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Empowered Women
MMC Honors Female Leaders
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Thank You!
Marymount Manhattan College secured a $1.5 million challenge
grant from The Kresge Foundation by meeting the $25 million
challenge grant goal on March 31, 2010.

                               “   We are very grateful
                                   for the widespread
                                   support we have

                                   received during this
                                   ambitious campaign.
                                           —President Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D.

                                 The campaign continues.
                                 To learn more about the campaign,
                                 please visit www.mmm.edu/campaign.
71st Street Alumni Magazine
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     /publications.html.        Inmates Gain Confidence  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6                     Empowered Women:
                                Christina Illenberg, Chanell Johnson                                              MMC Honors Female Leaders  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
      Send letters to:          and Keya Ponder share experiences of                                              President’s Medal Gala acknowledges
    editor, 71st street
                                college while incarcerated.                                                       six honorees for their leadership and
     alumni magazine
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  marymount manhattan
                                MMC Student Earns 2010
                                Jeannette K . Watson Fellowship .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9                          Shabaneh Brings World Views
   221 east 71st street
                                Erica Jackson ’13 prepares for prestigious,                                       to the Classroom .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 20
                                three-year leadership and mentoring program.                                      Dr. Ghassan Shabaneh receives MMC’s
   new York, nY 10021
                                                                                                                  Teaching Excellence Award.
 e-mail: editor@mmm.edu

     Manuel L. Romero           Departments
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   assIstant eDItOr
                                Learn about MMC’s reaching the $25 million                                        Reconnect with MMC alumni as they
    Megan Youngblood
                                campaign goal, the openings of the Dow                                            participate in local events and reunite
                                Zanghi Student Health Center and Counseling                                       on- and off-campus.
                                and Wellness Center, and MMC and BHCP
      Connelly Design
                                Commencements.                                                                    Faculty Focus  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 20
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                                and dance and theatre arts productions.                                           hosted by MMC.
MMC News
     MMC Meets Kresge Challenge and Secures $1.5 Million Grant
By Manny Romero                                                   other friends and all of these have contributed toward

         arymount Manhattan College (MMC) has secured             this success.”
         a $1.5 million challenge grant from The Kresge              Significant milestones throughout the campaign in
         Foundation, thanks to the support and participation      support of its three objectives include:
from donors, friends and members of the MMC community.               • The Lowerre Family Terrace, the campaign’s first major
   The grant was awarded to the College after it met its          facilities investment, was unveiled in September 2008 in
$25 million campaign goal by the Foundation’s                               recognition of a generous gift from alumnus Paul
March 31, 2010 deadline.                                                    Lowerre ’81. In fall 2009, the College opened The
   “We are very grateful for the widespread support                         Commons, a 5,000-square-foot dining facility and
we have received during this ambitious campaign,”                           student lounge. In addition, renovations were
said President Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D. “The                                 made to the Thomas J. Shanahan Library and the
Kresge Foundation challenge grant will help ensure                          Great Hall.
Marymount Manhattan students receive a dynamic                                 • Today, with the demand for scholarship support
and rewarding education experience. We thank                                at nearly historic levels, the College has been able
everyone for their investment and dedication to                             to significantly increase its financial assistance to
helping us meet the terms of this challenge grant.”                         MMC students through the funds raised as part of
   In January 2008, the College launched the public                         This is the Day. Since the beginning of the campaign,
phase of This is the Day, the Campaign for Marymount              65 new MMC students and 67 continuing students received
Manhattan. Donors to this comprehensive campaign                  financial assistance from campaign funds.
have enabled dramatic increases in need-based student                • In March 2009, the College named Professor and Chair
financial aid, enhanced existing spaces to create a dynamic       of Communication Arts Kathleen LeBesco, Ph.D., and
environment for learning and funded an expansion                  Associate Professor of Art History Jason Rosenfeld, Ph.D.,
in the number of full-time faculty while encouraging              as the first distinguished chairs at MMC. In addition, the
unprecedented levels of faculty scholarship and research.         College has hired seven new full-time faculty members.
   “Earning the Kresge grant is a testament to our donors            While the College celebrates achieving the Kresge
and their dedication to the College,” said Campaign Chair         challenge, This is the Day, the Campaign for Marymount
Judy Carson ’03. “The College has been transformed                Manhattan continues. For more information, visit
through gifts of all sizes from trustees, alumni, parents and     www.mmm.edu/campaign.

        MMC Appoints Derek C. Bellin as Vice President for College Relations
                        Effective June 15, 2010, Derek            responsible advancement leadership roles over a 20-year
                     C. Bellin, B.S., will serve as Vice          period, primarily at private research universities, including
                     President for College Relations              Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University and
                     and Chief Advancement Officer at             Stanford University.
                     Marymount Manhattan College.                    Bellin earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the
                        As a senior consultant at Freeman         University of Vermont.
                     Philanthropic Services (FPS) for the            With his appointment, the Office of Institutional
                     last five years, Bellin has been assisting   Advancement will become the Office of College Relations
 Derek Bellin, B.s.  a nationwide portfolio of private and        & Advancement, and the scope of the office’s mission will
                     public colleges, universities and other      include alumni, government and community relations,
nonprofit organizations to recruit executive leadership,          development, corporate and foundation relations,
assess organizational capacity, and plan and execute              communications, publications and College-wide branding
marketing, resource development and other campaigns.              and marketing.
  Prior to FPS, Bellin held a series of progressively

2   MaryMount Manhattan College
                      Board of Trustees Welcomes Vice Chair and Trustee
  On May 4, 2010, the Board of                                      and in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. He
Trustees of Marymount Manhattan                                     is currently on the Board of Trustees
College elected James E. Buckman,                                   of the Museum of the City of New
Esq., as Vice Chairman and Chairman                                 York and Fordham University, and
Designate.                                                          on the Board of Directors of the New
  Buckman, a member of MMC’s                                        York Philharmonic and the Wyndham
Board since 2005, is currently Vice                                 Worldwide Corporation.
Chairman and General Counsel at York                                   The Board also elected Sr. Teresita
Capital Management. He is the former           James e.             Fay, Ph.D., RSHM, as the newest               sr. teresita fay,
                                             Buckman, esq.          trustee. Sr. Teresita is a member of the       ph.D., rsHm
Vice Chairman and General Counsel of
Cendant Corporation and was previously                              Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel of              (RSHM) with extensive experience in education and in
Cendant’s predecessor, HFS, Inc.                                    corporate training and development. Her professional
  He has served as Executive Vice President and General             experience includes more than 25 years in teaching and
Counsel for Days Inns of America, Inc., and as Assistant            educational administration, and 20 years in corporate
General Counsel for Gable Industries, both Atlanta                  worldwide training and development and strategic planning
companies. Buckman was also an associate at Dewey,                  for Arthur Andersen & Co and its multinational client base.
Ballantine, Bushby, Palmer & Wood in New York. After                   Sr. Teresita is currently a member of the Board of
earning his undergraduate degree from Fordham University,           Directors of Columba Kavanagh House in Harlem. She
Buckman attended Yale Law School, where he received his             earned a bachelor’s degree from Marymount College,
LLB. He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1969 and to             Tarrytown; a master’s degree from Hunter College; and
the Georgia Bar in 1974.                                            attended DePaul, Loyola, and Mundelein for certification
  Buckman served as First Lieutenant in the Connecticut             in adult education. She obtained her Ph.D. from Purdue
Air National Guard, in the Georgia Air National Guard,              University in Contemporary Thought and Literature.

                 Counseling and Wellness Center Opens With New Director
     Earlier this spring, the Office           degree in English literature from          mental health, notably as the first
  of Counseling and Psychological              Union College and New York                 editor of two professional volumes,
  Services (CAPS) opened under                 University, respectively, and a Ph.D.      College Mental Health Practice and
  its new name - Counseling and                in clinical psychology from the            College Psychotherapy, and as co-
  Wellness Center (CWC)                                   University of North Carolina    author of Beating the College Blues.
  at Marymount Manhattan                                  at Chapel Hill.                 Dr. Grayson will publish a chapter,
  College.                                                   Prior to coming to           entitled “The Counseling Center
     The CWC offers a                                     Marymount Manhattan, Dr.        Staff,” in Mental Health Care in the
  variety of services: short-                             Grayson worked at four          College Community in 2010. Dr.
  term individual counseling,                             other institutions, most        Grayson was recently appointed
  psychiatric services (to                                recently serving for 19 years   co-editor, along with his colleague
  evaluate students for                                   as director of New York         Philip Meilman of Georgetown
  prescription medications),        Dr. paul Grayson      University’s Counseling and     University, of the Journal of College
  health and wellness                                     Behavioral Health Services.     Student Psychotherapy. The journal
  workshops and programs, and                  Before that, Dr. Grayson worked            is affiliated with the Association of
  referrals for care in the community.         at the counseling offices at SUNY-         University and College Counseling
     The CWC’s director, Dr. Paul              Purchase, Wesleyan University and          Center Directors.
  Grayson, joined Marymount                    The College of William and Mary.              For more information about the
  Manhattan in fall 2009. Dr. Grayson             Dr. Grayson has written and edited      Counseling and Wellness Center at
  received a bachelor’s and master’s           extensively in the field of college        MMC, call (212) 774-0700.

                                                                                            71st street . spring 2009–2010        3
          College Names Dow Zanghi Student Health Center

                                                                          n April 12, Marymount Manhattan College officially
                                                                          dedicated the Dow Zanghi Student Health Center,
                                                                          located on the first floor of the 55th Street Residence
                                                                   Hall (231 East 55th Street). The new center provides health
                                                                   care and wellness services to MMC students.
                                                                      Trustee Lucille Zanghi and her husband, James Dow,
                                                                   made a generous gift in support of This is the Day, the
                                                                   Campaign for Marymount Manhattan College.
                                                                   Their contribution helped the College secure a
                                                                   $1.5 million challenge grant from The Kresge Foundation.
                                                                   The grant was awarded to the College after it met its
                                                                   $25 million challenge goal by the Foundation’s
                                                                   March 31, 2010 deadline.
                                                                      The naming ceremony included remarks by President
                                                                   Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D.; David D’Souza, M.D.,
                                                                   medical director of the Student Health Services Network
                                                                   with Beth Israel Medical Center; Cati Pishal ’12, a
                                                                   student resident advisor; Louis A. Martarano, chairman
                                                                   of the Board of Trustees; and Ms. Zanghi, who is also an
                                                                   MMC parent.
                                                                      “I am very happy MMC students now have an accessible
                                                                   place they can go for medical assistance,” Ms. Zanghi
                                                                   said. “As a parent of a Marymount Manhattan student,
                                                                   I feel better knowing my daughter can find health care
                                                                   assistance when she needs it.”
                                                                      The Dow Zanghi Student Health Center was established
                                                                   through a partnership with Beth Israel Medical Center/
                                                                   Student Health Services Network, which will manage the
                                                                   operations of the center. Beth Israel also operates health
(L-r) Jacqueline Dow, Lindsey Dow ’12, trustee Lucille Zanghi,
                                                                   centers at Yeshiva University and Baruch College/CUNY.
Cati pishal ’12, Beth Israel medical Director Dr. David D’souza,
president Judson r. shaver, ph.D., and Board Chairman                 All Marymount Manhattan College students, including
Lou martarano.                                                     commuters and those living at other residence halls, will
                                                                   be able to use the health center free of charge with a
                                                                   current MMC identification card.
                                                                      The Dow Zanghi Student Center is open Monday,
                                                                   Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday
                                                                   and Wednesday from 12 to 8 p.m. The center is staffed
                                                                   by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, as well as a
                                                                   medical assistant. MMC students also have access to Beth
                                                                   Israel physicians by phone 24 hours per day, seven days
                                                                   per week.
                                                                      Free services include diagnosis and treatment, follow-up
                                                                   and evaluation, blood-drawing, health education, and
                                                                   writing prescriptions and referrals. Lab work, prescriptions
(L-r) Beth Israel medical Center’s nephtali De los santos,         and some immunizations, such as the H1N1 vaccine,
m.D.; Beth Israel’s Henry Bodenheimer, m.D.; Beth Israel           may have fees associated with them. These fees may be
medical assistant nicole Barry; mmC Vice president for             charged back to a student’s health insurance company.
student affairs and Dean of students Carol Jackson, ph.D.;
                                                                      For more information about the Dow Zanghi Student
Beth Israel physician assistant Ottono usanga; and Beth
Israel medical Director David D’souza, m.D.                        Health Center, call (212) 759-5870.

4   MaryMount Manhattan College
                       MMC Celebrates 61st Commencement

        n May 21, proud families, friends and members of the
        Marymount Manhattan community came together to
        congratulate more than 300 graduates who earned
bachelor’s degrees from MMC. MMC’s 61st Commencement
was held at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center. The
College’s baccalaureate, which preceded commencement,
was held the same day in The Church of St. Paul the Apostle.
                         At the baccalaureate, the College
                      presented this year’s graduates with
                      their hoods, which were worn at
                      commencement. Baccalaureate is an
                      important part of the conferring of
                      degrees for the entire MMC community
                      and offers an opportunity for students
                      to reflect on their experience at
Dr. Barbara novak
                      the College. Associate Professor
                      of International Studies Ghassan
                      Shabaneh, Ph.D., recipient of
                                                                mmC presented four-year degrees to 339 graduates. the 61st
                      the 2010 Excellence in Teaching           Commencement was held at avery fisher Hall in Lincoln Center.
                      Award, presented remarks. Student
                      achievement awards were also              attire from Oak Hall Cap & Gown. Made from 100 percent
                      announced.                                post-consumer plastic bottles, each GreenWeaver™ gown
                         MMC’s commencement is the              prevents approximately 23 bottles from being deposited in
                      culmination of students’ undergraduate    a landfill.
                      years. The ceremony featured addresses       At commencement, Marymount Manhattan College
   Dr. John Hope
                      by President Judson R. Shaver Ph.D.;      presented honorary Doctorates of Humane Letters to U.S.
                      valedictorian Ming Yan Angela             historian Dr. John Hope Franklin (1915 – 2009) and art
Poh ’10, a philosophy and religious studies major; and senior   historian Dr. Barbara Novak. Dr. Franklin’s honorary
class speaker Zachary Harrell ’10, a theatre major. The Class   degree was accepted by his son, John Whittington
of 2010 wore environmentally friendly GreenWeaver™              Franklin.

                        Bedford Hills College Program Honors Graduates
      On May 27, the Bedford Hills College Program              been the managing editor of The Insider, the BHCP
   (BHCP) held commencement exercises at the Bedford            quarterly newsletter, since its inception.
   Hills Correctional Facility for Women. Graduates’               Marymount Manhattan has served as the degree-
   families, BHCP donors, faculty, administrators and           granting institution for the program since the spring
   students from Marymount Manhattan College (MMC)              of 1997, and has managed its operations since late
   attended the ceremony to celebrate the academic              2004. The BHCP offers non-credit college-preparatory
   achievement of BHCP students.                                courses in writing and math, as well as credit-bearing
      With the cooperation of a consortium of New York          courses leading to Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts
   area colleges, MMC presented one Bachelor of Arts            degrees. To date, MMC has conferred more than 110
   and seven Associate of Arts degrees. Tracey Finkle           associate and bachelor’s degrees to BHCP students since
   was named valedictorian and Brian Fisher, DOCS               the program’s inception. Consortial members include
   Commissioner, was invited as the guest speaker.              Bank Street College, Barnard College, Manhattanville
      Deborah Soule, who graduated from the BHCP                College, Mercy College, Pace University and Sarah
   in 2003, was recognized with the first Theadora Jackson      Lawrence College.
   Service Award. Soule is a BHCP office clerk and has

                                                                                       71st street . spring 2009–2010       5
                    Inmates Gain Confidence and Education
                   through the Bedford Hills College Program
By Megan Youngblood

      ucked away in Bedford Hills,
      N.Y., a Victorian village amid
      rolling hills and white oaks, lies
the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility,
the largest and only maximum-
security women’s prison in New
York State. In an unlikely place for
higher education, where 62 percent
of inmates have committed a violent
felony,* three women in the Bedford
Hills College Program (BHCP) share a
collective outlook on the constructive
understanding they’ve developed
about themselves and universal human
   Along with a consortium of other
New York colleges, Marymount               the avodah Dance ensemble (newman taylor Baker, Julie Gayer Kris, sarah Zitnay)
                                           choreographed a performance with Bedford Hills Dancers during Crossing Borders III.
Manhattan College has offered credit-
bearing courses leading to Associate
of Arts degrees in social science and         “The Bedford Hills College Program        if you have an opinion and you don’t
Bachelor of Arts degrees in sociology      has enabled me to learn how to               agree, you have to back it up.”
at the facility since 1997. On March 5,    express myself and to understand                Johnson, wearing jade eye shadow,
the consortium presented Crossing          things in a wider, broader perspective       a decorative headband and a state-
Borders III, a conference that engaged     than before,” Illenberg said. “In World      issued green uniform, was nervous
MMC students and faculty with BHCP         History, Professor David Eisenhower          before going onstage to perform with
students through a series of concurrent    [who retired in fall 2008] took me           the Avodah Dance Ensemble, a private
panel presentations at the facility.       virtually to all these other countries—      dance group based in New York
BHCP graduates Christina Illenberg         studying the aboriginal people, the          City, at the conference. Julie Gayer
and Chanell Johnson and BHCP               people who occupied these countries          Kris, Avodah Dance Ensemble’s
student Keya Ponder, all of whom           in the beginning. We talked about            artistic director, hosted a worshop at
participated in the conference, said the   what happened to them and how their          the conference and led the Bedford
program has opened their minds to be       cultures contributed to the cultures that    Hills Dancers in a choreographed
more accepting of different cultures,      came after.”                                 performance using improvised dance
to problem solve differently, and to          Johnson, 32, who has been                 movements.
communicate more effectively with          incarcerated for 15 years, is eligible          “It’s different because it’s unlike
others.                                    for parole in 2016. She said Crossing        anything I’ve done,” Johnson said. “It’s
                                              Borders and the BHCP allowed              more modern dance. When I do talent
                                                   her to feel like she was on an       shows here, it’s more like a hip-hop
                                                       academic campus in the free      feel—nothing that’s graceful or flowing
                                                          world.                        like the Avodah people.”
                                                               “You feel like you are      After graduating, Illenberg, who is
                                                             in the actual classroom    serving a 20-years-to-life sentence for
                                                              setting,” Johnson said.   second degree murder, was hired as a
                                                              “You don’t see the        clerk in the BHCP office. She’s stayed
                                                              fences. You don’t see     involved with the BHCP, making it her
                                                             any of that. We’re just    mission to encourage other women in
                                                           in the classroom. And        the facility to enroll in the program.

6   MaryMount Manhattan College
    “I have seen women stop running           readers’ questions. Illenberg, who has     of family.”
around doing all the wrong things             written creatively since age 13, stands       Before being incarcerated, Ponder
and really consider coming in for the         firmly on the idea that the program-       was in a dance group, sang in her
screening test,” Illenberg, 38, said. “It’s   sponsored newsletter brings together       church choir, and performed original
opened up a brand new world, not              the BHCF community with the outside.       songs with her sisters-in-law in a group
only of education and higher learning,           “It’s really important to let the       called More Than Sisters. At the facility,
but also for opportunities I’m looking        community see how successful this          Ponder is still a choir member and a
forward to accessing when I get out.”         program is,” Illenberg said, “and how      praise dancer in the facility’s Protestant
    At the conference, Illenberg led a        many people are so enthused about it       church, and is regularly invited to
special edition of Poetry Slam, a group                                                  sing at facility events. Most recently,
she organized in the spring of 2009                                                      she sang “Still I Rise” by Yolanda
for women to create and share their                                                      Adams during the winter Volunteer
thoughts and words, called “Writing                                                      Recognition.
Off the Page.”                                                                              Serving a 27-years-to-life sentence
    “Aileen [Baumgartner] tapped                                                         for second-degree murder, Ponder is
me on the shoulder and asked me                                                          a peer facilitator for the Alternatives to
to say a few words while the poets                                                       Violence Program, a weekend service
were leaving and the dancers were                                                        of volunteers who assist women in
making their way onto the stage, and                                                     obtaining useful life skills. She has
I could barely talk,” said President                                                     been in the program since 2004.
Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D., who                                                                “I was encouraged to know that I
delivered a presentation about                                                           can [complete a bachelor’s degree],”
David and Bathsheba. “It was really,                                                     Ponder, 36, said. “Before, [a degree]
really powerful. With dramatically                                                       was not a big deal for me, but now it
problematic pasts, exploring poems                                                       is more than a piece of paper.”
about the human condition is allowing                                                       “My education, and intelligence, is
them to understand their motives and                                                     something that can’t be taken from
biases, their society and their role in it.   BHCp graduate Chanell Johnson              me,” added Johnson, who is serving
It’s something that college education         performed with the Bedford Hills Dancers   a 22-years-to-life sentence for second-
                                              during Crossing Borders III.
does. It allows one to seek greater                                                      degree murder. “So, when I get out of
self-awareness.”                                                                         here, it’s just something that will make
    Ponder, a songwriter and poet who         and willing to do whatever it takes to     me feel better about myself.”
delivered an original poem, said the          keep it running, and to keep positive         “[BHCP] keeps everyday life in here
program has given her the kind of             things for the women here.”                on a positive note,” Illenberg said.
confidence to stand up and share her             Illenberg’s goals are to pursue a       “Every decision we make, we think
thoughts in a large forum.                    master’s degree in creative writing and    ‘Well, is that the right decision to make
    “I used to be very, very shy,” said       to be published when she integrates        because I don’t want it to interfere
the soft-spoken Ponder with bashful           back into society. She praises Charles     with the fact that I’m receiving a good,
laughter. “In the past, I wouldn’t even       Dickens, Jane Austen and Ann Rice as       solid education.’ The opportunity to
do this [interview].”                         her favorite authors, and has already      go to school while incarcerated is
    Ponder is a teacher’s assistant in        written 200 pages for a fantasy novel.     profound and helps women come
The Print Shop, which publishes                  “[The novel] is about a boy whose       together, stay together, and want to
the quarterly newsletter, The                 twin sister gets separated from him        help each other to continue and to
Insider. Working with programs like           at birth and is kidnapped off to           reach our goals.”
QuarkXPress, Excel and PowerPoint,            another world in another galaxy,”             To learn more about the Bedford
she sets the press for graphics, design       Illenberg said. “The book is about him     Hills College Program, visit www.
and layout, and all three women               stumbling across an ancient heirloom       mmm.edu/campaign/specialinitiatives_
contribute to The Insider. Illenberg          that was in his family and half of it is   bedford.html.
and Johnson are assigned regular              on earth and half of it is on another         * According to Hub System: Profile of
spots in the publication, and Johnson         planet, and there’s a lot of evil on the   Inmate Population Under Custody on
enjoys ghostwriting for “Dear Gabby,”         other planet. Basically, it involves a     January 1, 2008, State of New York,
an advice column that responds to             young boy, his sister and the reuniting    Department of Correctional Services.

                                                                                          71st street . spring 2009–2010         7
ReCeNt MajoR Gifts                                                                  (February 2010—Present)

The Starr Foundation awarded              Trustee Louise Beit made an               Trustee James B. Hornor pledged
a $50,000 grant to the C.V. Starr         additional contribution of $10,000 to     and additional $25,000 in unrestricted
Scholarship Fund in support of the        This is the Day.                          support to the campaign.
                                          Former Trustee Richard Berry made         Lisa Tachick Hooper ’95 and
Kathleen Monahan Gregg ’61                a further campaign pledge of $10,000      David Hooper made a campaign
pledged $15,000 to This is the Day.       to support the Barry Commoner             pledge of $15,000 to support a dance
                                          Lecture on the Environment and the        scholarship.
Trustee Mary Twomey Greason ’86           Commoner Fund for Environmental
contributed $10,000 in scholarship        Studies.                                  Eileen Byrne Hughes ’72
support as an additional campaign gift.                                             pledged an additional $10,000 to
                                          An anonymous donor made a                 This is the Day.
Sallie Manzanet-Daniels ’85,              $25,000 pledge to the Sr. Judith Savard
Judge of the Appellate Division           Endowed Scholarship, a special            Ben R. Zaricor and Louise Veninga
for the State of New York, and the        initiative of This is the Day.            made a campaign contribution of
Honorable Randy A. Daniels made                                                     $10,000 to support the Academic
a $25,000 pledge to the campaign.         The Mortimer Levitt Foundation,           Access Program.
                                          Inc., contributed $15,000 to support
Madeleine D. Burns ’84 contributed        The Writing Center.                       Trustee Lucille Zanghi and James
$10,000 to the Madeleine Burns                                                      Dow made a further campaign
Scholarship through the Ludwig W.         The Rudin Foundation awarded a            pledge of $125,000, recognized by the
Frohlich Charitable Trust.                grant of $15,000 to support the The       naming of the Dow Zanghi Student
                                          Jack and Lewis Rudin Distinguished        Health Center.
The Brand Foundation of New               Visiting Scholars Program.
York, Inc., contributed $10,000 to                                                  The New York State Department
support The Writing Center.               Former Trustee Bettye Musham              of Correctional Services awarded a
                                          pledged $55,000 to This is the Day to     grant of $13,200 to the Bedford Hills
Trustee Paul A. Galiano made              be added to the William C. Musham         College Program.
a further pledge of $10,000 in            Scholarship.
unrestricted support to the campaign.                                               Kathleen Edwards Austin ’65
                                          Donna Ensign Marshall ’83 made            pledged an additional $10,000 to the
The Joseph C. and Clare F. and            an additional campaign pledge of          campaign, adding to the Kathleen and
Goodman Memorial Foundation,              $10,000 in unrestricted support.          George Austin Scholarship Grant.
Inc., contributed $30,000 to The
Writing Center.                           Eugene M. Lang pledged an                 Roy Miller made an additional
                                          additional $50,000 to the Theresa         $10,000 pledge to the campaign in
Alicia P. Bendernagel ’73 pledged         Lang Scholarship, through the Eugene      scholarship support.
$60,000 to the Muriel D. Quartararo       M. Lang Foundation, to support
Scholarship in support of the campaign.   This is the Day.

                                           THANK yOu FOR yOuR SuPPORT

8   MaryMount Manhattan College
Campus View
  MMC Student Earns 2010 Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship

         arymount Manhattan College                                                  to share knowledge from their
         student Erica Jackson ’13                                                   work experiences. Visits to cultural
         has been selected as a 2010                                                 institutions such as Shakespeare in the
Jeannette K. Watson Fellow. The three-                                               Park, The New York Botanical Garden
year fellowship program offers paid                                                  and the American Museum of Natural
summer internships, mentoring and                                                    History enable students to discover
enhanced educational opportunities to                                                New York City’s free summer offerings.
New York City undergraduates who                                                     Every Watson Fellow receives a
demonstrate exceptional promise,                                                     generous stipend as compensation and
outstanding leadership skills, and                                                   support for summer employment and
commitment to the common good.                                                       continuing Fellowship obligations.
The centerpiece of the fellowship                                                       Twelve New York City colleges,
is on-the-job learning that will                                                     including Marymount Manhattan,
provide opportunities for leadership                                                 compete annually for 15 Jeannette K.
and personal growth and will offer                                                   Watson Fellowships; eight are divisions
experiences and insight on choices for                                               of the City University of New York and
future professions.                      Erica Jackson ’13 is an art history         four are private colleges. In addition
   “Erica’s selection for the 2010       major with an English minor.                to MMC, Long Island University, Pace
Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship marks     ample on-site work experience in the        University and St. John’s University
a good beginning to the second           nonprofit sector.”                          are invited participants. Each college
decade of MMC’s affiliation with            Established by the Thomas J. Watson      may nominate up to four candidates
the Thomas J. Watson Foundation,”        Foundation in 1999, the Fellowship          to the selection panel. Campus
said Associate Dean of Academic          operates on the principle that “talent is   representatives and internal college
Affairs Marguerita J. Grecco, Ph.D.      broadly distributed but only selectively    nominating committees inform
“Erica was a very strong candidate       developed.” Watson fellows choose           students about the Fellowship and
and I am grateful the Fellowship’s       from coveted jobs (“work they can           prepare them to participate in the
panelists agreed with our committee’s    learn from”), over three consecutive        selection process. Fellowships are
assessment of her application.”          summers, in nonprofit agencies,             available to first and second year
   Jackson, a member of the Black        business organizations and government       undergraduates only. Through the
and Latino Student Association at        service that give them a chance to          11 years of MMC’s participation with
MMC, was named to the Fall 2009          grow and develop interpersonal              the Fellowship, the College has been
Dean’s List. She presented “Frida        skills and gain self-confidence in a        honored with 13 Fellowship awards.
Kahlo: Beyond Surrealism” at MMC’s       variety of professional settings. In the       Previous MMC recipients of the
Honors Day 2010 and won the Writing      third summer, Watson Fellows may            Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship are
II Award for Excellence. Jackson is      apply for an international assignment       (2000) Kasia Reterska ’02, (2001)
considering careers as a museum          through partnerships with the Institute     Melissa Rodriguez ’04 and Isabel
curator, a journalist or a writer.       for International Education, the            Sinistore ’04, (2002) Jessica Murray
   “My advisor, Assistant Professor      International Planned Parenthood            ’05 and Marilyn Ordóñez ’05,
of Art History Adrienne Bell,            Federation, Save the Children, and          (2003) Cornel Bradford ’06, (2004)
Ph.D., told me about the Watson          many other organizations.                   Christopher Perre ’07, (2006)
Fellowship, and I thought it was a          A summer series of weekly                Jamie-Lynn Argenta ’08, (2008)
great opportunity,” said Jackson, an     seminars further enhances the learning      Jeffrey Lewis ’10 and Olivia Warren
art history major pursuing a Bachelor    experience by encouraging debate            ’11, and (2009) Alex Kane ’11 and
of Arts degree with an English minor.    and interaction and by providing            Julianne Willis ’13.
“Through the Fellowship, I will gain     an opportunity for Watson Fellows

                                                                                       71st street . spring 2009-2010     9
     MMC Honors Faculty and Student Achievement at Honors Day 2010

                                                                                     Vice President for Institutional Research
                                                                                     and Planning Peter Baker, M.A., reads off
                                                                                     the scheduled student presentations.

                                                                                     Chi Award); Rachel Balma ’10, a
                                                                                     B.A. theatre arts major, and George
                                                                                     Iliopoulos ’13, a B.F.A. acting
                                                                                     major (Dean’s Award for Excellence,
Jasmina Bogdanovich ’11 presented her project, “Structural Insights into DNA
Polymerase X from African Swine Fever Virus in the Presence of OXOG Lesions,”        Honorable Mention); and Ming Yan
sponsored by Associate Professor of Chemistry Benedetta Sampoli-Benitez, Ph.D.       Angela Poh ’10, a philosophy and
                                                                                     religious studies major (Dean’s Award

       utstanding students and faculty       Other Honors Day award recipients       for Excellence).
       members took center stage          included Susan (Bobbi) Cobaugh,               The Academic Honors Committee
       during Honors Day 2010 at          a student in the Bedford Hills College     includes Chairman and Assistant
Marymount Manhattan College (MMC).        Program (Writing I Award); Erica           Professor of Theatre Arts Jeff
The campus-wide event took place          Jackson ’13, an art history major          Morrison, M.F.A.; Assistant Professor
March 17 and was co-sponsored by the      (Writing II Award); Chair of the           of Art History Adrienne Baxter
College’s Academic Honors Committee       Division of the Sciences Ann Jablon,       Bell, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of
and the New York Iota Chapter of the      Ph.D., and Jasmina Bogdanovic ’11,         Philosophy Carrie-Ann Biondi, Ph.D.;
Alpha Chi National Honor Society.         a biology major (Student/Faculty           Assistant Professor of Communication
   The opening ceremony included          Collaboration Award); Rebecca              Arts Anthony Naaeke, Ph.D.; and
remarks from MMC Student                  Steckler ’10, a communication              Associate Professor of International
Government Association (SGA) Vice         arts and sociology major (Alpha            Studies Ghassan Shabaneh, Ph.D.
President Madalyn Mattsey ’11, SGA
President Zach Harrell ’10, President
Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D. and Vice
President for Institutional Research
Peter Baker, M.A., who led the
audience in a cheer.
   Each year at Honors Day, MMC
students are selected from each
College division to present academic
research projects. Faculty members
present Awards for Excellence and
induct students into various honor
societies. The College also recognized
faculty members for their work and
dedication. The 2010 Excellence in
Teaching Award was presented to
Associate Professor of International      Members of the MMC community including students, parents, faculty and staff
Studies Ghassan Shabaneh, Ph.D.           attended the Honors Day Awards Brunch.

10   MaryMount Manhattan College
                  MMC Recognizes Faculty and Staff at Charter Day
   Marymount Manhattan College celebrated Charter Day
2010 on February 23 in the Regina Peruggi Room. The
event recognized select staff and faculty who have provided
180 years of combined service. The event included plaque
presentations by President Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D.,
and remarks from colleagues and honorees.
   Honorees included Security Officer Ashley Sylvester
(25 years); Professor of Communication Arts Alister
Sanderson, Ph.D. (20 years); Student Services
Representative Vernell Bolar, A.O.S. (15 years); Chair
of the Division of the Sciences Ann Jablon, Ph.D. (15
years); Administrative Assistant Rekha Swami, B.A. (15
years); Associate Professor of History Barbara Ballard,
                                                               (L-R) FIRST ROW: Ashley Sylvester; President Judson R. Shaver,
Ph.D. (10 years); Director of The Hewitt Gallery of Art and    Ph.D., Madeline Waldron. SECOND ROW: Vernell Bolar, Alister
Assistant Professor of Art Millie Burns, M.F.A. (10 years) ;   Sanderson, Donna Hurwitz, James Holl. THIRD ROW: Anayansi
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Kevin Connell, M.F.A.      Duff, Barbara Ballard. FOURTH ROW: Peter Naccarato, Kevin
                                                               Connell. NOT PICTURED: Millie Burns, Ann Jablon, Robert
(10 years); Student Services Representative Anayansi Duff,
                                                               Sherrill, Rekha Swami.
B.A. (10 years); Associate Professor of Art James Holl,
M.F.A. (10 years); Director of the Thomas J. Shanahan           Assistant Director of Special Programs Robert Sherrill,
Library Donna Hurwitz, M.L.S. (10 years); Chair of the          M.B.A. (10 years); and Administrative Assistant Madeline
Division of Humanities Peter Naccarato, Ph.D. (10 years);       Waldron (10 years).

                         MMC Student Leaders and Groups Earn Awards
   On May 14, 2010, Marymount                                                              Advisor of the Year.
Manhattan College held its 7th                                                                The winners of the program
Annual Leadership Awards                                                                   awards included United Nations
Banquet in the Great Hall. The                                                             Millennium Development
event was hosted by the Office                                                             Goals Campaign Kickoff –
of Student Development and                                                                 International Studies Club
Activities under the Division of                                                           (Academic Program of the Year),
Student Affairs.                                                                           Day of Silence – Gay/Straight
   Rob Dutiel, M.F.A., assistant                                                           National Alliance Project
professor of theatre arts, was the                                                         (Cultural Program of the Year),
keynote speaker for the annual                                                             MMC Day of Action – Evan
                                      (L-R) Evan Johnson ’11, SGA president 2010-2011;
event that recognizes student         Zachary Harrell ’10, president of SGA 2009-2010;
                                                                                           Johnson ’11, SGA (Community
leadership and community service. Sydney Zarp ’11, CAB president 2009-2010; and            Service Program of the Year),
   Leadership Awards were             Faith (Liz) Ball ’12 CAB president 2010-2011         The Vagina Monologues –
presented to Jacob Webber                                                                  Carly Schneider ’12, Feminist
’12 (Outstanding Peer Leader), Evan Johnson ’11                    Majority Leadership Alliance (Performing Arts Program
(Outstanding Volunteer), Josh Hashmi ’11 (Athlete of               of the Year), Body Image Speaker – Deborah Giordano,
the Year), Hannah Hashmi ’13 (MMC Spirit Award),                   Psy.D., and SGA (Special Interest Program of the Year),
Kathleen Barnes ’10 (Alumni Award), Erik Shell ’13                 and MMC Day of Action – Evan Johnson ’11, SGA was
(Outstanding New Member), Brittany Swett ’12 (Unsung               awarded Overall Program of the Year.
Hero Award), and Sydney Zarp ’11 (Outstanding Student                 The evening concluded with the tradition of the passing
Leader). The Gay/Straight National Alliance Project was of the leadership gavels. Zachary Harrell ’10, president of
awarded Outstanding New Organization and the Go Green              SGA 2009-2010, congratulated Evan Johnson ’11 as SGA
Coalition was named Outstanding Student Organization.              president 2010-2011; and Sydney Zarp ’11, CAB president
Chris Mosier, B.F.A., assistant director for Residence Life        2009-2010 congratulated Faith (Liz) Ball ’12 as CAB
and advisor of The Monitor student newspaper was named             president 2010-2011.

                                                                                     71st street . spring 2009–2010        11
      Theatre Production Workshop Performs             The Hewitt Gallery of Art
Bright Lights, Big City and The House of Blue Leaves Showcases Four More Years
   MMC’s Theatre                                                                         Four More Years (May 28-September 19)
Production Workshop                                                                   is a biennial exhibition of MMC art alumni,
presented Bright Lights,                                                              featuring an acrylic painting by Kristen
Big City from March 10                                                                Haskell ’05; an oil painting by George
to 14 and The House of                                                                Williams ’75; a watercolor painting
Blue Leaves from April                                                                by Enid Cobeo ’96; photography by
14 to 18. Bright Lights,                                                              William King ’06; silkscreen, monotyped,
Big City, a rock musical                                                              and hand colored printmaking by Kate
that captures the kinetic                                                             Sanderson ’06; and artists’ books by
energy of living in the                                                               Yvonne Lamar Rogers ’06. Opening
big city and the tumult of                                                            receptions are Saturday, June 12 and
being twenty-something                                                                Thursday, September 16, 6-8 p.m.
and learning to live with
grief, was directed by
Tom Wojtunik ’01. The
House of Blue Leaves, a
play about a Central Park
zookeeper who moonlights
as a songwriter, was
directed by Professor of
Theatre Arts Richard
Niles, Ph.D.

                              (L-R) Bright Lights, Big City pays tribute to city
                              life in the 1980s.
                                                                                              “Hive I” by Kate Sanderson ’06

              MMC Dance Presents Dancers At Work and Spring Repertoire
   On April 15-17, the MMC dance department presented DAW,
the Dancers at Work student choreography showcase. Original
choreography by Cameron Burke ’10, Megan Cohl ’10, Tiana
Fridley ’11, Sean Gannon ’11, Antoine Lee ’12, Clinton
Martin ’10, Michael Nameishi ’11, Suzzanne Ponomarenko
’12, LuLu Soni ’11 and Olivia Warren ’11 was performed by
students in the Great Hall. Guest choreographer and Adjunct
Instructor in Dance Pedro Ruiz showcased a piece for the B.A.
   From April 29 to May 8, the Spring Repertoire performances
                                                                                                                                       Photo by Luisa MataLucci ’13

featured three world premieres by Robert Battle, artistic director
of Battleworks Dance Co.; Benoit-Swan Pouffer, artistic director
of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet; and Kate Weare, artistic
director of Kate Weare Company. Students also performed
excerpts from Erick Hawkins’ New Moon and Lar Lubovitch’s
signature work, Concerto Six Twenty-Two.
                                                                          (L-R) Matthew Roberts ’13, Elizabeth Dunn ’13, Alex Wood
                                                                          ’11, Torrey McAnena ’12 and Kaitlyn Salisbury ’12 (center)
                                                                          performed The Importance of Nothing, choreographed by
                                                                          Antoine Lee ’12.

12   MaryMount Manhattan College
                        Students Lobby for State-funded Programs
      Student representatives from Marymount Manhattan
   College met with state-elected officials to voice their
   concerns during the New York Student Aid Alliance
   Lobby Day on February 9, which was hosted by
   the Commission on Independent Colleges and
   Universities (CICU).
      Each year, more than 315,000 students in the State
   of New York depend on state aid to meet their college
   expenses, and four million students have received state
   aid over the past four decades.
      MMC students met with Assemblyman Jonathan
   L. Bing, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, a
   representative from Senator Liz Krueger’s office and a
                                                                 MMC students met with New York Assemblyman Jonathan L.
   staff representative from Senator José Serrano’s office.
                                                                 Bing (center) during Lobby Day.

             Sanchez-Moronta ’10 Strives to Help Latino Community
   Mariely Sanchez-Moronta ’10                                                       absence of these activities creates an
wants to effect change concerning the                                                environment in which Latino children
longstanding problems Latino students                                                neither feel welcome nor enjoy learning,”
face in New York City. For her efforts to                                            said Sanchez-Moronta, who graduates
assist the Latino community, Sanchez-                                                in May. “I hope, from my report,
Moronta was selected by Manhattan                                                    city officials will be reminded of the
Borough President Scott M. Stringer as                                               longstanding problems Latino students
a 2010 Civic Leader of Tomorrow.                                                     face in New York City.”
   The Civic Leaders of Tomorrow Public                                                 Sanchez-Moronta is a member of the
Policy Fellowship Program, now in its                                                Black and Latino Student Association, as
third year, helps educated and civic-                                                well as the Sigma Tau Delta (English) and
minded young adults become exemplary                                                 Kappa Delta Pi (education) international
citizens in their communities. In the                                                honor societies. She attends MMC through
program, students work with not-for-                                                 the Higher Education Opportunity
profit organizations in underserved areas                                            Program (HEOP), which provides
of Manhattan. They also attend seminars                                              supplementary financial assistance to
about civic leadership, public policy,                                               students who meet certain criteria and
advocacy and strategy.                             Mariely Sanchez-Moronta ’10       demonstrate academic potential.
   As a civic leader, Sanchez-Moronta,                                                  After graduation, Sanchez-Moronta
22, an English major pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree,          plans to turn her passion for social justice into a career.
worked in the spring semester with the Committee for              She will prepare for the Law School Admission Test
Hispanic Children and Families on its State of Latinos in         (LSAT), which she will take in October, and apply to law
New York project. The project identifies and offers solutions schools. After finishing law school, Sanchez-Moronta plans
to the major social justice problems Latinos face in New          to advocate for the improvement of education and social
York State.                                                       justice systems. She credits the College with starting her on
   Sanchez-Moronta reported her findings to a committee of        her path.
distinguished public officials in April. She received a $1,000       “The cultivation of my intellect and the development of
stipend for her work with the organization.                       my character started here at MMC,” Sanchez-Moronta said.
    “I am concerned about the lack of support and                    For more information about the Civic Leaders of
enrichment programs for Latinos, especially English-as-a-         Tomorrow Public Policy Fellowship Program, visit
Second-Language students, in New York City schools. The           http://mbpo.org.

                                                                                       71st street . spring 2009–2010       13
Alumni Avenue
     Activities Offer Alumni Options to Engage With Former Classmates

        uring the spring, the Office of Alumni Relations
        at Marymount Manhattan College welcomed back
        two groups to campus for the Speech Pathology
Alumni Winter Homecoming and the Women and Holistic
Leadership Conference. Alumni also participated in a tour
of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a basketball game
at Madison Square Garden, a musical at Richard Rodgers
Theatre, and volunteering for Hands On New York Day.
   On March 5, Assistant Professor of Art History Adrienne
Baxter Bell, Ph.D., and two current art history students,
Virginia Melvin ’10 and Jillian Moseman ’10, led a tour
through The Met’s New American Wing. Guests enjoyed
dinner at Petrie Court Café and Wine Bar following the tour.
Participants included a range of alumni, some of whom had
                                                               (L-R) MMC speech language pathology and audiology alumna Jewel
graduated as recently as last year to others who had been      Waters ’88 and Chair of the Division of Sciences Ann Jablon, Ph.D.
out of college for several decades.
   “They were all delighted to see how Marymount               Holistic Leadership Conference at Marymount Manhattan
Manhattan art history students could use the knowledge         College, also on March 5. Women from Nigeria, Egypt,
gained in classrooms, through their internships and            Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Australia, Argentina
through their independent research, to speak confidently       and the United States attended the conference, which was
and eloquently about a range of works of art, including        sponsored by the Psychology Alumni Society of Marymount
paintings, sculpture, furniture and even whole rooms in        Manhattan College.
the American Wing of the museum,” Bell said. “Virginia            Associate Professor of Psychology Roy Tietze, Ph.D.,
and Jillian relished the challenge of transcending the more    welcomed all guests at the conference. Robyn Stratton-
restrictive format of the classroom oral presentation and      Berkessel, author of Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative
engaging the audience for more than one hour in a subject      Solutions, was the first presenter, speaking on the subjects
that they both love.”                                          of leading change and strength-based approaches to
   Gloria M. Stevens, M.A. ’02; Jessica Librola, B.A. ’03;     innovation and leadership. Participants engaged in an
Hannah Anderson, B.A. ’04; Waleska Padillo, M.A.               activity focusing on positive experiences in leadership.
’01; Elena Ferrer, M.A. ’03; Susanne Mueller, M.A. ’00;            Caroline Avakian, communications officer and United
and Teresa Curmi, B.A. ’03, organized the Women and            Nations representative for Trickle Up, spoke about “Trickle
                                                               Up,” a program that empowers people living on less than
                                                               $1 a day to take their first steps out of poverty by building
                                                               micro-enterprises. Dr. Antoinette Ruegg, former president
                                                               of Business and Professional Women (BPW) Switzerland,
                                                               presented “Fistula Women, Burkina Faso,” along with
                                                               The International Federation of Business and Professional
                                                               Women President Elizabeth Benham, who spoke on
                                                               BPW’s 80-year history. Mueller and Stratton-Berkessel
                                                               joined forces for “Women: Hope & Possibilities,” and Dr.
                                                               Asmani Asfour, founder of the Egyptian Business Women
                                                               Association, the African Alliance for Women Empowerment,
                                                               and the African Organization for African Heritage and
                                                               Culture, presented “Economic Empowerment of Women.”
Gloria M. Stevens ’02 (far right) introduced the Psychology       Panelists also included Ulrike Stedtnitz, founder and
Alumni Society of MMC at the Women and Holistic Leadership
                                                               director of a Swiss consulting firm specializing in life

14   MaryMount Manhattan College
(L-R) Art history student Virginia Melvin ’10 and Assistant           A spring book club meeting featured a tour at The Morgan
Professor of Art History Adrienne Baxter Bell, Ph.D., led a tour of   Library & Museum and discussion with Zoe Kaplan, adjunct
The Met’s New American Wing.                                          professor of theatre arts and a Jane Austen scholar.

planning and career coaching; and Henrike von Platen,                 March 19 to cheer on the New York Knicks against
executive chairwoman of Gewerbeförderung Freudenberg                  the Philadelphia 76ers. On March 27, alumni saw the
AG, a real estate management enterprise.                              Tony-award-winning Broadway musical, In the Heights,
   On March 10, former classmates and friends met speech              which tells the universal story of a vibrant community in
language and audiology faculty and clinical staff, including          Manhattan’s Washington Heights. Alumni enjoyed brunch at
Chair of the Division of Sciences and Professor of Speech-            Playwright Tavern beforehand.
Language Pathology and Audiology Ann Jablon, Ph.D.;                      Spring book club meetings featured discussions on Jane
Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders Susan               Austen’s Lady Susan and The Watsons, and Colm Tóibín’s
Behrens, Ph.D.; and Director of the Ruth Smadbeck                     Brooklyn.
Center Teresa Signorelli, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. They toured                    Upcoming events include Midsummer Night Swing at
the new state-of-the-art speech clinic and campus facilities,         Lincoln Center on July 7, Ringling Bros. and Barnum &
including The Commons.                                                Bailey’s Illuscination on July 10, and a New York Botanical
   MMC alumni headed to Madison Square Garden on                      Garden Guided Tram Tour on July 24.

         Reunion “Then and Now” Connects Alumni for Weekend Celebration
   From June 11 to 13, MMC classes of                                 at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
’45, ’50, ’55, ’60, ’65, ’70, ’75, ’80, ’85, ’90,                     in Bennington, Vt.
’95, ’00 and ’05 gathered for Reunion                                    On Friday, MMC alumni attended a
2010 “Then and Now.” The weekend                                      welcome reception and learned about
celebration honored Maureen Cahill                                    the College’s recent developments.
Grant ’60 with the Pere Gailhac Award                                 On Saturday, Professor Mary Brown,
and Joshua Sherman ’00 with the                                       Ph.D., led alumni on a walking
Sr. Raymunde McKay Award. Grant,                                      tour of the neighborhood before the
                                                  Maureen Cahill                                                 Joshua Sherman ’00
who retired in 2008 from Marymount                  Grant ’60         luncheon in the Great Hall. Following
Manhattan College, served the College                                 a retrospective slide show, Professor
in varying capacities for former President Regina Peruggi,            of Theatre Arts Mary Fleischer, Ph.D., and Professor of
Ph.D., and as senior vice president for President Judson              Communication Arts Alister Sanderson, Ph.D., held a
R. Shaver, Ph.D. After graduating from MMC, Sherman                   discussion about the College’s progress. Class meetings and
decided to pursue a career in medicine. He graduated                  parties allowed alumni the chance to catch up with former
from Stony Brook University School of Medicine in 2006                classmates. Alumni completed the weekend celebration
and completed his residency in internal medicine at Stony             with a farewell picnic brunch and scenic walking tour of
Brook Medical Center in 2009. He is currently a hospitalist           Central Park on Sunday.

                                                                                           71st street . spring 2009–2010        15
                                   MMC Honors Female Leaders
                                   By Manny Romero

                                             n April 29, 2010, Marymount Manhattan College hosted the
                                             President’s Medal Gala.
                                                The College honored Marymount Manhattan’s women in
                                   leadership. Guests enjoyed an evening of dining, dancing and live
                                   entertainment at The Pierre in New York City. Gala proceeds support the
                                   increase of scholarship opportunities, an initiative of This is the Day, the
                                   Campaign for Marymount Manhattan.
                                      The 2010 gala co-chairs were Campaign Chair and Trustee Judy ’03 and
                                   Russell Carson, and Trustee Natasha Pearl and Richard Stowe. MMC
                                   students Antoinette Henry ’10 and Matthew P. Walsh ’11 performed “My
                                   Way” and Hadley Cooney ’11 presented her research titled, “False Judgment
                                   and False Statements in Plato’s Theaetetus and Sophist.”
                                      The College presented the 2010 President’s Medal to the Religious of the
                                   Sacred Heart of Mary, Anne C. Flannery ’73, Mary Twomey Greason
                                   ’86, Hope D. Knight ’85, Ginger Lyons de Neufville ’70 and Lucille
                                   Zanghi. These women proudly serve as trustees of Marymount Manhattan
                                   and have demonstrated their generous philanthropic support and dedication
                                   to the College by leading various trustee committees in support of the
                                   College’s mission.
                                      Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM) was founded in France
                                   in 1849 and began its work in the United States in Sag Harbor, N.Y., in 1877.
                                   The RSHM quickly expanded its educational ministry throughout New York
                                   City and beyond. In 1907, it opened Marymount in Tarrytown, N.Y., as a
                                   secondary school. By 1919, Marymount became a four-year liberal arts college.

                                   (Clockwise L-R): Sr. Kathleen Fagan accepting on behalf of RSHM; Dr. Marvelle S.
                                   Colby and Honoree and Trustee Hope D. Knight ’85; President Judson R. Shaver, Ph.D.,
                                   and Honoree and Trustee Mary Twomey Greason ’86; Honoree and Trustee Lucille
                                   Zanghi; Honoree and Trustee Ginger Lyons de Neufville ’70 and family; and President
                                   Shaver and Honoree and Trustee Anne C. Flannery ’73.

16   MaryMount Manhattan College                                            71st street . spring 2009–2010       17
More than 200 guests attended the 2010 President’s Medal Gala at The Pierre in New York City. The event started with a cocktail
reception in one of the hotel’s newly renovated ballrooms. The black tie event featured a musical performance and presentation by
MMC students. Proceeds from the event support scholarships for MMC students.

The city branch of Marymount College        grow,” Sr. Fagan said in her remarks.        Committee member of the Securities
was established in 1936. Through the        “May tonight’s celebration renew and         Industry Association Compliance and
visionary leadership of Mother Rita         strengthen in all of us our hopes and        Legal Division; and served on the New
Rowley, the College thrived, and            desires for the College and to students.”    York Stock Exchange Legal Advisory
in 1961 it became independent and              Anne C. Flannery ’73 is a trustee         Committee. Ms. Flannery has written
was renamed Marymount Manhattan             and former chair of the Board of             and lectured extensively on various
College. Mother Rita’s philosophy of        Trustees at Marymount Manhattan              securities regulation and enforcement
education emphasized a commitment           College. Ms. Flannery earned a               issues. At MMC, she is co-chair of
to academic excellence, respect for         Bachelor of Arts degree in urban             the Academic Affairs Committee and
one another, and a service component        studies from MMC and a law degree            a member of the Board’s Audit and
in response to social needs. This           from Brooklyn Law School. She is             Executive Committees.
philosophy, evident in the College’s        currently a partner at Morgan Lewis             Mary Twomey Greason ’86 is a
mission today, is the RSHM legacy           & Bockius, LLP, specializing in              trustee of the College. She graduated
which set Marymount Manhattan               securities regulation, enforcement           magna cum laude from Marymount
College apart from other institutions.      and litigation matters. Ms. Flannery         Manhattan College with a Bachelor
The RSHM presence and involvement           also spent several years as a First          of Arts in art history. Mrs. Greason
continues in membership on the Board        Vice President and General Counsel           believes, and acts on the belief,
of Trustees.                                for Global Regulatory Affairs at             that what the College has given to
   Provincial Superior of the Eastern       Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner &              its alumni should in some way be
American Province Sr. Kathleen Fagan        Smith, Inc., and served in several           returned to help those who come
accepted on behalf of the RSHM.             senior positions at the Securities           after. She served as a member of the
   “This evening we celebrate and           and Exchange Commission. She was             College’s Facilities Master Plan Task
honor women in leadership, who have         formerly co-chair of the American Bar        Force. Mrs. Greason is chair of the
provided a strong foundation, and           Association Litigation Section Securities    Facilities Committee and the Student
have enabled Marymount Manhattan to         Litigation Committee; an Executive           Affairs Committee. She also serves on

18   MaryMount Manhattan College
the College’s Academic Affairs and
Executive Committees.
   Hope D. Knight ’85 is a trustee
of Marymount Manhattan College.
She is the Chief Operating Officer of
the not-for-profit Upper Manhattan
Empowerment Zone, whose mission
is to revitalize Upper Manhattan’s
economy. Prior to that, Ms. Knight
was Vice President of the Institutional
Equities Division at Morgan Stanley
and worked for that firm in its Tokyo
office from 1997 to 2000. Ms. Knight
earned a B.A. in business management
from MMC and also served as
an adjunct lecturer in corporate
finance courses at the College. Ms.
Knight received her M.B.A. from           (L-R) Gala Co-chairs Russell and Trustee Judy Carson ’03, President Judson R. Shaver,
                                          Ph.D., Board Chairman Lou Martarano, Gala Co-chairs Trustee Natasha Pearl and
the University of Chicago’s Booth

                                          Richard Stowe.
School of Business and is an Advisory
Committee Member at New York’s
St. Michael Academy. Ms. Knight has       What we have done together                  Brookline Education Foundation. Ms.
worked in the Commissioner’s Office                                                   Zanghi is currently a member of the
                                           will assure the financial                  Athena Leadership Council at Barnard
of the Department of General Services
as Director, Planning and Analysis         strength of this college in                College. For over a decade, Ms. Zanghi
                                                                                      has supported efforts to raise money
for the City of New York. At MMC,          the years ahead, and we
she is chair of the Compensation                                                      for homeless women and educational
                                          should all be proud of that                 initiatives. She graduated magna

Committee and a member of the
Executive, Facilities and Fundraising            achievement.                         cum laude in 1972 from Northeastern
and Resources Committees.                                                             University with a degree in history.
                                                       — Trustee Lucille R. Zanghi    At MMC, Ms. Zanghi is co-chair of
   Virginia (Ginger) Lyons de
Neufville ’70 is a trustee of MMC.                                                    the Academic Affairs Committee
Ms. Lyons de Neufville is Executive       B.A. in urban studies from MMC and          and serves on the Student Affairs
Director, Mount Auburn Cambridge          an M.B.A. from Simmons College              and the Fundraising and Resources
Independent Practice Association          Graduate School of Management.              Committees. She is also a member
(MACIPA). A healthcare director with      At MMC, she is chair of the Trustees        of the College’s Campaign Executive
more than 17 years of experience          Committee, serves on the Executive          Committee.
in the healthcare and managed care        and the Investment and Finance                 In her remarks, Ms. Zanghi
industries, Ms. Lyons de Neufville        Committees, and is also a member of         acknowledged the support that the
collaborates with physicians, health      the Campaign Executive Committee.           College received from its donors,
plans, hospitals, networks and               Lucille R. Zanghi is a trustee of        which included parents.
employers to develop mutually             the College and the parent of a current        “I want to thank all the donors who
beneficial relationships. Currently,      MMC student. She was employed               contributed to the success of This is
she is focused on implementing            in the financial services industry for      the Day, the Campaign for Marymount
an electronic health record for           20 years as a stockbroker, branch           Manhattan, especially the current
several hundred physicians in her         manager and financial planner, retiring     parents of Marymount Manhattan,
organization. During the preceding        in 1996 as Vice President of Dean           many of whom I have spoken with
16 years, Ms. Lyons de Neufville          Witter Reynolds. Prior to joining Dean      over the course of the campaign,” she
was the Associate Director of the         Witter, Ms. Zanghi was with E.F.            said. “What we have done together
Information Center and led the            Hutton and Co. She has served on            will assure the financial strength
International Visitors Office at the      numerous nonprofit boards, including        of this college in the years ahead,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.    Northeastern University, The Wang           and we should all be proud of that
Ms. Lyons de Neufville earned a           Center for the Performing Arts and The      achievement.”

                                                                                      71st street . spring 2009–2010        19
Faculty Focus
            Shabaneh Brings World Views To The Classroom
By Manny Romero

        he examination of world affairs
        is becoming increasingly popular
        among today’s college students.
Associate Professor of International
Studies Ghassan Shabaneh, Ph.D.,
says this development is due mostly to
the increase in students’ awareness of
global issues, such as famine, refugees,
epidemics and the environment.
   Shabaneh nurtures students’ intellect
and fascination with international
political and cultural affairs by leading
classroom discussions and through his
work with the United Nations (UN)
and other New York City institutions.
He encourages students’ direct
interaction with international civil        Associate Professor Ghassan Shabaneh, Ph.D., encourages students to interact with
servants at the UN and other scholars       international civil servants at the United Nations and other scholars at neighboring
at neighboring universities. Shabaneh’s     universities. Shabaneh was presented with the 2009-2010 Teaching Excellence Award.
work and dedication to educating
MMC students recently earned him the        and is currently working on a book,         University, an M.Phil. from CUNY
2009-2010 Teaching Excellence Award,        entitled The Role of the United Nations     Graduate Center and a Ph.D. in
which includes a modest financial           in State Building: the Case of Palestine.   international relations from the CUNY
award and the opportunity to present        Shabaneh has also written an article,       Graduate Center.
remarks at the 2010 baccalaureate           entitled “Refugees, International              Shabaneh, an authority on Israel-
ceremony.                                   Organizations, and National Identity:       Palestinian relations, has served as
   “It’s remarkable to see my students      The Case of Palestine,” for the Journal     an expert in international relations
take such a passionate interest in          of New Political Science Vol. 32, No.2,     appearing on CNN International,
international affairs,” said Shabaneh,      June 2010.                                  World Focus, NPR, Associated Press,
who was elected by the class of 2008           During his career, Shabaneh has          CBS, CBC, ABC, WNBC and foreign
as the recipient of the Outstanding         done extensive field research in the        media Al-Jazeera and Al Arabiya. He
Faculty Award. “As a professor, it          Middle East. From September 2007            has been interviewed and quoted
means everything when you see how           to January 2008, Shabaneh traveled          by the print media, including USA
your efforts translate and encourage        to the West Bank, Jordan and Syria,         Today, Philadelphia Inquirer and
students to become more analytical          where he visited more than 30 refugee       internationally based publications.
and unearth information that benefits       camps, focusing on clinics, schools,           Shabaneh believes the field of
and transforms their lives.”                cultural and sport centers, women’s         international studies is a culmination of
   Born in Hebron, West Bank,               centers and rehabilitation centers.         tipping points in history. “Throughout
Shabaneh teaches Middle East and            Shabaneh continues to examine the           our lives, there have been events
International Studies at Marymount          United Nation’s role in reconstructing      that have defined and redefined the
Manhattan College. He is also a Mellon      Palestinian identity through its services   world,” he said. “The end of World
Fellow in Human Security at the Ralph       over the past 60 years. Dr. Shabaneh        War II and the beginning of the Cold
Bunche Institute for International          earned a B.A. from William Paterson         War, the Collapse of Soviet Union and
Relations at the CUNY Graduate Center       State University, an M.A. from Rutgers      September 11, 2001, are just some of

20   MaryMount Manhattan College
the tipping points that have had a big
                                                           College Names Division Chairs
affect on our views of the world and
our (United States) ability to relate to      Effective September 1, 2010, David Mold, M.F.A., associate professor
the rest of the world.”                    of theatre arts, will become chair of the Division of the Fine and
   The election of President Obama         Performing Arts and Benedetta Sampoli Benitez, Ph.D., associate
is a defining moment that Shabaneh         professor of chemistry, will become chair of the Division of the Sciences. 
says is due in part to the awareness of                             Mold has been with MMC since 1998. He earned
today’s younger generation.                                      a B.F.A. from Boston University and an M.F.A. from
   “Obama is a new chapter in                                    The Theatre School of DePaul University. Mold is the
American history,” he said. “No                                  former artistic director of New Theatre in Boston where
doubt his success was due to the                                 he developed, directed and produced new plays. In
overwhelming participation of                                    New York, David has directed new plays by Louise
American youth. I think the youth                                Rozett, Social Progress (Naked Angels) and Break (On
saw in him, if not a translation, but                            the Leash Productions), Lee Blessing’s Down the Road
a real reflection of their new lives as                          (Third Eye Repertory), the cabaret 66% Sondheim
citizens.”                                 David Mold, M.F.A. (Triad Theatre), and he co-directed Kafka’s Report to an
   Shabaneh has been instrumental                                Academy with Gunter Meisner (Gene Frankel Theatre).
in placing Marymount Manhattan’s           Mold currently serves as the vice president of MMC’s Faculty Council. Mold
students in prestigious internships.       is succeeding Mary Fleischer, Ph.D., professor of theatre arts, as chair of
He has helped students obtain              the Division of Fine and Performing Arts.
internships with the United Nations                                 Sampoli Benitez has been with the College
Development Programme, the UN                                    since 2000. She earned a B.S. and an M.S. from the
High Commissioner for Refugees,                                  University of Florence. Sampoli Benitez also earned
the Asia Society, and the Council                                a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego.
on Foreign Relations. In addition,                               She was recently selected to receive the 2010 Elena
Shabaneh has helped students obtain                              Lucrezia Cornaro Award, given annually to a woman
internships in the global media at the                           of Italian heritage, who has demonstrated excellence in
UN, Al Arabiya and CNN.                                          her field of expertise, made a significant contribution
   “Our students are very interested                             to advancing educational opportunities for students,
to work in the field of international      Benedetta Sampoli and who herself has earned the Doctor of Philosophy
                                              Benitez, Ph.D
studies,” Shabaneh said. “The moment                             degree. The award was established in 1978 by the New
you open the door for them, they           York State Grand Lodge, Order Sons of Italy in America, to commemorate
jump. They don’t walk, they jump at        the 300th anniversary of Cornaro’s defense of her thesis. Sampoli
the opportunity to learn and work. It      Benitez is succeeding Ann Jablon, Ph.D., professor of speech-language
is very rewarding to teach individuals     pathology and audiology, as chair of the Division of the Sciences.
who really want to learn about the            MMC’s other three Divisions are led by Vandana Rao, Ph.D., chair
world around them and who are eager        of Division of Accounting and Business Management; Peter Naccarato,
to make lasting changes.”                  Ph.D., chair of the Division of Humanities; and Rosemary Nossiff,
                                           Ph.D., chair of the Division of Social Sciences.

                              MMC Faculty Earn Promotion and Tenure
  On March 9, the Board of Trustees of Marymount             Morgan Schwartz, M.F.A. (communication arts), Ghassan
Manhattan College unanimously promoted Kent                  Shabaneh, Ph.D. (international studies) and Jerry
Worcester, Ph.D., to Professor of Political Science and      Williams, Ph.D. (English).
Barbara Adrian, M.F.A., to Professor of Theatre Arts.           Earning tenure is one of the most difficult and significant
  The Board also granted tenure to seven MMC faculty         accomplishments in the life of a teacher and scholar. It
members who have been promoted from assistant to             recognizes sustained scholarly excellence over a number
associate professor. They include Michael Colvin, Ph.D.      of years and invites a professional lifetime of productive
(Spanish), Millie Falcaro, M.F.A. (art), Jens Giersdorf,     membership in the College community.
Ph.D. (dance), Lia Leon Margolin, Ph.D. (mathematics),

                                                                                   71st street . spring 2009–2010          21
     Professor Ronda Leads Service-Learning Project with Central Park Conservancy
   Between fall 2008 and spring 2009,      park to ask if they would have a few
Instructor of Sociology Michelle           minutes for a survey. Kornblum also                             N
Ronda, M.A., and students from one         devised a sampling system to permit
Urban Sociology, and two Research          the volunteer researchers to count
Methods in the Social Sciences courses     the number of people entering the
participated in the Central Park           park. They counted everyone who
User Survey with the Central Park          entered at a specific entrance during
Conservancy (CPC). The project was         a 10-minute period, then paused the
a service-learning component Ronda         count for 10 minutes and resumed
offered as an optional                                 over the course of an hour.
experience in addition to                                 “It was hard for my
the coursework.                                        students to realize how
   “It was perfect for both                            challenging it is to go up
Urban Sociology and                                    to a stranger to ask them to
Research Methods,” Ronda                               participate in the survey,”
said. “It really met the spirit                        Ronda said. “Your inclination
of service learning better                             is to think that a particular
than I could have hoped                                person looks friendly and so
because we needed to                                   want to survey them. With
know how to do that type         Michelle Ronda,       this sampling system, you
of work. If you don’t have                             have to pick person number
something that’s actually                              three exiting the park, even
happening in the world right now,          if that person has headphones on or is
[surveying] can feel far-removed           flying past on a bicycle.”
from reality.”                                 In addition to practical social
   The survey, which began in July         science research experience, the
2008, is the most comprehensive            project offered students in the
study of Central Park use since 1982,      Urban Sociology course a greater
the year the Conservancy created the       understanding of the man-made park’s
management and restoration plan for        development. Students also considered
the park. Students manned various          the socioeconomic impacts of the
entrances along Central Park’s 843         park’s creation, which caused people
acres to calculate how many people         to be displaced and created tensions in
use the park during different times        surrounding neighborhoods.
of day and seasons, and to ask users           “It expanded my students’
what they like most and least about        appreciation for the differences in
the park.                                  the neighborhoods surrounding the
   To achieve an accurate sampling,        park,” Ronda said. “Because when
William Kornblum, Ph.D., professor         you’re up at the Harlem Meer, it’s
of sociology at the CUNY Graduate          a different Central Park than when
Center and principal investigator on       you’re standing right across from
the original and recent user surveys,      FAO Schwartz. One of the goals of
and CPC planner Lane Addonizio             the course is to appreciate those
devised a system that surveyors            differences in an urban environment.”
could use to sample and survey                 The published report will illustrate
people leaving the park. In order          how people use Central Park and will
to achieve some small measure of           help the Central Park Conservancy
randomization in the survey sample,        determine ways to improve grounds
the volunteer researchers had to turn      and security.                               Circles indicate entrances where MMC
                                                                                       students surveyed users for the Central
away from the entrance and then                                                        Park Conservancy’s comprehensive
approach the third person exiting the                                                  study of the park.

22   MaryMount Manhattan College
Science faculty                            place in general chemistry. Zachary         The series has won several awards,
members Ann                                Barbati ’10 earned first place in cell      including a Clio, a silver SABRE, a
Aguanno,                                   and molecular biology, and Raymond          PR Week Award, two Communicator
Ph.D., (biology);                          Romano ’11 earned second place in           Awards, a Davey and a Hermes Award.
Alessandra Leri,                           biochemistry. Chrissy Galifianakis
Ph.D., (chemistry                          ’11 and Olympia Gaglioti ’11 also           Millie Burns,
and environmental                          presented their work. MMC’s chapter of      M.F.A., assistant
science); and                              the Undergraduate Affiliate Network of      professor of art
Benedetta                                  the American Society for Chemistry and      and director of
                         Ann Aguanno,
Sampoli                                    Molecular Biology co-sponsored the          The Hewitt Gallery
Benitez, Ph.D.,                            symposium for the third consecutive         of Art, and Janice
(chemistry) served as advisers to          year.                                       Kelly, Ed.D.,
MMC students at the Fourth Annual                                                      received acceptance
Undergraduate Research Symposium in        Maggie Bruen,                               of their proposal
the Biological and Chemical Sciences.      M.F.A., M.A.,                               on the theme of          Millie Burns,
Four Marymount Manhattan College           adjunct assistant                           class and popular
science students earned accolades for      professor of                                culture for the How Class Works–2010
their research at the April 17th event     communication                               Conference. The conference, from June
that took place at William Paterson        arts, wrote and                             3 through June 5 at the State University
University in Wayne, N.J. Laura            produced a series                           of New York at Stony Brook, brings
Herren ’11 earned first place in the       of short narrative                          together an engaging mix of scholars
ecology and evolution category, while      films for Novartis       Maggie Bruen,      and labor and community activists
Laura Anthony ’11 achieved second          Pharmaceuticals.          M.F.A., M.A.      to develop working class studies

      Professor Cohen Creates Watercolors Inspired By Philoctetes Exhibition
     Hallie Cohen, M.F.A.,                                                                  media to explore questions of
  associate professor of art and                                                            truth and provenance, and a
  chair of MMC’s art department,                                                            February screening of Joseph
  is facilitating artistic discourse                                                        Cornell’s film Flushing Meadows,
  within and outside the MMC                                                                which was followed by a
  community. As curator of                                                                  roundtable that examined the
  the Philoctetes Center for the                                                            relationship between art and
  Multidisciplinary Study of                                                                mourning.
  Imagination, Cohen recently                                                                  Inspired by her work on
  organized an exhibition that                                                              the Philoctetes exhibition,
  explored “the art of collecting,     “Proustian Postcard: Eze II,” watercolor and         Cohen used the concept of
  sorting, and arranging the           digital print by Hallie Cohen, M.F.A.                appropriation and collage to
  ephemera and detritus of life to                                                          create a series of new works
  connect the imaginative and the real.” With or Without           based on revisiting and reconfiguring her older work.
  Permission: Appropriation, Assemblage and Collage                The process involved scanning her watercolors, printing
  featured works by Eric Edelman, Maureen Mullarkey, Mac them out on watercolor paper, and then painting them
  Premo, Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Jonathan Talbot and                 again. The series was displayed in 6 Artists, an exhibition
  Fred Tomaselli, and addressed artists who create work            at the Manhattan Borough President’s Office in April.
  that incorporates life experience and personal narrative,           The Philoctetes Center, located at 247 East 82nd
  or appropriates someone else’s experiences.                      Street, was established to promote an integrated,
     With or Without Permission: Appropriation, Assemblage interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of
  and Collage served as a visual counterpart to the center’s       creativity and the imaginative process through roundtable
  March roundtable discussion, The Lure and Blur of the            discussions from experts in neuroscience, psychology,
  Real, which addressed the ideology and practices of an           mathematics, psychoanalysis, humanities and art, and
  emerging group of artists who incorporate a variety of           philosophy and theology.

                                                                                        71st street . spring 2009–2010           23
through the intersection of intellectual    Preservation,                               at the 2010 Annual Convention of the
work and the social movements of            a membership                                Popular Culture Association/American
working people. The joint presentation,     organization that                           Culture Association in St. Louis, Mo., in
“Conflicting Messages: Hip Hop              provides leadership,                        April 2010.
Reality TV shows Moguls’ Formula            education,
For Success, Class and Culture,” will       advocacy and                                Leslie Levin, Ph.D., associate
identify the forms and strategies           resources to save                           professor of accounting and business
by which people can legitimize              America’s diverse                           management,
themselves, the forms of power and          historic places and                         presented her
                                                                    Elizabeth Jeffe,
domination that are encoded by a            to revitalize its                           lecture, “A
musical genre that is against selling out   communities.                                Heavenly Offer:
and advocates remaining authentic, and                                                  Religious Imagery
the politics of social class and racial     Anastacia Kurylo,                           in American
identities through the dialogue between     Ph.D., assistant                            Advertising” at the
two hip hop icons and their working         professor of                                Mid-Manhattan
class game contestants.                     communication                               Library on March
                                            arts, has recently                          31. In her             Leslie Levine Ph.D.
Jens Richard Giersdorf, Ph.D.,              published an article                        presentation, she
associate professor of dance, was           entitled “What are                          displayed print ads from the 20th
invited by his                              They Like? Non-                             and 21st centuries to show how the
alma mater, the                             Expert Definitions                          meaning of religious symbols has
University of                               of Stereotypes and     Anastacia Kurylo,    changed over time to reflect Americans’
California, Riverside                       Their Implications                          changing spiritual, cultural and social
to present in the                           for Stereotype Maintenance” in              attitudes.
Backtrack Dance                             Qualitative Research in Psychology.
lecture series. He                          Kurylo will co-author with Michael          David Linton, Ph.D., professor of
presented his latest                        Kurylo a chapter in a book entitled         communication arts, has become
project, a critical                         Blogging in the Global Society: Cultural,   a recognized
historicization of        Jens Richard      Political and Geographical Aspects,         authority on the
the East German          Giersdorf, Ph.D.   in which the authors will use the           social construction
choreography                                metaphor of a classroom to analyze a        of menstruation,
Spring in Vietnam!, which celebrated        sports blog. She also recently signed       having presented
the figure of the Vietnamese                a contract with SAGE to edit an             numerous
revolutionary, a figure more familiar       intercultural communication textbook.       conference
to U.S. audiences as “Charlie” the                                                      papers, lectures
dead or deadly Viet Cong. The project       Kathleen LeBesco, Ph.D., professor          and publications
scrutinized two related aspects of          of communication arts, has co-authored      on the topic. In        David Linton, Ph.D.
global cultural intervention: the           an essay entitled                           April, Linton was
nationalized creation of ethnic             “Processing                                 the featured guest lecturer during
differences and the canonization of         Gender Ideologies:                          Women’s History Month at Slippery
cultural production. This research          Nostalgia and                               Rock University in Pennsylvania. The
is also forthcoming as part of an           the Easy Bake                               title of his lecture was “What’s With
anthology in Switzerland. Two of his        Oven” with senior                           the Men in Menstruation?” Recently,
previous publications on dance studies      communication                               Linton became the editor of the official
on the international academia and           arts major                                  publication of the Society for Menstrual
utopian capacity of political dance         Jessica Sturm                               Cycle Research and contributes to
productions were anthologized in the        ’10. Sturm and        Kathleen LeBesco,     the society’s blog, re:Cycling. One
United Kingdom and Italy.                   LeBesco presented           Ph.D.           of his blog postings, “MANopause;
                                            the essay—which grew out of an              or, Hello, God, It’s me, Mel Gibson,”
Elizabeth Jeffe, M.A.L.S., adjunct          assignment in a spring 2009 Comm            explored the ways men claim they, too,
professor of English, was elected to the    391/Gender, Sexuality and Media class       experience a version of menopause.
Board of the National Trust for Historic    and a subsequent independent study—

24   MaryMount Manhattan College
Anthony Naaeke,                              Diana Nash, M.A.,                         medical experts
Ph.D., assistant                             director for                              who have been
professor of                                 Academic Access                           asked to share
communication                                and adjunct                               information and
arts, presented at                           instructor in                             news in the field of
the New Jersey                               Humanities,                               psychology.
Communication                                published an
Association 14th                             article in the                            Judy Tyrus,
Annual Conference,                           October 18th issue                        adjunct professor
                       Anthony Naaeke,                                 Diana Nash,                             Cheryl Paradis,
held at the College                          of The Christian                          of dance, is the
                              Ph.D.                                        M.A.                                    Psy.D.
of Saint Elizabeth                           Science Monitor                           curator of Dance
on April 10. Naaeke spoke about the          about young people using Facebook         Theatre of Harlem:
Dagaaba culture of Ghana as explored         to honor the memories of lost loved       40 Years of Firsts
through rhetorical analysis. In his essay,   ones. She also co-wrote a chapter in      at the New York
Naaeke analyzes the culture by posing        the book Your Career in Psychology,       Public Library for
and answering three main questions           entitled “Creating Balance as a New       the Performing Arts
central to mythological narratives:          Professional: Caring for Others by        at Lincoln Center
“Where do we come from?,” “What is           Caring for Yourself.”                     and the California
our conception of right and wrong?,”                                                   African American
and “Where are we going?” The                Cheryl Paradis, Psy.D., associate         Museum in Los
narratives he analyzed were recorded         professor of psychology, has become       Angeles, Calif.           Judy Tyrus
by Jack Goody (1972), an English             one of the expert bloggers for            This multimedia
ethnographer, Gervase T. Angsotinge          Psychology Today. Her blog can be         exhibition captures the 40 years of art
(1986) and Paschal Kyoore.                   read at www.psychologytoday.com.          and accomplishment of Dance Theatre
                                             Paradis is among many academic and        of Harlem.

                                              Faculty in Print
Grammar: A pocket guide                                            Performance, Cognitive Theory,
   Susan Behrens, Ph.D., professor                                 and Devotional Culture: Sensual
of communication sciences and                                      Piety in Late Medieval York
disorders, will publish Grammar: A                                    Jill Stevenson, Ph.D., assistant
pocket guide with Routledge Press in                               professor of theatre arts, published
October. Behrens; Rebecca Sperling,                                Performance, Cognitive Theory, and
Ph.D., associate professor of social                               Devotional Culture: Sensual Piety
work and sociology; Ann Jablon,                                    in Late Medieval York with Palgrave
Ph.D., professor of speech-language                                Macmillan in May. Performance
pathology and audiology and chair of                               was a significant component of late
the Division of the Sciences; Deanna                               medieval York’s culture of lay devotion. In Performance,
Twain, M.F.A., adjunct instructor in speech-language               Cognitive Theory, and Devotional Culture: Sensual Piety
pathology and audiology; and Cecile Stein, Ph.D., adjunct          in Late Medieval York, Stevenson uses cognitive theory to
assistant professor of speech-language pathology and               explore the layperson’s physical encounter with live religious
audiology, hosted a book reading and signing party for             performances, and to argue that laypeople’s interactions with
their March 15th release of Language in the Real World:            other devotional media, such as books and art objects, may
An Introduction to Linguistics in May. Behrens co-edited           also have functioned like performance events. By revealing
and wrote a chapter in Language in the Real World with             the resonance between cognitive science and medieval
Sperling. Jablon, Twain, Stein and Laura Leigh Wood ’05            visual theories, Stevenson demonstrates how understanding
contributed to the book. Language in the Real World is an          medieval culture can enrich the study of performance. She
up-close look at linguistics through applications in various       concludes by applying her theories of medieval performance
fields of study.                                                   culture to contemporary religious forms, including creationist
                                                                   museums, Hell Houses and megachurches.

                                                                                       71st street . spring 2009–2010        25
Class Notes
   Obama Authorizes Naming of Post Office in Honor of Ferraro ’56

       n August 19, 2009, President          Ferraro worked as a teacher and later             “A pioneering figure in American
       Barack Obama recognized               as an attorney in the Queens New              history, Geraldine Ferraro has been
       Hon. Geraldine Ferraro ’56            York District Attorney’s office, where        an extraordinary leader and public
for her stewardship to the Queens            she started the Special Victims Bureau,       servant,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney said
community by signing a bill (H.R.            supervising the prosecution of sex            in a release. “It is therefore entirely
774) designating the main post office        crimes, child abuse, domestic violence        fitting the grand edifice of the Long
in Long Island City as the Geraldine         and violent crimes against senior citizens.   Island City Post Office be named in her
Ferraro Post Office Building. An official       “At a time when women prosecutors          honor. Through all Geraldine’s many
ceremony naming the building will            in the city were uncommon, Geraldine          successes in life, the Queens residents
take place on June 14.                       Ferraro was already breaking the              she represented remember her as their
   The post office, located at 46-02 21st    proverbial glass ceiling,” Rep. Joseph        Congresswoman—a tenacious fighter
Street in Queens, lies within the district   Crowley said in a statement.                  who never backed down when it came
Ferraro represented with distinction in         Ferraro, an MMC English                    time to stand up for them and
the U.S. House of Representatives. Prior     graduate, first entered Congress as a         their interests.”
to running for election to the House,        representative of western Queens in               Ferraro, 74, continues to be an
                                             1978. During her six years in office,         active participant in the nation’s foreign
                                             she served on the Post Office and             policy debate. She serves as a board
                                             Civil Service Committee, among other          member of the National Democratic
                                             committee assignments. Ferraro also           Institute of International Affairs and is
                                             spearheaded efforts to achieve passage        a member of the Council on Foreign
                                             of the Equal Rights Amendment, and            Relations. Ferraro also serves as
                                             sponsored the Women’s Economic                principal at Blank Rome Government
                                             Equity Act in 1984, which ended               Relations, a government affairs firm in
                                             pension discrimination against women          Washington, D.C.
                                             and provided job options for displaced            Ferraro is a former trustee of MMC.
                                             homemakers. In 1984, she became the           She served from 1984 to 1989. In 2007,
                                             first female vice-presidential candidate      Ferraro was awarded the President’s
                                             on a national party ticket in U.S. history.   Medal by the College.
                                               Marymount College, which had              of Association for Spiritual, Ethical
               1950s                        been a junior college at East 84th           and Religious Values In Counseling
                                            Street, moved to 221 East 71st Street        (ASERVIC), a division of the American
Hon. Geraldine Ferraro, Esq. ’56,           in fall 1948 as a four-year college. The     Counseling Association; the tenured
an MMC English graduate, and her            “Fabulous 54” entered the College in         division director at Fairfield University’s
husband, John, will celebrate their 50th    1950 with approximately 50 students.         graduate school and attended the United
anniversary on July 16.                     They pursued their dreams, and 28            Nations Commission on the Status of
Marie Curran Horn, B.A. ’50, an             students graduated on June 3, 1954. The      Women Conference representing the
MMC English and history graduate, is        “Fabulous 54” was amazed to realize          Society of the Holy Child Jesus.
studying the history of Rome at Santa       at the group’s 55th reunion how many
Clara University Osher Lifelong Learning    paths they had followed.
Institute.                                     “We had to be special,” Potash said,                      1960s
                                            “or we could not have succeeded in that
Eileen Kelly Potash, B.A. ’54, and
                                            generation.”                                 Valerie Butler, B.A. ’60, an MMC
Sr. Brigid Driscoll, RSHM ’54, MMC
mathematics graduates, and Terry            Ann Marie Wallace, Ph.D. ’55, an             English graduate, moved to Rocky Point,
McCabe Cerni, B.A. ’54, an MMC              MMC English graduate, is the director        Long Island. She enjoys the Long Island
psychology graduate, reported that          of Archdiocese of New York’s Center          Sound from her property on the edge of
the class of 1954, a.k.a. “Fabulous         for Spiritual Development. Her career        a bluff. In between loving and enjoying
54,” gathered for its 55th reunion at       began when she became the first lay          the new house she built, Butler has been
Marymount Manhattan College on              principal of a Catholic elementary           traveling in the past five years, including
November 21, 2009. They were joined         school, St. Paul the Apostle, Columbus       two Caribbean cruises, a Danube River
by Margaret “Peggy” Herrmann                Circle’s first parochial Montessori pre-     cruise, and trips to Japan, Australia,
Kenny ’54, Denise Duross Beckerle           school program in the country. Since         Thailand, New Zealand, Fiji, China, Peru,
’54, Anita Daly Kapp ’54, Jeanne            then, Wallace has been the president         Chile, Argentina and Brazil. She plans to
Daoust Michel ’54, Cathy Dunn               of the National Catholic Education           visit Egypt in May. She said being retired
Kiley ’54, Marianne Halperin ’54 and        Association’s elementary department,         is wonderful, especially with the help of
JoAnn “Bunny” Adams Pavia ’54. The          a faculty member of the Archdiocese          her new knee. Other than participating
group shared lunch, memories, wine          of New York at St. Joseph’s Seminary         in all small town projects, civic and
and roses. The women in attendance          and director of the Archdiocesan Center      beach associations, Butler is enjoying
included fellow alumnae who could not       for Spiritual Development of the Laity,      time with family. She also continues to
attend the reunion by making phone          which has approximately 140,000              love theatre and attends approximately
calls to Lois Martino Burger ’54,           participants in programs, courses and        25 plays per year.
Elissa Memmoli Furlong ’54, Connie          pilgrimages. (The center began well-         Mariana Buckley Duncan, B.A. ’64,
Nugent McQuade ’54, Madelena                attended pilgrimages throughout Europe       an MMC psychology graduate, and her
Cenci Cerami ’54, Pat Igoe ’54, Ann         plus annual ones to the Holy Land.)          husband, Tom, retired to Naples, Fla., in
Trenkle Nichter ’54, Betty Cullinan         She was a founding member of Spiritual       December 2009. They are now Florida
’54 and Bette Bleda Ross ’54.               Directors International; president           residents but spend summers on Cape

             MMC Alumna Encourages Students to Excel in Creative Writing
       Christine Fiorella Russo, Ph.D. ’53, an                                 in East Harlem, where I attended grammar
    MMC sociology and English graduate, is an                                  school,” Dr. Fiorella Russo said. “It’s great
    Academic Intervention Services (AIS) teacher                               knowing that these students exhibit positive
    at the Washington Drive Primary School of the                              attitudes toward learning and that they have
    Harborfields District. She is extremely proud                              set high goals for themselves which will
    that 28 students from her reading groups who                               ultimately make them productive leaders of
    participated in a creative writing contest, had                            tomorrow. St. Paul is a vibrant school under
    their poems published in the Anthology of                                  the leadership of Charles Celauro where
    Poetry by young Americans.                                                 teachers and nuns have dedicated their lives
                                                          Christine Fiorella
       The Anthology of Poetry was established in         Russo ’53, Ph.D.     to teaching the basic academics and societal
    1989 and is one of America’s most reputable                                values to children of different races and
    publishers of students’ poetry and short                                   religions.”
    stories. Dr. Fiorella Russo is happy to report all 28 of her       Judge Anthony J. Fiorella, Jr., Dr. Fiorella Russo’s
    students’ poems were selected for publication.                   brother, was an evening instructor at Marymount
       “It’s extremely gratifying to return to St. Paul School       Manhattan’s Paralegal program for 26 years.

                                                                                         71st street . spring 2009–2010          27
                                            Cod. They recently had dinner with             Fran Rajotte, B.A. ’68, an MMC
                                            Mary Crowley ’64 and Mary Ellen                communication arts graduate, has been
                                            O’Brien ’64 and her husband, Bill.             named assistant administrator at Catholic
Fran Rajotte, B.A.
                                            Marilyn Fischer Venuti ’64 and her             Charities of Tennessee, Inc. Rajotte
’68, has been
named assistant                             husband, John, also live in the area, and      is well-known in the Nashville and
administrator                               Honore Rofrano Beletti ’64 visits each         national nonprofit communities as
at Catholic                                 winter. Mariana would also like to keep        the director of development and
Charities, Inc.                             in touch with other alumni in the area.        communications for the Visitation
                                               Mariana and Tom are learning the            Hospital Foundation, which supports a
                                            neighborhoods of Naples and enjoy              medical clinic and healthcare missions in
                                            the outdoors and activities, including         Haiti. She will continue in her position
                                            golf, tennis, bridge, pilates and yoga.        with Visitation Hospital Foundation as
                                            They also enjoy the intellectual and           she also works part time at Catholic
                                            dining aspects of the city. Mariana has        Charities. At Catholic Charities, Rajotte
                                            become a friend of the local library           will be responsible for a variety of
Honore Rofrano                              and partakes in its lectures and classes.      specific projects, will be the agency’s
Beletti ’64                                 She intends to find some volunteer             lead representative on public policy
continues to
                                            opportunities, but, for their first year in    activities, will serve as liaison with other
stay in touch
                                            Naples, Mariana said she and Tom are           community agencies, and will provide
with fellow
alumni.                                     “playing full time.” They have had lots        administrative services for local efforts of
                                            of company, and their two children and         the Catholic Charities USA Campaign to
                                            six grandchildren have fallen in love          Reduce Poverty in America.
                                            with the place. “Life is grand!”

       Dr. Sarah Crawford ’76, MMC Make New Discoveries in Cancer Research
        When Sarah Crawford, Ph.D. ’76, was teaching a             breast cancer. Crawford and Hanks are testing ferns
     nutrition course last spring at Marymount Manhattan           that grow during different times of the year and finding
     College, Associate Professor of Biology Judith Hanks,         that older ferns that last longer in the season of the
     Ph.D., approached her with the idea of collaborating on a     Thelypteris palustris species have the most anti-cancer
     study of anti-cancer properties found in ferns. Crawford,     phytochemicals.
     an associate professor of biology and                                          After the preclinical work in the laboratory,
     director of the Cancer Research Laboratory                                  Crawford said the next step is to extend the
     at University of Southern Connecticut,                                      studies to ascertain the potential of clinical
     thought the idea was a perfect opportunity                                  trials as a new therapeutic cancer treatment.
     to advance research in experimental cancer                                     “If one can show there is very little toxicity
     therapeutics by linking her expertise in                                    with the fern, there will be much more rapid
     cancer biology and genetics with Hanks’                                     introduction into clinical trial,” Crawford said.
     insight into fern species identification.                                   “Optimistically, the process could take at
        “There has been almost no research in this                               least five years to prove therapeutic efficacy,
     area,” said Crawford, who received a B.S.                                   which will involve determining whether certain
     in biology from MMC and has conducted                                       adverse side effects outweigh the treatment.”
     postdoctoral research at Memorial Sloan-                                       Crawford’s and Hanks’ students have
     Kettering Center Institute. “People have a                                  been working closely on this groundbreaking
     mindset of [a cure being] something tropical and exotic.      project. Crawford’s graduate students are conducting
     We step on ferns, and they grow by the side of the road       thesis research, and Zachary Barbati ’10 collaborated
     and in people’s yards. Ferns are pioneer plants that have     on the project, extracting plant chemicals, culturing
     mastered the art of living on land and have adapted the       microorganisms, preparing appropriate media, testing
     biochemistry to survive.”                                     the extracts for antimicrobial properties, and beginning
        Crawford and Hanks are examining the anti-cancer           the identification of compounds that exhibit potential.
     effects of marsh ferns in breast cancers with different       They presented their results at the 101st Annual Meeting
     genetic signatures, including estrogen-receptor negative      of the American Association for Cancer Research, in
     tumors and cancers with BRAC-1 mutations. Their               Washington, D.C., in April.
     research has shown extracts prepared from marsh ferns            “Our function is not only to progress cancer research,
     exhibit different classes of phytochemicals with as much      but also to train a new generation of scientists,” Crawford said.
     anti-cancer activity as some current drugs used to treat

28     MaryMount Manhattan College
Lorraine Esselborn Stratis, B.A. ’65,          Maura N. Gustafson, M.Ed. ’74, an            a blog about the mystery of perfume,
an MMC psychology graduate, is very            MMC political science graduate, is proud     and has obtained a master’s degree in
disappointed she will not be able to           of her daughter Ellen Gustafson, a           English as a Second Language (ESL).
attend her 45th reunion because of an          2002 Columbia University graduate,           Regen-Ramirez is also studying for
out-of-town wedding. She told Nancy            who was named to Fortune Magazine‘s          her third master’s degree, in special
Hoffman Preisel ’65 she will definitely        list of the Top Ten Most Powerful            education. You may contact her at
be there in spirit. Preisel, Jeanette          Women Entrepreneurs for creating             writerjr1044@gmail.com.
Amen Womack ’65 and Stratis have               FEED Projects. Ellen and her business        Diana Kwiatkowski Rubin, B.A. ’88,
been gathering when Preisel visits from        partner, Lauren Bush, were also featured     an MMC English graduate, has published
Florida. Stratis also has seen Bernadette      on the CBS Evening News with Katie           a new book of poetry, Renewal,
Russo Kriftcher ’65, who is a neighbor         Couric on March 10 in a piece about          containing new and award-winning
of Stratis’ daughter, Jen, in New York City.   their work raising funds for the United      poems.
   Stratis retired from Ardsley High           Nations World Food Programme.
School in 2004, after 25 years of teaching     Maura was involved with the UN
in New York City and Westchester
schools. She is active in the Woman’s
                                               Youth Group CIRUNA when she was
                                               a student at MMC, so it was thrilling to
Club of Larchmont and the Interfaith           her that Ellen worked for the UN World
Council, and volunteers in New                 Food Programme before founding her           Fanny Borjas Jangarathis, B.A. ’98,
Rochelle, teaching English as a Second         business.                                    an MMC liberal arts graduate, exchanged
Language with the Ursuline Sisters.                                                         vows with her longtime sweetheart,
                                               Joanne Bronski Henrick, B.A. ’75,            Demetrios Jangarathis, in March 2005.
She and her husband, Carl, have five           an MMC English graduate, and her
children and 11 grandchildren, located         husband, Randy, of Syosset, N.Y.,            Janet Kaufman, LCSW-R ’93, an
in California, Maine, Massachusetts            are the proud parents of Bryan and           MMC English graduate, is a clinical
and New York. One of Stratis’ favorite         Stephen. Steve graduation from Boston        social worker at NYU Langone Hospital
pastimes is visiting and babysitting the       University, summa cum laude, in 2009         for Joint Diseases Multiple Sclerosis
grandchildren. She and Carl spend              and is now at Harvard Law School.            Comprehensive Care Center. After
summers in West Falmouth, Mass.,               Bryan is a sophomore at Haverford            earning her bachelor’s degree, she
where they cruise around Vineyard              College (Pa.), where he pitches for          earned her Master of Social Work degree
Sound on a sailboat. She would love            the varsity baseball team. Joanne and        at Fordham University Graduate School
to hear from anyone who visits Cape            Randy went to Florida in March to            of Social Service and began her social
Cod in the summer. Alumni can find             cheer on Bryan and his team during           work career as a medical social worker
her phone in the phonebook under               spring break. Joanne looks forward to        at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York
“Carl Ketchum.”                                Reunion in June, and welcomes news           City. She is involved in fundraising for
                                               from MMC friends and classmates at           multiple sclerosis and can be reached at
                                               stephenbry@aol.com.                          Janet.kaufman@nyumc.org.
                1970s                                                                       Ramona Papke Pitera, B.A. ’93,

Catharine Wilson Burt, Ed.D. ’72, an
                                                               1980s                        an MMC theatre arts graduate, and
                                                                                            Michelle DeLong Kilic, B.A. ’93, an
MMC psychology graduate, retired from          Paul C. Lowerre, B.A. ’81, an MMC            MMC business management graduate,
30 years with the federal government           political science graduate, is enjoying      have teamed up and launched a
and has moved to Fearrington Village,          serving on MMC’s Board of Trustees           commercial and print agency, Ramona’s
which is south of Chapel Hill, N.C. She        and helping keep the College on a great      Model & Talent, based in New Jersey
is an adjunct professor of emergency           upward trajectory. He is very proud          and New York City. Ramona’s Model &
medicine at the University of North            of his daughters, Lavinia (26) and           Talent represents a diverse portfolio of
Carolina and enjoys singing in several         Cornelia (22). Lavinia is training as a      talented models and actors, promoting
area choruses and community theatre            teacher at the Maple Street School in        them to clients, including casting
productions. Burt will participate in          Manchester, Vt. Cornelia graduated from      directors, advertising agencies, producers
a concert tour this summer in eastern          Hamilton College in May 2009, and is         and photographers. Last year, their talent
Europe with the Carolina International         now qualified to teach scuba teachers        appeared in ads for Gillette, Verizon
Chorale. She and her husband take long         after spending much of her time              Wireless, Chase, Kodak and Pfizer and
walks each day with their two corgis,          earning her PADI IDC Staff Instructor        acted in commercials for Santo Domingo
and, in warmer weather, kayak on               certification for scuba diving. Paul’s       Tourism, Target, Keurig Coffee, Aetna
area lakes. They also look forward to          Peconic Bay Winery in Cutchogue is also      Medicare and Dick’s Sporting Goods.
visits from their daughter, who lives in       booming, and he hopes MMC alumni             Pitera and Kilic would love to reconnect
Baltimore.                                     will come this summer for a tasting          with old classmates—and aspiring
Joan Hogan Fitz-Gerald, B.A. ’70,              and tour of the winery and to                actors, of course! You may contact them
an MMC political science graduate, is          experience the beautiful region.             at rpitera@ramonastalent.com and
the new national president of America          www.peconicbaywinery.com.                    mkilic@ramonastalent.com.
Votes, a permanent progressive                 Joan Regen-Ramirez, M.A. ’82, an             Carol Crawford Smith, M.S. ’91, an
campaign infrastructure headquartered          MMC business graduate, is a private          MMC art history and studio art graduate,
in Washington, D.C.                            tutor for adults and children, has started   is a writer for Dance Studio Life

                                                                                            71st street . spring 2009–2010          29
                                            magazine. She regularly contributes to the   Julia Khvasechko, B.S. ’01, an MMC
                                            “Teacher to Teacher” Column. Smith is        business graduate, began a new position
                                            also the founder and artistic director for   at a privately held, distressed-debt
                                            The Center of Dance in Blacksburg, Va.       hedge fund as an operations analyst in
                                                                                         March. She is still a passionate runner,
                                                                                         participating in marathons to raise
                                                            2000s                        money for charity and working her way
                                                                                         down the list of runs in the 50 states.
                                            David Alex Andrejko, B.F.A. ’09, an          This year, Khvasechko is knocking out
                                            MMC dance graduate, joined PanDesi,          Wisconsin on April 25 at the Pine Line
                                            the largest South-Asian television station   Trail Marathon, Minnesota on June 19
                                            in the United States, after graduation.      at Grandma’s Marathon, and Utah on
                                            He is a correspondent on the show, The       October 2 at the St. George Marathon.
(L-R) Ramona Papke Pitera, B.A. ’93, and
                                            Best Half, for 13 episodes in his own         She is attending Pacific College of
Michelle DeLong Kilic ’93, B.A., launched
                                            segment, Queery Street. Andrejko wrote       Oriental Medicine, studying to become
Ramona’s Model and Talent.
                                            his play Scherzo that will be performed      a licensed massage therapist. She hopes
                                            in early summer as part of Planet            massage therapy will facilitate her
                                            Connections Theatre Festivities* and will    passion of running injury free all over
                                            be directed by Associate Professor of        the world and helping others reach their
David Alex                                  Theatre Arts Ellen Orenstein, M.F.A.         own marathon dreams.
                                            Andrejko is an editorial assistant for       James Mwape, M.B.A., M.S. ’00,
B.F.A. ’09, is a
                                            Animal Fair Media, Inc. He helped            an MMC biology graduate, was invited
on The Best Half.                           edit and ghostwrite It’s a Dog’s World,      to speak at the Delaware Center for
                                            released by Random House in February.        Transportation Distinguished Speaker
                                            Jennifer Palmer Barnes, B.F.A. ’00,          Series in April. He discussed Electronic
                                            an MMC dance graduate, was married           Toll Collection (ETC) and how it
                                            to Christian Barnes on July 7, 2007, in      increasingly saves time and money while
                                            Chicago, Ill., where she resides.            helping the environment. Mwape’s recent
                                                                                         Guide to Electronic Toll Collection is
                                            Mama S. Diouf, Esq. ’01, an MMC              available in book stores at Barnes &
                                            international studies graduate, started      Noble and on-line at amazon.com. 
                                            her own law practice, Diouf Law Firm
                                            PLLC, in New York City. She graduated        Dennis O’Bannion, B.F.A. ’06,
                                            from Northeastern University School          an MMC dance graduate, made his
                                            of Law in 2005 with a J.D. and was           Broadway debut in Irving Berlin’s
                                            admitted to practice in the states of New    White Christmas.
                                            York and New Jersey.                         Julia Sandra Rand, B.A. ’06, an
                                            Seth Duerr, B.F.A. ’03, an MMC               MMC theatre performance graduate,
                                            acting graduate, is the artistic director    will present her play Sunrise, Sunset
Julia Sandra Rand, B.A. ’06, performs in
Sunrise, Sunset or Breakfast with Julia.    of The York Shakespeare Company.             or Breakfast with Julia, at the Planet
                                            He has performed in 31 productions of        Connections Theatre Festivity, a New
                                            Shakespeare with The Acting Company          York City eco-friendly festival with
                                            (Ahab in Orson Welles’ Moby Dick –           productions benefitting nonprofit
Seth Duerr,                                 Rehearsed) and The Public Theater’s          organizations. Sunrise, Sunset or
B.F.A. ’03, is the                          Shakespeare in the Park (Macbeth,            Breakfast with Julia, a Diva Duo
artistic director                           director Moises Kaufman and Romeo            production benefitting the Alzheimer’s
of The York                                                                              Association, NYC Chapter, will be
                                            & Juliet, director Michael Greif). Duerr
Shakespeare                                                                              performed at the Gene Frankel Theatre,
                                            also directed and starred in the world
                                            premiere of four-time Emmy award-            located at 24 Bond Street, on June 12
                                            winner and New York Times ‘Ethicist’         and June 21. The play, written and
                                            Randy Cohen’s one-man show, The              performed by Julia, is a powerful and
Julia                                                                                    poignant one-character work written
                                            Punishing Blow. Duerr continues to
Khvasechko,                                                                              during the last year of Julia’s 10-year
                                            collaborate with fellow alumni on a
B.S. ’01, ran the                                                                        journey with her mother, Eva, and
Hartford, Conn.,                            regular basis. www.yorkshakespeare.org
                                                                                         Alzheimer’s. To learn more, visit www.
marathon last                               Katherine Hozier, B.F.A. ’08, an MMC         planetconnectionsfestivity.com.
year for the                                dance graduate, is dancing with Jennifer
Children’s Tumor                            Muller/The Works.                            Jessica Scheitler, B.F.A. ’04, an MMC
Foundation’s                                                                             dance graduate, owns and operates
fight against                               Christina Ilisije, B.F.A. ’07, an MMC        Financial Groove in New York and Las
neurofibromatosis                           dance graduate, is an apprentice with        Vegas, which strives to bridge the gap
(NF).                                       Parsons Dance, non-profit dance              between creativity and business through
                                            company in New York City.                    business, tax, and accounting services

30   MaryMount Manhattan College
for the music, arts and entertainment
industries. Currently in Las Vegas, she is                      In Memoriam
one of the founding members of Nevada
Repertory Dance Theater.                             Kathy Rorke Kelleher, B.A. ’66, an
                                                     MMC mathematics graduate, passed
Aubrey A. Strickland, B.F.A. ’05,                    away on February 15, 2010, after a
an MMC dance graduate, is the                        long struggle with breast cancer. She is
co-founder of Amalgamate Dance                       survived by her husband of 42 years,
Company. Strickland has been                         Denis Kelleher, and four children,
working in dance and media for five                  Mary, Ellen, Denis and Paul.
years in New York City. She was the
dance director for Eyes to See at the                Serena McCormack Bobrowsky, M.A.
Times Center and has appeared Off-                   ’61, an MMC English graduate, passed         Jennifer Palmer Barnes, B.F.A. ’00, gave
Broadway. Strickland is on the faculty               away in October 2009.                        birth to twins on June 19, 2009.
at Sweet Soul Movement and THE                       Margaret Dowd Feeney, B.A. ’63,
POINT Community Development                          an MMC history graduate and sister of
Corporation. She produces video at                   Mary Ann Dowd Cappiello ’59 and
Christie’s Auction House, and has also               Anne Dowd Geoffroy ’69, passed
worked as an associate producer for                  away unexpectedly in July 2009.
Public Broadcasting Station (PBS). She is
enjoying living life post-MMC with her
long-time boyfriend, Jean, and amazing
cat, Bruno.                                                             Births
Allison Vinal Trotta, B.F.A. ’01, an                                                              Allison Vinal Trotta, B.F.A. ’01, and Michael
                                                     Fanny Borjas Jangarathis, B.A.               Trotta were married on July 18, 2009.
MMC dance graduate, and Michael                      ’98, and her husband, Demetrios
Trotta were married on July 18, 2009.                Jangarathis, welcomed their first son,
Jacob Warren, B.F.A. ’09, an MMC                     Constantine Aidan, in November 2009.
dance graduate, is a member of Take                  He weighed a healthy seven pounds and                                 Jessica
Dance Company.                                       six ounces. The trio is living happily in                             Scheitler, B.F.A.
                                                     Bayside, N.Y.                                                         ’04, owns
Tom Wojtunik, B.F.A. ’01, an MMC                                                                                           and operates
acting graduate, is thrilled to be back at           Jennifer Palmer Barnes, B.F.A. ’00,                                   Financial Groove
MMC directing for the mainstage. This                gave birth to twins, Franklin Terrence                                in New York and
spring, Tom directed the musical Bright              Danger Barnes and Veronica Mychael                                    Las Vegas.
Lights, Big City, which was presented                Barnes, on June 19, 2009.
March 10-14, in The Theresa Lang
Theatre at MMC.

         Calling All Alumni
         Tell us about recent job changes, marriages, births, publications,
         awards and other noteworthy accomplishments.* Photos are
         especially welcome but cannot be returned. If you know of alumni
         who have passed away, let us know; we would like to remember
         them in our In Memoriam section.
         *All submissions are subject to editorial revision for length and/or content.
         This information may be included in the 71st Street Alumni Magazine in the Class Notes
         section and on the Web site under Alumni News.

                     Fax, e-mail or mail your 150-word draft submission to:
                                         Class Notes Editor
                                   Marymount Manhattan College
                                       221 East 71st Street
                                       New York, NY 10021
                                        Fax: (212) 517-0465

                                                                                                  71st street . spring 2009–2010           31
CaleNdar of eveNts
A wide range of events is held for alumni and members of the MMC community each year. These events provide opportunities
to learn, to connect and to engage with fellow alumni and community members. For further details on all events listed below
visit www.mmm.edu/alumni/alumnihome.html.

                                            workshop sessions will benefit recent       Barnum & Bailey’s Illuscination.
             JuNE 2010                      graduates and veterans in the workforce.    Contact: Shelli Luchs at (212) 517-0458 /
                                            Alumni not attending the workshop are       sluchs@mmm.edu.
THROUGH SEPTEMBER 19                        invited to attend the Summer Social on      JULY 24
The Hewitt Gallery of Art showcases         The Lowerre Family Terrace.
                                            Contact: Shelli Luchs at (212) 517-0458 /   The Office of Alumni Relations takes
Four More Years, a biennial exhibition                                                  alumni on a guided tram tour of the
of MMC art alumni, featuring an acrylic     sluchs@mmm.edu.
                                                                                        New York Botanical Garden.
painting by Kristen Haskell ’05; an                                                     Contact: Shelli Luchs at (212) 517-0458 /
oil painting by George Williams ’75;                      JulY 2010                     sluchs@mmm.edu.
a watercolor painting by Enid Cobeo
’96; photography by William King            JULY 7
’06; silkscreen, monotyped, and hand        The Office of Alumni Relations hosts                   AuGuST 2010
colored printmaking by Kate Sanderson       alumni for a night of big band music
’06; and artists’ books by Yvonne           and swing dancing at Lincoln Center’s       AUGUST 26
Lamar Rogers ’06. Opening receptions        Midsummer Night Swing.                      Alumni Relations invites alumni to cheer
are Saturday, June 12 and Thursday,         Contact: Shelli Luchs at (212) 517-0458 /   on the New York Mets as they take on
September 16, 6-8 p.m.                      sluchs@mmm.edu.                             the Florida Marlins. Contact: Shelli Luchs
JUNE 24                                     JULY 10                                     at (212) 517-0458 / sluchs@mmm.edu.
Alumni are invited to a Summer Social       The Office of Alumni Relations invites
and Networking Workshop. Two                alumni to Ringling Bros. and

     Jump Start Courses—August 8–28, 2010
     Jump Start offers an academically challenging, intensive
     three-week program of college coursework, where first-year
     students can earn credits, make friends, explore cultural
     offerings of New York City and connect with the
     Marymount Manhattan community.

     Language, Community and Identity is an exploration
     of languages in New York City. Students will examine
     language as a vital part of culture and social structure
     while discovering how it reflects and shapes the lives
     of New Yorkers.
     Freshman Year Mentoring 101 assists incoming students
     in making a successful transition into the intellectual
     community of Marymount Manhattan College.
     Themes in Humanities applies an interdisciplinary
     approach to studying human nature and the social worlds
     we inhabit. New York City: its neighborhoods and
     social networks will be a major focus.
     For more information, visit www.mmm.edu/jumpstart.

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                                                                Student: Zachary Barbati
                                                                Graduation Year: 2010
                                                                Major: Biology
                                                                Hometown: Stewartsville, NJ
                                                                During his time at Marymount Manhattan College, Zachary
                                                                Barbati was an active member of the Student Government
                                                                Association, the Science Society, MMC Outreach and
                                                                the Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society. His academic
                                                                achievements include making the Dean’s List (2008-2010),
                                                                earning the Lab Fellowship Science Award (2009-2010),
                                                                receiving the Louis A. Martarano Scholarship, and winning
                                                                first place at the Undergraduate Symposium in Biological and
                                                                Chemical Sciences. He plans to pursue a Master of Science
                                                                in Human Biology and Molecular Biology at the University of
                                                                Copenhagen in Denmark.

(L-R) Professor Judith Hanks, Ph.D., and Zachary Barbati ’10.

How has MMC helped you prepare for your transition to               How important was it for you to receive financial
the University of Copenhagen and your career?                       assistance in order to attend MMC?
Z.B. – My mentors have helped me directly, challenging              Z.B. – Very important. Without financial assistance, I
my critical thinking skills and preparing me for graduate-          probably would not be graduating from MMC. It is very likely
level course work. I have learned to look at the arts and the       that I would have transferred before completing my second
sciences through various perspectives, all of which I feel          year. My family and I are incredibly appreciative of the
will enhance my experience at the University of Copenhagen          financial assistance offered to me.
and prepare me for medical school.
                                                                    With your busy schedule, what do you do for fun?
What was your fondest moment at MMC?                                Z.B. – For fun I really enjoy cooking and going out to eat.
Z.B. – It was presenting for my capstone biochemistry               Cooking reminds me of being in the lab and playing with
course last spring. Our group really enjoyed the research           experiments. Sometimes you get amazing results, and
topics that we were investigating, and it was nice to present       others you wish never happened. The best part about
that research to students and faculty not only within the           cooking experiments is that you can taste them! We can’t
Division but also outside of the Division of Sciences. It is        eat in the bio or chemistry labs. Besides that, I do pilates, I
beautiful to see your closest friends talk about research and       love getting lost downtown, and I thoroughly enjoy Central
ideas they are passionate and excited about!                        Park—especially during the spring and summer.

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