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                MEET AUSTRALIA’S MOST
                  COURAGEOUS KIDS
  Take 5 Young Bravehearts™ winners revealed
Australia’s five most courageous kids have been announced in the Take 5 Young
Bravehearts™ awards today, Wednesday December 8, 2010.
The winners – Chevon Parker, 7; Joshua Burns, 7; Kaitlyn Meggs, 15; Declan Young, 15; and Connor
Browne, 13 – will be honoured at a gala awards ceremony at Sydney Wildlife World today and their
stories will appear in the new issue of Take 5 magazine – Issue 50, out today.

Now in its seventh year, the campaign recognises the young battlers of Australia with awards in five
categories: Bravery, Inspiring, Local Hero, Sporting Champ and Young Carer.

With hundreds of inspiring entries pouring in from around the nation, choosing just five winners was
tough for the judges – Take 5 editor Belinda Wallis, cricketing great Steve Waugh, Ron Delezio,
father of burns survivor Sophie Delezio, and award-winning actress Georgie Parker.

Joining them at the awards ceremony will be celebrities including Dr Chris Brown of Bondi Vet,
who will MC the event, X Factor stars Mahogany, who will be performing, India-Rose
Madderom, Luke and Joel and the Bondi Rescue cast. Here are our amazing Take 5 Young
Bravehearts™ winners:

                     Winner – Bravery
                     Chevon Parker, 7, Albury, NSW – At age five, Chevon joined her dad Dave on one of his
                     runs as a truck driver. At 1am the next day Chevon’s mum, Amanda, got news that there had
                     been a terrible accident. Dave was dead. Amid her grief she was stunned when Chevon told her
                     what had happened and how she’d tried to rescue her dad. When the truck left the road, Dave
                     was trapped. Chevon tried to look for his phone, gave him a drink of water and even tried to
                     pull him free. “Then he told me to get out and find help. He said, ‘I love you Princess. Tell
                     Mummy I love her.’ Then the angels came for him,” she told her mum. Chevon crawled through
                     the broken windscreen and got to safety just as the truck exploded. She was unharmed.
                     Amanda says she’s the bravest child she knows.
                         Winner – Inspiring
                         Joshua Burns, 7, Sandstone Point, Qld – Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at
                         18 months, Joshua’s pain was so bad that even his bed sheets felt crushingly heavy. He
                         couldn’t eat properly because his jaw hurt so much. New medication helped but then his
                         eyesight worsened. He began suffering from chest pains and was diagnosed with pericarditis –
                         swelling of the heart. Next he developed cataracts and his right knee started locking when he
                         walked, requiring him to use a wheelchair. But his mum, Marnie, says that despite being in
                         terrible pain and in and out of hospital his whole life, he never complains. He’s focussing on
                         being fit and healthy, even lifting tins of spaghetti to gain strength and playing cricket and AFL
                         on good days. Marnie says he’s her inspiration.

                         Winner – Local Hero
                         Kaitlyn Meggs, 15, California Gully, Vic – Renee was shocked when her daughter Kaitlyn
                         was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour, known as neurofibromatosis (NF), in 2001 at the age
                         of seven. Soon after, Renee herself was diagnosed with NF, then two years later Kaitlyn’s little
                         sister Courtney was also diagnosed. Since then Kaitlyn has been diagnosed with scoliosis and
                         by July this year her tumour, which is on her optic nerve, had grown so much she was virtually
                         blind. It was too dangerous to operate so low-dose chemotherapy was the only option. But
                         instead of feeling sorry for herself, Kaitlyn worried about other kids in the oncology ward who,
                         unlike her, lost their hair during chemo. She shaved her head to help the Starlight Foundation
                         and raised more than $11,000. She’s also starting up a support group for families of people
                         who have been affected by NF, all while undergoing chemo.

                         Winner – Sporting Champ
                         Declan Young, 15, Wagga Wagga, NSW – Born with spina bifida, Declan’s future was
                         uncertain and doctors warned he may have learning difficulties. But it was soon obvious to his
                         family that he was not only incredibly bright but super strong. He excelled at a variety of sports
                         and by the age of 10 was playing with the Under 20s NSW Wheelchair Basketball team. He
                         moved on to wheelchair racing, breaking records for his age group at the Australian Athletics
                         Championships. In August he won four bronze medals at the Junior World Games. His dream is
                         to be a paralympian and his nan, Shirley, is proud to have nominated him as a sporting champ –
                         and of course is thrilled that he’s won.

                         Winner – Young Carer
                         Connor Browne, 13, Belmont, NSW – From the time he was a toddler, Connor has been
                         caring for his older sister Maddison who was born with cerebral palsy. At just 18 months he
                         stopped a babysitter from giving her food he knew could choke her. Now 13, he helps
                         Maddison, 15, go to the bathroom, looks out for her at school, helping to ensure her needs are
                         met, and he’s even since saved her life again when she was choking. Despite battling anxiety
                         and depression, he puts her needs first and recently, when she worried about not having a date
                         for her Year 10 formal, he said he’d be proud to accompany her.

About Take 5 and the Take 5 Young Bravehearts awards:
l Since its inception in 2004, the Take 5 Young Bravehearts™ campaign has received praise in state parliament and won
a prestigious MPA media award.
l The highly emotional ceremonies have honoured a total of 35 young Australian Bravehearts to date.
l With a circulation of 221,033 (ABC Jul ‘10–Sep ‘10) and readership of 843,000, Take 5 is one of Australia’s most
popular weekly magazines.

For further information, interviews and photos, please contact:

Kate Kirsten, Deputy Editor, Take 5 magazine on (02) 9282 8473, 0450 360 743 or or
on the day of the ceremony, December 8, contact:

Deborah Thomas, General Manager: Media, Public Affairs and Brand Development on (02) 9282 8117 or 0411 850 074