel
currently reviewing amended verbiage
                                                               During the month of May, Xcel                     will also offer a 10 percent discount
certain to restore the intentions of the
                                                        will be donating a portion of net retail                 on all UV-protection tops during its
bill. Upon approval of the
                                                                             sales of Lycra UV-                  Memorial Day weekend sale. A portion
       (continued on page 11)
                                                                                protection tops                  of net sales will also be donated to the
                                                                                 for men, women                  Cancer Center.
                                                                                   and kids to                     “Xcel is proud to be partnering with
                                                                                     the Cancer                  the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i
                                                                                       Research                  in supporting skin cancer research and
                                                                                        Center                   prevention. It is well documented that
Xcel Wetsuits                                                                                                    skin damage happens over time with
are a great way                                                                                                  exposure to the sun – we’ve developed
to protect all members of                                                                                        our Xcel Lycra with that in mind. Xcel
your family while having fun
in the sun; Xcel Lycra is used                                                                                   Lycra is used in our full line of UV
in all its UV-protection tops.                                                                                                       (continued on page 12)
President’s Message                          Special Events
Supporting Discovery                         Second Annual Cancer Research
Dear Friends,
                                             Information Day a Success

   Greetings      once
                                                  lthough a critical number of our island residents are diagnosed with cancer
again — and thank
                                                  every year, many people in Hawai‘i are not well informed on what cancer
you for your dedica-
                                                  actually is, the many types of cancers, preventative behaviors
tion to the Cancer
                                             or treatment modalities. In an effort to improve public awareness,
Research Center of
                                             the Friends of the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i sponsored
Hawai‘i. Your sup-
                                             the second annual “Cancer Research Information Day,” a series of
port is essential in
                           Rick Humphreys    free presentations held at the John A. Burns School of Medicine on
our efforts to save
                                             Saturday, March 31, 2007.
the lives of those around us and curb
                                                At last year’s first Cancer Research Information Day, attendees
the global impact of cancer. Each year,
                                             had completed onsite evaluations that indicated high satisfaction
new discoveries are helping us build a
                                                                with the presentations and a strong
healthier, stronger future for genera-
                                                                 interest in instituting the event on
tions to come.
                                                                  a yearly basis. A strong showing
   We are pleased to announce
                                                                   of the community turned out
two new members to our
                                                                   for this year’s all-day program,
board: Adelia Chung and Earl
                                                                    confirming that the public is
Stoner. Both bring many years
                                                                     indeed seeking to become better
of high-level Hawai‘i business
                                                                      educated about and engaged in
experience, as well as the personal
                                                                       the fight against cancer.
motivation to make a difference in                                                                                                          6
                                                                             “We’re thrilled to once
our community and in the battle
                                                                        again be able to offer the
against cancer. As you may recall,
                                                                         public a series of relevant, lay-person-friendly cancer talks,”
Adelia and her family faced the chal-
                                                                         said Dr. Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, director of the Cancer
lenge of a lifetime several years ago
                                                                          Center. “In addition to opening up cancer dialogues in
when her young daughter, Alana
                                                                           our community, the fact that these presentations are
Dung, was diagnosed with and even-
                                                                           given by the actual researchers conducting the work is so
tually succumbed to leukemia. Please
                                                                       much more meaningful for attendees. Not only does it give
welcome Adelia and Earl — we look
                                                       credibility to the information presented, but I think it reminds people that
forward to their inspirational efforts on
                                             scientific research doesn’t take place in a vacuum — its purpose is to help save and
behalf of the Center.
                                             improve the extent and quality of lives of our friends and neighbors,” he added.
   A resounding welcome also to new
                                                                               Eleven top Hawai‘i scientists in the field of cancer
development director Cecilia
                                                                          research spoke to attendees on a variety of cancer-related
Amor Kramer. Her efforts to
                                                                          topics ranging from the relationship between tomato
raise funds will directly impact
                                                                          consumption and prostate cancer to an explanation of the
research and will be of para-
                                                                          new vaccine designed to help protect women from devel-
mount importance in assisting
                                                                                                            oping cervical cancer, and
the new cancer research center
                                                                                                            printed presentation mate-
in Kaka‘ako.
                                                                                                            rials were available to take
   We are also very happy to
                                     1                                                                      home. In addition to more
announce that later this year
                                                                                                            than six hours of presenta-
we will once again host the
                                                                                                            tions, attendees browsed
very popular and successful fundraising
                                                                                                            health information booths
event, The Mauka Makai…Voyage of
                                                                                                            by the Cancer Research
Discovery. Whether you choose to be a
volunteer or guest, we look forward to                                                               2           (continued on next page)
seeing you at this festive and anticipated
Honolulu occasion.                                                                     1. Dr. Carl Wilhelm-Vogel visits the Cancer
   Aloha,                                                                                 Research Center booth between presentations.
                                                                                       2. Paula Higuchi, Alvin Tachibana and Cecilia
                                                                                          Kramer were all smiles posing in front of the
                                                                                          Cancer Center’s booth.

  Rick Humphreys                                                                       3. Yvette Paulino, Paula Brick, Maj Earle and
                                                                                  3       Jennifer Williams were extremely helpful at
  President                                                                               the registration table.
                                    4. Event participants visited
                                       informational booths to pick up                  Cancer Research Information
                                       presentation handouts and health-
                                       related materials.
                                                                                             Day Presentations
                                                                                                         March 31, 2007
                                    5. Dr. Jonathan Cho and Dr. Jeffrey
                                       Berenberg enjoyed a healthy lunch
                                       at Kulia Grill.
                                                                               The Dawn of a New Era
                                                                               for Cancer Care in Hawai‘i
                                    6. The free lunch was a big hit with       Dr. Carl-Wilhelm Vogel
                                       everyone in attendance.                 Director, Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i (CRCH)
                                                                               What Happens Next?
           Center of Hawai‘i; Cancer Information Service, Pacific              The Challenges of Cancer Survivorship
           Region; AstraZeneca Oncology; and the Hawai‘i Prostate              Dr. Carolyn Gotay
           Cancer Coalition/Us TOO International Prostate Cancer               Professor and Director, Prevention & Control Program, CRCH
           Support Group. Healthy snacks and a lunch of sandwiches,
           fruit salad and vegetable crudités were provided at no cost         Does a Tomato-Rich Diet Have a
           to attendees and Jamba Juice gift cards in denominations
                                                                               Role in Prostate Cancer Prevention?
      5                                                                        Dr. John Bertram
           ranging from $1 to $100 were given away.                            Professor, Natural Products & Cancer Biology Program, CRCH
             Mahalo nui loa to our event sponsors and other contribu-
tors for their support of this important public event: Hawai‘i Medical         Asbestos and Genetics in Mesothelioma:
Service Association, AstraZeneca Oncology, Honolulu Star-Bulletin,             Lessons Learned from an Epidemic in Turkey
Island Insurance Foundation, Koyo USA Corp. for MaHaLo Hawaii                  Dr. Michele Carbone
Deep Sea™ Water, and Jamba Juice, plus Friends board member and                Professor and Director, Thoracic Oncology Program, CRCH
Honolulu Star-Bulletin president and publisher Dennis Francis, the
John A. Burns School of Medicine, and Kulia Grill.                             Can a Vaccine Really Control
   Each year about 5,500 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in men
                                                                               the Incidence of Cervical Cancer?
                                                                               Dr. Brenda Hernandez
and women of all ages and races in Hawai‘i, a number that is expect-           Assistant Professor, Epidemiology Program, CRCH
ed to double in coming years. In addition, studies reveal wide ethnic          Project Director, Hawai‘i Tumor Registry, CRCH
variations in cancer occurrence and survival that are relevant to the
major ethnic groups in our state. Increasing cancer awareness in               Vitamin and Mineral Supplements:
Hawai‘i will promote improved cancer prevention behavior, individu-            Can They Prevent Cancer?
als seeking earlier detection and treatment, broader participation in          Dr. Suzanne Murphy
                                                                               Researcher and Professor, Epidemiology Program, CRCH
cancer studies, and stronger public backing of cancer research and
prevention programs.                                                           Clinical Trials Participation: Getting
   We look forward to next                                                     Past the Notion of Being a Guinea Pig
year’s Cancer Research Infor-                                                  Dr. Jeffrey Berenberg
mation Day and hope to see                                                     Chief, Hematology/Oncology Department, Tripler Army Medical Center
you there.                                                                     Professor of Oncology, CRCH
                                                                               Clinical Professor of Medicine, John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)

                                                                               In Search of Credible Cancer Information
                                                                               Paula Higuchi
                                                                               Partnership Program Mgr., Cancer Information Service, Pacific Region, CRCH
                                                                               What You Should Know About Lung Cancer:
                                                                               Trends, Causes, Prevention, Treatment,
                                                                               and Research
                                                                               Dr. Jonathan Cho
                                                                               Professor of Oncology, CRCH
 8                                                                             Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, JABSOM

                                                                               Colorectal Cancer: The Cancer That
7. Sharon Shigemasa sat in                                                     Everyone Should Be Talking About
   on Dr. Jeffrey Berenberg’s
   presentation on clinical                                                    Dr. Kenneth Sumida
   trials participation.                                                       Affiliate Member and Clinical Assistant Professor of Oncology, CRCH
                                                                               Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, JABSOM
8. Paula Higuchi’s presentation
   on finding credible cancer                                                  Current Thoughts on Prostate
   information drew a large          9
                                                                               Cancer Management
                                                                               Dr. Gregory Thibault
9. Dr. John Bertram’s presentation on the role of tomatoes in preventing       Director and Program Director, Urologic Oncology, Tripler Army Medical Center
   prostate cancer was also very popular with event participants.

Awards and Accolades                         Friends of the Cancer Research Center
Center Researcher                            Welcomes New Board Members
Appointed to Editorial

                                                   he Friends of                             late daughter, Alana Dung, who was
Board of Respected                                 the Cancer                                diagnosed with leukemia. Their efforts
Cancer Journal                                     Research                                  prompted more than 30,000 people to
                                             Center of Hawai‘i                               register, making the Hawai‘i registry

      r. Carolyn Cook Gotay, research-       welcomes        new                             one of the largest bone marrow donor
      er and professor at the Cancer         board of directors                              programs in the country.
      Research Center of Hawai‘i and         Adelia C. Chung                                    Hawaii-born Chung is a Nu‘uanu
director of its Prevention and Control       and Earl Stoner.                                YMCA board member and Punahou
Program, has been selected for a three-      As board mem-                                   School Founders Council Member and
                                                                    Adelia C. Chung          holds a bachelor of arts degree in politi-
year term on the editorial board of          bers, Chung and
the prestigious Journal of Clinical          Stoner will collaborate to provide guid-        cal science from UCLA.
Oncology.                                    ance and leadership in support of the              Since 1979, Maui resident Earl Stoner
   “I’m thrilled to be invited to serve on   mission of the Center.                          has served as president and owner of S
the editorial board of this well-respected     “We are honored to have Adelia and            & F Land Company, a commercial and
and high-impact journal,” commented          Earl on our board,” said Rick Humphreys,        industrial land development company
Dr. Gotay. “I look forward to forging new    president of the Friends of the Cancer          on Maui. A native of Southern California,
alliances with journal colleagues and to     Research Center of Hawai‘i. “Adelia is an       Stoner attended UCLA and relocated
making a contribution to the field of        emphatic supporter of the fight against         to Hawai‘i more than 50 years ago, liv-
oncology through this collaboration,”        cancer and Earl has leadership abilities        ing on Maui since
she added.                                   that will be instrumental in that fight,”       1974. He served on
   Dr. Gotay’s position on the board         he added.                                       the YMCA board on
began January 1 of this year. Her              Adelia Chung is one of Hawai‘i’s top-         Maui for 20 years
responsibilities entail reviewing journal    selling life insurance agents and a part-       and on the Seabury
manuscripts and providing additional         ner in Spectrum Wealth Management,              Hall School Board,
assistance to journal editors, as well as    LLC. She is also the president of the           a college preparato-
potentially drafting selected editorials.    Alana Dung Research Foundation. In              ry school on Maui,
   Dr. Gotay’s primary research focus        1996, Chung and her husband worked              in the late 1970s
has been on quality of life in cancer sur-   to find a bone marrow donor for their           and early 1980s.      Earl Stoner
vivors and has been continuously sup-
ported through national peer-reviewed
funding since 1994. In 2001, she was
                                             Comprehensive Cancer Center
                                             (continued from page 1)
named “Professor of Survivorship” by
the Susan G. Komen Foundation in             of the National Cancer Institute (NCI).         Center in recent years. Its laboratories
recognition of her cancer survivorship       The Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i           have only limited capabilities to expand
research.                                    is one of only 61 NCI-designated cancer         and modernize. Some Cancer Center
   Dr. Gotay graduated from Duke             centers in the U.S. As a comprehensive          scientists currently occupy offices in
University in 1973 with a bachelor of        cancer center with an outpatient                the University of Hawai‘i’s Biomedical
arts degree in psychol-                      treatment clinic, it will then be the           Research Building on the Manoa campus
ogy. She earned a                            first facility in the state to offer patients   and laboratories at JABSOM on a
masters degree                               treatment on clinical trials using early        temporary basis only. Reuniting Cancer
in psychology                                phase (Phase I and II) drugs.                   Center researchers in a new facility
and doctorate                                   At the present time, Cancer Research         with state-of-the-art equipment will
in social psy-                               Center of Hawai‘i researchers occupy            ensure the maximization of its potential
chology from                                 laboratories both at the Cancer                 for increasing the rate of research and
the University                               Center’s Lauhala Street location near           discovery.
of Maryland.                                 Punchbowl and at the John A. Burns                Of added significance, however, is the
                                                 School of Medicine (JABSOM) in              plan to build the new facility in Kaka‘ako
                                                    Kaka‘ako. The Lauhala Street             adjacent to JABSOM. Cancer Center
                                                     facility is now outdated and            researchers currently instruct and men-
                                                       can no longer accommodate             tor a number of JABSOM’s medical stu-
                                                        the many acclaimed national          dents, but there is only limited research
                                                        and international scientists         collaboration between Cancer Center
Dr. Carolyn                                             who have joined the Cancer           scientists and those at JABSOM. The
Cook Gotay                                                                                                         (continued on page 10)

Legislation Update                                                                         Staff News
The Tobacco Tax: Moving Forward                                                            Center Welcomes
                                                                                           New Faculty Member

      he excitement over last year’s by the Senate, the bill will likely go to a

      successful passing of Senate Bill conference committee to work out the
                                                                                                  ordon Okimoto, Ph.D., has
      2961, also known as the “tobacco differences. Once agreement is reached,
                                                                                                  joined the faculty of the Cancer
tax,” was modestly tempered by a both chambers will pass the final version
                                                                                                  Research Center of Hawai‘i as direc-
slight drafting oversight that the 2007 and the bill will be sent to the governor
                                                                                           tor of the Informatics Shared Resource
legislature has been working to correct. for signature.
                                                                                           (ISR) and director of Bioinformatics
   Although last year’s bill contained          Monies generated by the tobacco tax
                                                                                           in the Epidemiology Program. Dr.
technical flaws, they were not fatal and will be directed as planned to the Cancer
                                                                                           Okimoto was hired on a part-time basis
the bill was enacted. This year, the bill Research Center of Hawai‘i to help build
                                                                                           in November 2006 and began his per-
to address the cigarette tax is SB 139. In the new center in Kaka‘ako and for
                                                                                           manent full-time employment with the
addition to remedying the defects, the cancer research, clinical trials, patient
                                                                                           Cancer Center in January of this year.
new bill also allows the                                    care and general operat-
                                                                                              In his current position, he is charged
Cancer Center to retain                                     ing costs, amounting to
                                Monies generated by 1.5 cents per cigarette                with formulating mathematical mod-
the interest earned on
                                                                                           els of cancer, based on genomic data
the monies collected            the tobacco tax will        for the first year and 2
                                                                                           collected for every gene of the human
from the tax. While the          be directed to help        cents per cigarette for
                                                                                           genome. Such models are clinically use-
extra dollars can be used                                   the following year and
for any purpose related
                                build the new center each year thereafter. At              ful for predicting how cancer responds
                                                                                           to different therapies and in the devel-
to the new facility, it            and for cancer           the current rate, the tax
                                                                                           opment of new cancer drugs. As director
is especially important          research, clinical         would generate approxi-
                                                                                           of the shared resource, Dr. Okimoto will
because construction                                        mately $17.7 million in
                                    trials, patient         the first year and an esti-
                                                                                           work with all departments at the Cancer
costs are soaring.
                                  care and general                                         Center. The ISR staff also includes Mike
   “We had full confi-                                      mated $23.6 million for
                                                                                           Loomis and Peter Hinely and is
dence that the original          operating costs…           each year thereafter.
                                                                                           expected to grow with the expansion of
intent of the tobacco tax                                      At this time it is not
                                                                                           research programs in cancer genomics,
bill would be restored                                      clear whether the new
                                                                                           molecular diagnostics and systems biol-
through the passing of SB 139,” said laws banning smoking indoors and
                                                                                           ogy at the planned new Cancer Research
Dr. Carl Wilhelm-Vogel, director of within 20 feet of entrances will have a
                                                                                           facility in Kaka‘ako.
the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i. significant impact on tax revenues. The
                                                                                              Dr. Okimoto has been personally
“Last year’s drafting errors have not ultimate goal of laws controlling ciga-
                                                                                           touched by cancer. His first wife Gloria
held up any funds earmarked for the rette smoking is to get people to quit the
                                                                                           died of breast cancer at the young age
Center, as we weren’t expecting to see habit and discourage new smokers from
                                                                                           of 45 in 1993. He believes that his
revenue until later this year anyway starting, especially Hawai‘i’s youth. As
                                                                                           personal experience fueled his interest
— but we’re glad to see that action has people quit smoking, it is inevitable that
                                                                                           in working in cancer research.
been quickly taken to ensure that we a decline in revenues from the tax will
                                                                                              In 2001, Dr. Okimoto switched his
can indeed count on funds in 2007,” he mean that private contributions from
                                                                                           focus to biomedical research. Prior to
added.                                       the people of Hawai‘i will be even more
                                                                                           joining the Cancer Research Center,
   SB 139 is expected to pass the important for the completion and opera-
                                                                                           he was employed by the Cardiovascular
House. Because the House version is tions of the new cancer center.
                                                                                           Research Center at UH Manoa, during
slightly different from the one passed
                                                                                           which time he obtained his doctoral
                                                           The legislature has been        degree in molecular biosciences and
                                                             reviewing Senate Bill
                                                                 139, which aims to        bioengineering (MBBE) with an empha-
                                                                    correct the drafting   sis in bioinformat-
                                                                       oversight in last   ics. Dr. Okimoto
                                                                          year’s tobacco   says that searching
                                                                             tax bill.
                                                                                           for cancer-related
                                                                                           signals in huge
                                                                                           genomic data sets
                                                                                           is very much like
                                                                                           detecting a sub-
                                                                                           marine in shallow
                                                                                           water or a missile Dr. Gordon Okimoto
                                                                                           (continued on page 10)

Center Researcher                                Student and Center Partnerships
Selected for Prestigious                         Student Team Mentored by Center
Fellowship                                       Researcher Wins Prestigious Science Award

T                                               L
      he American Society for Nutritional              ast summer, we were
      Sciences (ASNS), a national profes-              pleased to report that
      sional organization that promotes                Mililani High School
the science of nutrition, has select-            student Lucia Mocz had
ed Dr. Suzanne Murphy, professor                 placed second overall in
and researcher in the Epidemiology               the 49th Hawai‘i State
Program of the Cancer Research Center            Science and Engineering
of Hawai‘i, as one of its Fellows for 2007.      Fair under the mentorship
Dr. Murphy attended the Society’s Award          of the Cancer Research
Ceremony in April in Washington, DC,             Center of Hawai‘i’s Dr.
where she formally accepted the honor.           André        Bachmann.
   “I’m grateful to be recognized by my          Her older brother, also a Philip and Lucia Mocz show off
colleagues as having made an important           Mililani High School stu- their silver medals and project at
contribution to the field of nutrition,”         dent Philip Mocz, had the Seimens National Competition
                                                                               (above); Dr. André Bachmann (right)
said Dr. Murphy. “I look forward to many         placed first overall in the
more years of research and to furthering         competition.                                  and timely method of identifying cancer.
our understanding of and improving                 Since then, the sophomore- and The program proved 71 percent reliable
nutrition in Hawai‘i and beyond,” she            junior-year siblings progressed onward at determining whether a patient had
added.                                           as a team to the prestigious Siemens cancer.
   Up to 10 nutritionists are chosen             National Competition in Math, Science            “There’s no doubt that Lucia and Philip
from North America and elsewhere each            & Technology at New York University. are well on their way to impressive career
year for this prestigious                                       With the continued men- potentials in scientific research and dis-
honor. The designation of                                       torship of Dr. Bachmann, covery,” commented Dr. Bachmann.
                                    “There’s no doubt           an assistant professor “Both students are dedicated to explo-
Fellow indicates that an
individual is recognized by       that Lucia and Philip in the Cancer Center’s ration and problem-solving, and bring
his or her peers as having           are well on their          Natural Products and fresh and intuitive perspectives as well
accomplished extraordi-                                         Cancer Biology Program, as mature conduct to their work. It has
                                    way to impressive           they went on to become been my pleasure to assist them in their
nary work in nutritional
sciences over a sustained          career potentials in         recipients of the Western growth,” he added.
period of time. Individuals         scientific research         Region Silver Medal and           Lucia and Philip’s father, Dr. Gabor
considered for this distinc-                                    a $50,000 prize. Their Mocz, is a professor of biochemistry at
                                      and discovery.”
tion must be at least 65                                        project, “Computer-aided the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and
years old.                                                      Identification of Cancer has served as an inspiration for the stu-
   Dr. Murphy holds a master of sci-             from Photomicrographs by Entropy dents over the years. Congratulations to
ence degree in molecular biology from            Analysis,” involved using complex math- both students — we look forward to their
San Francisco State University and a             ematical algorithms to create a com- next success and to the Center’s contin-
Ph.D. in nutrition from the University           puter program that could potentially ued partnership with the Moczs as well
of California, Berkeley. Her research            help scientists devise a more accurate as other promising young scientists.
interests include a wide array of human
nutrition issues, including better                                                 Mark your calendars for
                        ways to measure
                        dietary supple-                                            Mauka Makai…
                        ment intakes of
                        subjects in Cancer
                                                                                   Voyage of Discovery
                        Research Center                                            Friday evening, October 12, 2007
                        diet and cancer                                            Waialae Country Club
                        studies as well
                                                                                   Mauka Makai is a fundraising gala for the
                        as in nutritional
                                                                                   Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i. This
                        research being
                                                                                   year’s theme is “Over the Rainbow.”
                        conducted        in
Dr. Suzanne Murphy Guam and Kenya.                                                 For table sponsorships,
                                                                                   please call 626-6755.

Awards and Accolades                                                                       Awards and Accolades
Successful Cancer-Focused Symposium Turnout                                                Hawai’i Professor and
Highlights Need for Additional Conferences                                                 Researcher Awarded
                                                                                           National Honor

      arlier this year, researchers from    “Targeting Genetically Engineered

      the Cancer Research Center of         Herpes Simplex Viruses for the Treatment             awai‘i registered dietitian Dr.
      Hawai‘i and the John A. Burns         of Malignant Gliomas.”                               Jean H. Hankin was named
School of Medicine (JABSOM) teamed             “The conference was attended by a                 the 2006 recipient of the pres-
up to offer the February 16 symposium       large number of medical students in           tigious Edna and Robert Langholz
“Interactions Among Infectious Agents,      addition to faculty,” said Dr. Carbone.       International Nutrition Award by
Environmental Carcinogens, & Genetics       “This underscored the need to expose          the American Dietetic Association
in Human Cancer Development.”               our students to con-                                    Foundation. Dr. Hankin is pro-
   Chaired by renowned researcher           ferences attended by                                    fessor and researcher emeritus
Dr. Michele Carbone, director of            national and inter-            “We need more
                                                                                                    in the Epidemiology Program
the Cancer Center’s Thoracic Oncology       national leaders on           conferences like          at the Cancer Research Center
Program and associate director of Basic     cancer and human dis-          this in order to         of Hawai‘i and a retired profes-
Sciences, and Dr. Vivek Nerurkar,           eases. We need more
professor in JABSOM’s Tropical              conferences like this
                                                                         further the vibrant        sor of public health from the
                                                                                                    University of Hawai‘i.
Medicine, Medical Microbiology and          at Kaka‘ako in order          and enthusiastic
                                                                                                      Dr. Hankin received the award
Pharmacology Department, the day-           to further the vibrant       atmosphere at the          in Honolulu during the open-
long symposium drew approximately           and enthusiastic atmo-
                                                                           Cancer Center.”          ing session of the American
100 medical students and faculty from       sphere in our medi-                                     Dietetic Association’s 2006
both the medical school and the Cancer      cal school and at the                                   Food & Nutrition Conference
Center. Altogether, seven topics were       Cancer Center,” he added.                     & Expo. She also received a $25,000
presented by some of the world’s lead-         The second annual Cancer Research          honorarium. The award was created in
ing researchers in the field, including     Information Day, coordinated by the           1992 by the late Edna Page Langholz,
Dr. Carbone and six researchers, all        Cancer Research Center and held at            a registered dietitian and former ADA
professors and institute directors who      JABSOM on March 31 of this year, was          president, and
flew in from across the United States for   designed more for the public than             her husband.
the event. Topics included “Genome-         students and researchers in the field,        The American
wide Association Studies: Opportunities     although the presentations drew crowds        Dietetic Asso-
and Challenges,” “Physical Properties       from both sides. Once the new cancer          ciation is the
of Mineral Fibers and Their Possible        center facility slated for the property       nation’s larg-
Relationship to Human Cancer,” and          adjacent to JABSOM is complete,               est orga-niza-
                                                           the teams anticipate a         tion of food
                                                           quantum leap in the ability    and nutrition
                                                           to host internationally        professionals.
                                                           significant symposiums            Dr. Hankin
                                                           such as that held in                              Dr. Jean Hankin
                                                                                          is an interna-
                                                           February, which target         tionally recognized authority in quanti-
                                                           the growth of Hawai‘i’s        fying the role of diet in chronic disease.
                                                           scientific community.               She helped create and pioneer the
                                                                                                use of dietary assessment methods
                                                                                                for discovering differences among
                                                                                                populations, such as identifying
                                                                                                effects of the “Westernization” of
                                                                                                Asian diets on increased risk for
Dr. Michele Carbone, above; the
Biomedical Science Building                                                                     heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis
at the John A. Burns School                                                                     and stroke. Although retired since
of Medicine near Kaka‘ako                                                                       1999, she has remained active as a
Waterfront Park, right.
                                                                                                researcher in the studies of asso-
                                                                                                ciations between diet and cancer.

Awards and Accolades                           Staff Recognition
Center Researcher to                           Cancer Center Staffer Sings Way to Hawai’i Stars Win
Serve National Institutes

                                                      ore often than not, those with           Haro-Arvizu and Ni‘i’s “Last Night of
of Health Study Section                               the bug for show biz are told that the World,” a duet from the musical Miss
                                                      they should not quit their day Saigon, earned them the winning title in

       r. Patricia Lorenzo, assistant          jobs. But this advice may not apply to addition to cash prizes, gift certificates
       professor at the Cancer Research        one of our Cancer Center staff members, and airline tickets. On March 18, the
       Center of Hawai‘i’s Natural             who works as a research project support Hawai‘i Stars Duets competition finals
Products and Cancer                                           assistant for REAL, the were aired on television’s KHON TV2.
Biology Program, has                                          teen movement against            Says Haro-Arvizu, “I’ve been doing
been selected to serve on            “This is a rare          the tobacco industry, theater for a few years, almost as long as
the National Institutes of      opportunity and I look under the direction of I’ve been working at the Cancer Center.”
Health’s (NIH) Molecular         forward to being able        Dr. Cheryl Albright He has held principal roles in Diamond
Oncogenesis         Study                                     in the Prevention and Head Theater’s Thoroughly Modern
Section, Center for
                                  to contribute to the        Control Program. Pedro Millie, Into the Woods and Beauty and
Scientific Review.                national biomedical         Haro-Arvizu, who goes the Beast. Haro-Arvizu has also appeared
   “I’m honored to be               research effort.”         by the stage name Pedro in Manoa Valley Theater’s She Loves Me,
invited to participate as a                                   Haro, and his partner which just ended a run in March, and in
member of this national                                       Yvette Ni‘i recently won several University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
study section,” said Dr. Lorenzo. “This is     the Duets Contest of the local television productions. Haro-Arvizu and Ni‘i had
a rare opportunity and I look forward to       talent program Hawai‘i Stars, hosted by performed together previously in Beauty
being able to contribute to the national       Kimo Kahoano and Carole Kai.                 and the Beast in the summer of 2005.
biomedical research effort,” she added.                                                        Haro-Arvizu’s exposure through the
   As a current member of the study                                                         Hawai‘i Stars competition has opened
section, Dr. Lorenzo reviews grant                                                          up new singing opportunities. In addi-
applications submitted to the NIH                                                           tion to appearing as the lead singer in
and makes recommendations on the                                                            the Salsa Hawai‘i Band at the Hawai‘i
applications to the appropriate NIH                                                         Latin Music Festival on May 19 at the
national advisory council or board. She                                                     Ala Moana Hotel, he will be the featured
also surveys the status of research in the                                                  opener for the John Hirokawa Magic of
applicants’ fields of science. Her term                                                     Polynesia show and also will perform a
will extend through June 2009.                                                              cameo in the Army Community Theater
   Members are selected based on                                                            production of Grease.
their demonstrated competence and
achievement in their scientific discipline
and publications in scientific journals, as
well as other achievements and honors
in the science field.                               Pedro Haro-Arvizu
   Originally from Argentina, Dr.
Lorenzo joined the Cancer Research
Center of Hawai‘i in 2001 after serv-
ing at the National Institutes of Health
in Bethesda, Maryland, as a Fogarty
                          Center Fellow.
                          She has been
                          the recipient
                                                                       Local community theatre star and Cancer Research Center staff
                          of two minor-                                member Pedro Haro-Arvizu recently won the Hawai‘i Stars duet
                          ity-related                                  competition with partner Yvette Ni‘i.
                          awards for her
                          work in cancer
Dr. Patricia Lorenzo

Joint Projects to Benefit Civilians and Military Personnel                                  Aloha!
Cancer Center and Tripler Army Medical Center                                               Cancer Center Bids
Research Partnership Off to Good Start                                                      Farewell to Former
     n June 2006 the U.S. Department open to Hawai‘i patients. The molecular
     of Defense awarded $7.7 million oncology aspect will have the dual aim of

     in support of a unique, three-year screening compounds to identify poten-                  n November 2006, the Cancer
state/military research partnership tial new anticancer drugs and screening                     Research Center of Hawai‘i held
between the Cancer Research Center cells for patterns of gene expression as                     a reception to bid farewell to Dr.
of Hawai‘i and Tripler Army Medical they relate to cancer.                                  Brian F. Issell, who has since stepped
Center intended to benefit civilians and          Three major projects will evolve from     into his new position as vice president
military personnel in                                            this Cancer Center/        of clinical research at the prestigious
Hawai‘i.                                                         Tripler partnership: 1)    Scripps Health Systems in San Diego.
   “The result of this                                           a new drug discovery       Dr. Issell served as director of the Cancer
affiliation will be a                                            and development proj-      Research Center from 1988 until 1999
high-quality Cancer                                              ect to be headed by Dr.    and most recently served as director of
Research Center of                                               Marc Tius, director        its Clinical Sciences Program.
Hawai‘i that conducts                                            of the Center’s Natural       Throughout his career in Hawai‘i,
cutting-edge research                                            Products and Cancer        Dr. Issell was well known for his work
and makes state-of-the-                                          Biology Program, and       as a practicing medical oncologist and
art cancer care accessi-                                         Dr. Ray Vasquez of         an internist and principal investigator
ble to all the citizens of                                       Tripler; 2) a tobacco      for both the National Cancer Institute
Hawai‘i, both military                                           prevention       project   (NCI)-supported Cancer Information
and civilian, and the                                            headed by Dr. Jeffrey      Service, Pacific Region and the Minority
Pacific,” said Senator                                           Berenberg, chief of        Based Community Clinical Oncology
Daniel K. Inouye, The partnership between the                    the Hematology/Onco-       Program. He was also a professor at the
who was instrumental Cancer Center and Tripler will              logy       Department      John A. Burns School of Medicine in
in acquiring the fund- enable extensive new research,            at Tripler, and Dr.        Kaka‘ako.
                             including a lab-based project that                                Dr. Issell earned national recognition
ing for the project.         will study cancer cell metastases.  Carolyn Gotay, direc-
   Since the award was                                           tor of the Prevention      for his research on better ways to treat
made, scientists from the Cancer Center and Control Program at the Cancer                   and rehabilitate cancer patients. His
and Tripler have been busy planning, Center; and 3) a lab-based research proj-              most recent focus was on examining
developing and gearing up to implement ect that will study cancer cell metasta-             traditional practices of Hawai‘i’s mul-
the different components of the part- ses (the transmission of cancerous cells              tiethnic population, including the use
nership project. Cancer Center director from an original site to one or more sites          of botanicals such as noni for treating
Dr. Carl-Wilhelm Vogel remarked, elsewhere in the body), led by Dr. Alan                    cancer.
“I’m very pleased that the long-standing Lau, Dr. Joe Ramos and Dr. Patricia                   The Cancer Research Center of
interaction between the Cancer Research Lorenzo, all of the Cancer Center.                            Hawai‘i extends its gratitude
Center and Tripler will be significantly           The Cancer Research Center/Tripler                     and warmest aloha to Dr.
expanded through this grant award.”             partnership is an important first step                     Issell for his many years of
   Aside from the administrative compo- in collaborative efforts between                                    dedication to the people of
nent, this partnership includes a clinical state and military                                               Hawai‘i and his important
trials and molecular oncology focus. The facilities.                                                        contributions to the field
clinical trials aspect will concentrate on                                                                     of cancer research. We
increasing patient participation in treat-                                                                         wish him the best of
ment studies, with the eventual goal                                                                                  luck.
of making available early Phase I and
Phase II studies, which are not currently

                                                                                                                        Dr. Brian Issell
                                                                                                                        with his wife,
Cancer Center Welcomes                           New Faculty Member
                                                 (continued from page 5)
New Director of
Development                                     launcher in radar images.                      Okimoto then returned to Hawai‘i and
                                                   Dr. Okimoto is a “local boy” who grew worked for more than 25 years as an

                                                up in Kalihi and attended Farrington applied mathematician for the defense
       ecilia Amor Kramer returns to
                                                High School. After graduation, he enlist- industry on ballistic missile defense,
       Hawai‘i after 20 years to join the
                                                ed for a four-year stint in the U.S. Air automated object recognition in radar
       Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i
                                                Force, which included a 12-month tour and acoustic images, anti-submarine
as its new director of development.
                                                of duty in Southeast Asia during the warfare, and the non-invasive detection
Kramer will be responsible
                                                                Vietnam conflict, where of cervical and skin cancer using hyper-
for raising funds to support
                                                                he worked with the first spectral imagery.
distinguished professor-              Kramer brings             generation of laser-guid-        Dr. Okimoto is now married to Arlette
ships and endowments
for research, innovation,
                                 more than 15 years             ed “smart” bombs. Upon Harada, a practicing attorney. In addition
                                     of experience in           receiving an honorable to his research, he keeps busy by helping
clinical resources, and
                                                                discharge, Dr. Okimoto to raise their two children, Annalisa and
the new Cancer Center in        communications and attended the University of Ethan, ages 10 and 8, respectively, sing-
Kaka‘ako.                          fund development.            Hawai‘i on the G.I. Bill, ing, songwriting, and coaching his kids’
   Kramer brings more
                                                                where he received his baseball, soccer and football teams. Dr.
than 15 years of experi-
                                                                bachelors degree in math- Okimoto also stays close to his children
ence in communications
                                                ematics. He went on to receive his mas- Paige and Dain from his previous mar-
and fund development. Prior to join-
                                                ters degree in mathematics from the riage to Gloria, and grandchildren Sierra
ing the Center, Kramer worked as a
                                                University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, on and Chaz, ages 10 and 4.
fundraiser for various health organiza-
                                                a Rackham Graduate Fellowship. Dr.
tions in Washington, D.C., where her
responsibilities included managing
direct mail campaigns, individual major
gifts, online giving initiatives, and            New Comprehensive Cancer Center
workplace giving. She has also worked           (continued from page 4)

for a number of academic institutions,
                                                close proximity of the two
including Georgetown University and
                                                institutions would tre-
the University of California at Davis.
                                                mendously enhance these
   “I’m very pleased that Cecilia is a part
                                                research collaborations
of our team. With her background and
                                                through the sharing of
experience, she’ll be a strong asset as we
                                                new ideas and resources.
look to increase our funding and expand
                                                   “We see the construc-
our research programs,” said Dr. Carl-
                                                tion of our new research
Wilhelm Vogel, Cancer Center director.
                                                facilities in Kaka‘ako as
   Kramer grew up in what is now
                                                critical to improving the
Volcano Village on the Island of Hawai‘i
                                                prevention and treatment
and in O‘ahu’s Ewa Beach. She is an
                                                of cancer in Hawai‘i.” says
active member of the Community Health                                          A spectacular evening rendering of the future Cancer
                                                Dr. Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, Research Center of Hawai‘i.
Charities Nominating and Governance
                                                director of the Cancer
Committee and has
                                                Center.                                        of all ethnicities in our state each year,
been a Native
                                                   The new Cancer Research Center Hawai‘i desperately needs a comprehen-
                                                 of Hawai‘i facility in Kaka‘ako will do sive cancer center to provide our fami-
                                                  much more than raise the bar for lies, neighbors and friends with the best
                                                   Hawai‘i’s scientific community and care possible right here at home.
                                                   help to demystify cancer; it will bring       Establishing a world-class center of
since 2005.
                                                   to Hawai‘i new and better interven- learning, research and treatment in
                                                     tions to prevent the disease, as well Hawai‘i will help attract more of the
                                                         as innovative treatments that brilliant minds in cancer research to our
                                                          will improve the quality of state. In addition to bringing us closer to
                                                            life after a cancer diagnosis. the goal of reducing the suffering caused
                                                              With more than 5,500 cases by and perhaps eliminating death from
                                                               of cancer diagnosed among cancer entirely, Hawai‘i will continue
Cecilia Amor                                                    men, women and children to move toward the forefront of scien-
Kramer                                                                                                              (continued on back page)

                                                                   – 10 –
                                                                                  Director's Message
                                                                                  (continued from page 1)
Recipe for a Healthy Body

Apricot Ginger Glazed                                                           new draft, the Cancer Research Center
                                                                                of Hawai‘i will be a direct recipient

Game Hens
                                                                                of substantial funds and we expect to
                                                                                welcome monies this very year as a
Original Recipe by former Cancer Center Nutritionist Pia Jensen                 result, which will no doubt push forward
(Revised, tested and analyzed by other Cancer Center staff members)             the progress on the urgently needed

                                                                                new Cancer Research Center facility in
        he ingredients in the glaze are sweet and sour, a very nice             Kaka‘ako.
        combination with the game hen. Impress your guests by                      Speaking of the new facility, we are
        serving the game hen surrounded by cashew jasmine rice                  frequently asked by the public how it
        and apricot halves.                                                     will benefit them. We assure you that
                                                                                in an era that challenges every dol-
                                                                                lar a research organization must raise,
¼ cup pineapple
                                                                                we would not choose to allocate pre-
                                                                                cious funds to a project that was not of
¼ cup reserved
                                                                                the utmost importance. Housing top
  apricot syrup
                                                                                researchers with top cancer special-
  from canned
                                                                                ists in cancer treatment together in
                                                                                a state-of-the-art environment creates
2 tablespoons
                                                                                maximum potential for gains in cancer
                                                                                research and for serving the needs of
2 tablespoons
                                                                                residents who need the full range of
  rice vinegar
                                                                                cancer care. In this issue, we’ve devoted
2 tablespoons
                                                                                our lead article to thoroughly explain-
  fresh ginger,
                                                                                ing the ways this will work to the benefit
                                                                                of the local community as well as the
                                                                                               international health com-
1 tablespoon Thai sweet chili sauce
1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
                                                                 “We assure you that               On another note, we
1 16-ounce can apricots in light syrup                                                         encourage you to welcome
2 game hens or 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts              we would not choose           our new development
                                                                  to allocate precious         director, Cecilia Amor
  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Combine all of
the glaze ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring to             funds to a project that        Kramer, who’s returned
                                                                                               to Hawai‘i to focus on
a simmer and continue to cook until thick, stirring             was not of the utmost
                                                                                               increasing funds to
occasionally.                                                        importance.”              ensure critical projects,
  Clean the game hens, remove all visible fat, skin and                                        such as the new cancer
the giblets, and halve. Dry with paper towels and place                                        center, become a reality.
on a baking sheet or broiling pan. Brush the hens with the glaze                Her years of experience and expertise in
and cook for about 40 minutes, basting every 10 minutes. The                    fundraising for health organizations are
remaining glaze can be served on the side.                                      sure to be a valuable asset.
  Makes four servings.                                                             The Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i
                                                                                holds some of the nation’s — and the
  Nutritional Information                                                       world’s — greatest cancer research
  Serving size: 1 portion with 1/2 Tbsp. sauce, Calories 220,                   scientists, who are earning accolades for
  Fat 4 g, Protein 26 g, Iron 1.1 mg, Total Meat Serving 4 oz.                  their work and conducting cutting-edge
                                                                                studies that impact people around the
                                                                                globe. In the last several months alone,
                                                                                Dr. Patricia Lorenzo has been invited
                                                                                to serve on the National Institutes of
                                                                                Health’s Molecular Oncogenesis Study
                                                                                Section, Center for Scientific Review;
                                                                                Dr. Jean Hankin has been named
                                                                                                            (continued on back page)

                                                      – 11 –
                                            What Will Your Legacy Be?
    Mahalo to the                           Consider Planned Giving
    Fujie Family
                                                   he fight against cancer is a                       as a charitable gift annuity, deferred
                                                   nonstop battle for the scientists                  payment charitable gift annuity or
       The Friends of the                          and staff at the Cancer Research                   charitable remainder trust. The benefit
                                            Center of Hawai‘i. More and more,                         of this method of giving is that you
    Cancer Research Center
                                            private donations play an important                       receive lifetime income, an income tax
     of Hawai‘i would like                                                                            deduction and capital gains savings (if
                                            role in financing this fight.
     to acknowledge gifts                      Next to writing a check, the best-                     applicable). After you pass away, the
      recently received in                  known vehicle for philanthropy is a                       remaining assets are distributed to the
       memory of the late                   bequest. A bequest establishes your                       Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i.
                                            wishes today without relinquishing                           You can also make the Cancer Research
    Lloyd Fujie, senior vice                                                                          Center the beneficiary of a life insurance
                                            needed assets during your lifetime. You
      president of Hawai‘i                  can make a bequest through your will                      policy or a qualified retirement plan
       Pacific University.                  or revocable living trust to endow a                      such as an IRA, a 401(k) or a 403(b).
        Mahalo to Carol                     program or scholarship after you pass                        Friends and supporters of the Cancer
                                            away. You can designate a percentage                      Research Center of Hawai‘i can utilize
     Fujie and sons Gregg
                                            of your estate, a specific dollar amount,                 the Office of Estate and Gift Planning at
      and Todd, and to the                  the rest and residue of your estate, or a                 the University of Hawai‘i Foundation for
     numerous individuals                   combination of these options.                             complimentary gift and estate planning.
      who made generous                        You can also give cash, appreciated                    For additional information please
                                            securities or real estate during your                     call either Cecilia Kramer, director
                                            lifetime to the Cancer Research Center                    of development, at 564-5815, or Lani
                                            to endow a program or scholarship —                       Starkey, director of Estate and Gift
                                            either in one lump sum or, depending                      Planning at the University of Hawai‘i
                                            on the asset you wish to contribute,                      Foundation, at 956-8034.
Xcel Wetsuits to Donate                                                                                  With planning and generosity of heart,
                                            by pledging an amount over a number
Proceeds to Benefit Research                of years. Giving outright provides an                     you can make a difference.
(continued from page 1)
                                            immediate benefit and you can see your                       The Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i
apparel and has received the highest        gift put immediately to good use.                         is a research unit of the University of
sun-protection rating of 50+ UPF from          Or you can make a gift of cash,                        Hawai‘i that was established by the Board
the Australian Health Department,” said     appreciated securities or real estate in                  of Regents as a freestanding independent
Ed D’Ascoli, President, Xcel Wetsuits.      exchange for a life-income plan such                      institute in 1981.
  Xcel has two locations on Oahu – Ward
Center at 1200 Ala Moana Boulevard
                                            Another way to contribute to the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i is through the Friends of the Cancer
and in Haleiwa at 66-590 Kame-              Research Center of Hawai‘i, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to work to reduce cancer-
hameha Highway. To see a selection of       related death and suffering by promoting community support for cancer research and education.
UV-protection tops, visit its web site at                                                        FRIENDS OF CANCER RESEARCH
                                                                                       Ways to Give
                                                Thank you for supporting the Friends of the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i.
                                                The amount of my gift is:
                                                       $500                 $100                $50                Other $_______

                                                Name (please print)                                                 Please make check payable to:
                                                                                                                    Friends of Cancer Research
                                                Address                                                             1236 Lauhala Street
                                                                                                                    Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
                                                                                                                    Telephone 808-586-3010
                                                State                                     Zip                       www. •
                                                                                                                    Mahalo for your donation. Your gift to
                                                Telephone                                                           Friends of Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i
                                                                                                                    is tax-deductible as allowed by law. The
                                                Email                                                               Federal tax ID number is 99-0207313.

                                                                 – 12 –
Thank You Generous Donors                                                        Hawaiian Electric
                                                                                  Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                              Gladys H. Kaneshiro
                                                                                                              Henry C. Kassebeer, Jr.
In appreciation of your generous contributions to the Cancer Research            Janet M. Henderson           Kauai Island Utility
Center of Hawai‘i through the University of Hawai‘i Foundation, we take this     Dr. & Mrs. Edward Hew         Cooperative
opportunity to thank you for your gifts to support cancer research in Hawai‘i.   Toshio Higa                  Sarah H. Kauka
                                                                                 Michiko Higaki               Mr. & Mrs. Albert H.
Gifts of $100 or more     Edward F. L. Chang         Lillian E. Fujikawa                                       Kawabata
received from June 2006                                                          Hi-Line Distributors, Inc.
through March 2007        Mildred M. Q. Chang        Mr. & Mrs. Berg H.                                       Jeanne T. Kawahara
                                                      Fujimoto                   Yuriko Hiramoto
                          Dr. & Mrs. Murray                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. James T.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K.       Chapman                   Mrs. Matsue U. Fujimoto     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M.
 Agena                                                                            Hirasuna                     Kawasaki
                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. L.    Mr. & Mrs. Susumu                                        Mr. & Mrs. Yasuhiko
Aloha United Way           Char                       Fujiwara                   Howard K. Hiroki
Ronald N. Amioka          Cheon P. Chee              Gilbert T. Fujiyoshi &      Mae M. Hitch
                                                                                                              John K. Kealiinohomoku,
Mary Dickson Anderson     Mr. & Mrs. William K. M.    Associates                 Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. S.       Sr.
Walter D. Andrade          Chee                      Francis K. Fukuda            Ho
                                                                                                              Capt. & Mrs. Lawrence
Anonymous                 Takeshi Chinen             Jill A. Fukui               Mr. & Mrs. Doug               W. Kelley
Dr. & Mrs. John E. Aoki   Frances Lee Ching          Warren T. Funayama                                       Vice Admiral & Mrs.
                                                                                 Rev. Charles G. K.            Robert Kihune
Charlotte S. Arakaki      Elaine Y. Cho              Sik Ki Fung                  Hopkins, Jr.
                                                                                                              Joyce Kikuchi
Guy K. Arakaki            Donald Chong               Kenneth Y. Furuta           Dr. & Mrs. Arthur R.
                                                                                  Hori                        Nancy N. Kikuchi
Daniel I. Arakawa         Mr. & Mrs. Norman K.       Mrs. June H. Futenma
                           Chong                                                 William F. Horn              Alfred H. S. Kim, Jr.
Lorenzo Arancon                                      Hana I. Gabrielson
                          Diana K. Choy                                          Sam Hoy                      Laura T. Kim
Richard H. Arimizu                                   Gary Owen Galiher &
                          Floyd E. Christenson        Diane T. Ono               Mr. & Mrs. Michael M.        Mr. & Mrs. Sung Cho
Dr. & Mrs. Howard K.                                                                                           Kim
 Arimoto                  Jon Christiansen           Candice Garcia               Ide
                                                                                 Yurikichi Ikehara            Mr. & Mrs. Robert T.
Haruo Arisumi             Beryl B. Chun              Fred S. Gartley                                           Kimura
Oscar K. Asahina          Rev. & Mrs. Richard C.     Joshua Gartner              Randy Inis
                                                                                                              Lisa F. Kitahara
                           P. Chun                   Mr. & Mrs. Franklin C.      Mr. & Mrs. Wesley K.
Fujio Asao                                                                                                    Paul K. Kiyabu
                          Chin Ho Chung               Geiger                      Inouye
Mr. & Mrs. Harold K.                                                                                          Alfred S. Koizumi
 Asato                    Mr. & Mrs. J. Beryl        Mr. & Mrs. Don Jeffrey      Dr. & Mrs. George E.
                           Clifford                   Gelber                      Isaacs                      Dr. Laurence N. Kolonel
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Ashimine
                          Michael Coursey            Greg Gerard                 Elaine H. Ishitani           Judge & Mrs. Richard R.
Austin, Tsutsumi &                                                                                             Komo
 Associates, Inc.         Don R. Cowell              Mr. & Mrs. Michael W.       Larry M. Isono
                                                      Gibson                     Mr. & Mrs. Wesley            Larry M. Konno
Automobile Club of        Laverne D. Cummins
 Southern Calif.                                     Dr. Alfred S. Gima           Iwamoto                     Peter Kubo
                          Robert J. Curnyn
Mr. & Mrs. William                                   Dr. Karen Glanz             Jo Ann Iwane                 Mr. & Mrs. Walter J.
                          Mr. & Mrs. John D.                                                                   Kuehneman
 Kuluwaimaka Awa, Jr.      Dawson                    Roger K. Godfrey            Samson T. Iwatani
Shigeyo Baba                                                                     Col. & Mrs. Harold E.        Ross Kuniyoshi
                          Marilyn A. Deel            Clara A. Goto
Mr. Raymond D. Bach                                                               Jensen                      Jean K. Kuraoka
                          Jeanne L. Detor            Richard & Mary Green
Holger Bammert                                                                   Hyun Jong Jeung              Mr. & Mrs. James T.
                          Mrs. Hiroko Dewitz         Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L.                                     Kurashige
Sinnette L. Barefoot                                  Gregg                      JG Associates
                          Kerry Diel                                                                          Ross K. Kuraya
Towar B. Bates, Jr.                                  Caroline M. Guerrero        Mrs. Maynon L. Joaquin
                          Concetta DiLeo                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K.
Jean T. Bautista                                     Christine R. Gushiken       Clara L. Joe
                          William J. Dornbush                                                                  Kurokawa
Dr. & Mrs. Byron W.                                  Mr. & Mrs. Roy T.           Betty H. Johnson
                          Dorvin D. Leis Company,                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Edward
 Bender                    Inc.                       Haitsuka                   Jeannette Goya Johnson        Kurosu
Mealii Bermudez           Employment Specialists,    Mr. & Mrs. Albert H.        Shinobu S. Johnson           Walter S. Kushimi
                           LLC                        Hamamoto
Peter Bihari                                                                     Dr. & Mrs. Donald A.         Sybil S. Y. Kyi
                          Frank S. Endo              Mr. & Mrs. Craig T.          Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C.                                 Hamamoto                                                Dorothy Y. Lee
 Bocken                   James K. Endo                                          Harriet K. Kaawa
                                                     John K. Han                                              Henry E. K. Lee
Phillip R. Brieske        Donald Y. Enoki                                        Edith N. Kagawa
                                                     Andrew Hanakawa                                          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Lee
Jon J. Bryan              Mr. & Mrs. Solomon J.                                  Emiko Kaita
                                                     Dr. Jean H. Hankin                                       Linda M. S. Lee
Agnes K. Buto              Espinas                                               Ben F. Kaito
                                                     Amy S. Harada                                            Timothy Lee
Campbell Building &       Mr. & Mrs. Chung-Teh                                   Rene Kamanuwai
 Construction              Fan                       Tokio Harada                                             Priscilla T. Leong
                                                                                 Gail N. Kaminaga
Jean T. Y. Carroll        Joan Fleming               Mr. & Mrs. John B.                                       Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lind
                                                      Harmon, Jr.                Mr. & Mrs. Burt T.
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip C.     Lara Franco                                             Kaminaka                    Barbara A. Lindblom
 Castro                   Mr. & Ms. Richard N.       Hawaii Community                                         Richard A. Little
                                                      Foundation                 Mr. & Mrs. Tadashi
Alfred Chamizo             Freeman                                                Kaneko                      Michael J. Lombardo
                          Mary J. Freshly            Hawaiian Telcom

                                                               – 13 –
Valerie N. S. Loo          Jean M. Miyashiro       Mr. Osmond A. Okazaki        Wesley D. Shimazu         Mr. & Mrs. Isao Tomita
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher     Morris M. Miyose        Grace Okimoto                Kathryn S. Shioi          Bryan M. Tomiyoshi
 B. Lopez                  Dr. Masahiro Mori       Takeo Okuda                  Mr. & Mrs. Clinton I.     Margaret K. Y. Tong
Mr. & Mrs. Roland S. Y.    Paul S. Mori            Mr. & Mrs. Gerrit B.          Shiraishi                Michio Tonokawa
 Louie                                              Osborne                     Winifred C. Silva
                           James S. Morita                                                                Mr. & Mrs. George H.
Mark Lowry                                         Mr. & Mrs. John T.           Dale M. Simonsen           Toyofuku
                           Ralph S. Morohashi
Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. H.                            Oshiro                      Brian Simpkins            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T.
 Lum                       Martha Lee Mullen
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S.         Mr. & Mrs. John G.         Toyofuku
Jerry Lynch                Gail M. Murakami         Oshiro                       Simpson                  Kenneth M. Tsuji
Mette W. Lyons             Mr. & Mrs. Archie       Mr. & Mrs. Akira Otani
                            Murakami                                            Mary Cooper Smith         Mrs. Bernice I. Tsutsumi
Loreto B. Macadaeg &                               Chester H. Otani             Patsy Y. Sodetani         Mr. & Mrs. Mitsuru Uda
 Elena M. Hidalgo          Florence T. Murashige
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Hideji Otsu       Mr. & Mrs. Francis Y.     Nelly J. Uehara
Jiho Machida               Myra Y. Murata
                                                   Laura Y. Otsuka               Sogi                     Robert Umstead
Drs. Jose M. & Gloria      Edna M. Mushiaki
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. George            Joyce Sonomura            James F. Upchurch
 Madamba                   Noboru Nagashima         Oyadomari                   Henry Soon                Bonifacio Urian
Yaeko Maeda                Mr. & Mrs. Richard K.   Dr. Stanley N. Oyama
                            Nagashima                                           Susan T. Souza            Mr. & Mrs. James J.
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H.                               Pacific West Mortgage,
 Maesaka                   Mr. & Mrs. George M.                                 Sparks Trust               Utsugi
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert          Nagayama                                            Peter J. Steiner          Roy T. Uyehara
                                                   Beatrice S. Park
 Marutani                  Charles H. Nakagawa                                  Charles S. Stone III      Mr. & Mrs. Hajime Uyeki
                                                   Elaine Pascua
Claire M. Masaki           Deanna K. Nakagawa                                   Carlton S. Suematsu       Verizon Foundation
                                                   Catherine H. Payne
Mr. & Mrs. Mel S.          Doris I. Nakagawa                                    Noe Sugata                Drs. Carl-Wilhelm Vogel
 Masuda                                            Mr. & Mrs. Frederic J.                                  & Candice McMullan-
                           Doris S. Nakagawa        Peel                        Joanna L. Sullivan
Joni M. Masutani                                                                                           Vogel
                           Edward T. Nakagawa      Mr. & Mrs. Richard G.        Irene K. Tabata
Nola Mather                                                                                               Dr. & Mrs. William F.
                           Mrs. Shigeko Nakagawa    Poirier                     Alison N. Taira            Vogt
Masanori Matsuda                                   Mr. & Mrs. Rand Potts
                           Mr. & Mrs. Walter M.                                 Faye K. Taira             Rolf L. Vossen
Rose T. & George J.         Nakagawa               Dr. Edward J. Quinlan, Jr.
 Matsumoto                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Paul M.        Patricia A. Wagner
                           Janice Y. Nakama        Sharon A. Rahe                Takaezu
Mr. & Mrs. Torao                                                                                          Jacqueline T. Waltjen
 Matsunobu                 Mr. & Mrs. Masayuki     Dr. Judith Ramseyer          Masayoshi Takahashi
                            Nakamine                                                                      Lloyd D. Watanabe
Linda S. Matsuo                                    Thomas C. Randle             Eliot S. Takai
                           Harriet T. Nakamoto                                                            Nancy T. Watanabe
Ronald K. Matsuo                                   Camille Y. Rellinger         Alberta C. Takashiba
                           Mr. & Mrs. Brian                                                               Gail S. Weeks
Mr. & Mrs. Howard H.                               Fajardo Renie                Thomas T. Takayama
                            Nakashima                                                                     Linda West
 W. Mau                                            Philip E. Ritch, Sr.         Dr. Gerald H. Takei
                           Glen M. Nakashima                                                              Carol C. White
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick K. M.                           Riviera Country Club and     Friends of Mrs. Hanami
 Mau                       Gladys T. Nakata                                      Takekawa                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ching
                                                    Sports Center                                          Wo
Bettie R. May              Mr. Charles Nelson                                   Richard S. Taltavall
                                                   Louis Rorrer                                           Maj. Gen. Herbert E.
Albert S. Mayeshiro        Dr. & Mrs. Deane E.                                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles M.
                            Neubauer               Patrick M. Rosa                                         Wolff
McInerny Foundation                                                              Tanabe
                           Gabriel O. M. Ng        William Rosa                                           Colene S. Wong
Clara Y. Medeiros                                                               Lillian Tanaka
                           Mr. & Mrs. Masato       Mr. & Mrs. John Rosberg                                Dr. & Mrs. Earl Wong
Roberto D. C. Medina                                                            Myrtle M. Tanaka
                            Niiyama                Dr. Dennis W. Rowe                                     Karen S. Wong
Lola N. Mench                                                                   Jane H. Taura
                           Willie Nishi            Dr. Joyce E. & Mr.                                     William K. C. Wong
Jeanne M. Michibata                                 William G. Rundhaug         Angeline L. Tavares
                           Albert K. Nishikawa                                                            A. Jack Woods
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert K.                              Yasuo Sadoyama               Alfred J. Teves
                           Dennis M. Nishimura                                                            May Yamaguchi
 Mikami                                            Frank K. Sakato              David Thornton
                           Yoshitsugu Nishimura                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Michio
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin                                  Katsuji Sakuma               James P. D. Thropp, Jr.    Yamaguchi
 Mimaki                    Lorraine Nishiyama
                                                   Vivian H. Saruwatari         Mr. & Mrs. Charles R.     Roy T. Yamaguchi
Elaine Min                 Myrl K. Noggle                                        Tindle
                           James H. Novack         E. H. Sato                                             Mrs. Kiyoko Yamaki
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Minn                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Howard K.
                           Steven K. Oana          Mr. & Mrs. James T. Sato      Toda                     Betty Yamamoto
Saburo Mitsui
                           Judith H. Oda           Shirley Schick               Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K.     Cheryl M. Yamane
Tsugio Miyahara
                           Louis K. Oda            The Schuler Family            Tokunaga                 Mr. & Mrs. Koji Yatogo
Leatrice E. Miyahira                                Foundation
                           Elaine S. Ogawa                                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael H.     Noboru Yokoyama
Susan T. Miyamoto                                  Stanley H. Segawa             Tokunaga
                           Anne M. Oishi                                                                  Lloyd H. Yoshina
Takeshi Miyamoto                                   Ethel K. Serikaku            Trent Tokuyama
                           Dr. & Mrs. George S.                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Carl N.
Mildred M. Miyasato                                Mr. & Mrs. Tsutomu           Mrs. Linda A. Tolmie       Yoshizawa
Yasuo Miyasato                                      Shigemasa                   Mrs. Sabra Y. Toma        Dr. & Mrs. Allen L. Zecha
                           Caren Okamoto
Mr. & Mrs. Albert H.                               Alfred Shimabuku             Carol Chizuko Tomioka
 Miyashiro                 Laureen M. Okamoto

                                                             – 14 –
Friends of the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i Donors
Gifts received June 2006 through March 2007

Representative Neil     Vi Dolman               Jo Ann T. Kagawa          Craig & Linda J.       Christopher C. Smith
 Abercrombie                                     (in memory of             Mitchell
                        William J. & Jo Ann      Rosemarie Reformato)                            Margaret B. Smith
John M. Adams            Dornbush                                         Gervin Miyamoto
                                                Kay K. Kakazu                                    Doris H. Smyser
Seitoku & Shizuko       Harry H. Endo                                     Betty & Ronald K.
                                                Henry C. Kassebeer, Jr.    Morikawa              H. James Stahl
                        Kathleen & Neil Field
                                                James T. Kawasaki         Mrs. Miriam K.         Kimie Sugitaya
Aloha Petroleum, Ltd.
                        Arthur & Vicki Fong                                Morimoto
                                                Kevin’s Electric, Inc.                           Mr. & Mrs. Glenn J.
Aloha United Way
                        Four Seasons Resort                               Walter H. Muraoka       Suzuki
Carole Anamizu           Hualalai               Tsuyako S. Kim
                                                                          Alan & Joy Nagata      Yukio Tamaru
Finetta K. Anderson     Mary Jo Freshley        Brian Kimata
                                                                          George Nagayama        Tamashiro Joint Trust
Rosemary K. Apo         Friends of Hawaii       Takayuki & Sally
                         Charities, Inc.         Kimura                   Masayoshi Nakamura     Jacqueline & Sami
Mitchell Araki                                                                                    Tamman
                        David & Irene           Helen Kobashigawa         Dr. Mari Nakashizuka
Mildred S. Ariyoshi      Fritzinger                                                              Doris Tengan
                                                Dr. Laurence N.           Rosanne & Gregg
Eileen I. Awai          Lloyd & Carol Fujie      Kolonel                   Nasky                 Mr. & Mrs. Isao Tomita
Nancy S. Baker          Terri T. Fujii          Ann S. Koto               Edwin K. Nishiyama     Joseph M. Toy
Robert R. Bean          Ms. Shizuno Fujimoto    Bryan & Audrey Kubo       Dr. Abraham Nomura     Mr. David D. W. Tyau
Raymond & Janet M.      Betty Fujioka           John & Niki Landgraf      May Ogata              Jane K. Uyehara
                        Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence     Dew-Anne Langcaon         Dr. & Mrs. Robert      Drs. Carl-Wilhelm
Big Island Candies       Fujioka                                           Oishi                  Vogel & Candice
                                                Rose W. Lee                                       McMullan-Vogel
Peter Bihari            Paul Fukunaga                                     Edward J.
                                                Verna C. Lee               O’Shaughnessy         Carl Y. & Lois A.
Peter Bihari & Chris    Mitsuru & Shizue                                                          Watanabe
 Campbell                Furuya                 Loic Le Marchand &        Diane Plotts
                                                 Charleen Essling                                Alex & Naomi
William W. & Rowena     Dr. Jean Hankin                                   Elle & Rand Potts       Weinstein
 L. Blaisdell                                   Sam & Pauline Leong
                        Patricia K. Hansen                                Kathleen & James       Patricia P. Whittle
Erika Buder-Nakasone                            Don & Lila Lim             Reinhardt
                        David & Nery Heenan                                                      Robert W. Wilkinson,
Susan Montgomery                                Helen Y. Lind             Martha Ann Rice         M.D.
 Bustard                Harry S. Higa
                                                Alan M. Low               Hali Robinett          Charles H. L. Wong
Patricia Chang          Shizuko Higa
                                                Cheong Lum                Lawrence Dennis        Fannie H. Wong
 (in memory of
                        Robert M. & Hazel K.                               Rodriguez
 Randolf Chang)                                 Glen M. & Valerie
                         Hirayama                                                                Gina L. Wong
                                                 Maeshiro                 Royal Contracting
Robert Chingon
                        Patrick Hironaga                                   Company, Ltd.         Ronald J. Wong, M.D.
                                                Janet S. Malone
Robert Chingon
                        Gerald Honma                                      Betsy Sakihara         A. James Wriston, Jr.
 (in memory of                                  Mr. & Mrs. George
                         (in memory of
 Rosemarie Reformato)                            Matsuo                                          Lester & Winifred W.
                         Rosemarie Reformato)                             Kiyoshi & Hanayo
                                                                           Sasaki                 Yee
Mary Shirley Connors                            Carol A. Merdian
                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert H.
Donald A. & Martha J.    Hughes                 Herbert Minn              Michael N. Scarfone
                                                                                                 Gifts received through
                        Mr. & Mrs. Herbert      P. Nathan Minn            The Schuler Family      Aloha United Way
Cornuelle Family         Inouye                  (in memory of             Foundation
                                                                                                 Michael Ching
 Foundation                                      Monsignor Roy V.
                        Kenneth H. & Janet E.                             Tsutomu & Sharon
                         Inouye                  Peters, Alexander         Shigemasa             Gail Hironaka
Suzanne P. Damian
                                                 McNamara, & George
                        Stanley & Maxine         C. C. Oh)                Mr. & Mrs. Donald      Cecilia A. Kramer
Jane Dimmitt
                         Ishiyama                                          Shizumura             Kenneth C. S. Pai
Hajime Dochin                                   Lucille Smith Mistysyn
                        Ms. Terry R. Joiner                               Ann & Jack Simpson     Glenn Shizumura

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                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                            Honolulu, Hawai‘i
                                                                                                                            Permit No. 00753

  INNOVATIONS is published by the Friends
  of the Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i.
  If you have any news, comments, or
  suggestions, please call us at (808) 586-3010
  or visit our website at
  Rick Humphreys
  President, Friends of the Cancer Research Center
  Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, M.D., Ph.D.
  Director, Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i
  Lee Britos
  Bright Light Marketing Group
  Sharon Shigemasa, R.N., M.S.
  Public Information Officer
  Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i
  Contributing Writer

        The Cancer Research Center of
         Hawai‘i Mission Statement
    The mission of the Cancer Research Center of
  Hawai‘i is to reduce the burden of cancer through
  research, education, and service with an emphasis
  on the unique ethnic, cultural, and environmental
      characteristics of Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

New Comprehensive                                     Director’s Message
                                                      (continued from page 11)
Cancer Center
(continued from page 10)
                                                      the 2006 recipient of the prestigious      March 31, at the University of Hawai‘i’s
tific exploration and earn international              Edna and Robert Langholz International     John A. Burns School of Medicine. We
recognition for discoveries that truly                Nutrition Award by the American Dietetic   have once again received overwhelm-
improve the health and welfare of its                 Association Foundation; Dr. Suzanne        ingly positive responses to these infor-
residents and people around the world.                Murphy has been named a Fellow of          mative cancer-related presentations by
   This goal will not conflict with the               the American Society for Nutrition; and    renowned researchers and we look for-
vital role our hospitals currently play in            Dr. Carolyn Cook Gotay has been            ward to seeing you at next year’s event.
helping residents battle cancer; instead,             selected for the editorial board of the      Thank you for your loyal support
the Cancer Center would function as a                 esteemed Journal of Clinical Oncology.     year after year. We consider you part
full-service outpatient treatment facility            These are prominent honors well            of our family and know that we all
with the capability to translate research             deserved and we congratulate them on       stand together in the ongoing pursuit of
discoveries made in the labs to the cancer            their achievements.                        understanding and eradicating cancer.
care arena of prevention, diagnosis and                  We know that you find great value in      With aloha,
treatment.                                            learning more about the many ways can-
   Hawai‘i must put the health of its                 cer affects our lives and hope you were
citizens first. As a growing community                able to attend our second annual Cancer
with an increasing leadership role in                 Research Information Day — a free,           Carl Wilhelm-Vogel, M.D., Ph.D.
the Pacific, our people deserve and need              all-day seminar event held on Saturday,      Director
premium care.

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