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					                  WHAT LEVEL AM I WORKING AT?                       My levels for this module are……
 My target is:

                  UNIT 9L Pressure and Moments                              Module          Classwork  Sc.1 Investigation
                                                                            Test           Assessments   Assessments
Level 3                                          Start Check                Level
Know what a lever is
Know how a see-saw works
Level 4
I can describe how force can be spread out to
lower pressure
I can describe how force can be concentrated to
increase pressure
Know that increasing the length of the lever can
increase the turning effect of a force
I can give an example of this
Know how to balance a see-saw
Level 5/6
I can summarise key ideas about pressure
Know the relationship between force, area and
I can use this relationship when looking at
solids, and within liquids and gases
Know how to explain the action of levers
I can describe the turning effect of a force and
use the human skeleton as an example
Know the principle of moments
I can explain balance, using moments, and give
examples, e.g. crane counterweight
Level 7
I can use the definition of pressure in
calculations to explain how a range of devices
operate                                                        Target areas I need to work on from this unit:
Know how to relate hydrostatic pressure in
                                                               1.                                               _____________________
liquids and gases to density
Know how to apply the principle of moments to
a range of situations (including levers)                       2.                                               _____________________

                                                               3.                                               _____________________

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