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									I Broke Up With My Boyfriend How Do I Move On

It can be challenging to move on after a breakup, even if you're the one
who did the breaking up. You might start to feel a little lonely and
start doubting your decision. If the words "I broke up with my
boyfriend,now what do I do?" have just come out of your mouth rest
assured that you do have options.

The first thing you need to do is decide whether or not you want to stay
broken up with him. This isn't the time to be jumping from one emotion
to another. There was a reason you ended your relationship and more than
likely, it was a good one.

If you had a good reason to breakup make sure you stick to your guns and
don't let a few minutes of doubt convince you to get back together with
him. You are just asking for trouble. For one thing it is highly likely
that he will be bitter and may try to punish you for hurting him.

Another thing to consider is that whatever problem caused you to end the
relationship will still be there so you'll just be getting into a messy
cycle of breaking up, getting back together just to break up again.

If you've decided that breaking up was premature and you really had a
relationship worth saving then your work is cut out for you.

The first thing you should do is to try to set up a meeting with him.
Calmly, rationally, and honestly explain to him why you felt you needed
to end the relationship. At this point it will help your case enormously
if you can come up with a good explanation.

Next, you should explain to him that since the breakup you've had a lot
of time to think things over and you realize that you made a mistake.
You have to not only convince him that you're sure you want him back, and
that you won't just break up with him again in a few weeks, you also
have to make sure that's how you feel deep inside. Game playing is
absolutely not acceptable.

After you've had a chance to explain to him why you made the choices you
did you have to stand back and let him decide what he wants to do. If he
feels that he just can't trust you anymore and he doesn't want to take
you back it's your turn to bow out gracefully and move on.

"I broke up with my boyfriend" is a phrase most women will use at one
time or another in their lives. What you do after that depends on how
you feel after you've had time to calm down and think things through.

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