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SASC Adopts a 'Best-of-Breed' Approach to Financial Management by hjkuiw354


									   Case study
   Dynamics™ GP

                                    SASC Adopts a ‘Best-of-Breed’ Approach
                                    to Financial Management
                                    SASC provides centralised treasury, financial and management accounting,
                                    payroll, billing and creditor payment for the 14 schools. This includes
                                    managing payroll for approximately 900 fulltime staff and administration
                                    and invoicing for over 10,000 students.
About Sydney Anglican               The challenge
Schools Corporation                 Six years ago Greg Bridge came on board as the Chief Financial Officer and immediately saw the
The Sydney Anglican Schools         need for a fresh approach to the organisation’s financial reporting. The Corporation had used the
Corporation (SASC) owns and         same packaged software for a long time and while multi-functional, covering both administrative
operates 14 schools across          and financial areas, it was cumbersome to use and restricted in its reporting capabilities. Data was
Sydney. Established in 1947         manipulated in spreadsheets to compensate for the software’s shortcomings.
its mission is to create and
                                    The outmoded package was ineffective and costly to maintain. “In our previous environment most of
operate strategically placed
Anglican schools to service local   our effort was in getting the data into the system. What we needed to be doing was to use the package
communities. SASC plans to          to analyse the data that’s there.”
continue to expand across the
Sydney region.                      The solution
                                    SASC decided to invest in a new solution that would support both its vision and expansion plans.
                                    Electing to take a “best-of-breed” approach SASC selected optimal solutions for the separate areas of
                                    student administration as well as financial management and reporting.
                                    It was however essential that SASC had a financial management package that could easily integrate
                                    with the School Administration system to provide reliable, timely and accessible financial information.
                                    Microsoft Dynamics™ GP coupled with Oakton’s educational extensions and demonstrable industry
                                    expertise proved a winning combination. Oakton’s deployment of the web-enabled solution makes it
                                    possible for non-accounting school staff to easily source information and report through the business
                                    portals while providing head office a 360 degree view of the business.
                                    As Bridge explains, “Microsoft Dynamics™ GP has significantly more functionality than the system it
                                    replaced and it continues to be developed. We came out of an environment that wasn’t developing
                                    and one thing I hate doing is re-inventing the wheel. Dynamics GP working with our chosen student
                                    administration solution gives us the best of both worlds.”
                                    Equally, Bridge was impressed by the support offered by Oakton. “It was clear from the outset that if
Client Contact:                     they said they would deliver, they would. Oakton has never let us down.”
Bob Peebles
General Manager Client
Management and Marketing
Phone: +61 3 9617 0200
Fax: +61 3 9621 1951
For more information:
‘It used to take one                    According to Bridge, Oakton’s support team is invaluable to SASC. Through their knowledge of global
                                        trends, Oakton is able to advise on and apply best practice processes. “We ask for functionality and
week for me to do our                   Oakton is able to interpret our requirements. They understand the nature of our business so if they
consolidated Financial                  foresee any possible impact are able to suggest workable solutions.” They have also been extremely
                                        accessible. “When things have to get done I can phone up at ten on a Saturday night and they will be
Statements across all the               there to answer my query.”
businesses we run. Now
                                        The business outcome
it takes three minutes.’                SASC now has a financial package that meets their current and future requirements. It provides clear
Greg Bridge, CFO
                                        visibility into all areas of the business and presents a much higher degree of control over financial
SYDNEY ANGLICAN SCHOOLS                 processes, period control.
                                        The implementation facilitates advanced reporting capabilities, with greater flexibility and efficiency
                                        in processing financial transactions through the tight integration with the student administration
                                        SASC is now in a position to streamline operations whilst simultaneously attracting key staff to
                                        underpin planned growth.
                                        •   Easy to use by school office staff
                                        •   Quickly generate consolidated financial reports
                                        •   Easy integration with other Microsoft products
                                        •   Reduce maintenance costs
                                        •   Broader functionality

                                        The Oakton advantage
                                        Oakton provides specialist end-to-end IT services to plan, deliver and operate business systems,
                                        as well as business consulting, financial management and assurance services. For nearly 20 years,
                                        Oakton has consistently enabled some of Australia’s largest organisations to meet their technology
                                        and business needs with a flexible, cost-effective, results-driven approach to service delivery.
                                        Oakton has a strong partner network with leading global and local product companies — this supports
                                        a sharp focus on the provision of services that support the successful delivery of business system
                                        solutions for customers. However, we do not sell hardware or network solutions.
                                        Oakton’s service provision combines highly skilled resources, relevant and proven service delivery
                                        methods and frameworks, and a strong focus on project delivery governance.
                                        Oakton’s enviable history of achievement for large and medium sized organisations in the private
                                        and public sectors is reflected by the testimony of customers to the quality of our service delivery
                                        and results.

                                                                  Oakton has been in operation since 1988 and since listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:OKN)
                                                          in June 2000 has grown consistently to become one of Australia’s leading business consulting and information
                                                   technology companies, with over 1000 permanent employees. Oakton has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and
                                                                                     Brisbane, and based on the number of employees and share of the market in which
                                                                              it operates, is larger than many of the local operations of larger global brands. Oakton also                                                                                           has a development and support centre in Hyderabad, India.

  Melbourne                     Sydney                              Canberra                         Brisbane                          Hyderabad
  Level 8, 271 Collins Street   Level 3, 65 Berry Street            2/45 Wentworth Avenue            Level 1, 46 Edward Street         Plot No 5, Road No 2
  Melbourne VIC 3000            North Sydney NSW 2060               Kingston ACT 2604                Brisbane QLD 4000                 Banjara Hills Hyderabad 500-034
  Australia                     Australia                           Australia                        Australia                         Andhra Pradesh India

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