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									                           Packer   Collegiate              Institute
                                                                                                        Volume 5, Issue 1

                                                                                                        May 2009

                           Upper School
                           Summer Reading List 2009

                                Required Books for Upper School Students
                                Students in grades 10                                                   didn’t. This letter should be
                                through 12 are required to         "everything works out for the        about 200 words long and
Inside this issue:                                                 best". This book will be dis-
                                read at least three books over                                          can be email to your adviser
                                the summer, including the          cussed in your history class.        or delivered in person on the
Graphic Novels         2        required books for grades 10                                            first day of school. Summer
                                and 11. Details for each                                                reading letters are due Sep-
                                                                   Read at least two additional
Vampire Love           2        grade follow below.                                                     tember 9, 2009.
Author Spotlight       3        Required Books for Incom-
                                                                   Required Book for Incom-
                                ing 10th Graders
New in Paperback       3                                           ing 12th Graders
                                RAGTIME by E. L. Doctorow
Alex Award Winners     4        Three remarkable families’ lives   Since there are no 12th grade
                                become entwined with Henry         required books, incoming
Packer Favorites       5        Ford, Harry Houdini, J.P. Mor-     seniors must read at least
                                gan, Theodore Dreiser, Sig-        THREE additional books.
Classics               7        mund Freud, and Emiliano
                                Zapata at the turn of the 20th     Letter to Your Adviser
Extreme Classics       9        century. This book will be dis-
                                cussed in your English class.      After you complete your sum-
                                                                   mer reading, please write a
                                Read at least two additional       letter to your new adviser
                                books.                             (your adviser’s name will be
                                                                   included with information
                                Required Books for Incom-          sent to you in August from the
                                ing 11th Graders                   Upper School Office). This
   Special points of
   interest:                                                       letter is a great way for you to
                                CANDIDE by Voltaire                introduce yourself and talk
                                Student-hero Candide encoun-       about one or two of the books
   • 10th Grade required
                                ters one disaster after another    you CHOSE to read over the
     book is RAGTIME by E.      in 18th-century Europe in this     summer. Tell you adviser
     L. Doctorow.               philosophical novel that sati-     what you liked about the
                                rizes the optimistic notion that   books you read. Or, what you
   • 11th Grade required
     book is CANDIDE by
                                About this List
   • Everyone reads at least    The Summer Reading List high-      and many of the suggested            over the summer. Please stop
     TWO additional titles.     lights over 100 titles. They       titles will be on sale at the        by the Blackburne Library in
     Seniors, please read       range from newly published         Packer Parents Association           September to tell me about a
     THREE                      paperbacks to 1000-year-old        annual Book Fair on May 6-8.         book you loved (or hated) or to
                                classics. You will find fiction    All of the books on this list meet   recommend a title for next
                                and nonfiction, old books and      the additional book require-         year’s list.
                                new. I have also included a list   ment. If you would like to read a
                                of your favorite books according   book not on the list, check with     Best wishes for a happy sum-
                                to the summer reading surveys      your current English teacher. I      mer vacation —Andrew Parson,
                                you filled out at the beginning    am eager to hear what you            Upper School Librarian.
                                of the year. Required books        think about the books you read
Book Fair: May 9-12
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                Graphic Novels
                No guys in tights on this     BONE: OUT OF BONE-          FABLES: LEGENDS IN
                list—just amazing stories     VILLE by Jeff Smith         EXILE by Bill Willingham
                that use the power of art     The cousins Bone, lost      In Fabletown, where
                and text to leave us spell-   from each other in the      fairy tale legends live
                bound.                        desert, find their          alongside regular New
                JANES IN LOVE                 through adventures and      Yorkers, everyone wants
                by Cecil Castelluci           danger to be reunited.      to know who killed Rose
                The continuing story of       But is their really over?   Red..
                four girls named Jane,
                dedicated to art and dis-
                covering love.                BUDDHA
                                              by Osamu Tezuka
                                              The Japanese master of
                V FOR VENDETTA                manga pushes the me-
                by Alan Moore                 dium to its limit in this
                One man, one mask and         retelling of the life of
                the struggle to rise up       Buddha.
                against an oppressive

               I’m in Love with a Vampire
               Bella and Edward still on      when the bodies start       FEAST IN EXILE
               your mind? Quench your         turning up.                 by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
               thirst for undead romance                                  The eternal vampire
               with 5 story of vampires                                   Saint-Germain must flee
               and the humans who love
                                              BLOODSUCKING FIENDS         14-century India ahead
                                              by Christopher Moore        of the Mongol Horde
               SILVER KISS                    Tommy’s an aspiring         and protect the life of
               by Annette Curtis Klaus        writer with a dead-end      his beautiful ward,
               A mysterious teenage           job. Jody is a former of-   Avasa Dani.
               boy harboring a dark           fice girl who just woke
               secret helps Zoë come          up undead. Love is in
               to terms with her              the air.
               mother's terminal ill-
               ness.                          DRACULA
                                              by Bram Stoker
               LET THE RIGHT ONE IN           Sometimes you just
               by John Aivide Lindqvist       need the classic: the
               Oskar, the victim of bul-      count, his Mina, her
               lies at school, cannot         Jonathan and the race
               resist the strange girl        to Transylvania.
               who moves in next, even
Book Fair: May 6-8
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               Author Spotlight: Nalo Hopkinson
               Caribbean-born and now         MIDNIGHT ROBBER                SKIN FOLKS
               living in Toronto, Nalo Hop-   by Nalo Hopkinson              by Nalo Hopkinson
               kinson has made a name         In order to survive on a       Caribbean folklore and
               for herself as the writer of   prison world, young Tan-       traditions are at the heart
               wonderfully original sto-      Tan transforms herself         of this collection of short
               ries, steeped in fantasy       into the fearsome Robber       stories that explore the
               and folklore.                  Queen.                         frightening truth that lies
               BROWN GIRL IN THE                                             beneath our skin.
                                              SALT ROADS
               RING by Nalo Hopkinson
               A young woman turns to         by Nalo Hopkinson
                                              When three Caribbean
               magic to understand the
                                              women bury a stillborn
               truth that was hidden by
                                              infant, their collective
               her mother and grand-
                                              grief calls forth a goddess
               mother.                        who sends the child’s
                                              spirit on a journey of love
                                              and discovery.

               New in Paperback
               These books are making         FARTHER SHORE                  Angeles through the
               their first appearance at      by Matthew Eck                 Teacher American pro-
               Book Fair                      A small U.S. Army unit is      gram. (Nonfiction)
                                              separated from their com-
               LONG WAY GONE                  mand during the Battle of      THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS
               by Ismael Beah                 Mogadishu and must fight       YES by Monica Ferrell
               At 13, Beah was forced to      to survive. (Fiction)          College student Matthew
               serve in the army in war-                                     learns how to dress, how
               torn Sierra Leone.             LIVING ON THE BLACK            to talk and how to be cool
               (Nonfiction)                   by John Feinstein              enough to make a splash
                                              Chronicles the efforts of      in the New York rave
               SWIM TO ME                     pitchers Mike Mussina and      scene. (Fiction)
               by Betsy Carter                Tom Glavine to make the
               Delores hopes for a new life   2007 season a highlight of     LOST MEMOIRS OF JANE
               as “mermaid” in a Florida      their careers. (Nonfiction)    AUSTEN by Syrie James
               water show.. (Fiction)                                        This novel of historical
                                              BEST AMERICAN NONRE-           fiction portrays Jane in an
               BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF         QUIRED READING 2008            ill-fated romance with Mr.
               OSCAR WAO by Junot Diaz        edited by Dave Eggers          Ashford. (Fiction)
               Nerdy, fat Oscar dreams        A collection of edgy stories
               of becoming a famous           and essays. (Fiction & Non-    MEMOIRS OF A BEAUTI-
               writer as he lives a lonely    fiction)                       FUL BOY by Robert Leleux
               life with his Dominican                                       East Texas is not the
               family in New Jersey.          RELENTLESS PURSUIT             easiest place to grow up
               (Fiction)                      by Donna Foote                 gay with a crazy mother.
                                              Follows four young teach-      (Memoir)
                                              ers’ efforts to improve the
                                              lives of students in Los
Book Fair: May 6-8
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                . . . continued:        New Paperbacks
                THE MINE AND THE WELL          TWEAK by Nic Sheff            THE GEOGRAPHY OF
                by Gin Philips                 A young man, recovering       BLISS by Eric Weiner
                A mining town in Alabama       from meth addiction, de-      An NPR reporter searches
                must examine its darker        scribes the path that has     the world for the happiest
                side when a baby is            brought him back from         place on earth.
                found dead in a well.          the brink. (Memoir)           (Nonfiction)
                                               TRAIL OF CRUMBS               HOW TO LIVE ON MARS
                SOLDIER’S HEART                by Kim Sunee                  by Robert Zubrin
                by Elizabeth D. Samet          Cooking is at the heart of    This “trusty guide” is fool of
                A West Point English           this search for identity by   scientific silliness about how
                teacher explains how her       a woman abandoned in a        to make it on the Red Planet.
                students have changed          Korean market as a tod-       (Nonfiction)
                the way she thinks about       dler. (Memoir)
                war. (Nonfiction)
                BEAUTIFUL BOY                  by Anya Ulinich
                by David Sheff                 Sarah becomes a mail-
                A father tells the hear-       order-bride to escape
                breaking tale of his son’s     Russia to search for her
                addiction to metham-           father in the United
                phetamine. (Memoir)            States. (Fiction)

                Alex Award Winners
                These books were selected      THREE GIRLS AND THEIR         THE GOOD THIEF
                as outstanding adult books     BROTHER                       by Hannah Tinti
                for teenagers by the Ameri-    by Therese Rebeck             Ren, an orphan in the 19-
                can Library Association’s      Fame threatens to destroy     century New England,
                Young Adult Library Ser-       the Heller girls and their    hopes the man claiming to
                vices Association.             protective brother is the     be his older brother can
                                               modern fable about our        solve the mystery of how
                CITY OF THIEVES                obsession with celebrity.     Ren lost his left hand.
                by David Benioff               (Fiction)
                Seventeen-year-old Lev         DRAGONS OF BABEL
                Beniov and another war-        by Michael Swanwick
                time prisoner can win their    Young Will becomes the
                freedom if they can get 12     hero to the homeless citi-
                eggs to be used in the         zens of the Faerie rhelm’s
                colonel's daughter's wed-      dread Tower of Babel
                ding cake by traversing the    (Fiction)
                dangerous streets of Len-
                ingrad. (Fiction)
                JUST AFTER SUNSET
                by Stephen King
                Twelve stories that explore
                the creepy things people
                get up to as twilight fades.
                (Short Stories)
Book Fair: May 6-8
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                Packer Favorites
                These are the books          BREATH, EYES, MEM-            CATCH-22
                you’ve enjoyed year after    ORY                           by Joseph Heller
                year.                        by Edwidge Danticat           Captain Yossarian
                                             A young Haitian girl          pleads insanity to get
                HANDMAIDS TALE
                                             comes of age torn be-         out of the increasingly
                by Margaret Atwood
                Set in the near future,      tween two cultures--the       dangerous air raid mis-
                America has become a         Haiti of her Tante Atie       sions his bomber squad-
                puritanical theocracy        and Grandmother Ife,          ron must fly in this satiri-
                and Offred tells her story   and the New York of her       cal World War II novel.
                as a Handmaid under          mother Martine. (Fiction)     (Fiction)
                the new social order.
                                             MIDDLESEX                     TALENTED MR. RIPLEY
                RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE             by Jeffrey Eugenidies         by Patricia HIghsmith
                                             Three generations of a        Tom Ripley will stop at
                by Rita Mae Brown
                A novel about growing        Greek American family find    nothing to make his
                up lesbian in America,       themselves plagued by a       wayward friend Dickie’s
                told with humor and          mutant gene which causes      playboy life his own.
                verve. (Fiction)             strange side effects in the
                                             family’s teenage girls.       ON THE ROAD
                CLOCKWORK ORANGE             (Fiction)                     by Jack Kerouac
                by Anthony Burgess                                         The book which became
                In the Slav-oriented         AMERICAN GODS                 the bible of the Beat
                state of the future, the     by Neil Gaiman                Generation swings to
                Lower Orders are in as-      An ex-convict, recently       the rhythms of under-
                cendance and hooligans       out of prison, takes a job    ground America of the
                roam the London              from a mysterious man         1950s. (Fiction)
                streets. (Fiction)           who calls himself Mr.
                                             Wednesday. It is no co-       INTO THE WILD
                IN COLD BLOOD                incidence that Wednes-        by Jon Krakauer
                by Truman Capote             day is derived from the       Aftter graduating from
                Capote became famous         Norse god Wodin in this       college, Chris McCan-
                for his penetrating ac-      tale about what hap-          dless gave the $24,000
                count of the brutal mur-     pens to Old World gods        in his savings account to
                ders of a Kansas family      when Europeans immi-          charity and hitchhiked to
                and execution of the         grate to America.             Alaska. His body was
                killers. (Nonfiction)        (Fiction)                     eventually found by a
                                                                           hunter. (Nonfiction)
                AMAZING ADVENTURES           NEUROMANCER
                OF KAVALIER AND CLAY         by William Gibson             THE NAMESAKE
                by Michael Chabon            Case, a burned out com-       by Jhumpa Lahiri
                Having escaped from          puter whiz, is asked to       A young man born of
                Nazi-occupied Prague,        steal a security code         Indian parents in Amer-
                Joe Kavalier teams up        that is locked in the         ica struggles with issues
                with his cousin, Sammy,      most heavily guarded          of identity from his
                to create a Hitler-          databank in the solar         teens to his thirties.
                bashing comic-book su-       system. (Fiction)
                perhero. (Fiction)
Book Fair: May 6-8
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                . . . continued:     Packer Favorites
                CALL OF THE CTHULHU         THINGS THEY CARRIED            JARHEAD
                by H. P. Lovecraft          by Tim O’Brien                 by Anthony Swoffard
                A collection of nightmar-   Twenty-two stories por-        A gritty account of the
                ish stories from a mas-     tray the Vietnam War as        Gulf War by a former
                ter of horror. (Fiction)    it was experienced by          Marine sniper. (Memoir)
                                            the young men sent
                LONESOME DOVE               there to fight it. (Fiction)   ABSURDISTAN
                by Larry McMurtry                                          by Gary Shteyngart
                Tells of a cattle drive     BEL CANTO by Patchett          Denied a visa to the US,
                from Texas to Montana       A group of international       Misha find himself work-
                and shows how one           guests, taken hostage          ing as the Minister of Mul-
                man's dream to create       by terrorists, form bonds      ticultural Affairs in a back-
                an empire affects oth-      with their captors and         water Russian republic.
                ers. (Fiction)              enter into an almost idyl-     (Fiction)
                                            lic lifestyle, united by the
                LIARS AND SAINTS            music of Roxanne Coss,         WHITE TEETH by Zadie
                by Maile Meloy              opera's most revered           Smith
                Four generations of the                                    The Joneses and
                                            soprano. (Fiction)
                Catholic Santerre family                                   Iqbals—both outsider
                struggle to navigate a      SPECIAL TOPICS IN CA-          families in post-war Lon-
                succession of life-                                        don, try to make their
                                            LAMITY PHYSICS
                altering events which                                      way through the social
                                            By Marisha Pessl
                have dramatic conse-        Transfer student Blue          upheavals of 20th cen-
                quences for later gen-      tries to solve the murder      tury England.
                erations. (Fiction)         of her film studies
                                            teacher at her new             THE SECRET HISTORY
                WILD GINGER                                                by Donna Tartt
                by Anchee Min               school. (Fiction)
                                                                           A group of classics stu-
                In China, during the Cul-
                                            BLINDESS                       dents at a Vermont col-
                tural Revolution, a love
                                            by Jose Saramago               lege become involved with
                triangle among three
                                            A city is hit by an epi-       two murders, one acciden-
                students careens to-
                                            demic of "white blind-         tal and the other quite
                wards disaster. (Fiction)
                                            ness" whose victims are        possibly not. (Fiction)
                LAMB                        confined to a vacant
                by Christopher Moore        mental hospital, while a
                Jesus and his best          single eyewitness to the       CONFEDERACY OF
                friend, Bif, go East to     nightmare guides seven         DUNCES by John Ken-
                find answers about his      oddly assorted strangers       nedy Toole
                future from the Wise        through the barren ur-         Found in an attic by the
                Men who brought gifts       ban landscape. (Fiction)       author's mother after his
                at his birth. (Fiction)                                    death, this novel tells
                                            NAKED by David Sedaris         the humorous story of
                LOLITA by Vladimir          National Public Radio sta-     Ignatius J. Reilly's
                Nabokov                     ple Sedaris aims his           search for a job.
                Aging Humbert’s obses-      acerbic wit at his own         (Fiction)
                sion with “nymphet”         childhood and
                Dolores Haze drives him     adolescence in this col-
                to break a deep cultural    lection of wickedly funny
                taboo. (Fiction)            essays. (Memoir)
Book Fair: 6-8
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                 These timeless books will    MY ANTONIA                    MADAME BOVARY
                 challenge and entertain.     by Willa Cather               by Gustave Flaubert
                                              Jim Burden recalls grow-      Married to a dull village
                 HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS         ing up on the Nebraska        doctor, Emma Bovary
                 by Isabel Allende            prairie where a deter-        finds only tragedy in her
                 The epic story of the        mined, young woman            search for romantic ful-
                 passionate Trueba fam-       named Antonia farmed          fillment. (Fiction)
                 ily begins at the turn of    the fields with the
                 the century in South         strength of a man.            AUTOBIOGRAPHY
                 America. (Fiction)           (Fiction)                     by Gandhi
                                                                            Personal account of the
                 EMMA by Jane Austen          GREAT EXPECTATIONS            life of the man who
                 A self-assured young         by Charles Dickens            freed India from coloni-
                 lady is determined to        The author’s classic rags     zation through a nonvio-
                 arrange her life and the     -to-riches tale of Pip, an    lent protest movement.
                 lives of those around        orphan who inherits a         (Nonfiction)
                 her according to her         mysterious fortune and
                 romantic fancy. (Fiction)    all the troubles imagin-      ONE HUNDRED YEARS
                                              able to go with it.           OF SOLITUDE
                 IF BEALE STREET COULD                                      by Gabriel Garcia
                 TALK by James Baldwin                                      Marquez
                 Fonny is jailed on a false   MIDDLEMARCH                   The beginning and the
                 rape charge just as he is    by George Eliot               end of a mythical town
                 about to marry his preg-     A young widow struggles       and its founding family
                 nant girlfriend, Tish.       to make a meaningful          is told in this master-
                 (Fiction)                    life for herself in the re-   piece of magical real-
                                              strictive world of Victo-     ism. (Fiction)
                                              rian England. (Fiction)
                 by Jorge Luis Borges                                       SUN ALSO RISES
                 Stories deal with an un-     INVISIBLE MAN                 by Ernest Hemingway
                 usual garden, an enor-       by Ralph Ellison              The disillusionment of
                 mous library, author-        As he wanders from a          the Lost Generation is
                 ship, language, memory,      Southern college to New       captured in this novel
                 philosophy, and the art      York's Harlem, an Afri-       about a group of expatri-
                 of writing. (Fiction)        can-American man goes         ates living in Paris in the
                                              from youthful affirma-        years following World War
                 WUTHERING HEIGHTS            tion to a sense of total      I. (Fiction)
                 by Emily Bronte              rejection. (Fiction)
                 Romance and revenge                                        THEIR EYES ARE
                 play out on an English                                     WATCHING GOD
                                              SOUND AND THE FURY
                 moor. (Fiction)                                            by Zora Neale Hurston
                                              by William Faulkner
                                              The thoughts of the           A proud, independent
                 REBEL by Albert Camus                                      African- American
                 The philosopher traces       three Compton brothers
                                              form the stream of con-       woman searches for a
                 the history of revolution                                  man who can give her
                 and explores the urge to     sciousness narrative in
                                              this novel set in Faulk-      the satisfaction she de-
                 rebel as part of human
                                              ner’s imaginary Yokna-        sires. (Fiction)
                 nature. (Nonfiction)
                                              patawpha County.
Book Fair: May 6-8
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                . . . continued:     Classics
                BERLIN STORIES                THE HEART IS A LONELY       ANNA KARENINA
                by Christopher Isher-         HUNTER                      by Leo Tolstoy
                wood                          by Carson McCullers         An unhappy ending
                Two linked stories cap-       The outcasts of a Geor-     awaits a married woman
                ture cosmopolitan Berlin      gia mill-town tell their    who abandons her hus-
                just before the rise of       secrets to a deaf-mute      band and child to be
                the Nazis. (Short Sto-        man in this masterpiece     with the handsome,
                ries)                         of the Southern Gothic.     young officer in the
                                              (Fiction)                   Tsar’s army. (Fiction)
                WASHINGTON SQUARE
                by Henry James                SONG OF SOLOMON             THE AGE OF INNOCENCE
                When a handsome,              by Toni Morrison            by Edith Wharton
                feckless man-about-           Follows the life of         The unspoken rules of
                town proposes to Cath-        Macon Dead, Jr., the        19th-century New York’s
                erine Slope, her father,      son of the richest black    high society are stacked
                a wealthy doctor, forbids     family in a midwestern      against Newland Archer
                the marriage because          town, as he leaves home     and his love for the
                he believes the man is        on a quest for personal     tragic Countess Olen-
                after Catherine’s fortune     freedom. (Fiction)          ska. (Fiction)
                and future inheritance.
                (Fiction)                     MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN         PICTURE OF DORIAN
                                              by Salmon Rushdie           GRAY by Oscar Wilde
                HEAT AND DUST                 The life of a man born at   In this morality tale, a
                by Ruth Prawer                the moment of India's       vain, self-absorbed man
                Jhalbvala                     independence becomes        stays young while a
                In a narrative intermin-      inextricably linked to      magic portrait of him
                gling past and present, a     that of his nation and is
                                                                          ages. (Fiction)
                young English woman           a whirlwind of disasters
                journeys to India to re-      and triumphs that mirror    MRS. DALLOWAY
                construct the behavior        modern India's course.
                                                                          by Virginia Woolf
                of her grandfather's first    (Fiction)                   This stream of con-
                wife, Olivia, who left hus-                               sciousness novel follows
                band and friends in           FRANKENSTEIN                Clarrisa Dalloway, a Brit-
                1923 out of love for an       by Mary Shelley
                                                                          ish MP’s wife, as she
                Indian prince.                A monster assembled by
                                                                          prepares for a party and
                (Fiction)                     a scientist from parts of
                                                                          sometimes strays into
                                              dead bodies is scorned
                                                                          the thoughts of the peo-
                MIDAQ ALLEY                   for being ugly and
                                                                          ple she passes by, in-
                by Naguib Mahfouz             swears revenge on his
                                                                          cluding a shell-shocked
                The sights and sounds         creator and the human
                                                                          World War I veteran.
                of Cairo are vividly por-     race. (Fiction)
                trayed in this novel                                      (Fiction)
                about the residents of a      AKE by Wole Soyinka
                teeming back alley.           A literary autobiography
                (Fiction)                     of the childhood of the
                                              noted Nigerian poet and
                                              playwright. (Fiction)
Book Fair: May 6-8

                Extreme Classics
                Want something to           LE MORTE D’ARTHUR              EPIC OF GILGAMESH
                really sink your teeth      by Sir ThomasMalory            The King of Ukruk seeks
                into over the summer?       The standard account of        immortality in this, the
                Try one of these endur-     King Arthur and his            world’s oldest know
                ing classics.               knights, the story of the      epic.( Poetry)
                                            dream of the Round Ta-
                DON QUIXOTE                 ble, knightly honor, and a     THE ART OF WAR by Sun
                by Miguel de Cervantes      just earthly government,       Tzu
                The adventures of an        all dissolved through hu-      This guide to battlefield
                eccentric country gentle-   man frailty.                   strategy, which Sun Tzu
                man and his faithful        (Fiction)                      wrote 2,500 years ago,
                companion who set out                                      is still used today by cor-
                as knight and squire of     PARADISE LOST by John          porate leaders and any-
                old to right wrongs and     Milton                         one else trying to get the
                punish evil. (Fiction)      “Tis better to reign in Hell   upper hand. (Nonfiction)
                                            than serve in Heaven,”
                DIVINE COMEDY               says Satan in this classic     THE AENEID by Virgil
                by Dante Alighieri          tale of the fall and re-       The fall of Troy comes
                Take a journey through      demption of mankind.           alive in this Latin epic.
                Hell, Purgatory and on to   (Poetry)                       (Poetry)
                Heaven in Dante’s po-
                etic allegory. (Poetry)     TALE OF GENJI
                                            by Murasaki Shikibu
                THE PRINCE                  This tale of court life in
                by Niccolo Machiavelli      10th-century Japan by the
                Some readers are ap-        woman Murasaki Shikibu
                palled and others in-       is widely regarded as the
                spired by Machiavelli’s     first novel ever written.
                guide to getting and        (Fiction)
                keeping political power.
                (Nonfiction)                METAMORPHOSES by
                                            The classical myths as
                                            presented by the famous
                                            Roman poet. (Poetry)

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