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D36-Natural solutions to health problems by lsy121925


									Problems           Solution            Uses
Arthritis of       Wheatgrass-in-      Soak a cotton sock with 6 ounces (180
Extremities        packing             milliliters) of wheatgrass juice; place on
                                       affected area; cover with a plastic bag and a
                                       dry sock.
Asthma             Eucalyptus-leaf     With mortar and pestle, press the fresh leaves
                                       into small open pieces; add 2 oz. (60
                                       milliliters of flax-oil; let it sit for 24 hours/
                                       Consume 5 drops of the preparation 4 times
                                       per day. Repeat process until you achieve
Burns (including   Aloe-Vera leaf      Break a leaf; apply the gel from the open leaf
sunburns)                              to the burn
                   Ice                 Apply ice to burn
                   Baths; showers      Take cold baths and/ or showers
Cough(s)           Raw Aloe and        Break open 30-50 grapefruit seeds; let sit in 4
                   Grapefruits-seed    ounces (120 millilitres0 of raw aloe Vera for
                                       12 hours in the refrigerator. Consume 1-3
                                       tablespoons (5-15 milliliters) as needed
Diarrhea           Raw mint leaves     Take 4 ounces (120 milliliters) of edible clay
                   and green clay      powder; add 2 ounces (59.14 milliliters) of
                                       pure water and one ounce (30 milliliters) of
                                       finely cut fresh mint leaves. Let sit for 3
                                       hours; consume ½ ounce (15 milliliters) as
Earache            Garlic-oil          Prepare one part pressed garlic and two parts
                                       room-temperature cold-pressed uncooked
                                       olive oil. Saturate cotton ball and place it
                                       into the ear canal
Eyewash            Wheatgrass-juice    Massage around the eyes lightly. In an
                                       eyecup, mix ½ ounce (15 milliliters) of
                                       strained wheatgrass juice and ½ ounce of
                                       pure water. Look upward. Put eyecup to eye
                                       for 15-30 seconds (might burn slightly)
Fever              Dry ginger-powder   Only once or twice per week when you are
                                       healthy. When you are feverish, you can use
                                       it once per day; dissolve one cup in hot bath
                                       water. Soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with
                                       cold shower. Promotes perspiration
General            Wheatgrass juice    Drink 2-4 ounces (60-120 milliliters) implant
Detoxification                         4-6 ounces (120-180 milliliters) rectally,
                                       after enema.
                   Sea-salt            One or twice per week; dissolve one cup in
                   Epsom salt          hot bath water. Soak in water for 15-20
                   Kosher salt         minutes. Rinse with a cold shower (add one
                    Crystal salt          pound of baking soda to neutralize radiation,
                    Celtic sea-salt       chemicals and heavy metals)
                    Dry ginger powder     Only once or twice per week when you are
                                          healthy; when you’re impaired, use it once of
                                          twice per day; dissolve one cup in hot bath
                                          water. Soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with
                                          cold shower. Promotes perspiration
                    Dry-skin Brush        Immediately before showering” using
                                          circular motion and straight strokes toward
                                          the solar plexus, rub you entire skin surface
                                          vigorously. (stimulates the lymphatic and
                                          circulatory systems)
Hair/Scalp:         Wheatgrass juice      Massage six ounces into scalp. Cover head
Dandruff;                                 with shower cap; leave on for 15 minutes;
Psoriasis; Dry/Oily Neem                  Juice or press neem leaves; apply the extract
Scalp                                     directly to affected areas. (You can buy
                                          natural neem extract and apply similarly.)
Headaches           Enema and implant     Drink at least 2 quarts (2.5 liters) of pure
                                          water daily. Cleanse the colon: take a one-
                                          quart (1.25 liters) pure-water enema; follow
                                          with wheatgrass implant
                    Magnesium             Dink 1 tablespoon of liquid magnesium in 8
                                          ounces (240 milliliters) of pure water or any
                                          raw juice
Infections; colds   Osha and silver       Drink six drops of each herbal Tincture in
and Flu             nitrate               pure water several times per day.
Liver-              Castor oil            Rub onto skin directly over liver. Then, place
Detoxification                            a cloth made of natural fiber onto liver; place
                                          hot-water bottle onto cloth, and leave for 30
Measles; Mumps:     Silver nitrate, raw   Place 6 ounces (180 milliliters) of raw aloe
Chicken pox         aloe and camphor      into bowl; add 25 drops of silver nitrate and
                                          1 ounce (30 milliliters) of camphor
                                          (preferably raw). Stir for 3 minutes. Apply
                                          thoroughly on infected area(s). For mumps,
                                          rub directly into the skin covering the throat.
                                          And drunk 1 ounce (30 milliliters) of this
                                          mixture twice per day while the condition
Nosebleed(s)        Fenugreek Sprout      Juice 8 ounces (240 milliliters) of fenugreek
                    juice                 sprouts; recline; apply the extract directly
                                          into affected nostril(s) with a dropper. Apply
                                          pure cotton to the nostril to maintain and
                                          contain the healing liquid.
Osteoporosis        Tiger-balm and        Place 2 ounces (60 milliliters) of tiger-balm
                   silica or horsetail-   into bowl; add 20 drops of silica or ½ ounces
                   tea                    (15 milliliters) of horsetail herbal tea;
                                          combine; apply to affected areas
Pneumonia          Fresh grass juice      For every 3 ounces (90 milliliters) of barley-
                   and horseradish-       grass juice, mix ¼ ounce (7.5 milliliters) of
                   extract                horse radish-juice. Consume 4-6 times per
                                          day. CONSULT PHYSICIAN
Rejuvenation       Cold shower            Finish every shower or bath with a shower of
                   stimulating            cold water. Dip one finger into your chosen
                   essential oils         essential oil and place some under each
                                          nostril and one drop on the middle of your
                                          forehead and on the palm sides of your wrists
                                          several times per day
Relaxation         Dry ginger-powder      Once or twice/week: Dissolve one cup in hot
                                          bath-water. Soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse
                                          with a cold shower. Then, pat yourself with a
                                          towel, but leave yourself slightly moist; wrap
                                          yourself into towels; place yourself under the
                                          covers of your bed; relax, and sleep, if
                                          possible. This process promotes perspiration
                                          and soothes neurological function and the
Skin Eczema;       Oregano and hemp       Topical application of poultices as
Psoriasis          oil                    appropriate. Mix 4 ounces (120 milliliters) of
                                          fresh Oregano juice or finely chopped
                                          Oregano with 4 ounces of hemp oil; leave for
                                          4 hours; apply moderately to affected areas
                   Wheatgrass             Make poultice using 2 ounces (60 milliliters)
                   poultice               of wheatgrass juice and enough pulp to
                                          absorb poultice to the affected areas; cover
                                          with bandage; secure it with tape. Leave it
                                          on affected area for approximately 8 hours
Tumors             Wheatgrass
Tumors; open       Garlic oil             Apply mixture of one part pressed garlic and
sores                                     two parts Olive oil to compress and apply it
                                          to any open wound as a disinfectant. Wrap
                                          with gauze. (the oil can remain usable in the
                                          refrigerator for four days)
Urinary Problems   Raw apple- cider       Mix 2 ounces (60milliliters) of raw apple-
                   vinegar and            cider vinegar with 4 tablespoons (20
                   Cranberry seed         milliliters) of cranberry seed powder. Dink
                   powder                 every 5 hours during the day- DO NOT
                                          INTERRUPT REGULAR SLEEP.
Vaginal Discharge; Wheatgrass juice       Put 2 ounces (60 milliliters) of wheatgrass
Fibroid tumors;    douche             juice into 2 ounces of pure water. Add
Cysts; Yeast-                         enzymes and probiotics if needed. Implant
infection(s);                         with bulb-syringe.
Herpes; Post
Warts; Skin Tags   Cedar oil/juiced   Dip q-tip into selected fluid; apply directly to
                   cedar leaves       affected areas
                                      USE EXTREME CAUTION IN AND
                                      NEAR EYES

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