Building a Chicken House – Three things to Keep in Mind by jeancorlette


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									              Building a Chicken House
             Three things to Keep in Mind
                                                                  By Jean Corlette

Living a modern, urban lifestyle people often forget the virtues of nature. Even as
simple hobby such as gardening is slowly becoming extinct from cities across the
world. This could be due to many reasons, some of which are just excuses. Not many
people know that you can cultivate hobbies such as keeping chickens in your backyard
with lesser costs than say keeping a pet dog. Moreover, the space required for chickens
is probably available in the backyard already. By building a chicken house one has to
simply create a safe and clean space.

While some people like to buy a ready built coop, building a chicken house is also a
good idea as it can be customized to space and other issues. There is also immense
satisfaction in making something so practically relevant on a daily basis. A few aspects
need to be kept in mind while building a chicken house on your own.

Firstly, consider how many chickens you wish to keep and choose an appropriate size
accordingly. There should be ample space to move around for the chickens, in addition
to ventilation and light. Living in cramped spaces can cause distress to the chickens

causing health concerns and they could even attack each other. Therefore size of the
coop matters a lot. Also review how much space you have in your backyard, so that the
coop doesn’t occupy all of it.

Another important point to think about is the local climate in your region.
If you live in an area that is mostly warm then you might consider an
open, airy coop where there is loads of ventilation. Excessively hot or
cold temperatures are unfavorable for chickens. One can also have
temporary insulated covers during winter when the atmosphere is colder.

The third crucial point to ensure is safety of the chickens. Make sure that
the coop is secure from predators such as snakes, rats or even other pet
animals in the household such as cats. There are specific arrangements
that need to be done to protect the coop from specific risks. Therefore
assess the potential dangers to the chickens based on the specific context
of your home while building the house. It is advisable to build the coop a
few feet above the ground so that any burrowing animals cannot easily
reach the chickens.

Jean Corlette


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