4 Things To Consider With Wedding Cake Icing

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					4 Things To Consider With Wedding Cake Icing

Wedding cake icing seems like a small and relatively unimportant part of
the overall wedding planning process. Most want their cake to look good,
but are more worried about the cost of the cake, the amount of cake
available, and the flavor of the cake. The frosting will actually affect
most of these aspects of the cake. Icing will affect the cost of the cake
and the flavor of the cake. This highlights the importance of your
wedding cake frosting choices. These four aspects to consider will help
you to be creative while finding the best look and flavor for your cake.

Use Fondant

Fondant has been on the wedding cake market for some time. Many use
Fondant for their cakes to give them a clean and modern look. Fondant may
be perfect for your wedding cake. The fondant icing is edible, and will
give your cake the elegant look and feel that it needs.

Flavor the Icing

One thing that you may want to consider with your icing is the flavor.
Most will stick with the usual flavors found in icings. These flavors are
well known, and are found in basic icings such as buttercream icing or
royal icing. If you want to try something new, flavor these icings with
new or unusual frostings. Some will use extracts, such as almond extract
or lemon extract, to give the frosting more flavor.

Use Interesting Colors

Many will stick with the basic white color for the frosting for their
wedding cakes. One of the easiest ways to be creative with wedding cakes
is to deviate from this tradition. Try colored frosting or colored
fondant to give your cake a more unique feel.

Play With the Cake Type

Wedding cakes generally stick with plain flavors to ensure that all of
their guests can find a flavor that they enjoy. One of the best ways to
have a unique cake is to play with the type of cake that you have for
your wedding cake. Try different flavors for different cake tiers. Try
new and interesting flavors that you may not usually consider. Then, play
with the frosting flavors. Use the frosting flavor to play off of the
cake flavor. This juxtaposition will give your wedding cake a unique

There are multiple options for you to choose from for the icing for your
wedding cake . Most will go with the usual buttercream icing or royal
icing. Many fail to realize that they can spice up these usual frostings
with flavors and colors. The theme and colors of your wedding may be a
perfect guide for you to tweak and change your frosting.
Take a risk with your wedding cake by making it stand out. By breaking
the norms and thinking out of the box, you can have an interesting and
memorable wedding cake.

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