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									            rotary cluB oF adelaide west inc

            BULLETIN            18 November 2010, Meeting #2279 | 26 November 2010, Meeting #2280 | Printed fortnightly

                                    DWA 0
                         B R O A ember 201
                 I A N T un 21 N
    B R I Ll l                                                             BRILLIANT B
                       20 &
       r Ha
    Elde                                                                                                      ROADWAY
                                                                          Join the 25 pie
                                                                   Broadway’s trium ce Adelaide Art Orchestra & th                              ~ A Musical Fe
                                                                     ~ South Pacific
                                                                                     phs from the Gold                    eA
                                                                                                       en Years to the M delaide Broadway Singers as th
                                                                                     ~ Guys & Doll                      odern Era, includin                ey explore
                                                                                                     s ~ Company ~                          g: Oklahoma! ~
                                                                                 Saturday th                           Rent ~ Jekyll &                     West Side Story
                                                   Bookings                                    20 Novem
                                                                                                            ber                         Hyde ~ Les Mise
                                                            now open
                                                                                               Sunday 21 st ~ 2pm Matinee an                            rables ~ & Mor
                                                                                                                     November           d 8pm Eve                      e
                                                   Adults $4                                    University
                                                                                                             of Adelaide        ~ 2pm Mat         ning
                                                           5 ~ Conce                                                    ’s Elder H        inee
                                                                      ssions $3                                                    all   ,
                                                                                                                                        North Terra
                                                          Students              5                         Proudly pr                                 ce
                                                       Groups of    $25                                             esented by
                                                                 10+ $40 pp                                                    the Rotary
                                                                                                                         & Grote Bu       Club of Ad
                                                     Pre-book                                                                       siness Pr        elaide W
                                                                                                                                                             est Inc
                                                                                                                              Pro ceeds wil
                                                          $10/vehi                                                                           l benefit:
                                                           Further inf
                                                                      ormation                                                                                              Rotary Clu
                                                                                 is availab                                                                                            b of
                                                                                           le at www.                                                                       Adelaide
                                                                                                               .au or pres                                                 incorpora st
                                                                                                                          ident@gro                                                  ted
                                                                                                                                                         or 0410 52
                                                                                                                                                                   3 106

            Brilliant Broadway
            Well this is the last time we get to advertise our concert as
            there is less than a week to go.                                                                                     neXt week
            An enormous amount of effort has been undertaken to                                                                  Welcoming
            promote this fundraising event culminating this week with                                                            Edan Barnett
            substantial radio coverage. Leaflets are still being distributed
            by the Marles family as well as our charities Arthritis, Cora
            Barclay and Minda.
            At present we have only 700 tickets sold however we
                                                                                                                                 David Griggs
            continued to be encouraged by those in the industry who say
            shows around Adelaide are not selling until the last minute.
            Bill was very pleased to be told this last week by Claire at
            Elder Hall that she thought our bookings were good and                                                               upcoming
            there always seems to be a rush before the concert.                                                                  program
            We have all tried really hard to make this function a                                                                18 November
            successful event and to be able to make a substantial                                                                Akira Makita, our
            donation to the charities however if there is a loss, let’s hope                                                     Ambassadorial Scholar.
            it is minimal.

            is there anyone else who you know                                                                                    26 November
            would Buy tickets?                                                                                                   Christmas Dinner.

                                         International President: Ray Klinginsmith                                               2 December
                                         District Governor 9500: Ed King                                                         Joint meeting with Adelaide
                                         District Governor 9500 Elect: Eric Russell                                              South.
                                         President Adelaide West Inc.: Tom Appleby
important: return oF                                  district diary
raFFle tickets                                        20 November
                                                      RC Prospect Sunrise - International Dinner
would members please ensure raffle tickets
are returned to Bill marles at next thursday’s
meeting with money and any unsold tickets as          20 November
sales will be completed at the concert of any         RC Port Hedland - 40th birthday
remaining tickets.
if you are unable to attend the meeting please
                                                      20 – 21 November
ensure tickets stubs or unsold tickets are
posted by tuesday 16 november to:                     Three Brilliant Broadway concerts, Elder Hall - RC
                                                      Adelaide West
        John madigan
        58 linden ave
        hazelwood park sa 5066                        25 November
                                                      White Ribbon Breakfast
concert tickets purchased through the club
will be available from Bill marles at thursday’s
meeting. payment is required please.                  28 November
                                                      Youth Exchange Outbound 2011 Final Briefing

meeting transFer                                      17 December
transfer of thursday’s meeting 2280 on 25             Science Experience - Uni SA (11-13 January 2011) –
november to our christmas dinner the next             closing date
evening on Friday 26 november at the public
schools club.
                                                      17 December
                                                      Science Experience - Adelaide University (18 - 20
                                                      January 2011) – closing date
cake sales                                            21 – 25 May 2011
Ian Lumsden is again selling                          Rotary International Convention – New Orleans, USA
cakes and puddings at $15.50
each. If you wish to purchase
please see Ian.

members: please check this schedule regularly and mark your due turn in your diary. if you are
unable to fulfil your rostered duty, please arrange for a replacement club member in advance.
welcoming duties: at desk with the cashier to complete name tags/make up cards, etc for guests.
duties commence at 12.30pm.

                         welcoming                 cash                   sergeant
november 18              edan Barnett              nathan                 david griggs
november 26              catherine logue           geoff Beer             david griggs
                                                   randolph alwis
                                                   henry pecanek
                                                                 Children do not produce oil in their skin because they
    meeting 2277, 4 novemBer                                     have a coating on the hair and do not produce oil until
    Club discussion on ticket sales and concert by Bill          puberty when oil production kicks in and then they
    Marles. Apologies Alan Smith, Peter Thompson,                generate a considerable amount which causes difficulties
    Catherine Logue, Sioux Christiansen.                         for the skin to adjust.

    There were 12 members present and President Tom won          Peter then discussed head lice and indicated experts state
    the raffle.                                                  that maybe 70% of children in a class have this problem.
                                                                 This is a dilemma for parents. His concern is that the
                                                                 chemicals used for treatment of this problem go straight
                                                                 into the blood stream. He therefore created a product
                                                                 five years ago to treat head lice from plants using the
    meeting 2278, 11 novemBer                                    knowledge that the body has the mechanism to process
                                                                 the products and not cause any effects.
    speaker: peter Francis, ceo, aBache
                                                                 He included essential oils from plants into his products
    Topic: Hair - everything you need to know                    which are totally organic.
    Peter commenced his presentation by demonstrating            Peter has been in business for over five years and has
    with a sponge from the beach by placing shampoo on           outlets in 28 countries throughout the world. He feels his
    it so we could see how it goes straight through hair or      products are beautiful and safe to use even in a bubble
    in the case of the demonstration how the liquid goes         bath. He has applied his knowledge of tricology to
    straight to the scalp. A demonstration to prove we           market both a useful and safe product.
    absorb liquids into the skin.
    As a tricoligist he has studied hair for over 30 years and
    is aware of changes that can occur. When he and his          attendance and raFFle
    wife had a family and were dealing professionally with
    children he was very concerned with the chemicals he         There were 13 members present. Apologies from Alan
    was using that could enter the blood stream within two       Sioux and Catherine were received. President Tom
    minutes as the skin on the head is different from other      increased his quality wine supply by again winning the
    parts of the body.                                           raffle.

upcoming meeting
meeting 2279, 18 novemBer                                         Celebrating Christmas with him, explaining Easter
                                                                  in Australia, invitations to dinner or a barbecue have
Speaker: Akira Makita, Our Ambassadorial Scholar                  heighten our awareness of our culture and given us an
                                                                  opportunity to learn so much more about Japan.
By Marie Dorrington
                                                                  Sharing a barbecue meal with Akira’s parents when
Akira arrived in Australia in January 2009. There was a           they were in Australia was truly a wonderful experience.
group of Rotarians at the airport to welcome him and              What amazing and warm people they were! It is no
I was one of those anxiously awaiting his appearance              surprise that Akira is such a committed and sincere
through Customs. Getting to know Akira has been a                 person.
pleasure for our family and I am sure for the Rotary Club
of Adelaide West.                                                 Akira has been eager to speak to as many Rotary Clubs
                                                                  as possible and has even travelled to Alice Springs
Initially Akira stayed with Mrs Julie Corrigan in Magill          to do so. I am very grateful to Peter Hoey, Assistant
for a few weeks, then he moved to a student apartment             Governor Group 10, for his warm hospitality to Akira
which he and I discovered in our hunt for something               and for organising visits to the three clubs there. He
central and suitable. 23 King William Street seemed to            has attended District Conferences and spoken at one,
fit the needs well! Having stayed there for his first year        addressed Rotary Foundation Seminars and attended
in Australia, Akira then moved to Aquinas College in              many other official occasions. I am sure it was a
North Adelaide where he has been welcomed and where               highlight of his time in Australia when the Rotary Club
they have great respect for him. A presentation from              of Adelaide West presented him with a birthday cake on
the College by Professor Denis Ralph was made to him              his 24th birthday about 12 months ago.
on Tuesday November 9 to wish him well in the future.
Ken and I were delighted and proud to be invited by the           Ken and I have grown to think of Akira as part of our
College to be part of this.                                       extended family and are grateful for the opportunity to
                                                                  get to know him so well. We hope that he will have the
Akira has worked diligently at his studies during his time        opportunity to visit Australia again and that we will be
in Australia studying a Masters Degree in Economics.              able to meet his extended family in Japan some time.
He certainly has deserved to succeed and has achieved
to a very high standard. Studying at tertiary level in a          We also thank Terry and Kim Lewis (Terry is Chair
second language is something most of us would not                 of the Scholarships Committee) and PDG Roberta
dream of doing, yet Akira has done that well and is now           Waterman and Geoff Ellershaw for their care and
able to speak English at a complex level.                         concern for Akira during his stay in Adelaide.

Culturally there are many differences between Japan and           We wish him every success and happiness in the future
Australia and Akira has been very keen to learn as much           and trust that he will always think of our home and
about Australia as he can and often asks what is the              Australia as ‘his other home’.
protocol for a particular occasion.

                                                                                             more photos
44                                                    Akira’s arrival                        on neXt page!
                               more photos
                               oF akira

    District conference 2009

                                             Rotar y
                                             Seminar 2009
                                             in Melbourne

                                   Akira’s parent’s visit
upcoming meeting

meeting 2280, Friday 26 novemBer
Christmas Dinner
Venue Public Schools Club
Time 6.30 for 7pm
Please refer to the Christmas article below and bring a suitable gift.

                                                                                     Rotary Club
                                                                                   of Adelaide West

                                                                                  2010 Christmas Dinner

                                                                               Friday, November 26th 2010
                                                                                   Public Schools Club

                                                                                       Starts 7pm
                                                                                  Pre-dinner drinks and
                                                                            hors-d’oeuvres in Reception Room
                                                                              Featuring Kildare College Year 11
                                                                                       Vocal Ensemble

                                                                            In lieu of Secret Santa, please bring a
                                                                             contribution for the Central Adelaide
                                                                             Homeless Project to be placed under
                                                                                      the Christmas Tree.

Wear something ‘Christmas’!

weekly dispatch                                                   important dates
Click here to download dispatch items for 6 November
2010 include:
1. Member access tutorial                                         thursday, 18 novemBer
2. Adelaide visit by RI President Ray Klinginsmith
                                                                  >> agm
3. Science Experience for year 9 and 10 students –
closing dates for applications.

                                                                  Friday, 26 novemBer
                                                                  >> christmas dinner at the public schools club

    here’s lucy

    upcoming meeting

    meeting 2281, 2 decemBer
    Joint meeting with Adelaide South
    Venue Public Schools Club
    Photos from Rotarian Zuhier Saeed in Sudan of the
    area near Migrih where our water project will soon
    commence. The photos of the area were taken recently
    at the end of the wet season.

    other cluBs’
    meeting times
    (@ the Public Schools Club)
    Adelaide East Tuesday 1.00pm
    Adelaide Parks Wednesday 6.15pm
    (@ the Bradman Room Adelaide Oval)
    Adelaide Wednesday 1.00pm
                                                                       Members of Adelaide
    (@ the Naval Military Club - Hutt St)                                West Rotary Club
    Adelaide Light Thursday 7.00am                                       Inc thank Bragg’s
    (@ the Pavilion Restaurant South Tce)                              Restaurant and Staff
    Adelaide South 12.30 for 1pm                                        for Sponsorship of
                                                                         this Club Bulletin.
    attending other cluBs’ meetings
    Please advise Geoff French of your make-up
    when you attend another club meeting. It can be
    two weeks either side of your missed meeting.

    past Bulletins online
    Please visit:

    oFFice Bearers 2010-11                                         contact us
    rotary cluB oF adelaide west                                   adelaide west rotary club
    president:                                tom appleby          po Box 7142
                                                                   hutt street, adelaide
    vice president:                           randolph alwis am
                                                                   south australia 5000
    past president:                           george magee
    treasurer:                                mervyn nancarrow     Bulletin editor
                                                                   John F madigan oam
    sergeant:                                 david griggs
    secretary:                                geoff Beer
    rotary Foundation:                        alan smith oam
    community service chair:                  sioux christiansen   meetings
    international service chair:              ashleigh lorraine
                                                                   thursdays @ 12.30pm for 1pm start
    vocational service chair:                 catherine logue      the public schools club
    membership and extension chair:           John madigan oam     207 east tce, adelaide
    club service chair:                       randolph alwis am    south australia 5000
                                                                   adelaide west rotary club was
    international/district                                         chartered 20 January 1964
    international president:                  ray klinginsmith
    district governor 9500:                   ed king
    assistant governor group 1:               marie dorrington     graphic design
                                                                   Tania Macdonald,
    district governor 9500 elect:             eric russell
9                                                                  Inspire Be Communications
                                                                   and Design, 0438 878 276

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