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					                    Published in Christoval, Texas, courtesy of
                      The Christoval Community Chamber

Volume 2, Number 11                              November, 2008                    Price: Free

          In My Opinion….
By Max Jacobs, Editor
                                                  FFA Members During the Fall Cleanup
Greetings, everyone….

I have so much to say this month and no space
to say it in. (I realize many of y’all are ex-
tremely grateful for this.)

The reason why space is limited is that I have
received so many submissions. I hope this is a
trend that keeps up. Through this paper, we
have a means to showcase events around town,
write about the successes of our children in
school and at extra-curricular activities and
provide a forum for opinions and updates.

My goal is to provide a product that is enjoy-
able and informative. To that end, I always
welcome input and suggestions.

Until next month, Happy Thanksgiving….

    Scenes from….                                                         … Trunk ‘n Treat

Letter to the Editor
Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain is
historical and groundbreaking and all that. I am a
supporter, and it feels good to finally be on the
winning side again. It is probably very hard
for McCain-Palin to accept what has happened. I
can give you some advice on that. "Get over it" -
ha ha, just kidding, I know it really hurts. But in
truth, this is the way it's done. This is the way it
works. It goes back and forth. It's supposed to be
the best way. Democracy. What do you think?

So I would just ask all of you who will be hearing
racial slurs, jokes and epithets that may even be
kind of funny in a way to just remind the people
who say these things that fun's fun, but soon it
isn't funny any more. It will be time to grow up
and start thinking in terms of reality before too
long. Some people won't be able to do it, but we
have to try. We are a very divided nation, and this
election will "test" all of us. Once we realize we
are the luckiest people in the world to live in the
greatest country in the world (supposed to be
anyway) we can all move forward again. We are a
far better people than those who still prac-
tice rascism, prejudice and bigotry. Those days
are gone, thanks to God! It is time to become one
nation. Please support President Obama and
your country.

Miles McMillan

          The Toenail Tribune
      Published monthly in Christoval, Texas

Editor                    Web & Tech Support
Max Jacobs                James Shepherd

Contributors This Month
Sandy Butler
Amy Hill
Lori Hurt
Hunter Smith (FFA photo)
Bo Strickland
Me’lissa Turnbow
Michelle Wilkey

Send submissions to, with
“Toenail Tribune” in the subject line. For adver-
tising, contact Sherry Hodges at 656-9535. Please
remit funds for advertisements to:
     CCC, PO Box 435, Christoval, TX 76935


         Deadline for the December issue is
                   December 5th

                        Christoval Elementary Cougar Spirit Shop
                       Open every Friday in the Christoval Elementary School

  T-shirts, caps, cheerleading outfits, football jerseys, pom-poms, streamer sticks, pencils, cowbells, mini mega-
                        phones, noise makers and more! And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it!

      Meals for the Elderly                                                  Commercial
Most people know this, but for those who don’t, Meals for                    Pecan Grove
the Elderly is a non-profit organization providing meals for
elderly people who are unable to cook for themselves.               Sales to Public—10# Minimum
These meals are delivered right to your home. Meals for the
Elderly is actively seeking people who qualify and would
                                                                After 11/12/08 Call for dates and quotes
enjoy these meals. For more information, contact Marie                        Papershells
Barnes at 255-2219.                                                         (325) 896-2592

                                                                             Help Wanted
                                                               Two full-time bus drivers with Class B CDL and
                                                               excellent driving record. Substitute bus drivers
                                                               needed as well on a will-call basis.

                                                               Please apply at the Administration Office, Chris-
                                                               toval ISD, 8:00 AM through 4:00 PM, school days
                                                               only, or call Larry Sanders, Transportation Direc-
                                                               tor, at 325-234-5447.

                      4-H News                                                                      4-H Ladies with
By Michelle Wilkey

What an awesome few months it has been since our
last submission! First of all, if you see Annie
Archuleta, congratulate her. She is our new Re-
porter! I would also like to extend a BIG congratula-
tions to the following participants in the county food
show: Micala Troncoso (3rd in Intermediate Main
Dish), Taylor Tomlinson (2nd in Junior Main Dish),
Shelby Burch (Main Dish), Kamryn Burch (Main
Dish), Mattie Cochran (Fruits and Vegetables),
Kenzie Uptergrove (Nutritious Snack), Katie Boyd
(Fruits and Vegetables) and Maddie Trees ( Nutri-
tious Snack).

Our community service project for this year will be a
Thanksgiving Food drive.
 If you have items to donate, drop them in the decorated box at Tres Amigos Convenience store or Butler's Rite-Way Food
Mart. "Thank You" to these fine establishments for their support. November 15th is the cut-off date to donate. November
22nd we will be delivering baskets of food, just in time for Thanksgiving! If you know of deserving families please give me a
call or email! 450-6705/ Our club meetings are the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm in the
Community Center. Please look for us at the Christmas parade in 'Ole Christoval!

                                                         Main Trail Talk
By Sandy Butler
Has anyone along the trail had time to catch their breath lately?

At the time you're reading this, we will have Trunk N Treat behind us. We will have elected a new President. We will have had another suc-
cessful Hunters' Appreciation Day. And we will all be making plans for our Thanksgiving dinner. We manage to stay very 'tied up' in our
own worlds of 'busyness'.

Each evening as we relax from another busy day and watch the evening news, we are reminded of all that is taking place in our world. Hope-
fully, each of us is thankful for the freedom and priviledges we enjoy in our land.

On November 14, Veterans' Day, as we salute our men and women in the military, let's not forget those who have served our nation in times
past. Frequently, some newcomer to town will come into Butler's asking who "the elderly gentleman is who so often sits on his front porch
across the street." Well, let me introduce you to Arthur Plummer.

Born January 21, 1917, according to his mother's Bible, Art grew up during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days. Surviving both of
those ordeals, he enlisted in the Navy Seebees before being drafted. Leaving Pearl Harbor one day before it was bombed, he spent the next
few years at sea, where he survived two ships being sunk out from under him. The first, the U.S.S. Stacks, was sunk by a torpedo. The sec-
ond one, the U.S.S. McQueen, was hit by a Japanese kamakaze plane.

After the war, Art raised his family while working in the oil patch and eventually settled in Christoval. Over the years, 'the elderly gentleman
on the front porch' has become a mainstay of the east side of Main Street, Christoval. When he's not there on his porch, local folks along
Main Street get a little jittery -- to the extent that one day last month the fire department was called!

Art, for all you have done, and for all you mean to us, this Veterans' Day, WE SALUTE YOU!!

For all you young ladies out there, there will be a Girl Scout Rally on November 13, at 6:30 PM at Christoval Elementary. Get involved. Girl
Scouts are fun!

One final word, the 4-H Club has a food drive container located at Butler's Riteway. I hope we all remember to share what we have to be
thankful for.

Have a great Thanksgiving along the trail!

Please Patronize Our Sponsors

     Boy Scouts Hold Court of                                      the Power of a Simple            Gift
             Honor                                       By Lori Hurt
By Bo Strickland
Christoval Boy Scout troop 333 held a Court of                                 Please bring your gift-filled shoe
Honor on Tuesday October 21st. (See picture be-                                box and $7 to Christoval Baptist
low.) Troop members advancing to a higher rank are                                   Church no later than
Dusty Pruitt to the rank of First Class, Dusty Strick-                              Sunday, November 16.
land to the rank of Star, Mathew Fuller and Jake
McDonald to the rank of Tenderfoot and Michael           Operation Christmas Child is a great way to bring joy and
Williams to the rank of Scout. Also pictured is Cody     the Good News of Jesus Christ to children in need of
Pruitt, who has earned several Merit badges. Each of
                                                         hope. For millions of children, Operation Christmas Child
these scouts has earned a variety of merit badges that
                                                         shoe boxes are tangible expressions of God’s love and
were also awarded. Also pictured is new Boy Scout
Chas Campbell.                                           constant presence. Whatever they may be facing – pov-
                                                         erty, war, or disaster – these boys and girls are reas-
With eight members, Boy Scout Troop 333 is up and        sured that they have a heavenly Father who cares. And
running strong. Future activities include going to       that’s a gift that endures forever! Here are some ways
camp with approximately 4,000 other scouts at Texas      you can make a difference in the loves of those children:
Motor Speedway on November 14, Christmas carol-
ing and hay ride in December and summer camp in          PRAY. Please pray that God will touch the heart of every
the Rocky Mountains near Cloudcroft, NM next June        child who receives a shoe box gift and that He will bring
or July. Other activities include visiting the San An-
                                                         many children and families to faith in Christ.
gelo State Park, where there will be five bicycle
rides, with the longest being 50 miles long. The         PACK A GIFT. A shoe box filled with small toys and
troop tries to have at least one substantial activity    other gifts can open hurting hearts to God’s love.
each month, like camp outs, canoeing, etc..              GIVE. Please remember to give $7 or more per box to
                                                         cover shipping and other project costs.
We would encourage any boy 11 to 18 who would
like to take part in these activities and much more to   Gift Suggestions:
come attend a meeting or two. Meetings are held at       School Supplies: pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons or
6:00 PM each Tuesday at the Pettitt Building. Just
                                                         markers, writing pads or paper, coloring and picture
pop on in - we’d love to see ya.
For information about Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts in        Toys: small cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos,
Christoval, please feel free to contact Bo Strickland    harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, slinky.
at 255-2200 (home) or 656-9633 (cell).                   Hygiene Items: toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap,
                                                         comb, brush, washcloth.
                                                         Other: hard candy, mints, gum, t-shirts, socks, ball caps,
                                                         hail clips, watches, flashlight with extra batteries.

                                                         DO NOT INCLUDE: Used or damaged items; war-
                                                         related items such as toy guns, knives or military figures;
                                                         chocolate or food; out-of-date candy; liquids or lotions;
                                                         medications or vitamins; breakable items; aerosol cans

                                                         For more information, please call the church office at
                                                         896-2239 or you may go to

                 Dates to Remember
November 19th, 7PM           CISD Board Meeting at the High
                             School Teachers’ Lounge
December 1st, 7 PM           CCC Town Hall meeting at the Com-
                             munity Center (childcare provided)
December 6th, 10 AM          Christmas in the Park (sponsored by
                             the CCC)
December 6th, 2 PM           Town Hall meeting at Knickerbocker
                             Community Center regarding upcom-
                             ing tax “rollback” election
December 6th, 2 PM           Town Hall meeting at Christoval
                             Community Center regarding upcom-
                             ing tax “rollback” election
December 16th, All Day       Voting on tax “rollback”
January 13th, 6 PM           Elementary PTO Meeting in the Ele
                             mentary Cafeteria

PTO      Parent-Teachers Organization
CISD     Christoval Independent School District
CCC      Christoval Community Chamber

              IN OLD CHRISTOVAL
          Saturday, December 6, 2008
 Meet at Pettitt Building at 9:30 AM to line up
     Prizes given to Best 'Bedazzled' Float!!
Parade ends at City Park with hot chocolate, cook-
                    ies and Santa
 We would like your participation! Bring floats,
antique cars, tractors, horses, pets or anything you
                   wish to bring.

 For more info, call Sandy Butler at 896-2230 or Amy
     Hill at 896-2391, or email

                      Christoval 4-H
                   Canned Food Drive
            Yams, Turkey Stuffing, Veggies, etc.
              Non-perishable foods please!
               Drop off boxes are located at:
            Tres Amigos Convenience store and
               Butler's Rite-Way Food Mart
             Cut-off date will be November 21
               Delivery Date: November 22
    All canned foods will benefit a Christoval Family in need.
           If you have any recommendations on a family
                  or for more information contact:
                 Michelle Wilkey at (325)-450-6705
                  or email

                                        Local Radio Station on the Air
By Me’lissa Turnbow
KLDE Radio Station is playing your favorite music on 104.9 FM. Their studio is located in Eldorado, Texas. Dick Siegel gets your toes tap-
ping and your energy high every Monday – Friday morning from 6 AM to 11 AM. He plays all the oldies (not too old) from pop and country.
He’s been know to tickle your funny bone, too.

Danny and Paula Boyer started the station a year ago and now anticipate a power boost so everyone in Christoval, San Angelo, Sonora,
Ozona, Sterling City, Big Lake and areas in between will be able to hear all the latest news and music. There is also a gospel hour every Sun-
day morning from 9 AM to 10 AM. Football games are broadcast for Eldorado and Big Lake. There are plans to have Christoval games
broadcast in the near future, too!! Danny Boyer is a native Eldorado boy, growing up playing in the band and dreaming of having a radio
station in Eldorado. (Dreams do come true!) Paula grew up in Barnhart (the big city), but spent lots of summers in Christoval visiting her
grandparents, Walter & Pauline Turnbow. They live in Irving, Texas, but run the radio station via internet with lots of help from friends and
family. They make a trip to Eldorado every week to make sure things are running smoothly. Give them a call……. (it’s local) 853-1049 for
requests & more!!

Check out their station………104.9 FM
The Dick Siegel Show                             Monday-Friday 6AM – 11 AM
Texas State Network News                         Every five minuntes before the hour and half hour
Bruce Williams Talk Show                         Monday – Friday 6 PM – 9 PM
Neil Sperry’s Gardening Show                     Saturday 11 AM - Noon
Gospel Show by Johnny Stigler                    Sunday 9 AM – 10AM

                                                                                                         Trunk ‘n Treat
            THANKS, EVERYONE!!                                                                         Fun was had by all!
                                                                                              By Amy Hill
   The Christoval Community Chamber wishes to thank our many
sponsors and volunteers for helping to make Hunters' Appreciation                             What great fun we had on Halloween. Thank you to
                                                                                              everyone who came out and participated and enjoyed
Day a huge success:                                                                           all the festivities. We, as a community chamber, host
                                                                                              this evening of fun to provide an opportunity for
                                                                                              community gathering and also a safe and fun way for
   All American Chevrolet, Angelo Bolt, The Bank & Trust, Bill's Man Shop,                    our children to enjoy Halloween.
Butler, Jake & Sandy, Butler's Riteway, City Lumber, Coach House Bed &
Breakfast, Concho Christmas Tree Farm, Concho Valley Plumbing, Crystal                        Special thanks go out to the following friends of the
Clear Pool, DDD Feed Store, Dojo Premier Martial Arts, Discount Tires, Dun-                   community who helped in one way or another for this
                                                                                              event to be a success: Sonya Burch, Sherry Hodges,
bar East, Army & Oscar Duke, 1st State Bank of Paint Rock, Emmitt Fleming,                    Dr. Jodie Uptergrove-River Oaks Veterinary Clinic,
Fred & Sandra Gauntt, Gene Adams Riding Stables, Golden Corral, Kenneth                       Todd and Amy Slaton, Shane Hill, the Christoval
Gunter, Head of the River Ranch, Hidalgos, Hummer House, Hunters Equip-                       Baptist Church and the First Baptist Church of Eldo-
ment, Max Jacobs, James Kneisler Law Office, Alicia Lown, Robin & Jess Lued-                  rado. You all were a great help and we could not
                                                                                              have done it without you. Thank you. (See column at
tke, M. L. Leddy, Jerry Montalvo, Mr. Boots, Brenda Myers, Nicholson's Meat                   left for a more complete listing of contributors.)
Co., Amy Ortiz, Packsaddle Bar-B-Q, Palmer Feed, Debbie Rameriz, River Oaks
Veterinary Clinic, Roddy Trucking, Sam's Club, San Angelo National Bank, San                  Congratulations to the winners of the trunk decorat-
Angelo Tractor, Santa Fe Furniture & Gifts, Shana's Bakery, Southland Park                    ing contest: The Carpenter/Jackson families, Laura
                                                                                              Davis and Cat Hood and son. They all received a gift
Exxon, Bo Strickland, S. W. Seidel Construction, Talk O' Texas, Texas Bank,                   card from Wal-Mart and a plant. We are always
Toni's Cafe, The Carpet Shop, The Original Henry's, Town & Country,                           impressed with all the decorations; it is a hard deci-
Trowbridge Chiropractic, Victoria's Secret, Whatever, Bill & Lynna Nixon, Wil-                sion to choose a winner. Thank you to everyone who
son Tire & Auto, Zentner’s Daughter, and a very special thanks to the Christoval              handed out candy at their trunks. The kids had a
Accelerated Readers and to Hunter Smith and the Future Farmers of America,
and all of the workers and volunteers.                                                        Thank you to all the kids who entered in our costume
                                                                                              contest! There were so many; we had several age
                                                                                              categories and gave prizes to the winners. We had
Congratulations to all of the prize winners, and to the winners of                            three dogs who were dressed up so cute and all three
the guns and to Bryce DuPree, winner of our grand prize - the 4-                              received prizes from River Oaks Veterinary Clinic.
                                                                                              Thank you Dr. Jodie!
                                                                                              Thanks again from your Christoval Community
                                                                                              Chamber!!!!!! (See pictures on Page One.)
Because of all of the generosity and help, the Chamber will be able
to continue helping and sponsoring events and organizations that
make our community a pleasant place to live and raise a family.

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