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					VOLUME 1, ISSUE 11                      NOVEMBER 2010 NEWSLETTER

                                                360B Dominion Road, Mt Eden              G45, Westfield 277, Newmarket
                                                Phone: 09 638 5688                       Phone: 09 523 4688
                                                Email:       Email:

                             PURE BLISS
Body Wrap Treatment with a FREE Bliss Mini Facial

 Seaweed/Detoxification Body Wrap                                                    Bliss Mini Facial
                                                                                        (Value: $68)
    parW ydoB evitceffe dna suoiruxul ruo htiw ydob eritne ruoy htooms dna mrif ,yfiruP
    ,burcs tlas gnisilarenimer a htiw egassam ydob lluf gnitarogivni na yojnE .tnemtaert
    eht etalumits dna snixot etanimile pleh ot ksam eniram a ni depolevne gnieb erofeb
 ydob eritne ruoY .egassam placs gnixaler a yojne ,krow sti seod ksam eht elihW .ydob
                        .tnemtaert etunim 57 siht retfa detarogivni dna dehserfer leef lliw
  sedulcni taht laicaF sserpxE ruoh flah a yb dewollof eb lliw tnemtaert parW ydoB ruoY
    dna yhtlaeh kool niks ruoy ekam lliw tI .ksam ecaf dna noitailofxe ,gnisnaelc elbuod
          !won koob dna emoc oS                     only $138!
                                                    rof ssilb erup fo sruoh 2 ylraen s’tahT

       Indulge yourself at home with
                                                                  le printemps – a spring makeover
                                                                  Emerge from your winter hibernation with a
         joyce blok Bath & Body Oil
                                                                     gorgeous and glowing complexion
You’ve had your time of pure bliss with your Body
Wrap. Continue your self indulgence at home with                                              Enjoy a DECLÉOR
a joyce blok Bath and Body Oil. Choose from four
divine essential oil blends to soften, smooth and                                     facial and receive a FREE
scent skin in the bath or after showering.                                            10-
                                                                                      10-Day Radiance Powder
Bliss – to soothe and calm                                                              Cure (valued at $72) to
Grace – to tone and stimulate                                                                        take home
Vitality – to energise and revitalise                          The Powder Cure serum, rich in radiance-
Zest – to invigorate and heal                                  revealing active ingredients and boosted
                                                               with pure vitamin C, is a true SOS product.
                                                               It will leave the complexion renewed and
                                                               revitalised in only 10 days as skin appears
                                                               smoother, its texture refined and
                                                                                   VOLUME 1, ISSUE 11
                                                                                                              Page 2
                            TREATMENT FEATURE OF THE MONTH
                          SLIMMING MASTER – FOR WEIGHT LOSS
                     Based on the Chinese traditional medicine theory, combining
                     electrotherapy and infrared thermal technology. This treatment can
                     help reduce 2-9cm and 2-15 kgs from your body after 10 sessions.
Physical Therapy Chinese Traditional Medicine—Electric Energy
Electrodes placed on specific acupoints on the body sends out special electronic pulse
waves which stimulate these acupoints and work on the nervous and endocrine
systems to break down fat cells thoroughly.
Infrared Thermal—Heat Energy
Infrared Rays released through the abdominal electrode pack results in abdominal
slimming and firming.
◆   Helps the stomach to secrete a greater quantity of protease enzymes which
    promotes digestion and breaks down starches to prevent absorption by the body.
◆   Helps the intestines to secrete a greater quantity of steapsin enzymes which can break
    down fat in the intestines, thus helping the large intestines to become lubricated, making it easier
    to drain the toxins, excreta and excess water off the body thoroughly
◆   Pulse Waves can stimulate the confluence of muscles, makes the muscles produce aerobic activity
    and promotes blood and lymph circulation, resulting in healthy weight loss

           Turn Heads this Summer                            You’ve lost the weight, now firm up your skin
     Sign up for our Slimming Programme                      with DECLÉOR AROMA SCULPT
                                                             A toned body and supple skin is the visible
Body Reshape, Tone & Firm in 6 Weeks                         and proven result of the AROMA SCULPT
5 x Slimming Master                        $68 x 5           firming programme – targeted body care to
5 x G5 Massage Treatment                   $68 x 5           apply with precise techniques. At the heart
5 x Acupuncture Massage                    $68 x 5           of the formula is an ultra-toning cocktail of
                                                             active ingredients suitable for all women.
5 x LED Light Therapy with Vacuum Massage $125 x 5           This range:
            TOTAL OF 20 TREATMENTS!                          • Helps reduce the appearance of slackening skin and
                                                                loss of firmness and elasticity of the body
            ONLY $999 (SAVE $646)                            • Helps reinforce moisturisation and smoothes the skin
PLUS: Sign up by the end of December                         For heightened effectiveness, apply the AROMESSENCE™
                                                             Sculpt – Firming Body Serum – before the Aroma Sculpt
and get the following treatments FREE                        care adapted to your needs. In the evening, opt for the
OF CHARGE (value: $139)                                      more enveloping texture of the balm, ideal for massage.
●   Brow shape                                               Products in the range: AROMESSENCE™ Sculpt ($128),
                                                             Sculpt Balm ($118), Firming Gel–Cream ($118), Stretch
●   Lash tint
                                                             Mark Restructuring Gel Cream ($92) , Divine Rejuvenating
●   Lower legs, bikini and underarm wax                      Cream ($179), Bust Beautifying Toning Gel ($108)

                                     IONZYME FOCUS HYDRATING SERUM
                 Suitable for all ages but recommended for mature skin types and
                 for dry, photo-damaged skin showing fine lines and wrinkles

                 Environ's Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum moisturises and adds volume to targeted skin
                 areas, visibly reducing the depth of wrinkles. This serum is aimed at increasing the volume
                 of the dermis to reduce fine lines and treat dry and photo-damaged skin.

                 ●    Skin is noticeably more hydrated and plumped up
                 ●    Contains Hyaluronic Acid, derived from plant extracts, in high, effective doses for
                      visible results
RRP: $131.90     ●    Replenishes skin's natural moisture content for noticeably smoother, firmer and
                      younger looking skin
                 ●    Preservative and fragrance free

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