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					                                  Snow White

                          and the Seven Dwarfs

                      CyberGuide by: Carmen Pendley
                         Dakota State University

This supplemental unit to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was developed as part of
the DSU Reading Practices and Principals class (Fall 99). This assignment was designed
to help teachers and students use the Internet to find out new and exciting information
about a story that they know so well.

        The authors of the book Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are the Brothers
Grimm, Randall Jarrell (Translator), Nancy Buckert (Illustrator), Jacob Ludwig Carl
Grimm, Wilhelm K. Grimm. A biography of them is found on their homepage located at This next site has a listing of all the books and/or
stories that the Grimm Brothers wrote. The site is as follows: By clicking on any of the names
that are linked above, you can look at other books that they have written or worked with.

        A biography about the book, Snow White, can be located at: Here the developer of
the web site found many other places the teachers can find out information about Snow
       These are located at where the lessons
can be directly implemented into what the national standards indicate.

          Description of Materials, Activities and Web sites
         (Writing) For this activity, the students will be able to go to this site, write a fairy
tail story and then enter the contest. If the teacher wishes, she can use this as an extra
credit assignment, a regular assignment, or for the students to just do during their free
time. The site for this is as follows:

        (Art) This is a teacher lesson plan design for working with Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs. The teacher can use this activity and change any of the ideas that they
may wish. The students will be able to draw their favorite scene after reading the story.
They are to include all the characters that are involved into this section of the story.
Some examples of the type of art that they will be expected to do can be found here: The students
would need to click on either Image Gallery 1 or 2 and then decide on a picture that they
would like to “copy”. The students can also make up their own scene and use their
imaginations to draw their own, unique picture.

        (Art) This is another activity associated with Snow White. This lesson was
designed for use with another book, but it can be changed for any book that shows
emotions. The students are to make a flag out of streamers, strips of paper, or even
ribbon. They are then to glue them to a stick or wooden dowel and it is in working
fashion. When the students hear an emotion in the story, they need to wave their flag in
the manner that the story is making them feel. The site that is incorporated with this
activity is as follows:

       (Health) Apples are discussed in the story of Snow White, so a lesson on the food
pyramid would be a great way to incorporate health into the classroom. This site is a
teacher lesson plan that identifies how a teacher can introduce the food pyramid into the
classroom activities. The lesson is gone into further detail in the site to follow.
( A copy of the food pyramid online
is found at The teacher can
allow the students to go into the site and do some work online with the food pyramid
also. One thing to remember to mention is that the poisonous apples would not be
included into the food pyramid and then the teacher may want to go into an activity
regarding safety.

        (Safety) Teachers can look at the following sites to discover more about the
safety issues that the students will be exposed to when reading Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs. They can use the information to become more knowledgeable about the
certain topics at hand.
     What can I do to protect myself from food poisoning?
     How can I help a choking victim?
                lename=000047.htm or

         (Drama) For this activity, the teacher can have the students act out their favorite
scene of the story or even act as if they were a certain character from the story and then
act, as they would have done in the story. Some other drama examples can be found at: The teacher will need to click on the Links
button and then click on Language Arts Booklet. Then they need to click on the drama
link and they can find many sites on how to incorporate drama activities for the students.

        (Reading) This activity is a great one for students to go to, on their own, to look
at different versions of Snow White. The students can go into the web site and find many
other versions of the story and then see how different authors make stories different in
their own ways. The sites are as follows:

         (Language Arts) The students can go into this site and discover more in the idea
of researching. The site that is included with this project is: The students can go to this site
and find out more about Snow White. Things included in this site are: videos,
illustrations, different editions, etc. The students can click on any area and find out more
about the story, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The teacher may even want to use
this as a teaching idea. If the teacher decides to do this, the site offers a way for the
students to get in groups and work through the web site. This site is located at:

         (Music) This activity includes areas in which the students can go online and find
lyrics to songs as well as pieces of music that will play as they work. The site is located
here: Along
with this site, there are others that have songs and pictures from Snow White. These are
found at and

        (Social Studies) The students can learn about Princess Diana as a link to Snow
White, as she was a princess, too. There are a few sites where the students can just go
into and find out more about Princess Diana and the life that royalty lives. The sites are
as follows.

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