Belize Real Estate: An Enumeration of Why You Should Live Here

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					   Belize Real Estate: An Enumeration of Why You Should Live Here

There are hundreds of reasons why you should
move to Belize and enjoy the tropical paradise
that it offers. Here are some of the reasons why
we love Belize.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 1: If you love marine

You will be amazed at Belize’s aquatic paradise. It has a magnificent stretch filled with
protected coral reefs and aquatic life. Divers favor the waters of Belize because of the
rare species of fishes that thrive here and are well protected by the government and the

Real Estate Belize Reason n # 2: If you’re a bird enthusiast...

There are around 200 species of birds in this island!

Real Estate Belize Reason # 3: Beach life is the best life...

Work hard, party hard on the beach!

Real Estate Belize Reason # 4: Live a care free life on the island…

No aggressive corporate world. No hurried lifestyle. No need for fast food because in
Belize, you will have all the time you need in this life!

Real Estate Belize Reason # 5: No more cold winter...

Chilling winters can really take its toll on your body. Move to Belize and you will always
be able to feel the warmth of the sun.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 6: You can forget about stress...

The island is inhabited with the nicest people with friendly smiling faces.
Real Estate Belize Reason # 7: You can meet new people everyday...

There are thousands of tourists in Belize and they come here on a weekly basis. If you’re
a people person, it can be nice to always meet new and interesting people.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 8: Opening a business is possible and profitable...

Just by the sheer number of people that visit Belize, you can do a lot of business. Be a
supplier and open up your own café or even a restaurant! You can make money while
living on the beach.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 9: Tax breaks for your business...

Belize encourages you to put up your own business so they give tax breaks.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 10: Tax Incentive for Migrating

The same concept as in business, they want people to move here so there are tax
incentives for people who choose to migrate or retire in Belize.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 11: Your cost of living is cheaper here...

Real Estate Belize Reason # 12: You can try living here for one year hassle free.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 13: History buffs can revel at the site of the old Mayan ruins.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 14: There is a huge expat community here so you can find
someone from your own country.

Real Estate Belize Reason # 15: You will live by the beach! We have to say that again and