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					University of Huddersfield: Blackboard helpsheets

The Blackboard
Digital Dropbox
The Digital Dropbox enables you and your lecturer to exchange documents and files
such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets. This facility
can be useful if you want some feedback on a draft document, or if your module leader
wants you to submit some coursework electronically. Your lecturer should tell you
whether they intend to use the Digital Dropbox or not.

The Digital Dropbox is normally accessed from the Student Tools button within any
Blackboard module. If you cannot see an icon for the Digital Dropbox then it is likely that
the module leader has „switched it off‟.

You can send a file to your lecturer using the dropbox in two ways:

    1. transfer a file from your computer directly into the lecturer‟s dropbox

    2. copy an existing file from your own dropbox into the lecturer's dropbox

To enter the Digital Dropbox, access through
Student Tools then Digital Dropbox.

When you enter your Digital Dropbox for the first time you will see a screen similar to

                                                          Any files that you add to your
                                                          dropbox will be listed on this

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University of Huddersfield: Blackboard helpsheets

Add File Option
When you want to transfer a file from your own computer or
disk into your Blackboard dropbox click the Add File button and you will see a screen
similar to the one below.

Please note that using the Add File button will NOT send a copy of the file to your
lecturer – it will just save a copy of it into Blackboard.

Any text you type into the Name box is what you will see in your dropbox and what the
lecturer will see if the file is sent on to them. It is important that this is meaningful, so
use a title like “Coursework on Economic Theory” rather than something like “File 1”.

Click the Browse… button to insert the file. You will see a dialogue box which will allow
you to select a file from your own PC hard disk or floppy disk.

You can also add comments, for example a reminder of what the file is or details of the
type of feedback that you require.

Click the Submit button towards the bottom of the screen. At this stage Blackboard will
not copy your file into anyone else‟s dropbox. It will only put a copy of the file into your
own area of Blackboard and list it in your dropbox, together with the time you uploaded

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University of Huddersfield: Blackboard helpsheets

Any files sent back to you from your lecturer will also show up in your dropbox, and
clicking on the title of the file will open it up, as usual within Blackboard.

Send File Option
To send a file to your lecturer click
the Send File button. You can also
use this to load up a file and send it
simultaneously. You will see this

Use the dropdown menu to select a
file that has already been uploaded
to Blackboard, or browse for
another file.

Complete the rest of the form as described previously and click the submit button.

A receipt will be displayed as below:

This receipt confirms that your file has been submitted to your lecturer‟s digital dropbox
and records the date and time at which it was sent.

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