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                              Holocaust of Arkadi
                                                A symbol of freedom and heroism

                                           Profile: Mikis Theodorakis
                                           Profile: Mikis Theodorakis
                              Interview: Archbishop Irinaeus of Crete
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 3              KPHTH | NOVEMBER                   2008
[president’s message]

                               A tribute to the Heroes and Martyrs of
                              the Holocaust of the Arkadi Monastery

             “ Those who do not know, honor and respect their own History face a grim future! ”

             Ladies and Gentlemen,

              Those who do not know, honor and respect their own history face a grim future! Let us there-
          fore make a serious effort to familiarize ourselves with and to honor our forefathers’ struggles for
          Freedom, as they were expressed through self sacrifices and their resistance to vicious conquerors
          as long as it was needed to change the course in history. We, Americans of Cretan descent, have a
          sacred duty to honor those Martyrs and Heroes, who participated in countless insurgencies, battles
          and other momentous events throughout the Cretan history for Freedom.

              A historically significant event which we commemorate in November, and which stands tall above
          all others, is the Holocaust of the Arkadi Monastery. On November 8, 1866 a handful of Cretan
          fighters and monks, along with several hundreds of women and children, fought an unequal battle
          against the barbarian Ottoman Turks. In a defiant and heroic act, the Cretan fighters chose volun-
          tarily to self-sacrifice themselves at the altar of Freedom!

             It’s our sacred obligation to remember and honor those Martyrs and Heroes every year in all our
          chapters with special gatherings and celebrations, and to offer Church memorials in their honor!

              Ladies and Gentlemen,
              •    Every time I visit the Arkadi Monastery, my heart and soul are filled with awe and pride!
              •    How can they not be filled with pride, when you can still smell the gunpowder in the powder
              •    How can they not be filled with owe, when you can still smell the bones of the Martyrs and
          the Fighters, who sacrificed themselves at the altar of Freedom?
              •    Αs I look at the blood-stained glass of Abbot Gabriel, I shiver and tremble at the presence of
          this Holy and Formidable vision!

             May the memory of all the Martyrs, the Heroes and the Fighters of the Arkadi Holocaust be
          blessed, those who with their heroic self-sacrifice, gained the precious Freedom they had been wish-
          ing for centuries, and passed it on to us, so that we can abundantly enjoy it today!

             Brothers and Sisters let us all pay tribute to the Arkadi Monastery Martyrs and the Fighters. Let
          us kneel in deference to those Heroes and Martyrs of Freedom!

             In closing, I offer the following Mandinada, apropos to this exceptional anniversary:

             “In Arkadi they incense them, the Saints with gunpowder
             As they too covet this unique and special smell.”

                                                                                       Manolis Velivasakis
                                                                          Pancretan Association of America

4   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
                                                                               [μήνυμα προέδρου]

     Φόρος τιμής προς τους ήρωες και μάρτυρες του
             Ολοκαυτώματος του Αρκαδίου

             «Λαός που δεν σέβεται και τιμά τις ιστορικές μνήμες δεν έχει μέλλον!»

             Αγαπητοί φίλοι και φίλες,

             Λαός που δεν σέβεται και τιμά τις ιστορικές μνήμες δεν έχει μέλλον! Δεν πρέπει λοιπόν ποτέ να
          ξεχνάμε τους αγώνες των προγόνων μας για την ελευθερία, όπως εκφράστηκαν μέσα από πράξεις
          αυτοθυσίας και αντιστάθηκαν στους πάνοπλους κατακτητές όσο χρειάστηκε για να αλλάξει ο ρους
          της ιστορίας. Εμείς οι Αμερικανοί Κρητικής καταγωγής, έχουμε ιδιαίτερη ιερή υποχρέωση Τιμής στους
          δικούς μας Μάρτυρες και ΄Ηρωες, που πήραν μέρος σε αμέτρητες επαναστάσεις, μάχες και σε άλλα
          γεγονότα σημαντικά για την Κρητική ιστορία και για τον αγώνα της Κρήτης προς την Ελευθερία.

              Ένα τέτοιο γεγονός βεβαίως, το οποίο τιμούμε κάθε Νοέμβριο, είναι ίσως το πιο σημαντικό από
          όλα τα άλλα και είναι το Ολοκαύτωμα του Αρκαδίου. Στις 8 Νοεμβρίου 1866, μια φουχτιά μαχητές
          και καλόγεροι μαζί με μερικές εκατοντάδες γυναικόπαιδα εστάθηκαν μπροστά στον Τούρκο και
          επολέμησαν μεχρι τελευταίας πνοής. Αντί να παραδωθούν, επροτίμισαν να πεθάνουν στον βωμό της

             Αποτελεί ιερή υποχρέωση για εμάς, να θυμόμαστε και να τιμούμε αυτούς τους Μάρτυρες και
          τους Ήρωες κάθε χρόνο, σε όλους τους συλλόγους μας, και στις εκκλησίες μας, με μνημόσυνα και

             Αγαπητοί φίλοι και φίλες, κυρίες και κύριοι,

             •   Κάθε φορά που πάω στο Αρκάδι γεμίζει η ψυχή μου δέος και υπερηφάνεια.
             •   Πώς να μη γεμίσει υπερηφάνεια, που ακόμη μυρίζεις το μπαρούτι στην Μπαρουταποθήκη;
             •   Πώς να μη γεμίσει δέος, που ακόμη μυρίζεις τα κόκκαλα των Μαρτύρων και των Αγωνιστών
          που θυσιάστηκαν στον βωμό της Ελευθερίας;
             •   Σαν βλέπω το ματωμένο ποτήριο του Ηγουμένου Γαβριήλ, με πιάνει ρίγος και τρέμω
          ολόκληρος μπροστά στο Θείο και φοβερό αυτό όραμα!

             Ας είναι ευλογημένη η μνήμη όλων των Μαρτύρων, Ηρώων και Αγωνιστών του Ολοκαυτώματος
          του Αρκαδίου, που με την Ηρωική αυτοθυσία τους κατέκτησαν την πολύτιμη και πολυπόθητη
          Ελευθερία, την οποία εδώρησαν σ’εμάς και την απολαμβάνουμε σήμερα.

             Η παρακάτω μαντινάδα είναι πολύ απροπό για την μεγάλη αυτή επέτειο:

             «Στ’ Αρκάδι τσι θυμιάζουνε τσ’ Αγίους με μπαρούτι
             γιατί κι αυτοί τη ρέγονται την μυρωδιά ετούτη.»

             Ελάτε όλοι μαζί αδέλφια, να αποδώσουμε φόρο τιμής στούς Μάρτυρες Αγωνιστές,
             και να κλίνωμε ευλαβικά το γόνυ σ’αυτούς τους Ήρωες της Ελευθερίας.

                                                                                   Μανώλης Βεληβασάκης
                                                                                          Πρόεδρος ΠΕΑ
5   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
                                                                  Greetings Emmanuel,
A COMMENTARY ON THE RECENT                                        I recently read the special report you wrote in the July-
                                                              August issue of KPHTH on Pioneer Greeks of the West and
US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION                                      was very touched. My grandfather Michail Tsouroupakis was
                                                              one of those Pioneers arriving on Ellis Island in 1910 and
    Dear Members and Friends,                                 then travelling to Salt Lake City where he worked as a miner
                                                              for 18 years before going back to Crete. He died when my
    Earlier this month, we witnessed a historic Presi-        father was very young and he remembers stories that he
dential election! An election which proved beyond any         used to tell him about the conditions and how poorly they
reasonable doubt that not only is the American Dream          were treated. In fact my grandfather was stuck in one of the
alive and well, but at long last, the winds of “change”       mines for three days during an explosion which cost him his
have reached the American shores! The election of Ba-         hearing in one of his ears. I’m truly pleased that you hon-
rack Obama has created a tremendous anticipation here         ored these amazing people in your article and that the next
in the US and abroad for new American policies towards        generation of Greeks and Cretans know what sacrifices were
global security, justice, peace, and above all respect        made by many.
for humanity. We warmly congratulate President-elect              Regards
Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joseph Biden on                                    Michael Tsouroupakis, President
their landslide victory. In addition, Senator John McCain                     Cretans Association of Toronto “Knossos”
and Governor Sarah Palin should also be commended
for running a vigorous campaign.
                                                                  Dear Scholarship Committee Members of the PAA,
    The Hellenic American community looks forward to              I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being
working with the new administration in Washington on          selected as one of the scholarship recipients. I have always
issues of importance to our community: (1) strengthen-        felt the support of the Pancretan Association in the furthering
ing U.S.-Greece relations, (2) a viable, just and peace-      of my education and success as a young Cretan-American
ful solution to the Cyprus issue, (3) a quick and just        and this is another display of this support. The Pancretan As-
resolution of the FYROM issue and (4) securing religious      sociation has been very generous in awarding thousands of
freedom and protection of the Ecumenical Patriarchate,        dollars each year in scholarships to help the youth afford to
including the facilitation of the re-opening of the Theo-     continue their studies to create a strong future generation.
logical School in Halki.                                      It is very evident that through these scholarships and the
                                                              PYA, the Cretans are working diligently to help establish the
   The already demonstrated interest and understand-          knowledge and skills in the youth so we’re prepared to lead
ing of the Hellenic issues by both President-elect Obama      the PAA in preserving the culture and heritage of Crete in the
and VP-elect Biden is extremely encouraging and pres-         years to come. I hope that one day I have the opportunity to
ents a unique opportunity for progress on all fronts. All     help others in the way you have demonstrated your support
of us however must continue to work hard to keep our          to me throughout the years.
Hellenic issues at the forefront at all centers of power in       With gratitude,
                                                                                                    Asimina Boutzoukas
   We are elated that all Greek-American members
of Congress were successful in their reelection bids
and congratulate them all: U.S. Reps. Gus M. Bilirakis
(R-FL), John Sarbanes (D-MD), Zack Space (D-OH), Niki
Tsongas (D-MA) and Shelley Berkley (D-NV). In addi-
tion, we welcome and congratulate Dina Titus (D-NV),
who accomplished the difficult task of unseating an

   Last but not least, the noble efforts of our fellow
Greek-American challengers Jane Mitakides (D-OH) and
Jim Trakas (R-OH) are to be commended. Challenging
incumbents is never an easy task and thus both are to
be applauded for their spirited efforts. It is imperative
that we encourage more and more Greek-Americans to
run for public office at all levels of government.

    Manolis Velivasakis
6   KPHTH | NOVEMBER      2008
                                                                                   [convention 2009]

The Excitement is Building!

       I sent in my deposit for my family’s reserva-                     NOW is the time to call!
    tion a few months ago and read in the Septem-                 Call to make your reservation NOW!
    ber issue to call Homeric and follow up to com-        Have your family make their reservations, NOW!
    plete my PAA 2009 Convention reservations.                           Call your fellow Cretans
    Within days, I called and spoke to Doug at Ho-                   to reserve their cabins, NOW!
    meric, I advised him who I was and why I was                        Call your friends to make
    calling and he was very receptive and eager to                      their reservations, NOW!
    help. Within 15 minutes, I completed my res-             This will go down in the record books as one
    ervations, and booked my cruise. I was able to        of the greatest PAA Conventions ever
    reserve the cabins that I wanted and am eagerly          Be a Part of It!!
    awaiting the cruise!!                                    Pick up the phone and call Homeric; surprise
       I reserved 3 rooms, one for my wife and my-        your family, give them a Christmas present that
    self, one for my children, and one for my mother      they will never forget. Give them an opportunity
    and aunt, all in a row so as to have the children’s   to see Crete in ways they will never forget! Let
    room in the middle. The earlier you book your         them walk the limani at Chania, the palio poli
    room, the better the chances will be that you         in Rethymno, visit Knossos and Arkadi, visit the
    can obtain the accommodations that you will           museum of Heraklion, visit Spinalonga Island.
    want.                                                    I encourage all of you to join us. The contract
       We are giving the cruise tickets to my mom         is signed, the ship is reserved, the itinerary is
    and aunt as their Surprise Christmas present          set, the convention committees are working and
    as they may never have an opportunity to do           we are setting sail!!
    this again.                                              Call Homeric NOW to make your reservations:
       I was excited to hear that there were over 300
    reservations already made and that did not in-                       Homeric Tours:
    clude at least 20 more from Chicago that I knew                      1-800 223-5570
    had not yet reserved their tickets.                               Press 7, then press 413
       Our goal is to get as close to 1,000 people on
    the cruise as possible. It is a large commitment                   Or book online at
    on the part of the Board; however, this is the            http://pancretan.homerictours.com
    PAA and the PAA is us!
       The success of this convention rests on our          We look forward to seeing you there!!
    shoulders, on each individual member, on the
    PAA Board, and on the local Chapters.                                                  John Manos
    So…………………Yes,                                                               2nd Vice President, PAA
                                                               President, Cretan Brotherhood of Chicago
7    KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
[special report]

8   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
                              [special report]

9   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
[cover story]

The Sacrifice of Arkadi
        n November 9, 1866, the         sided with the metropolitan in lead-     begun gathering at the monastery
        last defenders of the Mon-      ing the revolt. But there were larger,   on March 3, and by November the
        astery of Arkadi on Crete,      underlying issues. The Cretans were      monastery housed 259 warriors
besieged by Turkish forces, blew        tired of onerous taxation on agri-       and 705 women and children. On
themselves up along with the Turk-      cultural produce. Above all, they        September 24, Colonel Koronaios
ish troops that had just broken         wanted union with Greece, some-          arrived at Arkadi and was de-
through their defenses. The event is    thing omitted from a declaration         clared head of the military effort.
considered the most heroic act of       sent to the sultan in Constantinople     Koronaios believed the site unsuit-
the Cretan Revolt of 1866.              but included in a secret addendum        able for defence, but Abbot Gavriil
                                        circulated among the consuls of the      refused to leave. After improving
BY EFTHYMIOS TSILIOPOULOS               Great Powers (Great Britain, France      defences and appointing Lieutenant
                                        and Russia).                             Ioannis Dimakopoulos as chief in
    The revolt was sparked by the           At this time the island’s popula-    his stead, Koronaios left to amass
island’s Ottoman governor, Hakim        tion was divided among a small           fighters from the provinces.
Ishmael Pasha, taking the side of       minority that viewed the Turkish             The Ottoman garrison of Crete
young Cretan scholars who wanted        involvement as beneficial, quite a       - with 6,000 infantry, 200 cavalry,
to divest the metropolitan of Crete,    few that wanted a semi-autono-           1,200 Albanian mercenaries and
monastery abbots and other nota-        mous status, and the majority who        supported by 30 field guns - started
bles of proceeds from monasteries,      believed that Crete was Greek and        for the monastery and sent mes-
and invest them directly in mon-        that the Turks were conspiring to        sages requesting Gavriil surrender.
astery-run schools. Ishmael Pasha       deprive them of their education              The assault began on November
also interfered with local elections,   and ethnic rights. This last group       8. The following day, the Turkish
often annulling those that produced     was aided and abetted by anti-           forces broke through the outer de-
victors favored by Metropolitan         monarchist officers from Athens,         fenses. Bitter hand-to-hand fighting
Dionysios.                              like Panos Koronaios, as well as         ensued, during which many of the
    The pasha’s involvement back-       foreigners.                              defenders were killed, including
fired so badly that young scholars          Cretan revolutionaries had           armed women and children. When
10   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
                                               [cover story]
the Turkish troops began pouring
into the monastery’s enclosure, the
women and children and wounded
survivors gathered in the powder
room. As the first Turks entered the
room, one of the defenders shot a
bullet into the kegs, which resulted
in an explosion so thunderous and
forceful it was heard in Iraklio.
    For many years, historians held
on to the notion that Konstantinos
Yamboudakis from the village of
Adele was the one who fired the
shot. Despite that some maintained
that Abbott Gavriil was the one,
this was easily disproved as he was
found dead by the Turks outside
the powder room in the northwest
corner of the compound, where he
had died three hours earlier. His
corpse was identified, beheaded,
mutilated and desecrated by the Ot-
toman forces.
    A more careful examination
of historical data (especially by
Eleftherios Prevelakis in 1966),
however, suggests that the man
behind the fated shot was school-
teacher Emanuel Skoulas from
Mylopotamos. His deed was attrib-
uted to Yamboudakis, by no means
a lesser man, because Skoulas was
among the young scholars that
wanted to deprive the clergy and
gentry of their income, and also
because of local rivalries. The revolt
did not end, but left the rebels in
charge of the hinterland and the
Turks in the cities.
    The monastery was rebuilt and
only the magazine, a charred chan-
cel screen (templon) to the left of the
Sacred Table and a cannonball em-
bedded in an ageless cypress in the
yard bear witness to the bloodshed.
    Crete revolted again in 1895,
gaining semi-autonomy. This revolt
brought to the fore the young
Eleftherios Venizelos and precipitat-
ed the Greek-Turkish War of 1896.
Crete was finally encompassed into
the Greek state in 1912 at the begin-

ning of the Balkan Wars.

                         Source: ATHENS NEWS
11   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008

12   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008

                                                                                                                                        Source: Crete Today

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                                                                                                                        Boat for
                                   Donated by the Ted & Rema Manousakis
                    21st Prize:    3 cases of famous “Malvazia” aromatic wine
                                   Donated by the Region of Crete (to be picked up in Crete)
                    22nd Prize:    One case of Cretan Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
                                   Donated by the Semanderes Family
                    23rd Prize:    2 copies (Greek & English) of “The Authentic Cooking of Crete”
                                   Donated by the Nikos & Maria Psilakis
                    24th Prize:    One copy of the “Eleftherios Venizelos” Historic Photo Album

                                   Donated by Manolis & Orsa Velivasakis
                    25th Prize:    One copy of the T. Detorakis Historic Album “KPHTH”
                                     Donated by The Region of Crete

                                         1 raffle for $25 – 5 for $100
                                  Winners need not be present to win Prizes as donated.
                                                    No cash value.


      PAA_RAFFLE_TICKET.indd 1                                                               10/14/2008 10:25:10 AM
13   KPHTH | NOVEMBER                                         2008

              Source: Crete Today
                                 NEW YORK - OCTOBER 2008
17   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
                                                                                                                                  John Marakis and John Marakis

Tony Kareotes, Chuck our guide, Manoli Marakis, John Marakis, John Manos, Hercules Manoukarakis.

                                                                  DISTRICT 4 HUNTING TRIP
                                                             EvART MICHIGAN - OCTOBER 25, 2008

                                                                                  Seminar At Onnasis Center on Minoan Civilization                 Manolis Boutsikas with his two grandsons

From the President’s Dubai travels                                                 Our President with some Friends at his village this summer

19    KPHTH | NOVEMBER                2008
                                                             FROM THE PAA PRESIDENT’S OFFICEE
                                                                     NOvEMBER, 2008
[special report]

                               Source: Crete Today
20   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008

21   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
PYA President’s Message
                        Dear Neolea--

                             WE NEED your HELP!

                               It comes that time where we need to put aside the “fun part” of being Cretan and reinforce
                      what our youth organization is truly about; carrying on the cultural and traditional aspects of our beauti-
                      ful Cretan heritage to the next generation. I find this to be a difficult time for the PYA, considering the
                      economic crisis our country is enduring along with the generation gap that comes around every so of-
                      ten. Our youth members eventually grow up to become college alumni in search of careers; becoming
                      young professionals with much less time on their hands. This eventually happens to a lot of our youth
chapters, leaving them with less membership and involvement than usual.
    This tough transition is evident in my local Chicago chapter as well and we have taken measures to fix it. First, it is
critical to reach out to your adult chapters and seek their advice; two heads are better than one. Find the few adults in the
chapter than can relate to the youth
and utilize their voice to get the mes-
sage across; we all know that positive
communication is not always what
exists between local adult and youth
chapters. Once you can communicate
and establish the difficulty, the parent
chapter can work together with the
youth to plan events that will attract
new and existing members who have
been “missing from the Cretan loop”.
The older youth members need to be
part of this equation. You have been
around and can effectively implement
reaching out to the up-and-coming
youth for this transition to be success-
ful. The PYA has all the resources a
youth chapter may need to execute
this plan of action and you know how
to reach us!
    We also look forward to your at-
tendance at the Salt Lake City Winter
Youth Conference this January 8th-11th.
In addition to the information posted
in Krhth Magazine and the <<pan-
cretanyouth.com>> website, please
contact Eva Sifantonakis for further
questions and concerns.

     Eva Sifantonakis

       Maria Kiagias, PyA President

22   KPHTH | NOVEMBER    2008
                               Pics from NY dance of Clearwater youth that
Annual picnic
Youth selling PYA raffle
tickets. Billy Kostakis DJ
the picnic

                               “Clearwater Youth Visiting Omonia, New York:
                               Fall 2008”

23   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
   Get reaDY to partY
   on the West coast!
  saVe the Date for the
     salt laKe citY
   Youth conference
    JanuarY 8th-11th
     for more info

 24   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
25   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
[Book review]
The Paitakis’s Family Genealogy                                    Elisabeth’s Gift
    A rather interesting book “The Paitakis Family Genealogy”      by Dr. John Psarouthakis
has been written and recently pub-
lished by our compatriot Stephen                                       This book chronicles the story
Paitakis of Tarpon Springs FL. I                                   of an orphan raised by a wise,
congratulate Mr. Paitakis for his                                  loving and caring lady called Elis-
meticulous treatment of subjects,                                  abeth, who recognized his talent
events and brief biographies of his                                and developed in him the es-
family members. Many photos and                                    sential qualities of discipline and
other important family documents                                   character that turned virtue into
and mementos are laid out in the                                   accomplishment. Even though
book, in a logical and clear manner.                               she could not read or write, read-
Chapter after chapter are devoted                                  ers will find Elisabeth a uniquely
to his family’s accomplishments,                                   wise woman whose guidance
triumphs and tribulations!                                         and influences created the foun-
    All of us can learn several important lessons from Mr.         dations that helped the author
Paitakis’s book, the most important being hat he actually          overcome challenges and adver-
took the time to sit and record his family’s history! That he      sity in life and live up to changes
meticulously researched and recorded the lives of both of his      as they happened. Right up to the
ancestors and other subsequent relatives! It is important for      last page this volume shows that change and opportunity can
all of us to do exactly what Mr. Paitakis did, to record that is   be dealt with wisely. In a touching, inspirational memoir, Psa-
our own family history for the future generations! After all,      routhakis looks back at his unforgettable journey and pays
the more knowledge we and our children have about our              tribute to this extraordinary woman— his Aunt Elizabeth.
roots, the more connected we feel with our religion, culture
and heritage.
    Congratulations to Mr Stephen Paitakis for a job well done!
                   Manolis Velivasakis, National President         “Elisabeth’s Gift” Reader Reviews
Wooden Mary                                                             “First, (the) book is extraordinary. I got it primarily to
                                                                     learn about a time in Crete that I have only heard in broad
Folk-tales from the Island                                           generalities. You do that very well and I can now better
of Crete, by Aristophanes                                            understand and visualize what actually happened at that
Khourdakis                                                          time. I had no idea what you personally went through.
                                                                    Your descriptions make the moment come alive and they
In this book the reader will be trans-                              are emotional for the reader. It is an exceptional experi-
ported into the world of Cretan folk                               ence.”
culture through tales that will ap-                                --Andrew Manatos
peal to adults as much as to young                                 President, Manatos and Manatos, Washington D.C.
people. Here is Wooden Mary, who
makes herself a wooden costume                                     “Elisabeth’s Gift is a book that one does not leaf through it
to win the heart of a man she loves,                               easily. Every page requires your attention. It wants to talk to
and Hairy Jack, who is raised on bear milk to be strong            you, to narrate an entire life”
and wise. The reader will meet fishermen, shepherds and            --Archbishop (late) of North and South American Iakovos
sailors – and, of course, princes and princesses. The sixteen
folk-tales in the collection, some of which echo ancient Greek     “This book tells the story of his (John Psarouthakis) early
myths, all contain elements of magic and reflect qualities of      life. It is the chronicle of an orphan raised by a wise and
Cretan people and landscape. Recorded by the editor form           loving Aunt Elisabeth who recognized his great ability-and
the lips of the few remaining storytellers on the island, they     developed in him the qualities of disciple and character that
form part of the living folk culture of Crete.                     turned nobility into accomplishment”.
One hundred copies of this book have been donated by the           --Professor Paul E. Gray
author to the Pancretan Association for distribution to our         President and Chairman (ret), Massachusetts Institute of
members on the first come – first serve basis. We will dis-        Technology (MIT)
tribute one per family to all those who ask for it. To cover the
mailing cost, please send us a check for $5.00 along with             Note: The Publisher’s web page for the book can be ac-
your request to: Erasmia Vlastos Novotny, 8530 Sharon              cessed by clicking here: http://www2.xlibris.com/bookstore/
Drive, White Lake, MI 48386-3472                                   bookdisplay.asp?bookid=45536

26   KPHTH | NOVEMBER    2008

27   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
ΟΜΟΛΟΓΙΕΣ                                    τον ρώτησε φίλος του που τυχαία
   — Εγώ, καλά το θωρείς, Ανεζΐνη πως
                                                — Στο γιατρό να τση βάλω μάσκες.                              Δώσε μου λίγο ουρανό
ποθαΐνω λέει ο άντρας στη γυναίκα
                                                — Ανάθεμα σε παράουρε, του λέει ο                             στον κόσμο του σεβντά σου
του. Ήθελα όμως μπρε γυναίκα να με                                                                            να γίνω αστέρι κι ας χαθώ
                                             άλλος. Εμένα η δική μου έχει δυο και
ξεγνοιάσεις από μια φοβερή υποψία.                                                                            στην πρώτη πεθυμιά σου
                                             μου τα τρίζει και συ ξανοίγεις να τση τα
Πες μου, που να δεις καλό, Ανεζίνη,
                                             βάλης όλα.
δικά μου είναι τα κοπέλια;                                                                                    Είμαι αετός στον ουρανό
   — Ε κακομοίρη,Ζαχάρη,κι αν δε
                                             Η ΤΣΙΚΝΑ                                                         και το χρωστώ σε εκεινη
                                                                                                              γιατί για να πετώ ψηλά
                                                Ολημέριος τση μέρας εχαζιρεύ­
                                                                                                              την δύναμη μου δίνει.
                                             γουντονε στο σπίτι γιατί το βράδυ
99 ΑΙΤΙΕΣ                                    είχανε γάμο. Η τσίκνα απ’ τα τηγανιτά
   — Γιάντα, μπρε γυναίκα, δεν                                                                                Ποιά γερακίνα σου ‘δωσε
                                             πείραξε το πατέρα της νύφης κι                                   τη λεβεντιά χαλάλι
εζύμωσες σήμερο, ερώτηξε ένας τη
                                             έβηχε συνέχεια. Πριν φύγουν για την                              κι έχει μπροστά σου ο αετός
γυναίκα του.
                                             εκκλησία, τούπε η κερά:                                          σκυμμένο το κεφάλι
   Κι αυτή:
                                                — Έλα, μωρέ καταλυμένε, να σου
   — Για ενενήντα εννιά αιτίες, άντρα μου.
                                             κάνω ένα σορόπι να το πιεις να σταθεί                            Δεν είναι η λεβεντιά φτερά
   — Για πες μου μια;                                                                                         στα ύψη να σε βγάλει
                                             ο βήχας. Πώς μαυροσκότεινε θα σε
   — Λεν είχα αλεύρι!!!                                                                                       μα’ναι τα χνάρια π’ άφηκες
                                             χαιρετήξει ο κόσμος στην εκκλησία με
                                             τοσονά βήχα;                                                     για να σε βρούνε οι άλλοι!
ΟΙ ΜΑΣΚΕΣ                                       Κι ο θυμόσοφος:
   Τη γυναίκα του τραβούσε κάποιος                                                                            Πηένε μπροστά να σ’ ακλουθώ
                                                — Ντα να τηγανίζουμε θέλει μωρή,
χωριάτης να τη πάει στο Ρέθυμνος                                                                              στση λεβεντιάς τη στράτα
                                             και κεια
στον οδοντίατρο.                                                                                              σα το ριφάκι που ακλουθά
   —Πού τηνέ πας τη γυναίκα Μανόλη;          Από το βιβλίο του Γιώργου Βιτώρου “ΤΗΣ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ ΜΑΣ ΤΑ ΣΟΡΔΙΝΙΑ”
                                                                                                              τση αίγας στα μιτάτα

28   KPHTH | NOVEMBER    2008
                    CHICAGO, Il                                   Hatzakis; George Kalogerakis; Sofia Kanetos – Youth Direc-

          | cretan fraternity |                                   tor

   Η ζωή είναι ένας αγώνας διαρκείας, ένας αγώνας που στο
διάβα του ζητά και στιγμές ανάπαυσης. Ζητά τον ήλιο και τη
θαλπωρή του.
   Δεν είναι εύκολο να την αντικρίσεις, να την αγγίξεις και να
την αισθανθείς. Οπότε σε στιγμές κούρασης και ιδρώτα ζητάς
μια μικρή στιγμή ανάπαυσης και διασκεδάσεις.
   Εάν οι ώρες σου είναι ατέλειωτες, η κούραση, κούραση
διαρκείας και αγώνας για ζωή και η ψυχή και το σώμα ψάχνουν
μια στιγμή ξεκούρασης και γαλήνης τότε δεν έχεις παρά να
απλώσεις τα χέρια να αγγίξεις τα σύννεφα και να πετάξεις σαν
Αετός περήφανος στη γη των πατέρων, της δημοκρατίας και
της Μουσικής.
   ΗΚρητικήΑδελφότης Σικάγουκαιπεριχώρωνσεσυνεργασία,
σύμπνοια και ομόνοια με της Κυρίες της «Αμάλθειας» και της
Νεολαίας είναι σε θέση να σας προσφέρουν στις 22 Νοεμβρίου
2008 στιγμές γαλήνιες, ευχάριστες και ψυχικής ανακούφισης         ARCHBISHOP DEMETRIOS PRESIDES AT INvESTI-
εάν παρευρεθήτε στον ετήσιο χορό τους που γίνεται με διττό           TURE OF TWENTY-TWO NEW ARCHONS
σκοπό.                                                                Member of the Cretan Society “ΚΝΩΣΣΟΣ” of Delaware
   Ο πρώτος σκοπός είναι η επισκευή του Κτηρίου και πρέπει        Valley - Greater Philadelphia George Angelakis was Invested
να συγκινήσει άπαντες τους Κρητικούς που διαβιούν στην            with title of ARCHON. The Exarch of the Ecumenical Patri-
περιοχή Σικάγου και περιχώρων αφού είναι ένα κτήριο που           archate, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, presided at
αποκτήθηκε με αίμα και ιδρώτα Κρητικών που θέλησαν                the Investiture of twenty-two new Archons from throughout
να κάνουν περήφανους εαυτούς, τα παιδιά τους και τους             the United States, following the Divine Liturgy at the Archdi-
Έλληνες.                                                          ocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, on Sunday, October 26,
   Ο δεύτερος σκοπός της βραδιάς είναι να προσφέρει, όπως         2008.
προαναφέρθηκε, στιγμές ψυχικού κάλλους και μεγαλείου με               During the solemn Archon Investiture service, Archbish-
τους Αθάνατους Ελληνικούς χορούς.                                 op Demetrios presented each Archon with the Cross of St.
   Ο χορός θα είναι μια βραδιά που θα μας μείνει για πάντα        Andrew along with the official Patriarchal Certificate speci-
χαραγμένος στην ψυχή. Θα είναι ένας χορός που θα μας              fying the offikion designated by His All Holiness for each
συγκινήσει και θα μας ταξιδέψει στην Αθάνατη Μάνα Ελλάδα.         Archon.
                                                                      Concelebrating hierarchs included His Eminence Metro-
     Δώστε το παρόν.                                              politan Nicholas of Detroit and His Eminence Metropolitan
     Βοηθήστε τον ιερό σκοπό.                                     Evangelos of New Jersey. Dignitaries in attendance included,
     Γλεντήστε και απολαύστε τις ομορφιές της ζωής.               The Honorable Senator and Archon Paul Sarbanes.
                                                                      The title of ARCHON is ‘humbling recognition and awe-
                                             Γιάννης Π. ΔάλάΠάς   some responsibility’ the elect members will now face. As
                                                                  National Commander Anthony J. Limberakis reminded the
                                                                  members they are called to be “Defenders of the Faith” and
            delAwAre vAlley, pA
                                                                  their role as members must now be raised with a greater
                    | knossos |                                   responsibility and calling.
                                                                      Archon-elects bear candles as they prepare to take on
                        NEW BOARD                                 their role as a “Defender of the Faith” for the Mother Church.
   New Board of Trustees installed for “ΚΝΩΣΣΟΣ” Cretans          George Angelakis first on left - (thanks to J. Mindala for the
of Delaware Valley - Greater Philadelphia. Newly elected          photo)
members include: Stavros Antonakakis – President; John                Εκ μέρους του Συλλόγου μας “ΚΝΩΣΣΟΣ”, ο πρόεδρος
Pratsinakis – Executive VP; Anastasia Tsinetakis Esq. –           και το διοικητικό συμβούλιο του συλλόγου εύχονται Θερμά
Corresponding Secretary; George Chronakis - Treasurer;            συγχαρητήρια, καλή επιτυχία, και παντα ΑΞΙΟΙ!
George Veniakakis – Recording Secretary; Antonios Liviakis;
Nicholaos Lambardakis; Anthony Beldecos Esq.; Emmanuel                                                       StavroS antonakakiS
29   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008

                   deTrOIT, MI
                | PseLoretes |

                                                              συμβάλουν σε αυτό το σημαντικό έργο του Συλλόγου μας.
                                                                 Συνάμα, τον ίδιο μήνα έχουν ξεκινήσει και τα μαθήματα
                                                              χορού στο Σύλλογό μας. Και φέτος σημειώνεται επιτυχία στον
                                                              αριθμό των μαθητευόμενων, οι οποίοι εμπλουτίζονται με τη
   Για μία ακόμη χρονιά, από τις αρχές του μηνός, ξεκίνησαν   τέχνη αυτή από τους χοροδιδασκάλους, τη δεσποινίδα Ματίνα
τα μαθήματα διδασκαλίας της Ελληνικής μας γλώσσας. Η          Λεγάκη, τον αντιπρόεδρο του συλλόγου μας, τον Γιάννη
προσπάθεια αυτή σημειώνει αρκετή επιτυχία και φέτος πάλι      Μαράκη, καθώς και από τον κ. Μπάμπη Μαρκάκη από το
                                                              Οντάριο του Καναδά.
                                                                 Καλή πρόοδο και καλή επιτυχία σε όλους!

                                                                 On Saturday September 13th, Trisa Marie Taxakis, daugh-
                                                              ter of Mrs. Eleni and Mr. Emmanuel Taxakis, and Andrew
                                                              Richard Rood, son of Mrs. Jill and Mr. Ronald Rood, had tied

με τη παρουσία μαθητών ηλικίας από 5 έως και 16 ετών.
Το συμβούλιο χαίρει ιδιαιτέρως τις δεσποινίδες δασκάλες
της σχολής αυτής, Κατερίνα Θεοδωροπούλου και τη Μαρία
Κεφαλινός, οι οποίες με μεράκι και με θέληση, συνεχίζουν να

                                                              the knot at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in Troy,
                                                              Michigan. The honor of crowning the newlywed couple went
                                                              to Stephanie Novotny, while Maid of Honor was Shena Flynn,
                                                              and Best Man was David Kalinowski.
                                                                  A reception and dinner dance followed at the Royalty House
                                                              in Warren where family and friends, coming from Alaska, Chi-
                                                              cago, Indiana, Indianapolis, New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania,
                                                              South Carolina, London of England, as well as Cyprus, gath-
                                                              ered to celebrate with the newlyweds.
                                                                  The celebration of the wedding event had begun on Fri-
                                                              day September 12th, at the Cretan Fraternity of Detroit “Psel-

30   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008

oretes”. With a very warm welcome, Trisa and Andrew Rood,                            HArTFOrd, CT
along with their parents, had greeted all their guests with a
variety of home made delicacies!
                                                                        | eLeftHerios VeniZeLos |
   Να ζήσετε και καλούς απογόνους!
                                                                      COLLEGE GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENT:
                    ΝΕΟ ΣύΜβΟύΛΙΟ                                    Peter Jordan Smith, son of Jordan
     Τη Κυριακή της 5ης Οκτωβρίου, και στο χώρο του Συλλόγου      and Christina Megalonakis Smith, grad-
                                                                  uated cum laude from Boston College.
                                                                  He majored in philosophy, and minored
                                                                  in International Studies and Modern
                                                                  Greek Studies with a concentration in
                                                                  ethics and social justice. Before pursu-
                                                                  ing further studies, Peter will be spend-
                                                                  ing a year teaching English as a second
                                                                  language in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
                                                                  through the Languagecorps program.
                                                                  Congratulations, Peter!

                                                                               ChriStina (MeganonakiS) SMith, CorreSponding SeCretary

                                                                                          MIAMI, Fl
                                                                       | cretan assoc. of MiaMi |
«Ψηλορείτης», τελέστηκε η εκλογή και η ορκωμοσία του νέου             It has been a very busy year for the Cretan-American As-
Διοικητικού Συμβουλίου, η οποία θα διευθύνει τα καθήκοντά         sociation of Miami. This past year has been eventful not only
της για την επόμενη διετία.                                       for our Chapter itself, but for many of our members as well.
   Με την ενεργή παρουσία της ολομέλειας του Συλλόγου,
ψηφίστηκε ως νέος πρόεδρος του Συμβουλίου, ο πρώην                    As always, January brought all of us together to celebrate
Ταμίας μας, ο κ. Κωνσταντίνος Κατάκης. Ακολούθως, για             the cutting of the Vasilopita. Additionally, ο Αγιος Βασίλης paid
την εκπλήρωση των καθηκόντων των υπολοίπων θέσεων                 a visit to the youth of our Chapter, handing out gifts and put-
του συμβουλίου, ψηφίστηκαν τα παρακάτω ονόματα: οι                ting many smiles on the faces of our young.
κυρίες Αμαλία Κοτσιφάκη, Βαρβάρα Πατεράκη, Γεωργία
Νικολουδάκη, Λουίζα Προεστάκης Καποδίστριας, καθώς και οι
κύριοι Γεώργιος Στεφανάκης, Γιάννης Μαράκης, Κωνσταντίνος
Μανουσακάκης, Ρούσος Χουρδάκης, Σταύρος Μελαμπιώτης
και Στυλιανός Λυγεράκης.
   Για την Εξελεγχτική Επιτροπή διορίστηκαν οι κύριοι
Γεώργιος Αποστολικής και ο Δημήτριος Ματσαμάκης.
   Συγχαρητήρια και καλή σταδιοδρομία ευχόμαστε στο νέο
Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο του «Ψηλορείτη», γεμάτη πρόοδο,
ευημερία και ενεργούς συμπαράστασης στις ανάγκες της
ολομέλειας καθώς και της Παγκρητικής Ενώσεως Αμερικής.

                        ΠΕρΑΣΤΙΚΑ                                     In May, our Chapter sent two delegates to San Antonio,
   Ευχόμαστε περαστικά και για μια γρήγορη ανάρρωση στις          Texas for the District VII Conference. We had a wonderful
κυρίες Μαρία Αγγελάκη και Μαρία Μαράκη!                           time at the Dinner Dance and greatly enjoyed the opportunity
                                                                  to visit San Antonio and to immerse ourselves into its local
                                ςτάύρος MελάμΠιώτης, Γράμμάτεάς   culture! We would like to extend our thanks to the San Anto-
                                                                  nio Chapter for being gracious hosts and for making everyone
                                                                  feel welcome!
31   KPHTH | NOVEMBER    2008

    With the end of May came our Annual Dinner Dance held        resa was born on April 3, at
at the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Reception Hall,       2:16 PM and weighed in at a
in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Our annual event entertained more    healthy 8 lbs 6 oz. George’s
that 300 guests and everyone enjoyed the delicious food,         parents, Panagiotis (former
drinks, and entertainment by one of our own, DJ Astatos, and     Chapter President) and Maria
live music performed by Christos Fasarakis, George Kokonas,      Stylianoudakis are both long-
and Grigoris Manouselis. The celebrations began in the early     time members of our Chapter
evening and did not end until early Sunday morning! The          and very excited grandpar-
dance serves as a constant reminder of the “Cretan Presence”     ents.
in South Florida, as was evident to everyone who celebrated
with us that evening.                                                         BAPTISM ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                                                    Steve and Angie Kasselakis baptized their daughter Fotini
             WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS                               Panagiota, at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church on January
    In July, our very own board                                  26, 2008. Steve is a Board member of our Chapter and is the
member, Katerina Albanis, daughter                               son of Charalambos and Fotini Kasselakis. Να σας ζήσει!
of Kostas and Angela Albanis and
granddaughter of Maria Sotiriou,                                             BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENTS
married Nikos Theodorou on the is-                                  Georgia Pitsoulakis celebrated her 70th birthday this year.
land of Mykonos in Greece. Katerina                              Her husband, former Chapter President, Michalis Pitsoulakis
and her twin sister, Maria, have been                            and their two sons, Spiro and Tony Pitsoulakis, threw a lovely
members of our chapter for a long                                surprise party at Mylos Restaurant. Happy Birthday Georgia
time and actively participate in many                            and many, many more! Χρόνια Πολλά!
Cretan cultural events. We wish Ka-
terina and Niko all the best as they                                                GET WELL WISHES
start their new life together. Congratulations.                      Our σύλλογο sent get well wishes to Mr. George Gianoula-
                                                                 kis, who had an extended hospital stay during the past year.
     BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS                                         We are pleased to see him feeling better and we wish him
   On January 16, our Vice-President                             continued health for the future.
Manny Halivelakis and his wife Alex wel-
comed the birth of their second son Niko-                                             CONDOLENCES
laos. Big brother Dimitri is excited to have                          Our deepest sympa-
a new playmate in the house! Manny is                            thies go out to the family
the son of long time members, and for-                           of Mr. Agisilaos Saridakis.
mer Chapter President, Dimitri and Mary                          Mr. Saridakis was one of our
Halivelakis. Congratulations to the entire                       longest serving members
family!                                                          and a past President of our
                                                                 chapter. He fell asleep in
    Our best wishes go out to Chris Maroudas and Stella Ro-      the Lord on April 27th and is
dolakis Maroudas for the                                         survived by his beloved wife
birth of their twins Chris-                                      Sophia, his children Ange-
tina Georgia and George                                          liki, Manolis, and Voula, and
Pericles born on March                                           their grandchildren. Αιωνία
31st. Stella is the daugh-                                       του η μνήμη.
ter of long-time mem-
bers Pericles and Geor-                                              Additionally, a friend of our chapter, George Roussakis fell
gia Rodolakis, and sister                                        asleep in the Lord on Christmas Eve of 2007. George is sur-
to Tony Rodolakis.                                               vived by his wife and daughter. In his memory, the σύλλογο
                                                                 made a donation to his daughter’s college fund to assist her
                                                                 in her future studies.
   Congratulations to George and Omayra Stylianoudakis
on the birth of their first baby girl, Maria Teresa. Maria Te-      Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Mrs.

32   KPHTH | NOVEMBER     2008

Eleftheria Vasilakis. Mrs. Vasi-
lakis fell asleep in the Lord on                                                               MIAMI, Fl
August 12, 2008. She was a                                                  | cretan assoc. of MiaMi |
long-time member and sup-
porter of the Cretan Association                                                                for the past eight years. She will be at-
of Miami. She is survived by                                                                    tending the University of Florida in the
her children George Vasilakis,                                                                  fall, and will pursue a Bachelor’s De-
Popi Metsovas, Nula Havreda-                                                                    gree in History and Economics. Vassi
kis, Mary Halivelakis, and her                                                                  is the daughter of Roula Kouroupakis
many grandchildren and great-                                                                   and Art Papastavros, granddaughter
granchildren. May her memory                                                                    of Joann and Paul Kouroupakis (past
be eternal.                                                                                     Chapter President and District Gover-
                                                                                                nor) and the late Vassiliki and Demos
   One of the more enjoyable events that we celebrate is                                          Demetrios
the graduation of our children from the various high schools           Evangelos Protopapadakis graduated
and colleges that they attend. This year                               Cum Laude from North Miami Beach
proved to be an especially active one for                              Senior High School in May of this
many of the families in our chapter.                                   year. Demetrios is the son of one of
                                                                       our former Chapter Presidents, Evan-
    Haralambos (Bobby) Athineos gradu-                                 gelos Protopapadakis and his wife
ated early from Everglades High School in                              Demitra and grandson of long-time
Miramar Florida this past January. Bobby                               member, Mary Kastrenakes. He and
is the son of Evangelos and Cleo (past                                 his family have always been very ac-
Chapter Secretary) Athineos. He is also the                            tive in their community, church, and
grandson of George (past Chapter Presi-                                especially the Cretan Association and
dent) and Argyro Nikitakis. He is currently                            dance group. He will continue his education this fall at a local
attending Broward Community College and                                college in Miami. Congratulations!
will eventually transfer to Florida International University to con-
tinue his studies in the field of Physical Therapy.                        Congratulations to high school
                                                                       graduate, Cyndi Sofianos! Cyndi is
    Congratulations also go out to Ekat-                               the daughter of past Chapter Presi-
erina Halivelakis. Ekaterina is the daugh-                             dent Alex and his wife Maria, and the
ter of past Chapter President Demetrios                                granddaughter of past Chapter Pres-
Halivelakis and his wife Mary. Ekaterina                               ident Theodoros Karachalias and his
has been active with our Cretan Youth                                  wife Sophia. As with the rest of her
program, dance group, and in all σύλ-                                  family, Cyndi has remained very ac-
λογο and church programs. She gradu-                                   tive with our Cretan Youth program,
ated from Cypress Bay High School in                                   dance group, and in all σύλλογο and
May and will continue her studies at                                   church programs. Cyndi graduated
Palm Beach Community College, major-                                   from Cypress Bay High school in May
ing in Pre-Medicine.                                                   and will be attending Florida Atlantic University in the fall.

    Vassi Papastavros graduated from Archbishop McCarthy                  We congratulate Marissa Constandina Tatakis as a mem-
High School in May with a 4.9 GPA, receiving Highest Distinc-          ber of South Plantation High School graduating class of 2008.
tion Awards for both English Literature and Economics. She has         Marissa, daughter of Anthony (current Board member and
maintained her place on the Principal’s Honor Roll throughout          past Treasurer) and Chryssa Tatakis, successfully completed
her school years, and has been an active member in both her            over 300 hours of community service and participated in stu-
high school and community, serving as a Student Ambassa-               dent council for three years and was Student Government
dor and being involved in the National Honors Society, English         President her senior year. Marissa’s accolades include Silver
Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, and Science Honors             Cord, Senior Leader, Leadership, Student Government, and
Society. Vassi has proudly danced with our Cretan youth group          The Principal’s Award. She is active with our Cretan Youth
33   KPHTH | NOVEMBER      2008

program, dance group, and in all σύλλο-                                  cost of production and distribution.
γο and church programs. She is also ac-
tive in the Kamaria dance group and the
Greek Orthodox Youth of America. This
                                                                                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                                                                              Mrs. Stella Helidonis Orpfanos, oldest member of PAA, cel-
fall, she plans to attend the Art Institute
                                                                         ebrated her 105th birthday
of Fort Lauderdale to pursue a career in
                                                                         on Sept. 30th amoung fam-
Web and Graphic Design.
                                                                         ily and friends. Attending
     We are proud of all of our graduates
                                                                         the celebration was Dr. Em-
and wish them well in their future en-
                                                                         manuel Helidonis and fam-
                                                                         ily from Iraklion., Crete.
                        BaSilioS SkoundridakiS, Maria alBaniS grillaS,
                                                                              Mrs. Orfanos          was
                                         katerina alBaniS theodorou      born in 1903 in Venerato,
                                                                         Iraklion,Crete. Her children
                 pITTSBUrGH, pA                                          are Mary Kalmer of Wilm-
             | arkaDi-MaLeMe |                                           ington, Del., Olga Pappas
                                                                         of Pittsburgh, PA. and Gus
                                                                         Orfanos of Export, PA. – all members of Arkadi- Maleme. We
                                                                         wish her many more happy years in life.

                                                                              Arkadi-Maleme sadly an-
                                                                         nounces the passing of one
                                                                         of it’s most illustrious mem-
                                                                         bers: Michael Kusturiss Sr.
                                                                         He was an Archon and mem-
    Pittsburgh- The Cretan Association of Pittsburgh, Arkadi-            ber of the Leadership 100 of
Maleme, hosted its Annual Dinner/Dance on October 4th at                 the Greek Orthodox Church :
the DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport.                                       He was a philanthropist, do-
     The evening was dedicated to Mary Vasilakis, current PEF            nating to the local All Saints
Chair, for her lifelong involvement in Arkadi-Maleme and the             Church , Canonsburg Library
National PAA.                                                            and local charities. Born in
    She was honored with the Chapter’s Cretan Heritage                   Canonsburg , he was one of
Award, and was presented a museum replica Minoan Bull                    eight children of Emmanuel
bust for her outstanding preservation of the Cretan heritage.            and Athena Nikas Kusturiss
Those that spoke on her behalf included: James A. Denney,                who immigrated to Wash-
Esq-District 3 Governor, Rema Manousakis-PAA Scholarship                 ington county from Kalives
Chair, Theodore Manousakis-PAA Foundation, and Stavros N.                Crete. After serving in World
Semanderes-Past President of the PAA and the World Coun-                 War 11 as commanding officer of the 7th Amphibious Fleet
cil of Cretans. Mary’s relatives from Seattle Washington, St.            in the Philipines, Michael attended law school at Duke Uni-
Louis, and North Carolina honored her with their attendance.             versity and practiced law for 58 years in Canonsburg, PA.
     Then, as chair of the PEF, Mary bestowed the honor of               working up to the time of his passing. Michael built a chapel
Friends of the University of Crete on Dr. and Mrs. Petros Ma-            on his farm in Eighty Four, Pa where All Saints Church held
ropis and Dr. Nicholas Loutsion.                                         services from time to time and Arkadi-Maleme held many of
    The evening continued with performances by the chap-                 it’s summer fund raising picnics and meetings. He was proud
ter’s three dance groups, and dancing to the music of Dimitris           of his Cretan heritage. He named his farm “Angel’s Acres”
Spatharakis and Dino Mathioudakis of Chicago.                            after his beloved wife,Stella(Angel)Kusturiss who preceeded
    A final highlight of the evening was the distribution to all         him in death just this past February. Many other local orgin-
members of the first formal chapter phone directory. The                 azations held gatherings and events at his farm He will be
72 page all-color directory included chapter history, current            greaty missed by the chapter, church and community . May
committee group photos, individual member photos, contact                his memory be eternal.
information, and many advertisements that fully financed its                                                            dr. peter J. nikaS

34   KPHTH | NOVEMBER     2008

                 SAN rAFAel, CA                                  pursuing her Master’s Degree in Education at San Francisco

                    | PoLirinia |                                State University.

                                                                      Jeanette Saris, daughter of Tony and Betty Saris, attended
  2008 GRADUATIONS & STUDENT ENDEAvORS                           the DIAS program last summer in Rethymnon, Crete. Jea-
                                                                 nette is attending the University of Southern California, pur-
   Achilleas Fourakis, son of
                                                                 suing a major in communications and a minor in global mar-
Vasilis and Effie Fourakis, grand-
                                                                 keting. She will be doing an internship with CBS during the
son of Andreas and Loula Fou-
                                                                 fall semester, and plans to spend spring semester studying in
rakis, graduated from Redwood
                                                                 London with the USC Annenberg School of Communication.
High School in Larskpur. Achil-
leas has been actively involved
                                                                     Eagle Scout. Achil-
in the Nativity of Christ Greek
                                                                 leas Fourakis, a member
Orthodox Church Sunday school
                                                                 of Boy Scouts of America
and GOYA programs and a lead
                                                                 Troop 43 of Larkspur, re-
dancer with the Minoan Dancers.
                                                                 ceived the rank of Eagle
While in high school he played
                                                                 Scout in August. Eagle
football and rugby. Achilleas is
                                                                 is the highest and most
currently attending California Polytechnic State University in
                                                                 coveted award in Scout-
San Luis Obispo, where he plans to pursue a major in Eco-
                                                                 ing, achieved by only 2%
nomics and play college rugby.
                                                                 of scouts. Achilleas has
                                                                 been involved in scout-
    Hugh Wilson Hunter II re-                                    ing since first grade and Eagle Scout Achilleas Fourakis with Jeanette Saris
cently graduated from the Uni-                                   received two religious
versity of California, Santa Cruz,
                                                                 emblems granted by the Eastern Orthodox Committee on
Crown College, with a Bachelor
                                                                 Scouting: the Saint George and Chi-Rho medals. To fulfill the
of Arts Degree in Environmental
                                                                 service portion of the Chi-Rho program, he organized a bike-
Studies and Economics. Hugh is
                                                                 a-thon fundraiser for the American Heart Association, raising
a member of the Theta Chi Fra-
                                                                 over $6,000 in honor of his sister Elektra who was born with a
ternity at UCSC. He is the son
                                                                 heart defect. He served in all leadership positions in his Troop,
of John A. and Rose (Kamages)
                                                                 worked as a summer camp counselor and lifeguard. For his
Hunter, grandson of George
                                                                 Eagle service project he organized removal of invasive plants
and Lula (Kaloroumakis) Kama-
                                                                 at a sensitive woodland environment.
ges formerly of West Spring-
                                                                     We are very proud of our students and wish them the
field, Massachusetts. Hugh is a
                                                                 best. Congratulations Achilleas, Hugh, Mia and Jeanette!
member of the Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church in
Novato and a former member of the Minoan Dancers of that
parish. He is currently employed at Mesa Boogie in Sonoma                         ENGAGEMENT & WEDDING
County, California. Hugh will be pursuing his MBA in the Fall        Congratulations on the mar-
of 2009.                                                         riage of Zachary Georgeson and
                                                                 Casey Fisher who were mar-
   Demetra (Mia) Kosmas,                                         ried on June 28th at St. Helena
daughter of Anthony Kosmas                                       Catholic Church in St. Helena,
and Dr. Lola Giusti, grandson of                                 California, and at the Nativity of
Bob and Nonie (Ganakis) Giusti                                   Christ Greek Orthodox Church
and the late Mathios and Jen-                                    in Novato on September 6th.
nie Kosmas, graduated from                                       Zachary is the son of George
San Francisco State University                                   and Deborah Georgeson of
in May with a Bachelor of Arts                                   Healdsburg. He is an associ-
degree in Liberal Studies. Mia is                                ate at Stockbridge Real Estate
currently working as a 4-5 stu-                                  Funds, an investment firm in
dent teacher in San Mateo while                                  San Francisco. Zachary gradu-

35   KPHTH | NOVEMBER    2008

ated magna cum laude from California Polytechnic State Uni-          Chloe       Amara,
versity in San Luis Obispo and received an MBA from Harvard      daughter of Alex and
University. The bride, daughter of R. James Fisher of Rohnert    Sherry Kamages, was
Park and Leslie Fisher of Santa Rosa, is the director of mar-    baptized at the Nativ-
keting at Ustream.TV, a video web site in Mountain View, Cali-   ity of Christ Greek
fornia. She graduated magna cum laude from Holy Cross and        Orthodox Church, No-
received an MBA from Stanford University. Na zisete!             vato, California. Kris-
                                                                 ten Keller and Todd
   Congratulations                                               Elsbree are the proud
on the engagement                                                Godparents.        Alex
of Demetra “Mia”                                                 is the son of John A.
Kosmas to Manoli                                                 and Rose (Kamages)
“Mike” Fanourgiakis!                                             Hunter and grandson
Mia is the daughter                                              of George and Lula (Kaloroumakis) Kamages. Many friends
of Anthony Kosmas                                                and relatives attended this festive occasion and the reception
(Kosmathakis) and                                                that followed. Congratulations to the proud parents, grand-
Lola Giusti, DDS.                                                parents and Godparents. Na sas zisi!
Mia’s paternal grand-
parents, the late                                                                                        CRAB FEED
Mathew and Dem-                                                     Polirinia’s 4th annual Cretan Crab Feed was held in January
etra Kosmas’ ori-                                                2008. In addition to a delicious meal, we enjoyed the music of
gins are from Hania                                              Stelios Katzakis and Antoni Gergiannakis and a lively perfor-
Crete, and her ma-                                               mance by the Minoan Dancers. Six Polirinia college students
ternal grandparents,
Robert and Nonie Giusti (Antigone Yiannakakis) origins are
from Thrapsano, Iraklio, Crete.

    Mike is the son of Dimitri and Mary Fanourgiakis. Mike’s
paternal grandparents, the late Niko and Penelope Fanourg-
iakis and maternal grandparents, Emilia and the late Yianni
Sarikakis origins are in Hania Crete. Christopher Doukakis
has graciously accepted the role of Koumbaro. Mia is pres-
ently studying for her Teaching Credential, concurrently for
her Master`s at San Francisco State University and Mike is a
Technician at RAB Mercedes. Mike and Mia feel very blessed
to have found each other and are both looking forward to
their fall 2009 wedding. Kala stefana!

                  BIRTHS & BAPTISM
    We welcome two new members to Polirinia. Katia Zoi An-
tonis, daughter of Chris and Keri                                2007 Scholarship Recipients shown with vasilis Fourakis (Polirinia president) and Effie Fourakis: Andreas
Antonis, granddaughter of Christ                                 Fourakis, Hugh Hunter, Jeanette Saris & Mia Kosmas (not pictured: Peter Hunter and Mathew Kosmas)
and Pat Kamages, great-grand-
daughter of Mrs. Lula (Kalorouma-                                were awarded $500 scholarships: Andreas Fourakis, Hugh
kis) Kamages, was born on April                                  Hunter, Peter Hunter, Mia Kosmas, Mathew Kosmas, and Jea-
30th. John George Gigounas, son                                  nette Saris.
of George and Laura Gigounas,
grandson of John and Ann Gigou-                                     Polirinia will hold its 5th annual Cretan Crab Feed Glendi on
nas, great-grandson of Argie Gigo-                               Saturday January 10th, 2009 at the Nativity of Christ Greek
unas, was born on June 14th.                                     Orthodox Church in Novato, California. A portion of the pro-
    Na sas zisoun!                                               ceeds from this annual event go to the Polirinia scholarship
                                                                 fund for our college students.
36   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008

                          wASHINGTON, dC
                | nikos kaZantZakis |

                                                                  Some of our youth, A. Alexandris, E. varouhas, M. Kourkoulakos

President Konstantopoulos talking to some of our women members.   cos Theotokopoulos (El Greco).
    On Sunday, September 21, our Association ad held its an-         A proposition was brought to the floor on whether or not
nual picnic. For the third consecutive year we went to the        the chapter should make a bid to be the host city for the 2013
Harbor Hills clubhouse where we were hosted by Vice Presi-        national PAA convention. The motion to seek the convention
dent Jim Saklas and his wife Rosalia. This year our picnic was    passed unopposed. The delegates to the convention in Crete
a great success; we had the largest attendance at our picnic      next summer will select the city that will host the 2013 con-
in over 30 years. The success was due to the hard work of
many members. Especially we want to thank those members
who spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen and on the
BBQ grills: President Irene Drimi Konstantopoulos, Stelio Al-

                                                                  S. Alexandris and C. Rodousakis, our chefs at the picnic

                                                                  vention. President Konstantopoulos will appoint a committee
                                                                  to develop our proposal to host the 2013 convention.
                                                                      Past chapter president Ted Manousakis addressed the
A syrto led by Eleni varouhas, chapter secretary.                 members to announce that he will run for president of the
                                                                  Pancretan Association of America. We wish Ted the best; he
exandris, Vicky Angelakis, Mariana Kourkoulakos, Costa Ro-        is most deserving.
dousakis, and Jim and Rosalia Saklas.                                 This past summer saw the graduation of Danae Saklas
    President Irene Konstantopoulos held a brief General As-      with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of
sembly. She announced that our membership is now at 176           South Carolina. Danae is the daughter of Jim and Rosalia
members. She also announced that the chapter will sponsor         Saklas; she has been active in the PAA and PYA since she was
or co-sponsor two events at the Embassy of Greece in Octo-        15 years old. She currently is the national General Secretary
ber and November, one to promote, and exhibit the works of,       of the PYA.
Cretan-American artists in the Washington area, and a sec-            Congratulations and we wish Danae the best in her future
ond event to commemorate the great Cretan artist, Domeni-         endeavors.
37    KPHTH | NOVEMBER                  2008

           PLACE            DATE                             EVENT                                              DATE
     Charlotte, NC       11/15/2008   Pseloretes Annual Dinner Dance                           John Datseris - 704 - 507-7073
     Piscataway, NJ      11/16/2008   "PASIPHAE" Arkadi Memorial Service                       Toula Bogdanos - 516-358-3661
     Chicago,IL          11/22/2008   Cretan Fraternity of Chicago Annual Dinner Dance         Yiannis Dalapas - 847-360-1049
     Brooklyn, NY        12/7/2008    "Cretan Sisterhodd of N" Annual Christmas Luncheon       Helen Tsangarakis - 917-292-6745
     New Brunswick, NJ   02/07/2009   White Mountains Annual Dinner Dance                      George Papadakis - 732-887-2203
     Cherry Hill, NJ     02/14/2009   IT'S CRETE TO ME! Glendi & Annual Dance with Niko Zoidaki Stavros Antonakakis - 609-929-6000


38    KPHTH | NOVEMBER    2008
39   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008
40   KPHTH | NOVEMBER   2008

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