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									Psoriasis testimonial:

Roland is a 44 year-old energetic and sociable business entrepreneur who suffered
from psoriasis for ten years.

Itchy, scaly eruptions often covered his entire body, and aggressive scratching led to
bleeding and scabbing. His dermatologist tried many different treatments including
strong topical corticosteroids and methotrexate tablets, which he had to discontinue
due to side-effects.

Ultraviolet light therapy was suggested, but having the financial means, Roland
preferred frequent trips to Mexico and the Caribbean to sitting in artificial light.
Having done significant homework on his condition, he concluded that the psoriasis
was caused by an immune dysfunction.

He started taking 40 grams/day of Immunocal to raise his glutathione levels. Within
two weeks he was free of bleeding and scabs and described his scaling as 75%

Psoriasis Testimonial:

I have suffered from Psoriasis for nearly 10 years, and when I say suffering I'm not
exaggerating! My dermatologist said that mine was a severe case - I would say that
was an understatement.

It was not unusual for my whole body to be covered with itchy, scaly eruptions (my
scalp and legs particularly) bleeding or covered with scabs. Unfortunately my
dermatologist could not do very much to help me. The only thing that seemed to
help me partially and only temporarily was to take a trip to Mexico every two months
- an expensive and disruptive treatment.

Who knows what more serious damage I was inflicting on myself by overdosing on
ultra-violet rays!
I was introduced to Immunocal just when I was about to schedule a trip to Mexico.
My dermatologist had explained to me that Psoriasis was a condition which involved
the immune system so I felt that Immunocal offered at least a potential for helping
me. I was not ready for what happened next.

After only 4 days of using Immunocal the improvement was both visible and
dramatic - I would say about a 75% improvement and no more bloody patches and

Thank God for Immunocal and Dr. Bounous!

Roman Motyka
Quebec, Canada

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