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                                                      A     HISTORY         OF     SATAN’S
                                                               GREATEST TRICK

   Satan’s                                               Halloween has become recognized as a satanic
                                                  holiday by devil worshippers and occult groups
                                                  throughout our nation. Let’s look at the history of
                                                  this “holiday.”

 GREATEST                                              All Saints’ Day, a Roman Catholic Church
                                                  holiday, is the Christian predecessor of Halloween
                                                  and was originally recognized in May, not on
                                                  November first. In A.D. 608, the Roman emperor
                                                  Constantine had a great horde of newly-conquered

                                                  heathen peoples and, to keep them happy, allowed
                                                  them to combine their ancient ritual of Samhain Day
                                                  with the new All Saints’ Day. Christians (non-
                                                  heathens) celebrated their day for the death of
                                                  departed saints, and the heathens recognized the
                                                  worship of their lord of the dead on the night
                                                       October 31st wasn’t chosen by accident to be
                                                  the date to celebrate Halloween; it’s one of four
                                                  major witches’ sabbats: the first, on February 2
     Compiled & written by Mary N. White and      (Groundhog Day), honored the pagan goddess of
   put out as a service of MERCY MINISTRIES,      healing, Brigit. The second, in May, was called
        operated by Dr. Don & Mary White          Beltane and was when witches planted, helped along
                           of                     by druidic magic to encourage crop growth. The
  TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH, located at           third sabbat was an August harvest festival to
   2500 W. Randol Mill Rd., Arlington, TX 76012   honor the sun god, Lugh. These three sabbats noted
                                                  the passing of seasons, planting time, and harvest
                                                  time, as well as earth’s time of death and rebirth.
The last sabbat, Samhain, marked winter’s coming      nineteen-night event featured roving bands of chain
and was celebrated by the druids as a time of “be--   saw-toting hoodlums, haunted houses, and axe
twixt and between” – a holy season of spirit con-     murderers stalking customers.
jurations and superstition that utilized a cauldron
to symbolize the goddess Brigit’s abundance.           Halloween’s traditional practices are quite easily
     The night Samhain returned with spirits of the               identified with the occult.
dead – October 31 – was celebrated by “treating”      ***Jack-o-lanterns came from a story about a
the spirits, otherwise the living people would be     notorious man named Jack (what else!) who was
“tricked.” To frighten away the evil spirits and      turned away from both heaven and hell, and con-
satisfy the supernatural powers that controlled the   demned to roam the earth as a spirit.      He put a
processes of nature, huge bonfires were set on        glowing coal inside a carved-out turnip – which
hilltops. By the late nineteenth century – after      became a pumpkin, over time – symbolizing a damned
European immigrants (particularly the Irish) intro-   soul.
duced Halloween to America – its customs became a     ***Orange and black are colors connected with the
popular occasion to turn over outhouses, inflict      occult, as the orange candles and black cloths cov-
property damage, and indulge in other types of        ering caskets in the masses for the dead held in
devilry that wouldn’t be put up with at any other     November.
time. In our modern-day world, satanists use the      ***Costumes are from the Celtic druid idea that
entire month of October to watch for opportunities    participants in ceremonies should wear animal heads
to find sacrificial victims for their dark rites,     and skins to gain that animal’s strength; also,
whether human or animal. Kidnappings increase         folks who had to be out after dark during this time
during the month of October; small animals (black     of year dressed up in order to fool evil spirits
cats in particular) and children disappear.           who might be roaming and try to harm them.
     Halloween is a huge retail day for stores in     ***“Trick or treat” comes from two different situa-
this country. Decent people become exhibitionists     tions: groups of men would try to get “donations”
by wearing outrageous costumes; over 60% of Hallow-   from all the farmers in order to keep demons from
een costumes are sold to adults! On Oct. 31, one      cursing their crops; the other resulted from druid
out of every four people between ages 18-40 will      priests going house-to-house in search of virgin
dress up as some character.     Candy sales reached   maidens to sacrifice.    If frightened parents re-
$950 million in one year recently, while $1 billion   fused, they would be given a “trick” in the form of
was spent on costumes, $50 million on greeting        different curses – poor crops, sick animals, etc.
cards, and $500 million on holiday decorations.       If the parents complied, they would be rewarded for
About 73% of adults spent time in some type of        the gift of their virgins with a “treat” in the
Halloween activity in this same statistical year.     opposite form of the usual curses – good crops,
Consumers are expected to spend an average of $81     healthy animals, etc.    They then left a “jack-o-
on Halloween; to capitalize on fall tourism during    lantern” in exchange, to protect the home from
this occult time period, Universal Studios in         death demons that night.
Orlando created “Halloween Horror Nights.” This
***Bobbing for apples is a form of divination, or     and evil.   There are vandals who are more inter-
fortune-telling. People would try to get an apple     ested in the pranks they can pull instead of the
out of a bucket of water between their teeth with-    getting treats; parents worry about demented people
out dropping it, in order to secure a romance with    who might give out poisoned candy or goodies
the loved one of their choice.     Apples were used   “prepared” with sharp, hazardous objects.    In the
because, when cut in half, the seeded core looked     dark, motorists may not see costumed children walk-
like their symbol representing the goddess of love.   ing on dark streets; perverted individuals may
***Cats, especially black ones, became a represent-   prowl neighborhoods, hoping to lure an innocent
ation of incarnated humans, evil spirits, or the      child away for carnal purposes.
“familiar” of witches – an intelligent, demon-          Evil associations don’t suggest that parents
possessed companion in animal form.                   allowing Halloween celebrations are in cahoots with
***Masks are traditionally used to ward off evil      the devil, but one is hard-pressed to think of just
spirits or to “change” the personality of the wear-   one positive virtue related to Halloween. It is a
er to communicate with the spirit world.              night traditionally connected with fear (II Timothy
***Skeletons, ghosts, witches, etc., represent the    1:7), death (Romans 6:23), darkness (I John 1:5),
spirit world and the realm of the dead.               and the devil (I John 3:8) and, as these verses
                                                      show, they are not associated with God Who has, in
     God definitely has something to say about all
                                                      fact, given us victory over the devil’s devices.
of these things – whether specifically or collect-
ively – and in total, He summed up in Deuteronomy          Some anti-occult groups have successfully re-
18:9-12: “When thou art come into the land which      moved Halloween celebrations from public schools.
the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn    An Arkansas minister recently filed a federal court
to do after the abominations of those nations.        suit, demanding that as long as prayer is banned in
There shall not be found among you any one that       school, satanism – through Halloween observations –
maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the    should not be equally tolerated.      (The Reverend
fire (sacrifice), or that useth divination (for-      Ralph Forbes named, as the defendant, the devil.)
tune telling), or an observer of times, or an en-          A mother who led a similar anti-Halloween
chanter (spell-caster), or a witch (Satan worship-    fight in public schools said she didn’t object to
er). Or a charmer (spell-caster), or a consulter      the day being observed as a fall festival, nor kids
with familiar spirits, or a wizard (magic/sorcer-     dressing up like American history characters, but
or), or a necromancer (one who communicates with      that she definitely drew the line at emphasizing
the dead). For all that do these things are an a-     the shadowy side of the holiday. She said, “If the
bomination unto the Lord: and because of these        principle of sectarianism has taken Christmas cele-
abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out     brations out of the schools, why not Halloween? If
from before thee.”                                    they can’t honor God, why honor the devil?”
                                                           In this modern world of all-too-real satanic
     There are many other negative things about       evil, many think that it’s time to clean up Hallow-
Halloween that have nothing to do with the occult     een; they feel a ban put on official observances of
world and its emphasis on witchcraft, the devil,      Halloween would warn parents and their children
that the occult symbolisms celebrate dark, danger-        If you’ve been running in circles, or if life just
ous, spiritual powers.    Christian liberty doesn’t       doesn’t seem to be what it could be for you because of
forbid us from observing the Halloween season in a        emptiness or lack of meaning, you’ve needed Jesus. He
purer sense, although we must exercise prayerful          did a wonderful thing at Calvary a long time ago: He
                                                          allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross, in OUR place,
caution with the responsibilities we choose to take
                                                          to pay for OUR sins, just so we could go to heaven when
if we allow our children to celebrate this night.
                                                          we die. WHY? Because that’s how much He loves us. Jesus
     Satanism, witchcraft, and poltergeist/ghostly        is God’s only Son, yet He allowed Himself to become the
activity increase at this time of year and are dan-       only sacrifice acceptable to God that would enable us to
gerous things, not to be taken lightly by anyone.         be in God’s holy presence in heaven. And the very best
Each is real, not some physiological trick or             thing about that sacrifice is that it’s totally, 100%
Hollywood mumbo-jumbo as many believe. Casper “the        FREE – we don’t have to clean up, step up, or DO
friendly ghost” is just the way Satan wants people        anything but believe it and accept it!!! All you need to
to see the occult world: attractive, cute, harm-          do is pray something like this:
less, instead of sinister and evil as it truly is.             “Dear Jesus, I know that I’m a sinner and that I’ll
  It’s never too early for children to learn that         never be good enough to get to heaven based on my own
                                                          worth. I believe You died for me in my place because You
Halloween’s “fun” can be a doorway to danger and e-
                                                          love me, and that because I believe, I have a home in
ventually lead to spiritual darkness and entrap-
                                                          heaven now when I die. Thank You for Your free gift of
ment. Thank God for victory at the cross over             salvation, and help me to live for You and tell others
Satan’s “tricks,” through the “treat” of Jesus’           about You, too. Amen.”
shed blood!
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TRUTH: Satan has played the ultimate trick in your
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