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                                                                                     S T O R A G E O F FI LE S
                                                                                     No Files managed via EFFACTS are ever left on the hard drives
The Hosting of EFFACTS is extremely well secured. Maximum
                                                                                     of the Servers unencrypted. During uploading, the Files are
security is in place for the datacenter, for the data connection, for
                                                                                     automatically encrypted using a 256-bit AES encryption key. This
the data storage, and for the use of EFFACTS. The security is
guaranteed through continuous controls, Escrow measures and                          encryption key makes it impossible for even the administrators of
procedures.                                                                          the Servers to read the Files. As multiple licensees are using
                                                                                     EFFACTS, there is a guarantee that no licensee can access Files
PROCEDURES                                                                           of other licensees. It is impossible to open these Files, as each
                                                                                     licensee uses its own encryption key that is generated upon the
The strongest security measures are only useful in so far as their                   creation of a new EFFACTS Database.
proper use is strictly enforced. EFFACTS maintains mandatory
                                                                                     STORAGE OF DATA
procedures which are described in the Code of Conduct. All
employees of EFFACTS have signed the Code of Conduct and are
supervised by the Security Officer to ensure compliance with these                   Each person who logs in to EFFACTS is linked to the Database of
procedures. All Licensees have the right to audit the procedures at                  Licensee. With each request EFFACTS verifies if the requested
the offices of EFFACTS.                                                              Data is stored in the Database of Licensee. If this is not the case it
                                                                                     is impossible for that person to view the Data requested. Here
AUDIT                                                                                also, EFFACTS takes unreliable administrators of the Servers into
                                                                                     account: User passwords are stored using a hash algorithm in the
Each year an independent third party will perform an audit on the                    Licensee’s Database. The functionality that calculates the hash
Hosting and Security Policy and the Code of Conduct. The result of                   also includes the Licensee’s Database as a parameter, which
the audit is available for Licensee at the offices of EFFACTS.                       makes it impossible to copy the hash of a known password to a
                                                                                     Database linked to another Licensee.
                                                                                     B AC K U P
EFFACTS is hosted on multiple Servers that are owned by
EFFACTS. EFFACTS is solely responsible for all expenses related                      In the event of a system failure Data should not be lost or
to the purchase and/or the licensing of the required soft- and                       unavailable for a long period. Every night EFFACTS makes a
hardware and the installation and maintenance of the soft- and                       Backup of both the Files and the Databases on the Production
hardware.                                                                            Servers. This Backup is available 24 hours per day in read-only
                                                                                     mode on the Backup Servers. In the event of a system failure this
D A T AC E N TE R S                                                                  read-only mode can be switched off, making the Backup Servers
                                                                                     operational. All communication between the Production Servers
EFFACTS uses state of the art datacenters to host the Servers                        and the Backup Servers is of course also encrypted.
(see for more information). The datacenters
conform to strict standards and are ISO-certified. The security in
the datacenters consists of visible and invisible physical measures
                                                                                     EFFACTS has an Escrow Agreement. This means that the source
and other facilities to guarantee an uninterrupted service:
                                                                                     code and documentation are deposited with an independent third
E x am pl es of p h ys i c al se c ur i t y m e a s ur e s                           party. The number and the size of organisations that currently use
                                                                                     EFFACTS ensure that the service will continue to be offered in the
•     CCTV cameras (inside and outside)
                                                                                     long term. Should a situation arise in which EFFACTS would no
•     Zoned access control key card system with man-traps
                                                                                     longer be in a position to provide EFFACTS, the source code and
•     All alarms monitored 24 x 7 x 365                                              documentation will be made available to all licensees of
M ea s ur e s f or u n i nt er r u pt e d s e r vi ce pr o vi si o n                 EFFACTS.
•     Power from various suppliers
•     Data connections from various suppliers                                        USER MANAGEMENT
•     Redundancy set up of all components
E x am pl es of cer ti f i c a ti o n o f d at a ce n t er s                         User management of EFFACTS is exclusively performed by
•     Physical security control: ISO/IEC 27001:2005                                  Licensee. The employees of EFFACTS cannot log in to a random
•     Processes: ISO 9001:2000                                                       Database of a Licensee, although it is of course possible to provide
•     Procedures: PCI DSS                                                            an employee of EFFACTS with an account and to allow him or her
                                                                                     to access to the Database, for example in order to provide
D A T A C O N N E C TI O N                                                           Support Services.

All Servers used by EFFACTS are protected by multiple firewalls:                     LOGIN SECURITY
•     The first is a hardware firewall that allows traffic via the
      HTTP, HTTPS and SSH ports (80, 443 and 22) only.                               In addition to the standard login screen, where Users log in with a
•     In addition, every Server is equipped with a software firewall,                Username and Password, there are a number of additional login
      which ensures that the Server can only be managed from                         security measures available.
      certain IP addresses. It also writes every prohibited                          •     First, there is the option of SingleSignOn based on Windows
      connection and every SSH session to a log file.                                      accounts. This requires installing an application in
                                                                                           the network of Licensee to deal with authentication.
EFFACTS can only be accessed via the HTTPS protocol. This                            •     Another login method is based on Licensee certificates. This
means that all data traffic to and from the Servers is encrypted by                        even allows publication of active accounts via LDAP –
means of 256-bit AES encryption using SSL. All data traffic is                             although this requires EFFACTS to have read access to the
analysed and all traffic differing from the established pattern is                         LDAP server.
immediately blocked. XML and SOAP communications are subject
to additional checks.                                                                In addition to these login options, there are other setting variations
                                                                                     of the standard user name and password method. These include a
AUDIT                                                                                password expiration date, minimum password strength and limiting
                                                                                     access to one or more IP addresses – the unique number of an
EFFACTS offers Licensee a number of standard functionalities for                     internet connection. Once the IP address of the Licensee has been
auditing the use of EFFACTS:                                                         entered, it will be impossible to log in from another location.
•     All changes related to the Data are logged by the software,
      enabling Licensee to analyse and restore all changes.                          Of course, users sometimes forget their passwords, so EFFACTS
•     EFFACTS also logs all usage made of the Data. Licensee                         offers the option of requesting a new Password. To do so, the User
      has the option of analysing the statistics of any User as well                 must submit his or her Username, registered email address and
      as the use of the Data in EFFACTS.                                             full name. If this information is all correct a new Password will be
                                                                                     generated and sent by email to the User.

                                                                          EFFACTS B.V.
                                                                       VERSION 01-01-2010

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