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									The Chairman’s Report

it has been another exciting year in the maritime industry for the Australian Maritime safety Authority,
with our participation in the Australian Government’s reforms in maritime transport, our work at the
international Maritime organization (iMo) and working with indonesia on projects to promote maritime
AMsA’s financial performance continues to be sound. we plan to return to a balanced budget in
2009-2010 when recovery of the full cost of the national Maritime emergency response Arrangements
is achieved through the final phased increase in the rate of the protection of the sea levy. it is
proposed to commence from 1 July 2009.
we have been working closely with our portfolio Department in the delivery of new policy initiatives
flowing from the Australian Government’s reforms for the nation’s transport system. we have
contributed to a national transport plan and policy framework being developed under the auspices
of the national transport Commission. in March 2008, the Government announced a parliamentary
Committee review of Australian coastal shipping, including its regulatory regime, to which AMsA has
made a substantial joint submission with the Department. the review is due to report in october 2008.
we have also been active with the Department in promoting greater consistency in maritime safety and
environment protection regulation across federal, state and territory jurisdictions. this work culminated
in July 2008 when the Australian transport Council, comprising federal and state/territory transport
Ministers, agreed to recommend to the Council of Australian Governments that there should be a
single national system for maritime safety regulation administered by AMsA through broadening the
application of the Navigation Act 1912. this requires a substantial body of work to be undertaken to
meet the time frame for delivery of the new regulatory framework in 2009.
the highly publicised grounding of the Pasha Bulker at newcastle, new south wales, was the start of
a three week salvage operation which saw the successful refloating of the vessel on 2 July 2007, with
the assistance of AMsA’s dedicated emergency towage vessel, etV Pacific Responder. the helicopter
rescue of the 22 crew off the stranded bulk carrier during the fierce storm was an incredible feat of
heroism, which was recognised by the iMo’s bravery awards. the Minister for infrastructure, transport,
regional Development and local Government, the hon Anthony Albanese Mp, announced in June
2008 that the westpac helicopter crew had been awarded an iMo commendation for bravery.
our involvement in the work of the iMo in developing and implementing international shipping
standards continued with Australia’s re-election to the iMo’s governing Council in november 2007.
we have been involved in the detailed planning for Australia’s audit in August 2008 under the iMo
Voluntary Member state Audit scheme, which is intended to check the nation’s compliance with the
iMo’s mandatory instruments. we were delighted to welcome the iMo secretary-General, Mr efthimios
Mitropoulos, back to Australia when he presented the key note address at our national shipping
Conference held in Brisbane in December 2007.
we remain committed to our work in regional forums aimed at improving ship safety and promoting
environment protection. As part of the Australian Government’s commitment under the three year

  2                               Promoting Safety and Protecting the Environment
indonesian transport safety Assistance package, we have been involved in managing eight projects to
enhance indonesia’s maritime transport safety. projects have included training in port state control and
dangerous goods as well as planning and assistance for a joint search and rescue exercise.
we assisted our portfolio Department in the introduction to parliament of two significant pieces of
environment protection legislation during the year. the Protection of the Sea (Civil Liability for Bunker Oil
Pollution Damage) Bill 2008 will require ships to have insurance for pollution damage. the Protection of
the Sea Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 increases the amount of compensation available should a spill
from an oil tanker occur.
the team at the reef Vessel traffic service achieved accreditation to the Quality Management
standard iso9001:2000. the Centre is a cooperative arrangement between AMsA and Maritime
safety Queensland delivering a navigational assistance service to ships transiting the torres strait
and Great Barrier reef. it is one of the few Vessel traffic service centres in the world to achieve such
in April 2008, the secretary-General of the international Association of Marine Aids to navigation and
lighthouse Authorities, Mr torsten Kruuse, was welcomed to Australia, when he participated in AMsA’s
official reopening of the refurbished Macquarie lighthouse, in sydney, new south wales.
we work closely with the Minister for infrastructure, transport, regional Development and local
Government, the hon Anthony Albanese Mp, who assumed responsibility for the portfolio in
December 2007. we also appreciate the high level of cooperation with our portfolio Department that
contributed to our significant achievements during the year under the guidance of secretary Mike taylor.
i am most appreciative of the support from my fellow Board members during the year, particularly the
Deputy Chairman, Mr tony hyams, and Mr Allan thomson, Chair of the Board Audit Committee.
in June 2008, we welcomed the appointment for a three year term of Mr Martin Byrne to the AMsA
Board. Mr Byrne is Assistant federal secretary of the Australian institute of Marine and power
engineers and brings considerable experience in the maritime industry, particularly with seafarer
occupational health and safety.
the Board members again acknowledge the immensely important role played by AMsA staff in realising
these achievements in a changing external and working environment. we appreciate their high degree
of dedication and professionalism and encourage the same level of commitment into the future.

eDwArD G Anson AM
september 2008

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