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             UlUrU        NATUrE


             MONKEY MIA

Diverse legacies, ancient temples & deserted beaches

Long-known for all the wrong reasons Cambodia is
rightfully claiming its name as the go-to place for
                                                               and thriving markets full of vibrant colours, sounds
                                                               and smells. Later on in your adventure you’ll spend two
travellers who want rich, authentic experiences. The           days soaking up Sihanoukville’s sunny rays, beautiful
country’s history shouldn’t be discounted though, the          beaches, crystal clear waters and pumping nightlife.
diverse legacies, the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, the       After spending two days kicking-back you’ll cross into
horror of the killing fields – all of this in stark contrast   the Mekong Delta and its surrounding rich green world

to the relaxing sandy shores, the busy waterways of the        complete with rice fields, floating market and cottage
Mekong Delta and jam-packed streets of Phonm Penh              industries. The following morning you’ll head into Ho
make this country a fascinating destination…not to             Chi Minh City, once a Khmer trading and fishing port
mention a much better choice than a visit to a museum          and admire the enthralling hub of activity with the        •	     BANGKOK
or an all inclusive resort!                                    possibilities for eating, shopping, sightseeing and
                                                               entertainment virtually limitless. Its day 10 and your     •	     SIeM reAP
Our ten-day adventure will see you starting out
                                                               amazing adventure is over.                                 •	     ANGKOr wAT
from bustling Bangkok and then making your way to
Siem Reap for two Indian-Jones-style days of site              wHAT’S INCluDeD: 9nts accommodation inc simple              •	    PHNOM PeNH
exploration. We’re talking the vast templates of Angkor        hotels (7nts) and simple beach bungalows (2nts), 5          •	    SIHANOuKvIlle
Wat. Your next two days will be spent checking out             breakfasts, all transport and Tour Leader.
                                                                                                                           •	    MeKONG DelTA
Phnon Penh, the riverside city of cafes, shady streets
                                                                                                                            •	   HO CHI MINH CITy
       Departs selected Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays


Charming, chaotic, colourful? You’ve arrived in Vietnam                                                                   From

Vietnam was put here to tantalize all your senses. Ho
Chi Minh City is chaotic, Hoi An charming, Hue has
                                                               explore the riverside garden tombs built for Vietnam’s
                                                               last emperors or take a motorbike trip out to the
an imperial feel and Hanoi is vibrant with Halong Bay          stunning countryside. You’ll spend day nine in Vietnam
well, simply put…it’s stunning. Believe us; this trip has      on a traditional wooden junk floating through the weird
something for everyone.                                        yet wonderful islands that dot the vast emerald bay part
You’ll arrive in Ho Chi Minh City where you’ll spend your      of which makes Halong Bay famous. Your last two days
                                                               spent exploring the dozens of traditional guild streets

first night. The second day you’ll awake and be taken
into the market maze that is the city’s central market.        that make up Hanoi’s thousand-year-old Old Quarter
You’ll find everything you could possibly imagine and          and join Buddhist monks for prayers in a serene lakeside
                                                               pagoda before departing Hanoi for the trip back home.
                                                                                                                                 HO CHI MINH CITy
more. The next two days will see you boarding a boat
and splashing through the blue bay that dazzles beside         wHAT’S INCluDeD: 11nts accommodation inc simple
the festive beach town of Nha Trang. You’ll get to stop        hotels/guesthouse (8nts) and sleeper train (3nts),         •	     NHA TrANG
and swim at one of the many pristine beaches along the         transport – train, local bus, aircon bus, walking and      •	     HOI AN
way. Your fifth and sixth day will see you wandering           boat, meals – 5 breakfasts/1 lunch and Tour Leader.               Hue
through the picturesque streets of Hoi An – a 16th                                                                                                    e
century trading port where the buildings bear traces of                                                                    •	    HAlONG BAy BOAT CruIS
Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and French architectural                                                                     •	    HANOI
styles. The next two days are left up to you to decide –

       Departs selected Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays

       Over 41,000 DISCOuNTS wOrlDwIDe - GeT yOur ISIC CArD NOw AT STA TrAvel
                                        PerTH TO eXMOuTH reTurN – 7 DAyS

Outback, adventure & delightful dolphins                                                                                     From

Explore the coast of Western Australia with stunning
beaches, dramatic gorges and freshwater pools that
                                                              next day discovering the wonders of the Ningaloo Reef
                                                              and its fantastic marine wildlife – snorkelling, cruising
will enchant you. Hug the coast northbound and                on a glass-bottom boat, quad bike tours or a joy flight
conveniently return via an inland route to Perth.             over the reef are just some of the awesome activities
Start off by jumping aboard and heading north to              available (all at own expense). Come afternoon you’ll

Nambung National Park to explore the fascinating              make the short trip to Exmouth. The next day you can
formations of the Pinnacles Desert. Get ready for an          laze about on the beach or head underwater to go diving
adrenaline hit when sand-boarding on the local dunes.         (optional). Otherwise, tour around the area including
                                                              Turquoise Bay and Yardie Creek. Your last two days will
The next day a short drive to Murchison Gorge in                                                                             •	    THe PINNACleS
                                                              see you hit the road early to begin your trip back to                                    rK
                                                                                                                                   KAlBArrI NATIONAl PA
Kalbarri National Park will allow you to explore Nature’s
                                                              Perth, staying overnight at Northbrook Farmstay for the        •	
Window, the Loop and Z-Bend Gorge – an exhilarating                                                                                                   S
150 metre descent into the heart of the gorge – before        last evening together with your group. You’ll also stop        •	    MONKey MIA DOlPHIN
                                                              at the Greenough Wildlife Park – home to the python
taking an invigorating swim in the tranquil water pools                                                                       •	   COrAl BAy
(seasonal). Day three will see you hitting the beach          breeding centre – where you can get friendly with a
                                                              snake if you so please!                                         •	    SNOrKellING
after a short drive across the Peron Peninsula before
making your way to see the world famous Monkey Mia            wHAT’S INCluDeD: Multi-share farm stay and hostel               •	    eXMOuTH
dolphins! Head across to Carnarvon, before finishing          accommodation, experienced guide and most meals.
the day by driving the highway to Coral Bay. Spend your

      Departure Days - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

                                                                     PerTH TO BrOOMe – 10 DAyS
Hit up the West Side
                                                                                                                            1 pp

‘Sup homie! Hitting up the Aussie west coast? Prepare       destination is the oasis of Karijini before Days Seven
to discover some of the most beautiful landscapes           & Eight, when your focus is National Parks - Dales
in Australia on this 10 day tour. Make your way             Gorge, Fortesque Falls, Fern Pool, Circular Pool,
out of Perth and head north through the Nambung             Weano Gorge and Hancock Gorge are just some of the
National Park, where you’ll come across the intriguing      areas you’ll get to. Day Nine is all about lazing on the
Pinnacles Desert. Day Two kicks off with Kalbarri           forever-stretching Eighty Mile Beach, before arriving

National Park, where you’ll explore Nature’s Window,        in Broome for a pearl or two on Day 10 – phew!
the Loop and Z-Bend Gorge. It’s all monkey business         wHAT’S INCluDeD: 5 nights dorm-share
on Day Three - you’ll hit the beach after a short drive     accommodation & 4 nights camping, experienced
across the Peron Peninsula to see the world famous          Guide, most meals, Karijini National Park, Coral Bay &          •	    NINGAlOO reef
Monkey Mia dolphins - have your cameras ready!              Monkey Mia dolphins.                                            •	    eIGHTy MIle BeACH
Day Four it’s time to relax before Day Five when it’s                                                                                                 rK
time to explore the Exmouth region. Day Six your                                                                            •	    KArIjINI NATIONAl PA
                                                                                                                             •	    COrAl BAy
                                                                                                                             •	    KAlBArrI NATIONAl PA
       Departure Days - Monday, Wednesday & Friday
                                                                                                                             •	    MONKey MIA DO lPHINS

  vISIT yOur NeAreST STA TrAvel BrANCH

BAlI eSCAPe – 7 NIGHTS                                                                                                                                                    $
                                                                                                                                                                  Based on twin share, inc. return flights
Be BAlI BeAuTIful                                                       white sands of Legian Beach and a manageable hike
Bali is outrageously beautiful with each region in Bali                 from Kuta’s bars too! It dishes up traditional Balinese
so unique that it’s impossible to describe – it must be                 hospitality by the bucketful - which guarantees smiles
experienced. Initially recognized by surfers (we envisage               all round and a great massage service - as well as a
seriously hot looking ones) Bali is now well known for                  mean line of cocktails by the pool. The rooms are large
a raft of other pleasurable pursuits – water-sports,                    and super-clean and there’s Internet in the lobby. With
spas, resorts, restaurants, nightlife and the Balinese                  an abundance shopping, the marvelous food and the
people – the friendliest, most peaceful and humble                      weather wonderful you’ll have to slap yourself that
people you’ll ever meet. The local villages teem with                   you’re living it up on so little in this tropical paradise – a
children who will run out to greet you and wave as                      small pinch won’t do!
you go past. All of this is available to you no matter                  wHAT’S INCluDeD: 7 nights twin share
what your budget, Bali is always affordable and we’ve                   accommodation at Legian Village Resort, daily breakfast
found a hotel located less than 5 minutes from the                      & return flights from Perth & prepaid taxes.


PHuKeT eSCAPe – 7 DAyS                                                                                                                                                    $
                                                                                                                                                                  Based on twin share, inc. return flights
PHuKeT PArADISe                                                         It boasts a rocking beach-front location with open-aired
Phuket (poo-get) is Thailand’s largest and most popular                 restaurant and bar, plus free WiFi all over the hotel so
island…and as you can imagine causes quite a stir                       you can update your Facebook status as you go. Room
when mispronounced! But if it’s a dream destination                     facilities include air-con, tea/coffee making facilities,
you’re after, Phuket is it. You’ll be blown away by                     in-room safety deposit box, TV, hairdryer and minibar.
balmy beaches, tasty feeds, decadent resorts and                        Prepare to be pampered with first-class service all the
water-sports galore. Phuket also doubles as the handy                   way; so good in fact, you won’t want to come home!
gateway to Thailand’s beautiful beaches, Krabi and Koh                  wHAT’S INCluDeD: 7 nights twin share
Phi Phi. The swim-all-day, party-all-night vibe mixes                   accommodation at Malai House, return flights from
pure relaxation with a little craziness, and we’ve found                Perth & prepaid taxes.
the perfect spot for you to stay – only 2 mins from the
beach! Malai House is a small and friendly guest house
located in the centre of Karon’s hip and happening area.

uluru – AyerS rOCK - 5 DAyS

SuNSeTS GAlOre…                                                         rise rather than fall. Take the early morning stroll like                                    $
On arrival at Alice Springs you’ll be whisked off to                    nan and pops and walk around the base. After another
your hostel – no snoozing till the evening though, the                  well-deserved meal you can don a pair of heels – just
afternoon still calls! If you need a ‘lil recommendation                like Priscilla Queen of the Desert – and strut on the top
from us, two must-do afternoon activities are checking                  of Kings Canyon. Next day you’ll return back to your
out the Kangaroo Rescue Centre or hitting the local                     hostel in Alice Springs before washing up and hitting the
markets (if you’re lucky enough to arrive on Sunday).                   local – just make sure it’s the famous Bojangles! Come
                                                                        morning that’s all folks – you’ll board your plane back
Next morning you’ll be on your way to visit the Outback
                                                                        home…if only holidays could last forever?
Camel Farm – and if you’re game, ride one! From here
you’ll continue on to Uluru (Ayers Rock) where you’ll                   wHAT’S INCluDeD: Arrival airport transfer,
tuck into some Aussie food, check out Kata Tjuta and                    accommodation in Alice Springs, Outback Camel Farm
hike the Valley of the Winds. Come sunset you’ll return                 – camel riding is at own expense (and pleasure), Uluru,
to Uluru to savour some champers and listen to the                      Kata Tjuta, Valley of the Winds, Kings Canyon, The
dingos call while sleeping under the stars.                             Amphitheatre and some meals.
Up bright and early the following morning you’ll watch                 *Includes local payment of $25

the sun over Uluru some more – this time round it’ll

                                     SPrING INTO ACTION & BOOK NOw!
                                     Terms & Conditions: All prices are correct at time of print (22DEC09 ) but are subject to change without notice. Prices are
                                     based on cash, eftpos, Bpay payments only; payment by other means may incur surcharges. All quoted prices are per person.
                                     All bookings are subject to availability. Local taxes & levies for tours are included in the package price. Upgrades to twin share
                                     or private rooms with ensuite may incur additional costs. Flights are only included in the Bali & Phuket Escapes packages. Full
                                     payment is required at the time of booking. Travel insurance is strongly recommended and some of the listed packages require
                                     travel insurance. Cancellation fees apply. STA Travel cancellation fees are in addition to suppliers cancellation fees. STA Travel
                                     Pty Ltd trading as STA Travel WA 9TA75.

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