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					 The Brick

 The Brick
 Ideal for school use, The Brick is easy for little fingers to manipulate making it perfect for all levels of the Primary
 School and beyond. The brick range includes full brick, half brick, end caps and stands producing a wide variety of
 models which can be displayed as self-supporting pictures.
 6 strong colours are ideal for pattern making. The Brick is ideal for early numeracy activities.
 Some children enjoy building free-standing models on various themes while others delight in creating tiling patterns
 and brick patterns such as those seen in pictured buildings.

 15237L      $135.00                  Brick 1000p

 15238M $250.00                       Brick 2000p
 These larger quantities of   ‘The   Brick’ are supplied in sturdy
 storage containers.

 Additional materials to support The Brick                           The Brick Experience: A Manual: Volume 1:
 Brick Faces                                                         Number, Space and Pattern (50pgs)
                                                                     19002         $39.50
 10021A        $15.00                 60p
                                                                     A comprehensive
 10022D        $30.00                 150p                           collection of ideas,
 Appealing ‘smiley’ faces are printed on the blocks. Children        challenges and
 enjoy bringing models ‘to life’.                                    teaching sequences
                                                                     for use with The Brick.
                                                                     Blackline Masters
                                                                     provide all the
                                                                     necessary support.

                                                                                                                                                                           The Brick

Brick Extension Kit (1350p)
15284K        $160.00
Half Bricks (660p), End Caps (330p) and Half End
Caps (330p); in 11 colours, Stands (20p) and
10 Brick Dice create a new dimension for the
Brick. These blocks enable the construction of
plaques to display as “pictures”. Many patterns
require thoughtful planning to create.

Brick ‘Super’ Set (3350p)
15285L        $375.00
2000 Bricks and the Extension Set make this
an excellent purchase. The bricks
are supplied in sturdy tubs.


Brick Stands (20p)                                                                                     Colour Dice (10p)
15240              $5.00                                                                               13605-10 $10.00
Simple clips attach to the base of a model so that a flat design can                                   22mm Dice with the colours of the Brick splashed on its faces.
stand vertically. (Brick not included).

         All prices exclude GST Enquiries: (03) 9762 0555 or Freecall: 1300 130 558 (Outside Melbourne Metro only)   To Order: Fax: (03) 9762 0422 or Email:   11

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