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					                                                                            My levels for this module are……
    My target is:       WHAT LEVEL AM I WORKING AT?
                                                                                    Module          Classwork  Sc.1 Investigation
                                                                                    Test           Assessments   Assessments
                        UNIT 9A Inheritance and Selection
Level 3                                                  Start Check
Know what inheritance means
Know what characteristics are
Know that sexual reproduction needs two parents
Know that animals and plants can be bred for
their characteristics
Know that sperm and egg are sex cells
Level 4
Identify some inherited characteristics
Identify some characteristics that are caused by the
I can describe sexual reproduction as the
joining of two cells
Know that sex cells are called gametes
Identify some characteristics of animals or plants
that are desirable in particular circumstances
Level 5/6
Know how sexual reproduction results in generic
information being inherited from both parents
Identify characteristics that are affected by genetics
and environmental conditions
Describe the process of selective breeding
Know how desirable characteristics are passed
I can identify some issues related to the
disadvantages of selective breeding
Level 7
I can describe how selective breeding can result in                    Target areas I need to work on from this unit:
offspring with particular characteristics
Know that asexual reproduction needs one parent                        1.                                               _____________________
Know that asexual reproduction produces clones
                                                                       2.                                               _____________________

                                                                       3.                                               _____________________

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