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									                              Escalation Procedures

All agencies

All professionals across the borough working with children, young people and
families need to know what to do about a case where they are worried that
professionals are not working well together and as a result a child is not making good
enough progress or is at risk.

Every agency should have their own procedures in place for how to deal with
concerns within their own setting. On those occasions where concerns need to be
raised with another agency, workers should ensure this happens as soon as possible
and that discussions are clearly recorded. In most cases the Lead Professional
should be the first contact and if that does not resolve the concerns their manager
should be contacted. If it is this not an appropriate way to resolve the issue advice
should be sought from your manager within one working day.

For cases involving Social Care the concerns should be discussed initially with the
social worker, and followed up in writing. If this does not resolve the problem the
Team Manager should be alerted – by phone or in writing. If the issue remains
unresolved the Operational Manager should be contacted. If the issue remains a
concern the Service Manager should be contacted.

The Operational and Service Managers will also be available for discussion on urgent
or sensitive cases.

The Safeguarding Children Unit will continue to offer consultation and advice on
cases and will intervene to help resolve issues if that is appropriate.
In cases of difficulties with working together they will suggest that where possible
issues are resolved by managers in respective services as they have in depth
knowledge of the cases and the staffing situation.

However Safeguarding Children Unit managers will always follow up cases where
there are immediate concerns about a child – they will not be left until a team
manager is available.

An up to date list of social care contacts is on the next page, which you may find
helpful as a reference tool. (Appendix A)

To document the issues you wish to raise please use the Escalation Notice to
record information and forward to the manager dealing with your concerns.
(Appendix C). Ensure it is copied to appropriate Service Manager (or equivalent)
within 5 working days.

Updated May 2009 (in place since 2006)
Appendix A

Safeguarding Children Unit 01744 671267
Safeguarding Children Manager ( Service Manager)   Sally Price            sallyprice@sthelens.gov.uk
                                                   Teresa Ghannad         theresaghannad@sthelens.gov.uk
Operational Managers (job share)
                                                   Mel Pitt               melaniepitt@sthelens.gov.uk
                                                   Rachel Hull            rachelhull@sthelens.gov.uk
Safeguarding and Review Managers                   Michelle Edge          michelleedge@sthelens.gov.uk
                                                   Rosie Pugh             rosiepugh@sthelens.gov.uk
Safeguarding Implementation Officer                Chris Mumford          chrismumfor@sthelens.gov.uk
Children in Need Coordinator                       Lucy Farrar            lucyfarrar@sthelens.gov.uk
Service Manager 01744 671129                       Mark Switonski         markswitonski@sthelens.gov.uk
Operation Manager 01744
West Area Team Manager 01744 671131                Damien Fitzsimmons     damienfitzsimmons@sthelens.gov.uk
North East Area Team Manager 01744 671167          Jean Mawdsley          jeanmawdsley@sthelens.gov.uk
South East Team Manager 01744 671150               Claire Skidmore        claireskidmore@sthelens.gov.uk
Family Support Team 01744 677277                   Rebecca Webster        rebeccawebster@sthelens.gov.uk
Looked after Children
Service Manager 01744 671128                       Jean Spencer           jeanspencer@sthelens.gov.uk
Looked after Children Team 01744 671223            Sue Calvert            suecalvert@sthelens.gov.uk
Young Peoples Team 01744 677089                    Anne Marie Gillepsie   annemariegillepsie@sthelens.gov.uk
Children with Disability
Service Manager 01744 673900                       Lynn Everton           lynneverton@sthelens.gov.uk
Team Manager 01744 673900                          Lynsey Heaton-Hill     lynseyheaton-hill@sthelens.gov.uk
Service Manager 01744 671181                       Diane Vincent          dianevincent@sthelens.gov.uk
Fostering Team Manager 01744 671182                Julie Ellis            julieellis@sthelens.gov.uk
Adoption Team Manager 01744 671202                 Christine Howley       christinehowley@sthelens.gov.uk
Manager The Grove 01744 677085                     Michelle Edge          michelleedge@sthelens.gov.uk

Updated May 2009 (in place since 2006)
      Appendix B

       Concern raised by practitioner about decision-making, practice
       or practitioner from AN/other agency

           Concern to be discussed
           with practitioner involved
           by practitioner raising
           concern if appropriate

NFA        Concern                Not appropriate to discuss
           resolved               practitioner to practitioner.
           satisfactorily         Practitioner raising concern to
                                  discuss with line manager
                                  within one working day

                                    Discussion to be recorded
                                    and action to be decided by line
                                    manager regarding resolution

                                    All concerns to be documented
                                    on an Escalation Notice within
                                    5 days and copied to appropriate
                                    Service Manager (or equivalent)

              Managers of Services should inform their Service Manager (or equivalent) of all
              disputes where resolution has necessitated discussion with A.N. Other’s Line
              Manager either internally or externally. Operational Manager’s (or equivalent) and
              Service Manager’s will make a decision about further action needed and whether
              Senior Manager’s need to be alerted to the concerns

        Updated May 2009 (in place since 2006)
Appendix C                    Escalation Notice
                      (to be used in conjunction with Guidance)

Name of Child/Young Person:                D.O.B

Please document any information of concern.



Updated May 2009 (in place since 2006)

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