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									Blood Pressure Worksheet & Review
1. Why is it necessary for the blood in the blood vessels to be
   under pressure?

2. (a) What happens to pressure as the distance from the heart
   (b) How might artery structure be related to this change?

3. Describe the five major factors that affect pressure.

4. Define systolic and diastolic pressure. What is considered
   normal for each of these?

5. Describe the relationship between blood pressure and age.
   Suggest a reason for changes that might occur.

6. What is hypertension? What factors lead to it?

7. Define stroke and heart attack. What are some risk factors for
   each of these?

8. Explain how changes in blood pressure help to maintain
   homeostasis in the body.

9. Describe the control of blood pressure by the autonomic
   nervous system (e.g. parasympathetic, etc.).

10.(a) Define arteriolar resistance.

   (b) List and describe factors which affect arteriolar resistance.

11.(a) Define osmotic pressure.

   (b) Explain how blood pressure and osmotic pressure contribute
   to fluid exchange at the capillary level.

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