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									Love At First Sight   Is It Possible

Many people believe in love at first sight. For some people, they may
have had experiences with relationships that were based on falling in
love when they first met someone. There are differing opinions throughout
the world in regards to knowing the person you just met is “the one” and
whether or not it is possible. The problem is that there is no direct
research or information available to prove or disprove the theory of
falling in love instantly. Therefore, it is more of an individual belief
and is based on how each person perceives things.

Emotional attachment at first sighting is when you have a very strong,
immediate connection to someone as soon as you see them. There does not
have to be a single word uttered. You see this person and there is an
immediate need to be with them. These feelings do not go away. If you are
truly meant to be with someone, there is really no way to get rid of the
feelings associated with that.

Although it is called love at first sight, there are some instances where
the feelings involved do not actually include love. There will always be
some sort of very strong emotional bond however. Whether it is love,
longing, or just sexual energy, something is going to exist between you
and the other person. This can all be termed love at first sight. It can
also be the doorway to a happy, lasting relationship.

There are more and more people that say that their relationships were
based on love at first sight. For example, look at the commercials that
eHarmony has all over the television right now. These people say that
they knew right away that the person they met was the one that they were
meant to be with.

Some of these couples have been together for years now and are still very
happy in their relationships and committed to each other. The interesting
thing about these people is that they initially had first sight through
photos of each other on the internet. Many people see this as a very
strong testimonial to the fact that love at first sight does indeed exist
and is a very strong power.

Emotional bonding when meeting someone can happen anywhere, at any time.
You could be walking down the street and see someone that you are
immediately emotionally charged about. Perhaps, you are at work and a co-
worker, customer, or salesperson walks by. Or, maybe you are browsing
profiles on an online dating site. All of these scenarios have the
potential for bonding strongly with the special one. There are no set
rules about where or how the connection can occur. It is very open and
very broad. This is in reality what increases skepticism about the
realness of love at first sight.

There have been many books and educational materials published on the
topic of love at first sight. While none of these people are experts,
they all have their own knowledge to offer. Some of the writers and
people, which discuss this topic are people that claim to have had first
hand experience with relationships that were based on love at first

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