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					       Unit 17/35 Foundry Road               Elko Auto Gas Supplies    Prices subject to change
       Seven Hills                                                                without notice
       NSW 2147                                  Tank Price List
       Ph: 02 9838 8998                           September 14, 2007
       Fax: 02 9838 4486
        Item                                         Description
4-G760E                 ENDFILL TANK
4-H1070                 H1070 270 X 1070
4-H1070-90              H1070-90 270 X 1070 90 DEG
4-H790                  H790 270 X 790
4-H790-90               H790-90 270 X 790 90 DEG
4-H800                  H800 270 X 800 mm GAS TANK
4-H800-90-V             H800 270 X 800 90DEG VAPOUR WITHDRAWL
4-H820E                 H820E 270 X 820 ENDFILL
4-H880                  H880 270mm X 880mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-H880-90               H880-90 270 X 880 90 DEG
4-H980                  H980 270mm X 980mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-H980-90               H980-90 270 X 980 90 deg
4-J1015                 J1015 300 X 1015
4-J1015-90              J1015-90 300 X 1015 90 DEG
4-J1090                 J1090 300mm X 1090
4-J790                  J790 300 X 790
4-J790-90               J790-90 300 X 790 90 DEG
4-J870                  J870 300 X 870
4-J870-90               J870-90 300 X 870 90deg
4-J940                  J940 300 X 940
4-J940-90               J940-90 300 X 940 90DEG
4-J960E                 J960E 300mm X 960mm ENDFILL
4-K1100                 315mm X 1100mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No
4-K1100-90              315mm X 1100mm 90DEG CYL S/No
4-K1100T-90             315mm X 1100mm 90deg ELKO CYLINDER S/No
4-K1270                 315mm X 1270mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-K1270-90              K1270 315mm X 1270mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-K1410                 315 X 1410mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-K1410-90              K1410 315mm X 1410mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-K1500                 315mm X 1500mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-K1500-90              K1500-90
4-K2-PAJ                MANIFOLD TANK
4-K800                  315mm X 800mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-K800-90               K800 315mm 800mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-K870                  315mm X 870mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-K870-90               K870 315mm X 870mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No
4-K870BA                K870BA FORD BA BRACKETED TANK
4-K870T                 315mm X 870mm 90deg TOYOTA HIACE
4-K900                  315mm X900mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-K900-90               K900 315mm X 90mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No
4-K960                  315mm X 960mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-K960-90               K960 315mm X 960mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L1000                 360mm X 1000mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L1000-90              L1000 360mm X 1000mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L104H                 L104H TO SUIT VT SEDAN
4-L1100                 360mm X 1100mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L1100-90              L1100 360mm X 1100mm 90deg. ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L1200                 360mm X 1200mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L1200-90              L1200 360mm X 1200mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L1300                 360mm X 1300mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L1300-90              L1300 360mm X 1300mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L1410                 360mm X 1410mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L1410-90              L1410 360mm X 1410mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L1500                 360mm X 1500mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L1500-90              L1500 360mm X 1500 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L690                  360mm X 690mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L690-90               L690 360mm X 690mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L700E                 L700E 360mm X 700mm END FILL
      Unit 17/35 Foundry Road               Elko Auto Gas Supplies                 Prices subject to change
      Seven Hills                                                                             without notice
      NSW 2147                                 Tank Price List
      Ph: 02 9838 8998                          September 14, 2007
      Fax: 02 9838 4486
        Item                                       Description
4-L790                 360mm X 790mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L790-90              L790 360mm X 790mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L820                 360mm X 820mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L820-90              360mm X 820mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L820NB               L820 360mm X 820mm ELKO CYL (NO BOX) S/No.
4-L860                 360mm X 860mm ELKO CYLINDER #419/3344
4-L860-90              L860 360mm X 860mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L860F                FALCON EA-EL ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L900                 360mm X 900mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L900-90              L900 360mm X 900mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L950                 360mm X 950mm ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-L950-90              L950 360mm X 950mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-L950H                VN-VS SEDAN ELKO CYLINDER S/No.
4-N1500                400mm X 1500mm (165 LITRES) ELKO CYLINDER
4-N860                 400mm X 860mm ELKO TANK
4-N860-90              400mm X 860mm 90deg
4-N880F                N880F AU BRACKETED TANK
4-N900                 400mm X 900mm ELKO TANK (81LT)
4-N900-90              400mm X 900mm 90deg (81LT) ELKO CYL S/No.
4-N990                 400mm X 990mm (86LT) ELKO CYL S/No.
4-N990-90              400mm X 990mm 90deg ELKO CYL S/No.
4-QEE-270FL            ELKO 650mm x 270mm BRACKETED TOROIDAL TANK (77LT) S/No
4-QNN-240B             ELKO 650mm X 240mm BRACKETED TOROIDAL TANK (INTERNALLY VALVED) (62LT) S/No...
4-R1200                450mm X 1200mm (173LT) ELKO TANK S/No
4-R1500                450mm X 1500mm ELKO TANK S/No.
4-R800                 450mm X 800mm (111LT) ELKO TANK S/No.
4-R800-90              450mm X 800mm 90deg ELKO TANK S/No.
4-R900                 450mm X 900mm (125LT) ELKO TANK S/No.
4-R900-90              450mm X 900mm 90deg (125LT) ELKO TANK S/No.
4-R900N                450mm X 900mm BRACKETED ELKO TANK S/No.
4-R930                 450mm X 930mm (104LT) ELKO TANK S/No.
4-R930-90              450mm X 930mm 90deg (104LT) ELKO TANK S/No.

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