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                    The big catch

Food                                                 This
Centre                                               Issue
Food Talk is produced by the                  Consumers are the key, according to the newly released South Australian
South Australian Food Centre.                 Food Strategy 2010-2015 which focuses on consumer demand to drive
To subscribe to our complimentary             production. As a result, 'Consume' is this year's theme for the refreshed
quarterly Food Talk publication contact:      Premier's Food Industry Awards to be launched in April 2010.
a Regency International Centre TAFE SA
   Days Road, Regency Park SA 5010              This Autumn our Face of food is the latest Food Industry Hall of Fame inductee, Michael
p +61 8 8348 4442                             Angelakis. We find out about his ever expanding seafood empire and vision for the State’s
f +61 8 8348 2484                             food industry. We also meet the diverse group of micro brewers popping up around the
e               State plus other businesses including Australian Caper Company, Slape & Sons, Spring
w                     Gully Foods and Swanport Harvest.

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 South Australian Food Centre                 3       Consumer focus for new SA Food Strategy
 Nicole Phillips
 t +61 8 8226 0827
                                              4                             Face of food
 Sue Rogers
 t +61 8 8226 0468
                                                                            The big catch
                                              6       Brewing up new business
Cover photograph
Michael Angelakis embraces the
                                              7       Dover’s abalone a dual winner
prestigious 2009 Premier’s Food               8       The sweet heart of lettuce
Awards Hall of Fame trophy.

Jacquie van Santen
                                              9                             All kinds of caper
Nicole Phillips, Jenny Turner

                                              10      Brewing up new business
The material in Food Talk is intended         11      Consume. Commit. Connect.
as a guide only. No liability for errors or   12      Seeding new opportunities
otherwise is accepted for the material
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                                                        Consumer focus
The South Australian food industry and
Government of South Australia have
                                                        for new SA Food Strategy
released a new five year strategy for the
food industry to boost its growth and
international competitiveness.

   The new South Australian Food Strategy                 This means adapting, differentiating and          The priority areas are:
2010-2015 – described by one of the State’s             building value along the chain with an increased    1 Consumer insight and market development
leading food industry leaders as a “living,             focus on working together to innovate and                – understanding consumers and having
breathing strategy that will benefit the food           improve productivity and competitiveness.                the ability to capture opportunities in a
industry in so many ways” – has been released.            The key targets of the strategy are to:                wide variety of markets.
   The Strategy is the result of extensive              • Generate $16 billion in Gross Food                2 Enhancing knowledge, collaboration and
consultation with industry and government and                Revenue by 2015 (up from a record $12               leadership – having the capability, skills
also draws on international expertise, notably               billion achieved last year).                        and knowledge to work in a changing
the recommendations of previous Adelaide                • Increase the food industry’s contribution              environment - underpinned by the need
Thinker in Residence, Professor Andrew Fearne.               to South Australia’s wellbeing.                     to collaborate.
It provides a framework for industry and                • Reduce the South Australian food industry’s       3 Enhancing capacity and productivity –
Government to work collaboratively.                          impact on the environment.                          improving productivity and having a
   The SA Food Strategy has consumer demand               Member of the Premier’s Food Council                   business environment that encourages
at its heart with a clear vision of ‘South Australian   Executive and head of Woodside Cheese                    investment to ensure an ability to compete.
Food – beyond the expectations of consumers             Wrights, Kris Lloyd, said the Strategy was far      4 Optimising environmental sustainability –
around the globe’.                                      more than just words. ”It is a living, breathing,        managing the limited natural resources
   Co-chair of the Premier’s Food Council               evolving strategy that aims to help food                 (water, land, marine and biodiversity) so
Executive, Bronwen Gwynn-Jones, said the                producers and everyone along the value chain             they’re available for future generations.
focus on consumers was an important message             be the very best they can. It can benefit the       5 Leading in product integrity – providing
for all businesses along the food value chain,          industry in so many ways.”                               safe and wholesome food to enhance
from producers and processors right through               Kris said the Strategy would be a hands-on             consumer confidence and satisfy market
to retailers.                                           tool for the industry.                                   expectations to maintain and grow markets.
   ”Understanding our consumers and going                                                                   6 Fostering regional and sector development
beyond their expectations should be a goal for              ”It will be communicated in                          – South Australia has a number of unique
all businesses and the best way to achieve this             many ways, directly to producers                     regional and sector attributes that can
is through collaboration – with suppliers, customers,                                                            drive growth.
                                                            and everyone along the value chain
government, researchers, advisors – everyone                                                                  The Premier’s Food Council Executive
                                                            through the South Australian
that is linked to the food industry,” she said.                                                             provided industry leadership in the development
   “Collaboration along the entire food value               Food Centre, and a range of                     of the Strategy and is currently working with
chain will be fundamental to successfully                   ‘food champions’ through a                      Government representatives to develop an
growing South Australia’s food industry.                    comprehensive marketing strategy.”              operational plan with specific programs for
                                                                                                            each priority area.
    “The South Australian food                            The SA Food Strategy features six key priority      The SA Food Strategy can be accessed at
    industry is vast in output and relies               areas, identified following an analysis of the
                                                        global business environment and the position
    heavily on small to medium-sized
    businesses. We, as industry,
                                                        of the South Australian food industry.              Want to know more?
    need to focus on coming together                                                                        Contact
    to strengthen our capabilities                                                                          Maggie Dowling
    and take advantage of                                                                                   PIRSA
    market opportunities.”                                                                                  p +61 8 8226 0531
    Face of food

                   South Australia’s newest Premier’s Food
                   Awards Hall of Fame inductee, Michael
                   Angelakis, is the popular public face of
                   Angelakis Bros, a family business spanning
                   three generations and the largest producer
                   and distributor of seafood, poultry and game
                   in South Australia.

                      Like his grandfather and father before him,
                   a life lived by – and off – the sea was always
                   on the cards for Michael Angelakis.
                      If the framed photographs that line his cheery
                   but unassuming office perched high above
                   Angelakis Bros processing plant in the heart
                   of the Central Market district are anything to
                   go by, it’s clearly a life that suits him.
                      Michael’s trademark smile is never far from
                   his face in the images that tell the story of his
                   life, with his wife and four children, cooking up
                   a feast for his popular Out of the Blue television
                   program, travelling the world to spread the
                   good word about the South Australian food
                   industry, ambassador, patron and supporter of
                   a range of local charities and roles with various
                   local food industry bodies.
                      The latest chapter is one close to his heart,
                   inducted into the Premier’s Food Awards South
                   Australian Food Industry Hall of Fame made
                   possible by San Remo. However, he’s quick to
                   deflect the success to others.

    “To me it’s recognition of our                        Michael senior’s sons George and Nick joined       “The latter is an important plus in an industry
    industry and its contribution to                   the business in 1959, before George moved           that is still largely non-mechanised. There are
    the State’s food industry and to                   to Adelaide and bought a seafood stall at the       no machines that fillet a fish or open an oyster
                                                       Adelaide market in partnership with his brother’s   and training people takes time.”
    generations of family business.
                                                       and sister’s families. The combined seafood,          Michael says South Australia has many unique
    It also celebrates and rewards                     poultry and game stalls became known as             food products and can proudly compete on
    those that work for me,”                           Angelakis Bros.                                     the world stage.
         said Michael.                                    Michael joined the business in 1969 and soon       “I was visiting [seafood identity’s] Rick Stein’s
                                                       became involved in all aspects of the retail        business in Padstow, UK, recently as part of
  The Hall of Fame judging panel were more             business, including buying, selling, processing     Out of the Blue and I was thrilled to see South
effusive, however, citing not only the enduring        and management of the retail shop. He is            Australian products such as Maggie Beer
success of Angelakis Brother, but also Michael’s       credited with instigating the businesses            Products sitting on the shelves of his retail
passion and promotion of South Australian              marketing arm specialising in importing and         outlet and visitor’s centre. It blew me away to
food, not only in seafood, but taking South            exporting products to Europe, the United States     think he’d gone to all that trouble to stock our
Australian food to the world through Out of the        and Asia, as well as establishing a national        local products. It was great.”
Blue… and his tireless work for charity including      distribution network.                                 He believes a key to the South Australian
25 years as co-host of The Seafood Affair                 In 1985, Michael was appointed Managing          food industry’s ongoing success is to focus on
Luncheon which raises money for the                    Director and today heads a business employing       the different seasons and work towards
Channel 9 Telethon.                                    140 people and comprising two processing            supplying products at strategic times.
  The judges also noted his dedication to              and distribution plants and three retail outlets.     Meanwhile, Michael plans to continue doing
improving the South Australian food industry              Michael credits Angelakis Bros success to        his bit for the industry, proudly spruiking South
through his involvement in a range of seafood,         two things – the people that make up the            Australia’s food products to the world.
food and tourism related boards, including the         business and the products themselves.                 “Our offerings are good, and extremely
Premier’s Food Council.                                   “You have to give people ownership of their      competitive,” he says with another of those
  The Angelakis family has been synonymous             position within your business, whether they are     broad, infectious smiles. Who could argue
with the South Australian seafood industry             executives or fish filleters. The more they know    with him?
since 1920, when Michael’s grandfather and             and are involved with the business, the more
namesake left his island home in the Aegean
Sea to try his luck as a fisherman in Thevenard
                                                       likely they are to give back loyalty, commitment    For more information
                                                       and longevity,” said Michael.
on the Eyre Peninsula.                                                                                     Contact
                                                                                                           Michael Angelakis
                                                                                                           Angelakis Bros
                                                                                                           p +61 8 8400 1300
(left) Michael Angelakis in his Central Market store
                                        Brewing up
                                        new business
                                        South Australian micro brewers           However as more individual
                                        are making a name for themselves         breweries open customers will be
                                        in the competitive beer market.          exposed to an ever increasing
                                                                                 choice of beer styles, which is a
                                           A quiet revolution is taking place    great thing for the consumer.
                                        on restaurant menus and liquor             “What the micro brewing industry
                                        store shelves across Australia.          lacks in numbers, it makes up for
                                        Sitting alongside the big guns in        in passion. Gone are the days of
                                        the beer market are new names,           restaurant menus and liquor store
                                        new blends and new breweries.            shelves dominated by a limited variety
                                        There’s Bee Sting from Barossa           of standard lager styles produced
                                        Valley Brewing, Golden Paw from          by a handful of massive factories.
                                        Beard and Brau and Kitten 9 Tails          “It is now possible to purchase
                                        Oktoberfest from Gulf Brewery,           and enjoy an ever growing variety
                                        just to name a few.                      of beer styles often produced by
                                           While their numbers may still be      considerably smaller craft producers
                                        small, local micro brewers are fast      with a passion to produce the best
                                        gathering a reputation for quirky,       possible product with the freshest
                                        quality hand crafted beers.              available ingredients.”
                                           To celebrate their growing success,     For example, eight very different
                                        the South Australian Micro Brewers       beer styles - all made on premise
                                        Association (SAMBA) have released        – are available from the Lobethal
                                        a Guide to South Australian Micro        Bierhaus in the Adelaide Hills.
                                        Breweries. The guide provides              “We have tasting notes for those
                                        fascinating insight into local micro     keen to explore and match beer
                                        breweries and their wonderful            with food in a way once left to the
                                        liquid wares.                            wine industry. Many of our customers
                                           SAMBA was established in 2006         love to explore new beer styles, brew
                                        to enhance professional expertise        their own beers at home and have
                                        among local brewers through              a high understanding of what it takes
                                        fellowship and the sharing of            to make good beer," Alistair said.
                                        knowledge and experience, with             Alistair said the guide aimed to
                                        the view to promoting the industry       promote the industry here in SA
                                        and the best possible quality            by making the public aware of
                                        product for customers. Plans for         SAMBA members and the
                                        the future include hosting and           products they offered.
                                        participating in beer festivals and        SAMBA members include The
                                        the cooperative acquisition of raw       Barossa Brewing Company, Barossa
                                        materials including glass and kegs.      Valley Brewing, Beard and Brau,
                                           While the Australian beer market      Brew Boys, Campus Brewery, Gulf
                                        continues to be dominated in             Brewery, Lobethal Bierhaus, Steam
                                        terms of volume by a limited             Exchange Brewery, U-Brew-Here,
                                        number of very large players, there      U-Brew-It, Woolshed Brewery and
                                        has been considerable growth in          Yorke Brewing.
                                        the number of smaller breweries            The free guide is available
                                        in recent years.                         at each of SAMBA’s member
                                           SAMBA president Alistair              premises, through regional tourism
                                        Turnbull from Lobethal Bierhaus          centres and from retail customers
                                        said there are now in excess of          that support SAMBA products.
                                        100 micro breweries operating in
                                        Australia… [probably] double of          For more information
                                        what existed five years ago.
                                           “Despite this growth our              Contact
                                        aggregate production is currently        Alistair Turnbull
                                        still less than 1% of the beer           SAMBA
                                        consumed in Australia each year.         p +61 406 257 572
(above) Stephen Nelson from Brew Boys
                                                                                    jet setting produce
                                                                                South Australian food products                It is this dedication to service
                                                                                are gaining a reputation as                that saw Singapore Airlines Cargo
                                                                                international jet setters.                 awarded the Rural Solutions SA
                                                                                                                           Services to Industry Award at last
                                                                                    At any given time, crates of           year’s Premier’s Food Awards.

Dover’s abalone                                                                 fresh South Australian citrus,
                                                                                abalone, live lobster, oysters and
                                                                                                                              Alan said the business’ excellent
                                                                                                                           cold chain management and speed
                                                                                chilled Southern Bluefin tuna are          to market were critical factors in
         a dual winner                                                          speeding their way across the
                                                                                international skies. And chances
                                                                                                                           enabling South Australian produce
                                                                                                                           to hold a premium position in
The cool clean waters of                    Established in 1976, today          are the products are being airlifted       markets around the world.
Australia’s southern coastline            Dover has 14 staff - and up to 60     by Singapore Airlines Cargo.                  “Our service gives South
are the source of Dover                   during seasonal periods. The              Singapore Airlines Cargo has           Australian food producers the
Fisheries’ abalone.                       business also works collaboratively   supported South Australia’s food           opportunity to export their produce
                                          with abalone farmers, forming a       industry since services were               swiftly and safety to a range of
  Dover Fisheries is a hive of            unique value chain that was           established in 1984. Today the             international destinations, thereby
activity. An assignment of fresh,         recognised by their win of another    business offers a daily air service        adding value to their product.
plump molluscs has just been              Premier’s Food Award, the Food        and a weekly 747 Freighter out             Often, food producers are receiving
delivered from the pristine waters        Adelaide Value Chain Award.           of Adelaide connecting to a                a premium price for their products
of Australia’s southern coastline           General Manager David Pickles       multitude of destinations globally.        against what could be expected
and it’s action stations on the           says that their state of the art          “The passenger flights provide         in the local market,” Alan said.
factory processing floor.                 processing factory in South           the frequency, so exporters can               “It also allows South Australian
  With military precision, each           Australia has access to Australia's   send any day the customer wants.           food producers to reach out to
precious abalone is inspected for         major shipping and air routes to      The freighter services provide a           new markets and increase their
blemishes and damage and is               the rest of the world.                big kick to the capacity so large          scale of operation – thus reducing
then graded according to colour             “A regular shipping service to      shipments can be sent easily,”             their production cost per unit.”
and texture. After cleaning, the          most South East Asian ports ex        Singapore Airlines Cargo South                Alan said the business takes
shellfish are graded once again           Melbourne or Port Adelaide            Australian Manager, Alan Chugg             its role very seriously.
and packed according to their             departs every seven days.             said. A team of six staff work with           “When you’re sending produce
quality and size.                           “Similar frequency services are     the local export community.                such as fresh chilled fish to
  Within a few hours of delivery,         available to Japan, the west coast        The business prides itself on          destinations such as New York
the abalone have undergone a              of USA and also to Europe.            timeliness. Forty hours after an           Paris and Milan, and you want it
series of scrupulous inspections,         Airfreight consignments can be        iconic South Australian tuna is pulled     to arrive in pristine condition on the
have been thoroughly cleaned              landed almost anywhere in the         from the sea, for example, it is in        restaurant plate within 40 hours,
and graded, packed and canned,            world within 48 hours.                Tokyo being prepared for sale at           it needs to be handled sensitively.”
and are ready for dispatch to the           “Abalone tends to be sold in        the Tsukiji fish market. Like all
four corners of the world.                very traditional forms. Canned,       produce airfreighted by Singapore          For more information
  It is this attention to detail that     dried and frozen, with very little    Airlines Cargo, the tuna is
                                                                                airfreighted on a direct route to          Contact
has seen Dover Fisheries                  complex value adding,” said David.
                                                                                Singapore, and then boards a               Alan Chugg (below)
recognised as one of the world’s            “Looking to the future we plan
                                                                                flight to its final destination, whether   Singapore Airlines Cargo
quality suppliers of abalone. They        to introduce some innovative
                                                                                it be Europe, United States, North         p +61 8 8234 4374
were named the NAB Agribusiness           products to the abalone market,
                                                                                and South-East Asia, the Middle            e
Export Award winner in last year’s        this is a necessary step to ensure
Premier’s Food Awards.                    that Australian abalone retains its   East or China.
  Dover Fisheries is one of Australia’s   market leading position against
largest abalone processors and            increasing worldwide competition.”
exporters with 92% of sales
exported to markets including             Want to know more?
China, Hong Kong, Japan,
Singapore, USA and Canada.                Contact
They recently introduced a non-           David Pickles (above)
chemical, natural style canned            Dover Fisheries
wild caught black lipped abalone          p +61 418 843 798
to the Hong Kong market.                  e
The sweet heart
of lettuce
Swanport Harvest has found a
sweet piece of earth where
lettuces can grow all year ‘round.

   After thirty years in the industry,   weeks. Importantly, lettuces can
Don and Kathy Ruggerio know a            be harvested and delivered to the
thing or two about growing lettuces.     market within twenty four hours.
   They know that to grow them             Don said the business had
year ‘round you need a quality           successfully branded its lettuce
landholding with good climatic           to ensure buyer loyalty.
conditions and a steady access             “By producing a branded range
to water. To keep them fresh, you
need a quality lettuce and quality
                                         of lettuce products and ensuring
                                         the highest quality possible,
                                                                                  Healthy ScoreCard
packaging. And to maintain
customer loyalty, you need to
brand your product well.
                                         buyers are guaranteed a better
                                         product - one that stays crisper
                                         and fresher longer, and is more
                                                                                               for food
   The Ruggerios have got it right       consistent. Best of all, brand           South Australia’s food industry
on all counts.                           recognition enables buyers to            is looking good, according to
   Their Murray Bridge based             select the name they trust every         the latest ScoreCard results.
business, Swanport Harvest, is           time,” he said.
situated on the banks of the               Swanport Harvest produces 6-7             Despite the drought and               The ScoreCard shows finished
Murray River from where it draws         million heads of their unique lettuces   declining global demand in key         food has grown steadily over the
water for irrigation. The business       each year and plan to grow that          sectors, the state’s food industry     year with finished food overseas
also has additional properties in        number as they expand, according         has shown remarkable resilience        exports growing by 10% to reach
different climatic zones to ensure       to William Allen, Sales Manager.         with significant increases in key      a record level of $1.3 billion.
the quality, continuity and                “We currently supply SA, the           indicators over the last 12 months.      Employment in the food
consistency of their product.            Northern Territory and parts of             The data from the annual            industry increased both at the
   Swanport Harvest says it has          NSW, but we have the capability          Primary Industries and Resources       production end and the finished
developed and perfected a better         to supply nation wide.”                  SA Food ScoreCard shows Gross          food end.
lettuce, Staycrisp Premium. Fresh                                                 Food Revenue in 2008/09                  The food industry now employs
cut iceberg lettuces are packed          For more information                     increased 8% to $12.4 billion.         146,000 people - an increase of
and vacuum chilled within minutes                                                    The result shows the strength       5% from the previous year.
of harvest. This to-the-core             Contact
                                                                                  of the food industry and its             Declines are evident in the
snap-cooling process, along with         William Allen
                                                                                  importance to South Australia.         primary production end of the
the product's superior technology        p +61 419 822 298
                                                                                      In the past year gross food        food industry. Farm gate values
packaging dramatically increases         e
                                                                                  revenue, finished food and the         are down 5% to $3.2 billion largely
the product's crispness, freshness       w
                                                                                  value of overseas exports have         due to declining world grain prices
and shelf life to in excess of two                                                all grown significantly.               and poor seasonal conditions.
                                                                                     Overseas exports of South
                                                                                  Australian food have grown 18%         For more details
                                                                                  over the past year to be at a seven
                                                                                  year high and the second highest       Contact
                                                                                  value on record.                       Jack Langberg
                                                                                     Over the last decade finished       PIRSA
                                                                                  food export growth has been driven     p +61 8 8204 9571
                                                                                  by exceptional growth in meat          e
                                                                                  products, seafood, as well as pasta,
                                                                                  beer and other grain products.

All kinds of caper

Capers produced by the                    “Caper crops are a resilient and       Jonathon said the Australian           “I feel that the knowledge of
family owned Australian Caper           undemanding crop perfect for a         Caper Company was providing a         eating locally grown Australian
Company are the first capers            changing climate,” said Jonathon.      cost effective alternative to         capers and caper berries add to
grown, processed and packaged                                                  imported products in a niche          the enjoyment of eating them,
in Australia.                               “Caper plants are                  market as well as generating jobs     particularly because they are a
                                            drought resistant, can             in a new industry, and providing      plant requiring minimal amount of
  Every eight days in the early light                                          an alternative and sustainable crop   Australia’s precious water and
                                            handle poor nutrient
of South Australia’s hot summer                                                for areas affected by dry and         grow in the poorest soils”,
                                            and well drained soils,
months, a delicate operation takes                                             saline conditions.                    said Jonathon.
place on the rocky slopes of the            can grow using high                  Using organic farming methods          “You are eating the herb or the
River Murray.                               salinity water and are             and with low inputs required, they    fruit of a plant that not only creates
  Just as the sun rises, Jonathon           pest and disease                   are producing healthy and fresh       precious rural jobs but is
Trewartha and his team of pickers           resistant. Plus                    tasting capers, caper-berries and     environmentally sustainable and
set to work hand-picking the tiny           kangaroos and rabbits              caper products since beginning        has the potential to rehabilitate
unopened buds of the thousand               don’t like them!”                  in 1997 and now with six full         land so degraded by salinity, that
caper plants that make up the                                                  time employees.                       it can sustain no other crop.”
Australian Caper Company.                  The Australian Caper Company          This year the business will
  Combining ancient techniques          produces caper buds in salt in four    produce around two tonnes of          For more information
with modern research, Jonathon          sizes, caper buds in olive oil and     caper products with a plan to grow
produces fresh, firm and flavoursome                                           over 25 fold in the next four years   Contact
                                        caper berries in spicy wine vinegar.
caper products that rival the best                                             to over 50 tonnes per annum, by       Jonathon Trewartha
                                        A new product, caper salt was
in the world.                                                                  selecting four growers that will      p +61 414 989 107
                                        recently added to the range.
  Founder of Australian Caper                                                  plant 10,000 caper plants over the    e
Company, Jonathon says capers                                                  next 12 months.                       w
are an ideal ‘fit’ for South
Australia’s climate.
                                      Consume… to passionately                 Commit… to bring                         Connect… to unite,
                                      devour, absorb, indulge                  together, pledge and                     communicate, build
                                      and envelop.                             charge ahead.                            relationships and link.

Consume.                                 The South Australian food
                                      industry is a consuming force that
                                      creates endless possibilities and
                                                                                 The Awards are committed to
                                                                               representing the South Australian
                                                                               food industry and this year entry
                                                                                                                          The Awards recognise outstanding
                                                                                                                        achievement and excellence for
                                                                                                                        SA businesses working across

Commit.                               opportunities. It is this innovation,
                                      commitment, talent and sustainability
                                      that will be celebrated at this year’s
                                                                               has been extended to include more
                                                                               businesses than ever – those that
                                                                               are involved in the food industry
                                                                                                                        the food industry. Businesses and
                                                                                                                        individuals that have demonstrated
                                                                                                                        vision, leadership and innovation

Connect.                              Premier’s Food Industry Awards.
                                         The theme consume is based
                                      on the new South Australian Food
                                                                               along the whole value chain.
                                                                                 This means all SA food related
                                                                               businesses, not just finished foods
                                                                                                                        are recognised and promoted.
                                                                                                                          Each year the Awards are
                                                                                                                        elevated to a higher level through
  With the South Australian food      Strategy 2010 – 2015. The vision,        as well as beverages, including          the high calibre of entrants, the
industry’s vision for the next five   ‘South Australian Food - beyond          beer and liquor, are eligible to enter   dedicated judges, networking
years of creating food which is       the expectations of consumers            (with the exclusion of wine).            functions and the presentation gala
beyond expectations of all            around the globe’ recognises that                                                 dinner, which has become the
consumers, it is time to work         consumers are the ultimate end                So if you are a                     best celebration of the food
together and shout it from the        user of our products. The fulfilment          grower, distributor,                industry in SA.
rooftops! Entries for The             of their expectations and desires                                                   The outstanding success of our
                                                                                    restaurant, retailer,
Thirteenth Annual South               - including preferences for food                                                  winners and finalists also signifies
                                                                                    association, equipment
Australian Premier’s Food             and the production and delivery                                                   the exceptional level of excellence
                                      systems used - are fundamental                manufacturer or any                 and leadership.
Industry Awards are now open.
                                      to the success of the industry.               other business within                 You and your business can
                                         To reflect the new Strategy, the           the SA food industry                connect to all of this by entering
Award categories                      Awards feature a number of new                then you are eligible to            this year’s Awards. Entry criteria,
South Australian Food                 initiatives and improvements.                 enter the Premier’s                 categories and the easy to
Industry Hall of Fame made                                                          Food Industry Awards.               understand online application
possible by San Remo                                                                                                    are all available at
                                                                                 To bring everyone together in
Visionary Leaders
                                                                               the SA food industry the Award             Go online now to register your
(Young/Industry) new
                                                                               categories have also been improved       interest. Entries are open until
Valuing Workforce                                                                                                       Friday 23 July 2010 with winners
                                                                               with new names and a few new
Development sponsored by                                                                                                being announced at the Awards
                                                                               Award categories (see left).
Food and Beverage                                                                                                       presentation gala dinner in
Development Fund                                                                                                        November 2010.
Creating Sustainability
sponsored by Peats Soil and                                                                                             Want to know more?
Garden Supplies
Developing Markets
                                                                                                                        Sue Rogers
                                                                                                                        Premier's Food
Fostering Value Chain                                                                                                   Industry Awards
sponsored by Adelaide                                                                                                   p +61 8 8226 0468
Showground                                                                                                              e
Growing Small Business new
Leading Innovation
sponsored by SARDI
Servicing Industry
Consumers new
                                                                              Around the regions
Sprawling north of the city
                                       North of the city is home to many South Australian food businesses – big and small -
                                       with its flat land and industrial zones. It is also the proud home to much of Adelaide's
                                       finest agricultural production.

                                         Robbie started making sausages
Slape’s sizzling
                                       for a range of butchers before
sausages                               deciding to sell his store at
                                                                                                                        Today, Spring Gully operates
There’s more to a sausage than         Beulah Park and concentrate on         Still got that spring!
                                                                                                                     from purpose-built premises at Dry
meets the eye, according to Slape      sausage making.
                                                                              A kind Christmas gesture made          Creek in Cavan, and its products
and Sons.                                Today, Slape and Sons supplies
                                                                              more than 50 years ago spawned         are found across Australia, New
                                       28 different lines – 22 of them
                                                                              the multi-million dollar South         Zealand, China, Japan and the
   Twice a week, the aroma of          sausage varieties. The sausage
                                                                              Australian owned and operated,         Asia Pacific region.
freshly sizzled sausages wafts from    product range includes British pork
                                                                              Spring Gully Foods.                       Spring Gully Foods is still family
Slape and Sons manufacturing           chipolatas, ranchero beef, German
                                                                                                                     owned and operated, with an
plant at Newton as the Slape clan      bratwurst, fresh cheese kransky,
                                                                                 Edward McKee was nothing            experienced fourth generation
taste test new and current lines.      and Greek rosemary and garlic while
                                                                              if not industrious.                    team continuing the expansion of
   Not content to rest on their        other lines include Texas hamburgers
                                                                                 Orphaned at the age of three,       the business into the future. In
laurels as one of South Australia’s    and lemon pepper chicken. All
                                                                              Edward spent much of his early         recent years it has purchased
– and Australia’s – quality sausage    products are gluten free.
                                                                              life living in a tent in his Aunt’s    Leabrook Farms Honey and Gardener
makers, Robbie Slape and his sons        “Whilst we have made a big
                                                                              backyard. Shortly after World          and today employs 45 people.
Philip and Paul test their sausages    commitment to use export standard
                                                                              War 2, he bought an orange                The Spring Gully range includes
for taste, texture, appearance and     plant and equipment we have made
                                                                              orchard at Spring Gully, in the        pickles, gherkins, pickled onions,
how they cook up.                      a bigger commitment to our
                                                                              suburb of Rostrevor and added          sauces and jams; while the Leabrook
   “I think that’s been one of the     customers using old fashioned
                                                                              more than 3000 chooks to provide       Farms range includes a range of
secrets to our success,” said          values of quality and service,”
                                                                              manure for the orange trees. His       honey in glass and squeeze packs.
manager Philip Slape. “It’s not just   Philip explained.
                                                                              oranges and eggs were sold to          The Gardener range includes
about the way a sausage looks –          “To this end we still use mincers
                                                                              local corner stores.                   sweet spiced gherkins and onions.
it has to perform as well.”            rather than emulsifiers to produce
                                                                                 At Christmas each year Edward          Spring Gully Foods also
   Slape and Son’s commitment to       a consistent coarse cut quality
                                                                              would take a bottle of his home        manufacture, package and distribute
quality has seen it develop from a     product with good customer service.”
                                                                              grown pickled onions to each of        brand name product for other
one man show in the 1960s to             Slape and Sons products are
                                                                              his customers. Soon, his reputation    businesses as well as a host of
today employing around 25 people       available at Foodland, Food Works
                                                                              for pickled onions overtook his        generic supermarket labels.
and being stocked in supermarkets      and IGA stores, as well as
                                                                              reputation as an orange and egg
and butchers across the nation.        specialty shops.
   Philip said the family owned and
                                                                              supplier and Spring Gully Foods        For more information
                                                                              was born in 1946.
operated business began in 1965        For more details                          As the business expanded,           Contact
when his butcher father, Robbie,                                              Edward was joined by family            Kevin Webb
helped out a butcher friend by                                                members and a close friend and         Spring Gully Foods
                                       Philip Slape
making his sausages while he was                                              a new factory was built on site at     p +61 8 8262 7555
                                       Slape and Sons
on holidays.                                                                  Spring Gully.                          e
                                       p +61 8 8365 5555
   “When his friend returned from                                                Spring Gully’s products were sold   w
holidays his customers told him                                               initially through Tom the Cheap
they preferred the sausages they                                              supermarket chain, and later Coles
had bought the week before!”                                                  and Woolworths.

Seeding new opportunities
The deregulation of the ‘single       Primary, secondary and tertiary            The complexity of the chain                Consumers of the end product
desk’ exporting arrangement and     products are sold at retail and food       means that customer and                   are looking for food that is
the emergence of small batch        service in domestic and export             consumer values differ through the        enjoyable, convenient, healthy and
marketing is creating exciting      markets. Attributes that consumers         chain. Understanding these drivers        provides value for money.
new opportunities for the           value do not always readily                can provide an opportunity to meet        Increasingly, consumers are also
grain sector.                       translate through the chain.               customer needs and offer a                looking for natural foods that are
                                      Understanding partner values             differentiated and valued product.        ethically produced. They are also
  That’s one of the key messages    through the chain can help to                Justin said there were many             interested in the provenance of
that has emerged from the new       target production – rather than just       business benefits in understanding        their food –where it comes from
PIRSA Market Intelligence           producing a commodity product              what consumers wanted in a                and how it is produced.
produced ‘SA Grains Market          and letting the world market               product, and why they preferred              The SA Grains Market Overview
Overview’, according to Justin      determine the return.                      certain products.                         is produced by the Market
Ross, General Manager of Market       South Australia’s grain industries                                                 Intelligence Unit within the Market
Development within PIRSA.           are the state’s largest and most                “Consumer information                Development Program of PIRSA.
  “The grains industry has          valuable food sector ($3.3 billion              allows growers to                    The unit undertakes strategic
traditionally relied on the bulk    08/09). Production far and away                                                      market analysis on markets, trade,
                                                                                    make informed
handling co-operative system and    exceeds domestic consumption,                                                        trends and opportunities as well as
                                                                                    business decisions,”
the ‘single desk’ exporting         and exports are a key feature of                                                     providing high level strategic market
                                                                                        Justin said.
arrangement to manage the value     industry revenue.                                                                    intelligence to Government, industry
chain. But we see that with the       Major consumer products that                                                       sectors and industry organisations.
                                                                                 Deregulation of the export
deregulation of single desk and     feature grain include beer, bread                                                       The overview also features
                                                                               market for wheat and barley has
the growing emergence of small      and other bakery, noodles, pasta,                                                    profiles of businesses that have
                                                                               increased the opportunity to offer
batch marketing, there are great    biscuits, oils and spreads. Other                                                    understood consumer demands
                                                                               specialised products to meet
opportunities now for grain         key products are used for food                                                       and have developed chains
                                                                               export customer and consumer
growers to control more of the      ingredients, animal feed and industrial.                                             and products to create a
                                                                               demands. Values that are
marketing effort, and understand      Wheat and barley are by far the                                                    differentiated product such as KI
                                                                               important to customers include
what consumers are looking for in   largest volume crops produced in                                                     Pure Grains (see opposite page).
                                                                               characteristics of the product such
their products,” said Justin.       South Australia and around two                                                          To obtain a copy of the
                                                                               as functionality, quality and credence,
  The overview shows that the       thirds are exported as whole grain                                                   SA Grains Market Overview visit
                                                                               while the operation of the supply
grain supply chain is complex       in a typical season. Domestic use                                          
                                                                               chain in delivering grain and
compared with other food sectors.   as human food is a steady – but
                                                                               supporting information is also valued.
The logistics and infrastructure    relatively small market for South                                                    Want to know more?
requirements are extensive, while   Australia’s major grain crops.
multiple processing steps produce   Animal feed is another key market                                                    Contact
a highly transformed product.       for many field crops, with the                                                       Justin Ross
                                    growing intensive livestock                                                          PIRSA
                                    production in South Australia driving                                                p +61 8 8226 8157
                                    a consistent demand for feed.                                                        e
Japanese consumers crave KI canola
What began as a group of                   Back in 2003, a Japanese                  Growers such as Neil Pontifex            The Kangaroo Island canola is
farmers looking for a new export        businessman Mr Shigemi Hirata,            and Derek Johnson were among             listed on a “catalogue” of goods
opportunity has sparked a unique        chief executive of Hirata Industries,     a group of farmers who could see         made available to around 1 million
collaboration on South Australia’s      in Fukuoka, Japan, needed to find         the potential, but they also knew        homes in Toyko alone, and is
own Kangaroo Island.                    a new source of GM-free canola            they needed expert help.                 popular for cooking Tempura style.
                                        for his customers. Then Austrade             “We needed someone to drive the          Mr Pontifex said knowing and
   The island – long recognised as      Trade Commissioner, Chris Wood            business, so we could concentrate        understanding the end-consumer
one of the most pristine environments   – a South Australian living and           on growing the quality crops,” Mr        had helped the farmers understand
in the world – now boasts an enviable   working in Japan – knew exactly           Pontifex said.                           the importance of ensuring their
reputation as an exporter of high       where to take him - Kangaroo Island.         Enter experienced industry            product was perfect.
quality, GM-free canola to one of          “The island has a wonderful clean,     expert Duncan MacGillivray, who             “We met groups of mothers,
the biggest markets in the world.       green reputation. Mr Hirata had           was appointed Chief Executive of         listening to what they wanted. It’s
   Under a new business formed          already heard of the island and had       KI Pure Grain in 2009.                   all about minimal chemicals, non-GM,
last year, 72 growers on the island     visited himself, but needed some             “We had to market and develop,        safe food – and they are prepared
are now represented by the KI           support to convince the growers           and also maintain the quality and        to pay a premium for it,” he said.
Pure Grain brand, selling their seed    and build the project. We were            food safety aspect, so we needed            The business is now expanding,
and grain into key markets in Asia.     sure the tyranny of distance that         to have control over the whole           building on canola sales, as well
   KI Pure Grain – the brainchild of    always increased costs for everyone       process, from storage and handling,      other products such as low-protein
several farmers on the island – began   on the island could be turned             freight and containerisation, and        noodle wheat and biscuit wheat.
last year, and now represents 98 per    around into a distinct geographic         our marketing.,” Mr Pontifex said.
cent of the island’s grain producers.   advantage,” Mr Wood said.                    The group purchased the island’s      For further details
   The business’ beginnings are an         So after initial visits, the process   ABB Grain/Viterra facilities, and
interesting insight into how knowing    of introducing Mr Hirata to the local     negotiated a freight deal with           Contact
the right people, at the right time     growers began in 2004. The first          Sealink ferries to ensure the canola     Duncan MacGillivray
– and having a good understanding       shipload of 2000 tonnes of canola         could meet shipment timelines.           Kangaroo Island Pure Grain
of your customers – can make a          was sent to Japan in 2005 –                  Several farmers also travelled to     p +61 8 8227 2878
big difference.                         increasing to 6000 tonnes this year.      Japan to meet with Hirata Industries     e
                                                                                  to learn more about their customers.
                                                                                  Hirata Industries is a specialist
                                                                                  canola seed crusher.

                                                                                  (below) Duncan with the first shipment
                                                                                  being loaded up of 1,000m/t ASW
                                                                                  bound for Thailand. Photographer:
                                                                                  Terry Grenville, Stock Journal
                                         Oui Oui to premium seafood
South Australia’s clean, pristine           Glen Ingham, PIRSA Seafood                Since the tour South Australian
seafood regions get the thumbs           Industry Development Manager              yellow tail kingfish has been served
up from France’s leading chefs.          who co-hosted the tour said that          at the annual Euro Toques
                                         at all locations they viewed production   conference and a marked growth
   French chefs, journalists and         and processing and commented              in sales of the fish has occurred
photographers toured South               on our clean green environment.           to Europe. A DVD of the tour made
Australia’s seafood regions as part         “This is the first time Euro Toques    for French TV is being purchased
of a Euro Toques culinary tour in        has promoted products sourced             by PIRSA Market Development
late 2009.                               from outside of Europe, so it was         and a contingent from Euro Toques
   And what impressed them               a very valuable initiative,” Glen said.   is expected to tour again in 2011.
most? South Australia’s clear,              “The visit enabled the chefs to
pristine waters and premium              see behind-the-scenes of our              Want to know more?
quality seafood with the chefs           seafood export businesses as well
taking in oysters, mussels, kingfish     as other food businesses that may         Contact
and tuna in Port Lincoln, and            wish to export to Europe.                 Glen Ingham
lobster, marron and King George             “The tour culminated in attending      PIRSA
whiting on Kangaroo Island.              the Premier’s Food Awards                 p +61 8 8204 9976
   Leading chefs Henri Charvet,          presentation gala dinner, of which        e
President of Euro-Toques France          they were highly impressed.”
and Michelin star chef, and Jean            Euro-Toques International is a
Pierre Biffi, International President    network of over 4,000 European
of Escoffier World Chef’s Association,   chefs, including 400 from France,
visit which promotes South Australian    whose quest is to protect and pass
seafood products in France under         onto future generations a respect
an agreement with PIRSA.                 for culinary traditions and best
                                         principles of cooking, and to work
                                         with and lobby on behalf of quality
                                         producers to ensure that foods with
                                         real flavour, texture and taste are
                                         available now and in the future for
                                                                                   (right) Henri Charvet (middle) and
                                         our chefs, customers and children.
                                                                                   Jean Pierre Biffi (right) with the chef at
                                                                                   Regency International Centre

                                            The general public are invited to        Tasting Australia also hosts three           Finally, the 2010 Adelaide Food
Adelaide takes                           join international and national stars     prestigious industry events.                 Summit - a practical and cutting-
culinary                                 at the Miele Celebrity Chef Cooking
                                         Classes. Names such as Maggie
                                                                                     The Lifestyle Food Channel
                                                                                   Australian Regional Culinary
                                                                                                                                edge program about the State’s
                                                                                                                                opportunities to expand its food
centre stage                             Beer, Antonio Carluccio, Rosemary         Competition consists of 32 teams             and wine tourism programs to
                                         Shragerk, Pete Evans, Simon               preparing three courses over a day.          larger national and international
Tasting Australia returns to             Bryant, Antony Worrall Thompson,            The foodie equivalent of the               audiences to grow its reputation
Adelaide from 29 April to                Sam Worrall Thompson and Manu             Oscars, the 2010 Le Cordon Bleu              as one of the World's Top Food
6 May 2010.                              Feildel will all share their amazing      World Food Media Awards will be              and Wine Tourism Destinations.
                                         talents in the kitchen.                   presented at a gala dinner in
   Rub shoulders with the tastiest
celebrities … there’s something
                                            In addition, Richard Fox, Darren       acknowledgement of the work of               Want to know more?
                                         Simpson, Patrick Martin, Poh Ling         food and drink professionals, writers,
on the menu for everyone.                Yeow and Andre Ursini will also be        educators, TV presenters and                 Contact
   An explosion of talent and flavours   on stage at the Miele Cooking             producers. The Awards also                   Tasting Australia
is set to kick off Tasting Australia     Demonstrations at the largest             recognise excellence across a                p +61 8 8463 4698
- the only premier food and wine         public event, the Bank SA Feast           broad range of publishing mediums.           w
festival of its kind in the country.     for the Senses. Over 30,000
   Tasting Australia attracts world-     people are expected to converge
renowned chefs, winemakers,              on the Adelaide Riverbank Precinct
sommeliers, brewers and                  at Elder Park on Saturday 1 and
restaurateurs and features more          Sunday 2 May 2010.
than 40 different events including
demonstrations, tastings and classes.
SA Food Centre
Your first stop for

                                                                                                                           “But the truth is that seldom are
                                                                                Making processes                        ‘full.’ Usually we find that if the
                                                                                efficient                               business spends some time,
                                                                                                                        money and effort laying out the
                                                                                It’s a familiar story. Someone          production facility more effectively
                                            “Process areas need a               sees a gap in the market for, say,      - so that their processing becomes
Badge of success                            level of flexibility.
                                                                                a decent brandied fruit. They           more efficient – there is no need
                                                                                remember a wonderful recipe             for them to move at all. Often, this
A design and construction                   Products and market                 their grandmother used to make.         decision can save the business
company with its beginnings in              demands are constantly              They head off to the market,            millions of dollars.”
Adelaide is assisting South                 changing and evolving.              stock up on dried fruits, rush             The SA Food Centre can help
Australian food businesses grow             All plant and equipment             home and make a batch of the            SA food businesses to improve
their production capabilities -                                                 most divine brandied fruits.
                                            has a finite life, its                                                      their processing capabilities. Areas
and iron out any bottlenecks
                                            replacement often has                                                       of improvement that Andrew and
along the way.                                                                    They share jars of the precious       Food Processing Engineer Mohan
                                            different space and
                                                                                produce amongst their friends and       Raj have worked with businesses
  Designing a new food production           service requirements.
                                                                                the feedback is encouraging.            on include:
facility – or rebuilding an existing        These changes need to                 Before long, the brandied fruits      • Revisions in process plant
one – is about far more than                be included in the                  are selling like hot cakes at the             layout so that businesses can
attractive design and new signage.          design process.”                    local farmers market. A fledgling             more effectively utilise the
  Easing bottlenecks, planning for                                              cottage industry is born.                     space in which they work
future production growth and                                                      Encouraged by the success of
                                           “Most processing plants evolve                                                     rather than having to
ensuring good process flow are                                                  the product they begin making
                                        over a long period of time. Areas                                                     accelerate plans to expand or
also key elements, according                                                    and selling their product in earnest
                                        get added to or extended to cope                                                      to move into new facilities.
to Badge.                                                                       and earning a decent living from
                                        with immediate requirements and                                                       This process has resulted in
  Badge is recognised as one of                                                 the brandied fruits.
                                        are rarely future proofed. This is                                                    shorter term changes being
the few design and construction                                                   Success breeds more success
                                        not something that needs to carry                                                     employed at a cost of tens of
companies in Australia with an                                                  and, in time, family members join
                                        a cost burden, but simply some                                                        thousands rather than hundreds
expertise in food and beverage                                                  the business. Production increases
                                        careful consideration during the                                                      of thousands or millions of
facilities. Name any one of dozens                                              steadily, until the existing premises
                                        early design phase.”                                                                  dollars, allowing the businesses
of food producing facilities in South                                           seems to be bursting at the seams.
                                           Brendon said logistics and safety                                                  to maximise productivity in
Australia, and chances are that                                                   Now a new dilemma – battle
                                        were also paramount                                                                   their existing sites.
Badge may have been involved                                                    away in an overcrowded premises,
                                        considerations. “Personnel, trucks                                              • Assistance with the
somewhere along the line.                                                       or outlay millions to develop a new
                                        and forklifts need to coexist in such                                                 implementation of more
  Badge’s Design Group Manager                                                  purpose-built facility.
                                        a way to maximise safety and                                                          effective heating and cooling
Brendon Zarins said “looking ahead”
                                        minimise, or eliminate, the crossing                                                  systems to provide improved
was a key to Badge’s success.
“Master-planning facilities to enable
                                        of functions.”                          An inevitable choice.                         temperature control of
                                           Badge works closely with Council                                                   sensitive food products.
growth beyond the current project                                               Or is it?                               • Improved segregation of food
                                        Planners, the EPA, Metropolitan
- should it be required – is always
                                        Fire Service and other relevant                                                       products at different stages
a key consideration.”                                                              According to Andrew Barber,
                                        statutory bodies to ensure that the                                                   (raw, cooked, packaged)
  Pinch-points, or bottlenecks in                                               Principal Scientist, Food Innovation
                                        most cost effective solution for all                                                  of processing.
processing that may have an impact                                              and Value Chain at the South
                                        building commissions are achieved.                                              • Increases in product shelf lives
on outputs, are also targeted.                                                  Australian Food Centre, the above
                                           “This enables our client to                                                        associated with improved
  Brendon said there were many                                                  scenario is not uncommon in the
                                        continue doing what they do best                                                      product handling.
benefits in improving processing                                                South Australian food industry.
                                        - it enables them to focus on the                                               • Assessments in the practicality
areas to enable greater                                                            “So many of our State’s food
                                        project without the burden of                                                         of the introduction of new (or
production output.                                                              businesses are small to medium
                                        addressing any statutory                                                              second hand) processing lines.
  “Process flow is always a major                                               sized, family owned and operated.
                                        requirements,” Brendon said.                                                    • Investigations into the
consideration. There is no point in                                             Often as the business grows, what
                                                                                                                              practicality of proposed sites
creating a new end to a process                                                 was a good practical
that can cope with increased
                                        Want more information?                  manufacturing method on a small
                                                                                                                              for food business operations.

output if the start of the process      Contact                                 scale can become less efficient as
will never be able to cater for the     Brendon Zarins                          the business – and production,          Want to know more?
increased throughput.” He said          Badge                                   grows,” he said.                        Contact
good master-planning went a long        p +61 8 8293 5099                          “The business reaches the stage      Dr Andrew Barber
way to resolving this issue.            e                  where it is ‘full’ and the owners       SA Food Centre
                                                                                think they need to move from            p +61 8 8348 2488
                                                                                its existing site to a new              e
                                                                                purpose-built facility.

             Events April to July 2010
Wine & Gourmet Japan                   SIAL Canada                           SIAL Shanghai                            All Things Organic
Food Adelaide is representing          Targeted at the Canadian and          At SIAL China more than 1057             The All Things Organic Conference
South Australia at the first           North American markets SIAL           exhibitors from 50 nations will          and Trade Show delivers the latest
dedicated professional tradeshow       Montreal is the ideal tradeshow to    showcase their products to over          organic industry education, new
for wine, and gourmet food and         gain business exposure into           29,000 visitors from throughout          market trends and the most
beverage products targeting the        these areas.                          the world.                               innovative organic products available.
Japan market.
                                       Date: 20 to 23 April 2010             Date: 19 to 21 May 2010                  Date: 16 to 17 June 2010
Date: 7 to 9 April 2010                Location: Montreal, Canada            Location: Shanghai, China                Location: Chicago, USA
Location: Tokyo, Japan                 Visit:        Visit:           Visit:
                                       European Seafood Expo                 Restaurant 10                            Fancy Food Show
Healthy Food Show                      The European Seafood Exposition       The only dedicated events for the        New York
A national exhibition showing          is the world's largest seafood fair   restaurant and café industry,            The premier marketplace for
Australians how they can adopt a       attracting buyers and sellers from    Restaurant 10 is a must attend for       specialty foods… where retailers,
balanced diet and activity program     over 140 countries around the         anyone looking to source the very        restaurateurs, distributors and
leading to living longer healthier     world and featuring the stands of     best in regional produce, innovative     others discover innovative, new
lives. The Show aims to educate        over 1600 exhibitors.                 new products and services for            food and beverage products.
and inspire people of all ages to                                            their business.
                                       Date: 27 to 29 April 2010                                                      Date: 27 to 29 June 2010
embrace a healthy lifestyle thereby
                                       Location: Brussels, Belgium           Date: 24 to 25 May 2010                  Location: New York, USA
reducing the risk of many lifestyle
                                       Visit:        Location: Melbourne, VIC                 Visit:
related diseases.
Date: 9 to 11 April 2010               Tasting Australia                                                              Good Food & Wine
Location: Melbourne, VIC
                                       One of Australia's most influential
                                                                             Good Food & Wine                         Show Perth
                                       and best attended food and drink      Show Melbourne
                                                                                                                      Discover thousands of tastes,
                                       festivals, Tasting Australia hosts
Tastes of the Outback                  hundreds of the world's top chefs,
                                                                             Discover thousands of tastes,            flavours, products and techniques
                                                                             flavours, products and techniques        from hundreds of exhibitors at the
Wine and dine your way through         sommeliers, restaurateurs, food ,     from hundreds of exhibitors at the       2010 Good Food & Wine Show.
the Flinders Ranges and Outback,       wine, beer and travel media.          2010 Good Food & Wine Show.              It's like Australia's biggest gourmet
indulging in fine regional food and                                          It's like Australia's biggest gourmet
                                       Date: 29 April to 6 May 2010                                                   deli, most fascinating kitchen
wine accompanied by world class                                              deli, most fascinating kitchen
                                       Location: Adelaide, SA                                                         shops and delicious restaurants,
entertainment. Eat your way                                                  shops and delicious restaurants,
                                       Visit:                                            and it's all waiting to be discovered.
through the region trying great                                              and it's all waiting to be discovered.
outback dishes.                                                                                                       Date: 2 to 4 July 2010
                                       Seoul Food & Hotel                    Date: 4 to 6 June 2010                   Location: Perth, WA
Date: 16 to 26 April 2010                                                    Location: Melbourne, VIC
                                       An international exhibition for                                                Visit:
Location: Singapore                                                          Visit:
Visit:   the food, beverage, hotel,
                                       restaurant, foodservice, bakery                                                Good Food & Wine
                                       and supermarket industries, Seoul     Fine Food New Zealand                    Show Sydney
Food & Hotel Asia                      Food & Hotel serves up excellent      The first Fine Food New Zealand
Food Adelaide is representing          opportunities with a winning                                                   Discover thousands of tastes,
                                                                             will unite and revitalise the New
South Australia at Food and Hotel      combination of food and                                                        flavours, products and techniques
                                                                             Zealand food service industry and
Asia (FHA) in Singapore, the largest   hospitality resources.                                                         from hundreds of exhibitors at the
                                                                             contribute to its ongoing
international food tradeshow in                                                                                       2010 Good Food & Wine Show.
                                       Date: 12 to 15 May 2010               development by encouraging the
Asia and held every two years.                                                                                        It's like Australia's biggest gourmet
                                       Location: Seoul, South Korea          development of national and global
                                                                                                                      deli, most fascinating kitchen
Date: 20 to 23 April 2010              Visit:        connections and networks.
                                                                                                                      shops and delicious restaurants,
Location: Singapore                                                          Date: 13 to 15 June 2010                 and it's all waiting to be discovered.
Visit:                                                Location: Auckland, NZ
                                                                                                                      Date: 16 to 18 June 2010
                                                                                                                      Location: Sydney, NSW

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