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 MARCH 2007                          A Registered Newspaper of Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji                             NO.4

48th Convention
 set for Nausori
   The 48th Sanatan annual con-
vention and soccer IDC is all set
                                      tion will feature sports competi-
                                      tions between different branch
to kick off during the Easter         teams during the day and this
weekend.                              will be complemented by heaps
   SSDPS national president           of cultural items in the night.
Surendra Kumar said that all             The chief guest for this years
branches and affiliated bodies of     convention will be Kanti Punja,
the Sabha has given the green         who has been associated with
light for the biggest annual event    the SSDPS for a long time as it’s
in the Sanatan calendar to be         vice patron.
held at Saraswati Primary School         “I invite all Sanatanis to unite
in Manoca Nausori from 5 – 9          in this grand event and demon-
April 2007.                           strate a true spirit of the teach-
   “This years convention will        ings of Sanatan.
be just as attractive and exciting       This years theme is “Religion
as every other year,” assured Mr.     – Light of life for peace,
Kumar.                                progress and prosperity.”
   He said the Sabha has decided
to host the convention and IDC        Flashback 2006...Indian High
at a school premises due to the       Commissioner H.E. Ajay Singh
unavailability of Ratu Cakobau           who was the chief guest
Park which was booked in ad-           during last years convention
vance by another religious body.       seen meeting senior citizens
   Mr. Kumar said the conven-             during the convention.

   Ram Navmi message from Mr. Surendra Kumar, national
  president of Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji
   I wish to extend my sincere        who actively participate in reli-         No other character in the
greetings to all Ramayan              gious activities such as Ram          scriptures has been personified
Mandalis, Mahila Mandals and          Navmi and other important             with such perfect qualities in all
Sanatani’s who will be observ-        events.                               aspects of life. He was a perfect
ing the festival of Ram Navmi ei-        As we all know Ram Navmi is        son, an ideal king, a true hus-
ther in their respective Manadalis    celebrated to mark the birth of       band, a real friend, a devoted
or homes from 20 – 27 March           Lord Rama.                            brother and a noble enemy.
2007.                                    Lord Rama stand out as the             Carrying his bow and arrow,
   As president of Shree              most glorious of all characters       Lord Rama symbolized alertness
Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha        found in scriptural literature.       and readiness to fight against
of Fiji which is the largest Hindu       In the Ramayana sage Valimiki      iniquity at any time to establish
organisation in the country, it is    and Goswami Tulsi Dass have           justice and peace.                      May Lord Rama always
encouraging to see that there are     symbolized Rama as an ideal of            With these words I wish you      shower his blessings upon us.
thousands of Sanatan followers        perfection.                           all a happy Ram Navmi.                  Jai Siya Ram.

      Kanti Punja appointed                                                                              Kirtan nite
                                                                                                           a great
     new patron of the Sabha
   Lautoka businessman Kanti
                                                                                                        The Shree Sanatan Dharm Brah-
                                     Surendra Kumar praised Mr.
Punja who has been a pillar of       Punja for his massive contribu-                                      man Purohit Sabha Nadi
strength for the Sabha over a        tion towards the development of                                      Branch organized a Grand
number of years as its vice pa-      the Sabha and the promotion of                                       Bhakti Kirtan on 16th of De-
tron has been appointed as the       Hindu religion as a whole.                                           cember, 2006.
Patron of the SSDPS of Fiji.            “We salute Mr. Punja for his                                    The kirtan between Avinesh
   Mr. Punja was unanimously         support and look forward to his                                      Chand and Ami Chand Sadhu,
appointed to the position during     continued blessings and guid-                                        both of Solovi Nadi was held
the national delegates meeting       ance in steering the Sabha to                                        at Prince Charles Park and the
held in Nausori on Sunday 11         greater heights,” Mr. Kumar said.                                    main objective for organizing
March 2007.                             The Sabha also appointed a                                        such an event was to bring
   He succeeds Late Mrs.             new vice patron Pt. Awadh                                            peace and prosperity among
Sumitra Tribeni Maharaj who          Narayan Sharma while hardware                                        the citizens of Fiji.
passed away in March last year.      tycoon Vinod Patel continues as                                    The chief guest at the ceremony
   Sabha national president          serving vice patron.                                                 was the assistant secretary of
                                                                                                          Nadi Town Council, Mr Anil

The strength of                                                                                           Kumar. Mr Kumar in his
                                                                                                          speech said, that this kirtan
                                                                                                          was one of the best organized
                                                                                                          in Fiji. He urged the Sanatani’s
                                                                                                          to continue organizing such
                                                                                                          events in order to promote

the Sabha
                                                                                                          Hindu religion.
                                                                                                        The programme was also aired
                                                                                                          live on Radio Fiji Two. This
                                                                                                          enabled the people all over the
                                                                                                          world to hear the talented
BY DEWENDRA PRATAP                   to collect funds for the purpose                                     singers and have a glimpse of
                                     of upgrading administration,
SYDNEY                               education, publicity etc.
                                                                                                          our Sanatani’s as well.
   Any organisation is as strong                                                                        The organizing committee also
                                        The authorities will need to                                      thanked the sponsors, the
as the strength of its member-       run leadership seminars for all
ship. Numerically we may be the                                                                           audience, Radio Fiji Two and
                                     national, branch and mandali                                         to those who helped them in
largest organisation but are we      leaders.
as strong as we should be?                                                                                anyway to make the kirtan a
                                        Ample attention has to be fo-                                     great success.
   A lot of work has to be done      cused on youths and their de-
by the leaders to get all mandalis   velopment.
registered with branches.               May this convention be a
   Financially we need to be         success with the adoption of
committed to look for avenues        some very positive resolutions.

Flashback 2006

                                                      Reigning champs....Cuvu, left, winners of the
                                                     Netball competition and Auckland, winners of the
                                                                  soccer IDC last year.                 Avinesh Chand


                                                     EDITORIAL                                    Sanatan Samachaar is a registered newspaper (#335)
                    Sanatan religion preaches equality for all. Our Sabha remains commit-         of:
                    ted to look after the interest of the under privileged and provide assis-     Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji
                                                                                                  Publisher - Surendra Kumar JP
                    tance wherever possible.                                                      Editor - Kamlesh Kumar
                    Assistance has been in the form of scholarships and by various other          Contact Details
                                                                                                  Head Office : P.O. Box 208, Narewa, Nadi.
                    means.                                                                        Phone - (679) 6707489 Fax - (679) 6701572
                    It is for this reason that our theme for this years convention is             Website:-
                    “Religion – light of life for peace, progress and prosperity.”                Skype:- sanatanfiji

Sabha clears                                                                                                           NEWS
                                                                                                             Maha Shiv Ratri
                                                                                                             The auspicious day of Maha Shiv Ratri
                                                                                                             was celebrated on Friday 16th Febru-
                                                                                                             ary, 2007.
                                                                                                             Devotees, worshiped Lord Shiva for

the air on
                                                                                                             happiness and prosperity.
                                                                                                             Free Community Service For The
                                                                                                             General Public
                                                                                                             The Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi
                                                                                                             Sabha Nasinu branch organized a free
                                                                                                             medical checkup service on 16th De-
                                                                                                             cember, 2006 at Tulsi Tirath Mandir,
                                                                                                             Lot 3 Nawanawa Road.
                                                                                                             The service was provided by FSM’s

soccer IDC
                                                                                                             OPIC Department under the
                                                                                                             HEALTY YOUTH, HEALTHY
                                                                                                             COMMUNITY PROJECT.
                                                                                                             The services included – blood dona-
                                                                                                             tion, blood pressure, diabetes and
                                                                                                             weight checkups together with free
                                                                                                             The Nasinu Sabha president Pt. Vigyan
                                                                                                             Sharma told the Samachaar that the
    The Shree Sanatan Dharm                                                                                  turnout for the checkup was quite good
Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji has sus-                                                                            and he has thanked the people of
                                                                                                             greater Nasinu area for their support.
pended the officials of the                                                                                  He also thanked the blood bank, dia-
Sanatan Youth and Sports follow-                                                                             betes group and finally the OPIC.
ing a delegates meeting held at                                                                              “As Nasinu is a big area therefore, we
Nausori on 11 March 2007.                                                                                    are willing to organize similar medi-
                                                                                                             cal checkups at about four venues next
    The decision was taken after                                                                             time,” said Mr Sharma. He urged the
the suspended officials tried to                                                                             people of Nasinu to take full benefit
form a breakaway group and                                                                                   from such services as it is free and to
overrule the decision of the                                                                                 keep their health good.
                                                                                                             Generous Donation
Sabha.                                                                                                       A mandali of Melbourne Australia –
    The dissident group has been                                                                             named Sunshine Satsang Ramayan
trying to host a rival soccer IDC                                                                            Bhajan Mandali has generously do-
in Lawaqa Park in Sigatoka dur-                                                                              nated a $100 Australian to the Shree
                                                                                                             Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of
ing the Easter weekends con-                                                                                 Fiji.
trary to the decision of the Sabha                                                                           The donation was received by the
to host the annual event in                                                                                  Nadi Branch president Ajay Kumar
                                      Thumbs up...Fiji Football boss Dr. M S Sahu Khan, left, seen in        while he was in Melbourne recently.
Nausori.                                                                                                     The SSDPS of Fiji president, Mr
    “This is a sad day for us be-                 this file photo with Ashok Balgovind.                      Surendra Kumar together with his
cause our own people are trying      ten to the suspended officials of   gious organizations never suc-      members thanked the donor Mandali
to break the Sabha and create        their decision and have ap-         ceed and often find themselves      and is hopeful and looking forward
                                     pointed a group of hardworking      in a very sad situation.            that similar donations are given to
tensions amongst members,”                                                                                   the Sabha so that the needy are helped.
said Youth and Sports patron         interim officials who have vowed       The interim sports committee     Free Local Fruit Juice Promotion
Mahendra Gosai who is also the       to shoulder the huge responsi-      is being headed by Ashok            A free local fruit juice promotion was
vice president of the SSDPS of       bility of organizing the event in   Balgovind of Nasinu.                conducted by the Nasinu Nari Sabha.
                                                                                                             It was organized from 20 th to 23 rd
Fiji.                                Nausori.                               For sports enquiries, members    November, 2006 and the schools
    He said that after all avenues       “We have the support of all     can reach Mr. Balgovind on          which benefited from this were -
to come to a common consen-          our affiliated local and overseas   email, Fax      Narere Sangam, Nakasi High and
sus was exhausted, a tough de-       branches,” Mr. Gosai said.          3314882, Office Phone 3314883,      Ahmadiya Primary School.
                                                                                                             It is believed that the juice was dis-
cision had to be taken.                  He said that people who try     Residence Phone 3392203 Mo-         tributed to approximately 555 people.
    The Sabha has officially writ-   to create division within reli-     bile 9990380.



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