Sunset Series A Breath of Fresh Ayr Concert Conversations with by hjkuiw354


									                                                            A Breath
                                                            of Fresh Ayr
                                                            The Australian Festival of
                                                            Chamber Music is taking a
                                                            road trip to the Burdekin.
                                                            For one night only, festival
                                                            artists – including the
                                                            Australian String Quartet,
                                                            Camerata of St John’s,
                                                            Kristian Chong (pictured)
                                                            and more will entertain an
                                                            audience at Ayr’s Burdekin
                                                            Theatre. A Breath of Fresh
                                                            Ayr will be held Monday,
                                                            August 2 at 6.30pm.
                                                            Tickets cost $50 and are
                                                            available from Burdekin

Sunset Series
This series welcomes many of the festival’s 50-plus participating artists to the stage
each night, to perform a selection of celebrated works. Sunset Series will run each
evening at 5.30pm from August 4 through 7 inclusive. The series will be held at the
Townsville Civic Theatre and tickets cost $40 per performance.

Conversations with
Piers Lane
Proving music really is the
universal language, AFCM
director and pianist Piers Lane
performs with various artists
to communicate the elegance
and passion of classical music.
Conversationalists include
a cross-section of artists,
from vocalists to guitarists,
violinist, pianists, cellists
and clarinettist and more,
with each session presenting
different performances.
Concert Conversations will
entertain audiences daily at
10am from August 3 to 7
inclusive. The event will be
held at Jupiters Townsville
Ballroom and tickets cost $50
per performance.

Festival Farewell – El Salon Mexico
Celebrate the 20th Australian Festival of Chamber Music with a selection of
performances by various artists. This event sums up what the festival is all about
– great music and good times. The Festival Farewell will take place on Saturday,
August 7 at 8pm at the Townsville Civic Theatre. Tickets cost $60.

                                                                                           August 2010   13

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