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1.     Botanical Actives

2.     Botanical Extracts

3.     Botanical Additives

4.     Non-botanical Natural Products

5.     Miscellaneous

6.     Customised Botanicals

7.     Plant List (not full list)

Please note that this product list is not a full list. Our product range is much more
extensive. Please contact us for further information.

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Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                1/12
1. Botanical Actives
Product                             Product description                                          Use/Property
Anti-Irritant Complex I             Active substances obtained from liquorice root,              - Skin care
Article no. 192600.00.2             chamomile flowers and panthenol for the treatment of         - Skin protection
                                    sensitive and damaged skin.
Antidandruff Usnate AO              A plant-derived anti-dandruff agent for shampoos. The        - Anti-dandruff
Article no. 130100.00.2             active ingredient is Usnic acid, extracted from an alpine
Deo-Usnate                          A natural deodorant active. The product is water-free and    - Bacteriostatic
Article no. 150100.00.2             has its application in deodorants, foot care preparations    - Fungistatic
                                    etc.                                                         - Deodorants
                                                                                                 - Foot care
Flavonoid Complex SC                Concentrated, multi-functional active from Ginkgo biloba     - Free fadical scavenger
Article no. 150150.00.2             leaves. Independent tests show it provides better            - Stimulates cell growth
                                    protection against UVB than Vitamin C+E control, is an       - Skin care especially anti-
                                    effective free radical scavenger and stimulates cell           ageing
GU-61 Standard                      Natural combination of active agents for general skin care - Skin care/protection
Herbasol Complex                    and anti-acne products. It has bactericidal, fungicidal and - Anti-inflammatory
Article no.150201.06.2              anti-inflammatory properties.                               - Anti-irritant
                                                                                                - Anti-acne
DEO Herbasec MPE                    A concentrated complex of cloves and hyssop developed - Deodorants
(powder)                            as a pure botanical active for deodorants.                  - Anti-perspirants
Article no. 204150.09.2
Rooibos Herbasec MPE                A concentrated extract of Rooibos acts as a free radical       - Anti-irritant
(powder)                            scavenger, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agent. This     - Anti-allergenic
Article no. 218221.09.2             extract has been tested independently for its activity on      - Anti-inflammatory
                                    improving hair growth & condition.                             - Skin & hair care
                                                                                                   - Hair restoring
Sebostat Herbasec MPE               A concentrated synergistic complex of Watercress, - Sebum controlling
(powder)                            Horsetail and Nettle, ideal as a pure botanical active in - Skin & hair care
Article no.219362.09.2              sebum regulating products for both skin and hair care.
Phytoderm Complex G                 A specially purified complex from liquorice root. Claims - Anti-inflammatory
Article no. 150600.00.2             substantiation as an effective anti-inflammatory and anti- - Sun care
                                    irritant agent.                                                - Skin care
Slimming Factor Karkade             A botanical active derived from Hibiscus with independent - Anti-cellulite
Article no. 211200.00.2             lab data indicating efficacy in inhibiting lipogeneis or fat - Body firming
                                    storage in cells.                                              - Massage creams
Wheat Placenta COS                  Highly active concentrate of wheat bran. Plant-derived - Cell regeneration
Article no. 150160.00.2             alternative to foetal calf serum. Claims substantiation for - Cell stimulation
Article no. 150160.100.2 (PF)       cell stimulation & regeneration.
Wheat (Gluten-free)                 A high purity, wheat protein hydrolysate obtained by an - Proteins
Herbaprotein                        enzymic digestion process. The product is water soluble, - Nourishing
Article no. 400385.00.2             preservative-free, gluten-free and 100% plant-derived. It - Conditioning
                                    has attractive functional properties for both skin and hair - Hair care
                                    care with substantiation data, including free radical - Skin care
                                    scavenging, improvement of foam volume & quality, - Body care
                                    reduction of irritancy of formulations and hair substantivity.
Collagen Stimulation Factor         Nano-encapsulted        stabilized     vitamin    C.   Claims - Skin care
MAP                                 substantiation for stimulation of production of skin’s own - Skin protection
Article no. 160905.00.2             collagen. Improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.     - Anti-ageing
Depigmentation Factor 2U            Highly active, plant-derived combination for the reduction - Skin whitening
Article no. 161005.00.2             of unwanted hyper pigmentation. The product reduces - Skin brightening
                                    effectively, without any skin irritation, the melanocytes and
                                    the melanin concentration in the skin. Unpreserved.
Acacia Collagen/97                  A plant-derived skin moisturiser with in vivo claims - Skin care
Article no. 150154.00.2             substantiation data and with a similar structure to human - Anti-ageing products
                                    collagen.                                                      - Moisturizing
Hydrocos P                          An active moisturizing additive for use in cosmetic creams - Plant based moisturizer
Article no. 160305.00.2             etc. The formulation is based upon a match of the NMF in
                                    the skin. Based mainly on vegetable-derived products.
                                    Formulated with a reduced content of electrolytes for
                                    improved compatibility with emulsions/ creams.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                                               2/12
2. Botanical Extracts
Product                         Product description                                            Use/Property
Herbasol Extracts               An unlimited range of aqueous/ glycolic plant extracts for     - Plant extract in propylene
(paraben-free versions          use in a wide range of skin and hair care products. Please       glycol / water
available)                      consult the special lists. Unpreserved or decolourized         - Skin care
                                extracts are available on request.                             - Hair care
Herbasec                        100% plant-derived dry powder extracts, based on a             - Skin care
(dry powder extracts)           unique, new cold process extraction technology,                - Hair care
                                developed       by    Cosmetochem       R&D      laboratory.   - Body care
                                Concentrated, but very pale in colour. Water-soluble,          - Liquid & powder c&t
                                solvent-free and unpreserved. Containing a high content          formulations
                                of polar and unpolar actives on a pure plant-derived (GMO      - Decorative cosmetics
                                free maltodextrin) support.
Herbasol                        A selection of fruit & herbal vinegars optimised for           - Hair care
Fruit and Herbal Vinegars       cosmetic use, using our extraction expertise. For use in       - Skin cleansers & tonics
(paraben-free)                  hair care to remove soap residues and make hair shine.         - Bath & shower products
                                Also good treatment for flaking scalp. For use in skin
                                cleansers & tonics to restore the acid balance of the skin
                                and act as a gentle peeling agent. For use as a refreshing
                                & cleansing additive in bath & shower products.
                                Some examples of the range:
                                - Apple                     - Peach         - Rosemary
                                - Blackberry fruit          - Raspberry
                                - Honey                     - Rice
Herbasol Extract oilsoluble     A unlimited range of oily plant extracts for use in a wide     - Plant extract in isopropyl
                                range of skin and hair care products. Available in               myristate or different plant
                                isopropyl myristate, sunflower seed oil and other plant          derived oils
                                oils, etc.. Unpreserved.
Herbasol Distillates            An unlimited range of water clear plant distillates for use    - Water based plant distillates
                                in a wide range of skin and hair care products. Especially     - Colour-free
                                for colour-free products. Unpreserved distillates are
                                available on request.
Herbasol Complexes              Combination of various water and alcohol soluble natural       - Plant extract mixtures in
                                plant extracts, mixed together for specific end user             propylene glycol/ water
                                applications. Unpreserved complexes are available on
Herbasol Extracts IPA           An unlimited range of alcoholic, water-free plant extracts   - Plant extract in isopropyl
                                for use in a wide range of skin and hair care products.        alcohol
                                Especially     suitable   for    aerosol-spray     products. - Aerosol-spray
                                Unpreserved                                                  - Skin & hair care
Super Herbasol                  A range of highly concentrated propylene glycolic, plant     - Aqueous-glycolic plant
                                extracts                                                       extracts in high concentration
                                                                                             - Skin & hair care
         ®                                                                             ®
Herbasec MPE                    A range of dry powder extracts (Herbasec MPE), - Almost all cosmetic
(General Information)           extracted with our unique dual phase extraction process to preparations
                                produce extracts containing polar, semi-polar and non-
                                polar plant actives. All are well documented with
                                substantiation data from independent lab studies and
                                abstracts from scientific literature.
                                Our range consists of:
                                                       ®                                  ®
                                - Deo MPE Herbasec             - Rooibos MPE Herbasec
                                - Sebostat MPE Herbasec
Herbamilk                       Extensive range of natural plant emulsions with - Hair care
(paraben-free)                  exceptional stability, incorporating plant oils and extracts - Bath and body products
                                with a plant-derived emulsifier system. Provide skin - Body lotions
                                pampering and emollient properties in surfactant-based - Skin cleansers & lotions
                                products such as hair care and bath & shower products.       - Wet wipes
                                Standard range is based on almond oil, e.g.:
                                Hair care:                     Lime tree blossom, bamboo,
                                Bath & shower:                 Fig, pomegranate, ginger
                                Facial cleansing:              White lily, orchid, mallow,
                                                               cucumber, marigold
                                These are only a few examples, please ask.
                                Other oil-bases are available on request:
                                Exotic:                     Argan, kukui, monoi, tamanu,
                                Pampering:                  Cotton, soya
                                Fortifiying & nourishing: Wheatgerm, apricot, peach,
                                                            olive, hazelnut

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                                               3/12
Product                            Product description                                            Use/Property
Herbasol Fruit Nectars             Fruit Nectars are stabilized, clear transparent, liquid        - Skin care
                                   concentrated fruit extracts in water and propylene glycol.     - Hair care
                                   The very high concentration indicates the existence of         - Bath & shower products
                                   almost all soluble constituents of the fresh fruits.           - Nutritive
                                   Some examples of our nectar range:                             - Stimulating
                                   - Apple                      - Orange                          - Invigorating
                                   - Apricot                    - Peach                           - Energising
                                   - Blood Orange               - Pear
                                   - Ginger                     - Pomegranate
Preservative-free extracts         We have the following preservative-free options:
                                   - 80% propylene glycol       - 80% butylene glycol
                                   - Oil solubile extracts      - Herbasec dry extracts
Paraben-free extracts              All our standard propylene glycol-based extracts are now
                                   available in paraben-free versions.
                                   Glycerine extracts preserved with potassium sorbate.
                                                           ®                              ®
Glycol-free extracts               Available in Herbasol Glycerine extracts & Herbasec s
Organic Extracts                   We offer the following organic extracts as Herbasec :
                                   - Calendula (Marigold)       - Lavender
                                   - Chamomile                  - Lime Tree Blossom
                                   - Green Tea                  - Pomegranate
                                   - Hops                       - Rooibos
                                   - Horsetail                  - Rose Flower
                                   - Tomato                     - White Lily
                                   Other organic plants and product forms available upon
                 TM                                 TM
Outback Spirit        Botanicals   Outback Spirit       Botanicals is a partnership between       - Skin & hair care
                                   Outback Spirit Pty Ltd. and Cosmetochem and is based           - Bath & shower
                                   on the sustainable harvest of Australian plants from           - Spa
                                   pristine wilderness regions in an ethical partnership with     - Peeling / exfoliant
                                   Indigenous enterprise, support of Indigeous devlopment         - Products with strong ethical
                                   and with recognition of Indigenous wisdom of the country.        stance

3. Botanical Additives
Product                            Product description                                            Use/Property
Oat Protein COS                    An aqueous-glycolic extract from oat grains. Carefully         - Proteins
Article no. 150158.00.2            concentrated on Proteins. Used as an additive for skin         - Coniditoning
                                   care, body care, shampoos and Hair and body-                   - Hair, skin & body care
Alpha Hydroxy Acids AHA            Concentrated mixture of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in typical         - Skin care
Article no. 150050.00.2            combination found in plants in the alpine region. Used as      - Peeling / exfoliant
                                   a “peeling” agent for skin and hair. Smoothing and anti-       - Hair care
                                   wrinkle effects for skin care products. Especially good skin   - Body care
Apple AHA                          Concentrated combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids as             - Skin, hair & body care
Article no. 150060.00.2            found in ripe apples.                                          - Peeling / exfoliant
Avocado Oil COS                    Oil component for skin cosmetics. Particularly for the         - Oil component
Article no. 171220.00.2            treatment of ageing/mature skin.                               - Skin softening
Avocado Oil W                      Water-soluble oil component, an Avocado oil-PEG-ether          - Water soluble oil solubilizer
Article no. 171200.00.2            for use in relubricating components in shampoos, lotions,        for essential oils
                                   bath preparations etc.
Carotolino                         An oily extract from carrots in oxidation stabilized Canola    - Skin protection
Article no. 150404.00.2            Oil, standardized to about 3.3 Millions I.U. of β-             - Skin care
Jojobaoil W                        Natural Jojoba oil has been specially solubilized by means     - Oil component
Article no. 171350.00.2            of an olive oil-PEG-ether.                                     - Water soluble
Olive Oil W                        Water-soluble oil component, an Olive oil-PEG-ether for        - Water soluble oil component
Article no. 171300.00.2            use in relubricating components in shampoos, lotions,          - Solubilizer for essential oils
                                   bath preparations etc.
Oryza Soft COS                     Oily/ waxy Rice extract for improving the smoothness of        - Skin care, smoothing
Article no. 150480.00.2            the skin surface, moisture-retaining activity and as           - Coemulsifier
                                   customers are reporting with an astonishing cooling/           - Moisturizer
                                   refreshing activity.                                           - Moisture retaining
Natural Skin abrasives:            Botanical Abrasive Substances for cosmetic purposes.           - Skin care
- Apricot Abrasive                 Different particle sizes are offered (fine, medium,            - Peeling / exfoliant
- Olive Pit Abrasive               standard, coarse. Please ask for availability.).
- Walnut Shell Abrasive
- Natural Abrasive Blend

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                                               4/12
4. Non-Botanical Natural Products
Product                         Product description                                             Use/Property
Lacto Pro (Milk Proteins)       Milk proteins from Swiss milk in highly concentrated form       - Proteins
Article no. 141100.00.2
Yoghurt Protein COS GBU         High molecular weight protein from swiss yoghurt.               - Proteins for skin & hair care
Article no.141500.00.2          Nourishing ingredient for skin and hair.
SAL Complex                     Skin analogue lipids - Lipids, vitamins and trace elements      - Skin care
Article no. 141400.00.2         from Swiss milk for general skin care due to its refatting      - Skin protection
Honey Extract COS               Especially light coloured Honey extract for easy use in all     - Sugars
Article no. 218315.01.2         kinds of skin and hair care products.                           - Nourishing
                                                                                                - Skin & hair care
Swiss Flower Honey Extract         Honey produced by bees which collect nectar from Swiss - Skin & hair care
PG (PF)                            meadow flowers.                                              - Bath & shower
Article no. 400507.101.2                                                                        - Spa
                                                                                                - Moisturising
                                                                                                - Nourishing
Propolis Extract COS               Carefully produced Propolis extract in ethanol. Especially - Bacteriostatic
Article no. 151400.00.2            known for its bacteriostatic properties                      - Products for blemished skin
                                                                                                - Mouth washes
Royal Jelly Extract COS            Especially carefully produced extract from the special - Proteins
Article no.151450.00.2             nutritive jelly for queen bees.
Silk Extract COS                   Especially produced silk extract to add a touch of luxury to - Proteins
Article no. 151480.00.2            any products. Also available in ethanol and as a powder.
Cosmepearl N                       Exciting cosmetic ingredient, made from micronised fresh - All personal care products
Article no. 400495.00.2            water pearls coated with jojoba oil to add a touch of luxury
                                   to personal care products. Contains natural moisturizers
                                   in the form of a wide range of amino acids & protein
Sel des Alpes                      Prehistoric, mineral-rich salt originating from deposits - Skin care
(Swiss Alpine Salt)                deep in the Alpes Vaudoises in Switzerland. Additive-free, - Peeling / exfolient
Article no. 400478.00.2            extracted with Swiss spring water. Ideal for gentle - Bath & shower
                                   exfoliation or bathe in its ancient magic.                   - Massage products

5. Miscellaneous
Product                            Product description                                  Use / property
Vitamin Concentrate oilsoluble     An oilsoluble multi-vitamin complex for use in many - Vitamins, oil soluble
Article no. 170600.00.2            different cosmetic creams, oils, etc.                - Skin, hair & body protection
Vitamin Concentrate                A watersoluble multi-vitamin complex for use in many - Vitamins, water-soluble
watersoluble                       different cosmetic products.                         - Skin, hair & body protection
Article no. 170502.00.2
Vitamin F                          Different derivatives of several essential unsaturated fatty - Skin, hair & body protection
                                   acids (so-called ‘Vitamin F’).
                                   It is available in:
                                   - oil (Article no. 170101.00.2)
                                   - water soluble form (Article no. 170102.00.2)
                                   - glycerin ester (Article no. 170103.00.2)

6. Customised Products
We offer a tailor-made service to our customers.

Requests can be made through our web-site on our product development request form
(Register as a VIP and fill out the product request form)

or to your local Cosmetochem contact.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                                             5/12
7. Plant List
English                       German                     Latin                     French
Acacia                        Akazie                     Acacia seyal              Acacia
Açai                          Açai                       Euterpe spp               Açcai
Acerola                       Acerolakirsche             Malpighia glabra          Acérola
Agave (Sisal)                 Agave                      Agave rigida              Agave
Agrimony                      Odermenning                Agrimonia eupatoria       Aigremoine
Alfalfa                       Luzerne (Alfalfa)          Medicago sativa           Alfalfa (Luzerne)
Allspice/Pimento              Piment                     Pimenta officinalis       Poivre de Jamaique
Almond, Sweet                 Mandel                     Prunus amygdalus dulcis   Amandier
Aloe Vera                     Aloe                       Aloe barbadensis          Aloès
Alpine Lichen (Tree Lichen)   Baumflechte                Usnea barbata             Lichen
Alps Parsley-Piert            Silbermantel               Alchemilla alpina         Alchémille des Alpes
Amla/Amalaki                  Stachelbeere, indische     Phyllanthus emblica       Amla
Angelica                      Engelwurz                  Angelica archangelica     Angélique
Angelica, chinese             Angelika, chinesische      Angelica chinensis        Angélique chinoise
Anisata                                      -           Backhousia anisata                       -
Aniseed                       Anis                       Pimpinella anisum         Anis
Apple (fruit& blossom)        Apfel                      Pyrus malus               Pomme
Apricot                       Aprikose                   Prunus armeniaca          Abricot
Argan                         Arganbaum                  Argansia spinosa          Arganier
Arnica                        Arnika                     Arnica montana            Arnica
Arnica, Mexican               Arnika, mexikanische       Heterotheca inuloides     Arnica mexicaine
Artichoke                     Artischocke                Cynara scolymus           Artichaut
Artemisia/yellow genepi       Edelraute, echte           Artemisia umbelliferous   Génépi jaune
Asparagus                     Spargel                    Asparagus officinalis     Asperge
Astralagus/                   Tragant, chinesischer      Astralagus membranaceus   Astragale
Avens                         Benediktenkraut            Geum urbanum              Benoîte
Avocado (Alligator Pear)      Avocado                    Persea gratissima         Avocat
Baical skullcap (Huang Qin)   Baikalhelmkraut            Scutellaria baicalensis   Scutellaire du Baïkal
Balm Mint                     Melisse                    Melissa officinalis       Mélisse
Bamboo                        Bambus                     Bambusa vulgaris          Bambou
Banana                        Banane                     Musa sapientum            Banane
Barberry Root                 Berberitze                 Berberis vulgaris         Epine vinette
Basil                         Basilikum                  Ocimum basilicum          Basilic
Basil, Holy                   Basilikum, indischer       Ocimum basilucum          Basilic sacré
Beans, Garden                 Gartenbohnen               Phaseolus vulgaris        Fèves de jardin
Bearberry                     Bärentraube                Arctostaphylos uva-ursi   Busserole (Raisin d’ours)
Bergamot                      Bergamotte                 Citrus bergamia           Bergamotier
Birch                         Birke                      Betula alba               Bouleau
Black cohosh                  Cimicifuga                 Cimicifuga racemosa       Herpes aux punaises
Black Pepper                  Pfeffer, schwarzer         Piper nigrum              Poivre noir
Black Tea                     Schwarztee                 Camellia sinensis         Thé noir
Blackberry (Bramble)          Brombeere                  Rubus fructicosus         Ronce
Blackcurrant                  Johannisbeere, schwarze    Ribes nigrum              Cassis
Bladder Wrack (Seaweed)       Meeresalgen / Blasentang   Fucus vesiculosus         Varech vésiculeux
Blueberry (Bilberry)          Heidelbeere                Vaccinium myrtillus       Myrtille
Borage                        Boretsch (Gurkenkraut)     Borago officinalis        Bourrache
Box Tree                      Buchsbaum                  Buxus sempervirens        Buis
Brazil nut                    Paranuss                   Bertholletia excelsa      Noix du Brésil
Broom                         Besenginster               Sarothamnus scopparius    Genêt à balais
Buckthorn                     Faulbaum                   Rhamnus frangula          Bourdaine
Buckwheat                     Buchweizen                 Polygonum fagopyrum       Sarrasin
Burdock Root                  Klettenwurzel              Arctium majus             Racine de Bardane
Burnet                        Bibernell                  Sanguisorba officinalis   Pimprenelle officinale
Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus)      Mäusedorn                  Ruscus aculeatus          Petit houx
Button/Field Mushroom         Champignon                 Agaricus bisporus         Champignon
Cabbage                       Kohl                       Brassica capitata         Chou
Cactus (Flower)               Kaktusblüten               Opuntia-ficus-indica      Cactus fleur
Calamus                       Kalmus                     Acorus calamus            Acore vrai

Please note that not all of these are standard products and extracts of some of the more unusual plants are
dependent on availability of the raw material.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                              6/12
English                      German                     Latin                       French
Calendula/ Marigold          Ringelblume                Calendula officinalis       Souci
Caraway                      Kümmel                     Carum carvi                 Cumin (Carvi)
Cardamom                     Kardamom                   Elettaria cardamomum        Cardamome
Carob                        Johannisbrot               Ceratonia siliqua           Caroube
Carrot                       Karotte                    Daucus carota               Carotte
Cat’s foot (Everlasting)     Katzenpfötchen, gelbes     Helichrysum arenarium       Immortelles
Catechu, black               Katechu (Acacia catechu)   Acacia catechu              Acacia cachou
Cayenne Pepper               Cayenne Pfeffer            Capsicum frutescens         Poivre de Cayenne
Cedar, white (Thuja)         Thuja (Lebensbaum)         Thuja occidentalis          Arbre de vie
Celandine                    Schöllkraut                Chelodium majus             Chelodoine
Celery Root                  Sellerie                   Apium graveolens            Ache des marais
Centaury                     Tausendgüldenkraut         Centaurium erythraea        Petit centaurée
Centella/Gotu kola           Wassernabel, asiatischer   Centella asiatica           Hydrocotyle
                             (oder indischer)
Chamomile                    Kamille                    Chamomilla recutita      Camomille
Chaste tree/Monk’s pepper Mönchspfeffer                 Vitus agnus castus       Gattlilier
Cherry (fruit,blossom,stalk) Kirsche                    Prunus cerasus           Cerise
Chervil, Garden              Kerbel, Garten-            Anthriscus cerefolium    Cerfeuil cultivé
Chestnut, sweet              Edelkastanie               Castanea sativa          Châtaignier
Chicory                      Wegwarte                   Cichorium intybus        Chicorée sauvage
Chrysanthemum                Chrysantheme               Chrysanthemum morifolium Chrysanthème à petis
Cinnamon                     Zimt                       Cinnamomum zeylanicum    Cannelle
Clary Sage                   Muskateller-Salbei         Salvia sclarea           Sauge sclarée
Clover, red & white          Klee (Rotklee)             Trifolium pratense       Trèfle rouge
Clover, white                Klee (Weissklee)           Trifolium repens         Trèfle blanc
Cloves                       Gewürznelken               Eugenia caryophyllus     Girofle
Cocoa Beans                  Kakaobohnen                Theobroma cacao          Cacao, Fèves de
Cocos                        Kokosnuss                  Cocos nucifera           Cocos
Coffee                       Kaffee                     Coffea arabica           Café
Cola Nut                     Kolanuss                   Cola nitida              Noix de cola
Coltsfoot                    Huflattich                 Tussilago farfara        Tussilage
Comfrey                      Beinwell                   Symphytum officinale     Consoude
Coriander                    Koriander                  Coriandrum sativum       Coriandre
Corn (Maize)                 Mais                       Zea mays                 Maïs
Corn Flowers                 Kornblumen                 Centaurea cyanus         Bleuet
Cotton                       Baumwolle                  Gossypium herbaceum      Coton
Couch Grass                  Queckenwurzel              Agropyron repens         Chiendent
Cranberry, American          Moosbeere                  Vaccinium macrocarpon    Canneberge
Cucumber                     Gurke                      Cucumis sativus          Concombre
Daisy                        Gänseblümchen              Bellis perennis          Pâquerette
Damiana                      Damiana                    Turnera aphrodisiaca     Damiana
Dandelion                    Löwenzahn                  Taraxacum officinale     Dent-de-lion
Dead Nettle (White Nettle)   Taubnessel                 Lamium album             Ortie blanche (Lamier)
Desert Lime                  Zitrone, der Wüste         Citrus glauca            Citron du désert
Desert Raisin/Bush tomato    Buschtomate                Solanum centrale         Tomate du désert
Devil’s Claw                 Teufelskralle              Harpagophytum procumbens Griffe du diable
Dill                         Dill                       Anethum graveolens       Aneth odorant
Dragon Fruit/Pitaya          Drachenfrucht              Hylocereus spp.          Pitaya rosé
Echinacea                    Sonnenhut                  Echinacea purpurea       Echinacea
Edelweiss                    Edelweiss                  Leontopodium alpinum     Etoile-des-Alpes
Elder                        Holunder                   Sambucus nigra           Surea
Elecampane Root (Alant)      Alant                      Inula helenium           Aunée officinale
Eucalyptus                   Eukalyptus                 Eucalyptus globulus      Eucalyptus
Evening Primrose             Nachtkerze                 Oenothera biennis        Onagre
Eyebright                    Augentrost                 Euphrasia officinalis    Euphraise
False Unicorn                Falsches Einkorn           Chamaelirium luteum      Fausse Licorne

Please note that not all of these are standard products and extracts of some of the more unusual plants are
dependent on availability of the raw material.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                         7/12
English                      German                    Latin                           French
Fast Indian Kidney Bean      Indischer Nierentee       Orthosiphon stamineus           Orthosiphon
Fennel                       Fenchel                   Foeniculum vulgare              Fenouil
Fenugreek (Greek hay)        Bockshornklee             Trigonella foenum graecum       Fenugrec
Fig                          Feige                     Ficus carica                    Figue
Flea Wort Seeds              Flohsamen                 Plantago ovata                  Ispaghule, (semences)
Fumitory                     Erdrauch                  Fumaria officinalis             Fumeterre
Gentian, Yellow              Enzian                    Gentiana lutea                  Gentiane
Geranium                     Storchenschnabel          Geranium robertianum            Géranium Robert
Ginger                       Ingwer                    Zingiber officinalis            Gingembre
Ginger, Chinese/Galangal     Ingwer, thailändischer    Alpinia spp.                    Galangal
Ginkgo                       Ginkgo                    Ginkgo bilboa                   Ginkgo
Ginseng                      Ginseng                   Panax ginseng                   Ginseng
Ginseng, Russian             Ginseng, russischer       Eleutherococcus senticosus      Ginseng russe
Gojiberry/Wolfberry          Wolfbeere, chinesische    Lycium barbarum                 Lyciet de Barbaire
Golden Rod (Woundwort)       Goldrute                  Solidago virgaurea              Solidage
Grapefruit                   Pampelmuse                Citrus aurantium var. grandis   Pamplemousse
Elecampane Root (Alant)      Alant                     Inula helenium                  Aunée officinale
Eucalyptus                   Eukalyptus                Eucalyptus globulus             Eucalyptus
Grains of Paradise           Guineapfeffer             Lycium barbarum                 Melegueta
Green Tea                    Grüner Tee                Camellia sinensis               Thé vert
Guarana                      Guarana                   Paullinia cupana                Guarana
Guava                        Guave                     Psidium guajava                 Goyave
Hawthorn                     Weissdorn                 Crataegus monogina              Aubépine
Hay Flowers                  Heublumen                 Gramineae                       Fleurs de foin
Hazelnut                     Haselnuss                 Corylus avellana                Noisette
Heath (common)               Erika (Heidekraut)        Calluna vulgaris                Bruyère
Henna                        Henna                     Lawsonia inermis                Henné
Hibiscus (red & white)       Karkade/Hibiskus          Hibiscus sabdariffa             Hibiscus
Holly                        Stechpalme                Ilex aquifolium                 Houx
Honeybush tea                Honigbusch Tee            Cyclopia spp.                   Thé de “honeybush”
Honeysuckle, Japanese        Geissblatt, japanisches   Lonicera japonica               Chévrefeuille du Japon
Hops                         Hopfen                    Humulus lupulus                 Houblon
Horehound, white             Andorn, weisser           Marrubium vulgare               Marrube blanc
Horny Goatweed               Geissfuss, japanisches    Epimedium sagittatum            Corné du chévre
Horse Chestnut               Rosskastanie              Aesculus hippocastanum          Marron d’Inde
Horse Radish                 Meerrettich               Cochlearia armoracia            Raifort
Horsetail                    Schachtelhalm             Equisetum arvense               Prèle
Hyssop                       Ysop                      Hyssopus officinalis            Hysope
Iceland Moss                 Isländisch Moos           Cetraria islandica              Lichen d’Islande
Indian Cress                 Kapuzinerkresse           Tropaeolum majus                Capucine
Indian Pennywort             Asiatischer Wassernabel   Centella asiatica               Hydrocotyle
Irish Moss                   Irländisch Moos           Chondrus crispus                Mousse d’Irlande
Ivy                          Efeu                      Hedera helix                    Lierre grimpant
Japanese Pagodatree          Schnurstrauch             Sophora japonica                Arbre des pagodes
Jasmine                      Jasmin                    Jasminum officinale             Jasmin
Jojoba                       Jojoba                    Simmondsia chinensis            Jojoba
Jujube/Chinese Date          Brustbeere                Ziziphus zizyphus               Jujubier
Juniper                      Wacholder                 Juniperus communis              Genévrier
Kakadu plum                  Kakadupflaume             Terminalia ferdinandiana        Prune de Kakadu
Khella/Visnaga               Bischofskraut             Ammi visnaga                    Khella
Kiwi                         Kiwi                      Actinidia chinensis             Kiwi
Kukui nut                    Lichtnuss/Kukuinuss       Aleurites moluccana             Graine de kukui
Kumquat                      Kumquat                   Fortunella spp                  Kumquat
Ladies Mantle                Frauenmantel              Alchemilla vulgaris             Alchémille
Laurel                       Lorbeer                   Laurus nobilis                  Laurier, vrai
Leek                         Lauch                     Allium porrum                   Poireau
Lemon                        Zitrone                   Citrus limonum                  Citron

Please note that not all of these are standard products and extracts of some of the more unusual plants are
dependent on availability of the raw material.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                               8/12
English                       German                       Latin                          French
Lemon Aspen                                 -              Acronychia acidula                           -
Lemon Myrtle                  Zitronenmyrte                Backhousia citriodora          Myrte citronnée
Lemongrass                    Zitronengras                 Cymbopogon schoenanthus        Lemongrass
Lilac                         Flieder                      Syringa vulgaris               Lilas
Lily, white                   Lilie, weisse                Lilium candidum                Lys blanc
Lilly Pilly                   Lilly Pilly                  Syzygium luehmannii            Lilly Pilly
Lime                          Limette                      Citrus aurantiifolia           Citron vert
Lime Tree Blossom             Lindenblüten                 Tilia cordata                  Tilleul
Lingonberry/Cowberry          Preiselbeere                 Vaccinium vitis-idaea          Airelle rouge
Linseed (Flax)                Leinsamen (Flachs)           Linum usitatissimum            Lin, semence
Liquorice/ Licorice           Süssholz                     Glycyrrhiza glabra             Réglisse
Liquorice, Chinese            Süssholz, chinesisches       Glycyrrhiza uralensis          Réglisse de Sibérie
Lotus (white & blue)          Lotos (Lotusblüten)          Nelumbo nucifera               Lotus
Lovage/Love Parsley           Liebstöckel                  Levisticum officinale          Livèche
Luffa (Loofah)                Schwammkürbis                Luffa cylindrica               Luffa
Lychee                        Litschi                      Litchi chinensis               Litchi
Macadamia nut                 Macadamianuss                Macadamia spp.                 Noix de macadamia
Magnolia                      Magnolie                     Magnolia liliflora             Magnolia
Maiden Hair                   Frauenhaar                   Adiantum capillus-veneris      Adiante
Mallow                        Malve                        Malva sylvestris               Mauve
Mandarin (Tangerine)          Mandarine                    Citrus nobilis                 Manderine
Mandarin, green               Mandarine, grüne             Citrus reticulata              Mandarine verte
Mango                         Mango                        Mangifera indica               Mangue
Mangosteen                    Mangostane                   Garcinia mangostana            Mangoustan
Marjoram, sweet               Majoran                      Origanum majorana              Marjolaine
Marsh Mallow                  Eibisch                      Althaea officinalis            Guimauve
Marsh Tea (Ledum)             Sumpfporst                   Ledum palustre                 Lédon des marais
Marula                        Marulabaum                   Sclerocarya birrea             Marula
Mate, Yerbe                   Mateblätter                  Ilex paraguariensis            Maté
Meadow sweet                  Wiesengeissbart              Spirea ulmaria                 Reine-des Prés
Melon (Honeydew/Sweet)        Melone                       Cucumis melo                   Melon
Milk Thistle (Mary Thistle)   Mariendistel                 Silybum marianum               Chardon Marie
Millet                        Hirse                        Panicum miliaceum              Millet
Mimosa/Tepezochuite           Mimose, mexikansiche         Mimosa tenuiflora              Mimosa mexicain
Mint, Austalian               Minzstrauch, australischer   Prostanthera rotundifolia      Menthe, arbustive
Mountain Pepper               Pfeffer, tasmanischer        Tasmannia lanceolata           Poivre de Tasmanie
Mugwort (Wormwood)            Beifuss, wilder              Artemisia vulgaris             Armoise commune
Muira-Puama                   Potenzholz                   Liriosma ovata                 Bois de Muira-Puama
                                                           Ptychopetalum olacoides
Mulberry                      Maulbeere                    Morus nigra                    Mûrier
Musk Mallow/                  Bisameibisch/                Abelmoschus moschatus          Ambrette
Rose Mallow                   Moschuskörner                Hibiscus abelmoschus/
Mustard, black                Senf, schwarzer              Brassica nigra                 Moutarde noire
Mustard, brown                Senf, brauner                Brassica juncea                Moutarde jonciforme
Mustard, white                Senf, weisser                Brassica alba                  Moutarde blanche
Myrrh                         Myrrhe                       Commiphora myrrha              Myrrhe
Myrtle                        Myrte                        Myrtus communis                Myrte
Neem                          Niem                         Azadirachta indica             Margousier
Nutmeg                        Muskatnuss                   Myristica fragrans             Noix muscade
Oak                           Eiche                        Quercus robur                  Chêne
Oats                          Hafer                        Avena sativa                   Avoine
Olibanum/Frankincense         Weihrauch                    Boswellia carteri              Encens
Olive                         Olive                        Olea europea                   Olive
Orange, bitter                Pomeranze                    Citrus aurantium ssp. amara    Bigarade
Orange, sweet                 Orange, süsse                Citrus aurantium ssp. duclis   Orange douce
Orchid (Vanilla)              Vanille (Orchidee)           Vanilla planifolia             Vanille (Orchidée)
Oregano                       Oregano                      Origanum vulgare               Origan
Orris / Iris                  Iris                         Iris pallida                   Iris

Please note that not all of these are standard products and extracts of some of the more unusual plants are
dependent on availability of the raw material.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                               9/12
English                      German                      Latin                     French
Peony                        Pfingstrose                 Paeonia officinalis       Pivoine
Panama Bark (Quillaja)       Panamarinde                 Quillaja saponaria        Bois de Panama
Pansy                        Stiefmütterchen             Viola tricolor            Pensée sauvage
Papaya                       Melonenbaum                 Carica papaya             Papaye
Paprika                      Paprika                     Capsicum annuum           Paprika
Para Cress                   Parakresse                  Spilanthes oleracea       Cresson de Para
Parsley                      Petersilie                  Carum petroselinum        Persil
Passion Flower               Passionsblume               Passiflora incanata       Fleur de passion
Passion Fruit                Passionsfrucht              Passiflora incarnata      Fruits de passion
Patchouli                    Patchouli, indisches        Pogostemon                Patchouli
Pea                          Erbsen                      Pisum sativum             Pois
Peach                        Pfirsich                    Prunus persica            Pêche
Pear                         Birne                       Pyrus communis            Poire
Pecan nut                    Pekannuss                   Carya illoinensis         Pacane
Pepperberry                  Pfeffer, tasmanischer       Tasmannia lanceolata      Poivre de Tasmanie
Pepper, Black                Pfeffer, schwarzer          Piper nigrum              Poivre Noir
Pepper, Bell (red, sweet)    Paprika, roter              Capsicum annuum           Poivron rouge
Peppermint                   Pfefferminze                Mentha piperita           Menthe poivrée
Periwinkle (Evergreen)       Immergrün                   Vinca minor               Pervenche
Peruvian Bark (China Bark)   Chinarinde                  Cinchona succirubra       Quinquina, écorce de
Pineapple (Ananas)           Ananas                      Ananas sativus            Ananas
Pistacchio Nut               Pistazien                   Pistachia vera            Pistache
Plantain, Common             Breitwegerich               Plantago major            Plantain, grand
Plum                         Pflaume                     Prunus domestica          Prune
Plum, Davidson’s             Pflaume, Davidson’s         Davidsonia pruriens       Prune de Davidson
Pomegranate                  Granatapfel                 Punica granatum           Grenadier
Pond Lily (Water Lily)       Seerose, weisse             Nymphaea alba             Nénuphar
Poppy, red                   Klatschmohn                 Papaver rhoeas            Coquelicot
Potato                       Kartoffel                   Solanum tuberosum         Pommes de terre
Potentilla                   Gänsefingerkraut            Potentilla anserina       Potentille ansérine
Prickly Pear                 Kaktusfeige                 Opuntia ficus-indica      Figue de Barbarie
Primrose                     Primel (Schlüsselblume)     Primula veris             Primevère officinale
Propolis (Hive dross)        Propolis (Bienenkittharz)   Propolis cera             Propolis
Psyllium Seeds               Flohsamen (Psyllium)        Plantago psyllium         Psyllium, vrai
Pumpkin                      Kürbis                      Cucurbita pepo            Courge
Purslane                     Portulak                    Portulaca oleracea        Portulac
Quince (fruit & blossom)     Quitte                      Cydonia oblonga           Coing
Quandong                                    -            Santalum acuminata                       -
Ransoms                      Bärlauch                    Allium ursinum            Ail des ours
Rapeseed                     Raps                        Brassica napus            Colza
Raspberry                    Himbeere                    Rubus idaeus              Framboise
Red beans                    Rote Bohne                  Phaseolus vulgaris        Fève rouge
Redcurrant                   Johannisbeere, rote         Ribes rubrum              Groseille sauvage
Restharrow                   Hauhechel                   Ononis spinosa            Bugrane
Rhatany, Peruvian            Ratanhiawurzel              Krameria triandra         Ratanhia
Rhubarb                      Rhabarber                   Rheum palmatum            Rhubarbe
Ribwort (Plantain)           Spitzwegerich               Plantago lanceolata       Plantain lancéolé
Rice                         Reis                        Oryza sativa              Riz
Roman Chamomile              Römische Kamille            Anthemis nobilis          Camomille Romaine
Roman Pellitory              Bertram, römischer          Anacyclus pyrethrum       Pyrèthre d’Afrique
Rooibos (green)              Grüner Rotbusch             Aspalathus linearis       Rooibos vert
Rooibos (Red Bush Tea)       Rotbusch                    Aspalathus linearis       Rooibos
Rose                         Rose                        Rosa centifolia           Rose
Rose, French                 Rose (Rosa gallica)         Rosa gallica              Rosier de France
Rosehip (Dog Rose)           Hagebutte (Hundsrose)       Rosa canina               Cynorrhodon (Eglantier)
Rosemary                     Rosmarin                    Rosmarinus officinalis    Romarin
Rue                          Raute                       Ruta graveolens           Herbe de rue
Russian Ginseng              Taigawurzel                 Acanthopanax senticosus   Racine de taïga

Please note that not all of these are standard products and extracts of some of the more unusual plants are
dependent on availability of the raw material.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                        10/12
English                      German                      Latin                       French
Sabal (Saw Palmetto)         Sägepalme                   Sabal serulata              Sabal
Safflower                    Färberdistel                Carthamus tinctorius        Carthame
Saffron                      Safran                      Crocus sativus              Safran
Sage                         Salbei                      Salvia officinalis          Sauge
Sage, Chinese                Salbei, chinesischer        Salvia miltiorrhiza         Sauge chinoise
Salicornia                   Seespargel/Glasschmeltz     Salicornia europea          Salicorne
Sandal Wood, red             Sandelholz (Afrika)         Pterocarpus santalinus      Santal rouge, bois de
Sanicle Wort                 Sanikelkraut                Sanicula europaea           Sanicle d’Europe
Sarsaparilla                 Sarsaparilla                Smilax aristolochiaefolia   Salsepareille
Sarsaparilla, European       Smilax, europäischer        Smilax aspera               Salsepareille d’Europe
Savory, Summer               Bohnenkraut                 Satureja hortensis          Sarriette
Schizandra                   Schisandra                  Schizandra chinensis        Schisandra de Chine
Sea Buckthorn                Sanddorn                    Hippophae rhamnoides        Argousier
Sea Fennel                   Meerfenchel                 Crithmum maritimum          Fenouil marin
Sea Lettuce                  Meersalat                   Ulva lactuca                Laitue de mer
Sea Wand                     Fingertang                  Laminaria digitata          Foué de sorcières
Senna Alexandria             Sennesblätter, Alexandria   Cassia alexandrinae         Séné, Feuilles de
Sheabutter                   Karitebutter (Sheabutter)   Butyrospermum parkii        Beurre de karité
Shepherd’s Purse             Hirtentäschelkraut          Capsella bursa-pastoris     Capselle Bourse-à-pasteur
Sloe                         Schlehe                     Prunus spinosa              Prunellier
Soap Root, white             Seifenwurzel, weisse        Gypsophila paniculata       Saponaire blanche, Racine
Soap Wort                    Seifenkraut                 Saponaria officinalis       Saponaire
Soybean/Soya/Soy             Sojabohnen                  Glycine soja                Soja
Spearmint                    Krauseminze                 Mentha crispa               Menthe crépue
Speedwell                    Ehrenpreis                  Veronica officinalis        Véronique officinale
Spinach                      Spinat                      Spinacia oleraceae          Epinard
Spruce Needles               Fichtennadeln               Picea excelsa               Aiguilles de sapin
St. John’s Wort              Johanniskraut               Hypericum perforatum        Millepertuis
Star Anise                   Sternanis                   Illicium verum              Badiane (Anis étoilé)
Stevia                       Süsskraut                   Stevia rebaudiana           Herbe sucrée du Paraguay
Stinging Nettle              Brennessel                  Urtica dioica               Ortie
Strawberry, Wild             Wald-Erdbeere               Fragaria vesca              Fraise sauvage
Sudanese tea (Hibiscus)      Karkade                     Hibiscus sabdariffa         Hibiscus
Sugar Cane                   Zuckerrohr                  Saccharum officinarum       Canne à sucre
Suma (Brazilian Ginseng)     Ginseng, brasilianischer    Pfaffia paniculata          Ginseng du Brésil
Sunflower                    Sonnenblume                 Helianthus annuus           Tournesol
Sweet Clover (Melilot)       Honigklee (Steinklee)       Melilotus officinalis       Mélilot
Sweet Woodruff               Waldmeister                 Asperula odorata            Aspérule odorante
Tamanu Nut                   Tamanu                      Calophyllum inophyllum      Calophylle/tamanu
Tamarind                     Tamarinde                   Tamarindus indica           Tamarin
Tea (black, green, white)    Tee                         Camellia sinensis           Thé
Tea Tree                     Teebaum                     Melaleuca alternifolia      Melaleuca
Tepescohuite                 Mexiko Mimose               Mimosa tenuiflora           Mimosa mexicain
Thongweed (seaweed)          Meeresbohnen                Himanthalia elongata        Himanthale
Thyme                        Thymian                     Thymus vulgaris             Thym
Tomato                       Tomate                      Solanum lycopersicum        Tomate
Toothbrush Tree/Miswak       Zahnbürstenbaum             Salvadora persica           Miswak/Siwak
Tormentil                    Tormentill (Blutwurz)       Potentilla erecta           Tormentille
Truffle, White               Trüffel, weisse             Tuber albidum               Truffe blanche
Turmeric                     Gelbwurz                    Curcuma longa               Curcuma
Valerian                     Baldrian                    Valeriana officinalis       Valériane
Vervain                      Eisenkraut                  Verbena officinalis         Verveine
Vine (leaves)                Rebenkraut (Weinblätter)    Vitis vinifera              Vigne (feuilles)
Violet, sweet                Veilchen, wohlriechendes    Viola odorata               Violette odorante
Walnut Tree                  Walnussbaum                 Juglans regia               Noyer
Water Mint                   Wasserminze                 Mentha aquatica             Menthe aquatique
Watercress                   Brunnenkresse               Nasturtium officinale       Cresson de fontaine
Watermelon                   Wassermelone                Citrullus vulgaris          Pastèque

Please note that not all of these are standard products and extracts of some of the more unusual plants are
dependent on availability of the raw material.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                         11/12
English                      German                      Latin                    French
Wattle, Australian                        -              Acacia spp.                              -
Wheat                        Weizen                      Triticum vulgare         Blé
White Tea                    Weisser Tee                 Camellia sinensis        Thé blanc
Wild Mint                    Ackerminze                  Mentha arvensis          Menthe des champs
Wild Yam                     Yam, wilder                 Dioscorea villosa        Patate douce sauvage
Willow                       Weidenrinde (Silberweide)   Salix alba               Saule
Willow Herb, small hairy     Weidenröschen               Epilobium parviflorum    Epilobe à petites fleurs
Winter Cherry                Judenkirsche                Physalis alkekengi       Alkékenge
Witch Hazel                  Hamamelis (Hexenhasel)      Hamamelis virginiana     Hamamélis
Wormwood, common             Wermut                      Artemisia absinthium     Absinthe
Yarrow                       Schafgarbe                  Achillea millefolium     Millefeuille (Achillée)
Ylang ylang                  Ylang ylang                 Canaga odorata           Ylang ylang
Yohimbe                      Yohimbebaum                 Pausinystalia yohimbe    Yohimbéhé

Please note that not all of these are standard products and extracts of some of the more unusual plants are
dependent on availability of the raw material.

Update February 19, 2009 / DM/MSP                                                                            12/12

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