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                               FACULTY OF HEALTH
                        SOCIAL WORK AND HUMAN SERVICES

                                     PROFILE OF

                             A SOCIAL WORK


                     Compiled by (Name):
                     Agency (Name & Location):

Contact: Emma McCaul Placement Officer; QUT Social Work and Human Services, Faculty of Health. Email: Phone: 3138 4523, Fax 3138 0296.
Students of SWHS are required to compile a profile of the agency during their Field Education
placements. Completion of the profile provides students with an opportunity to research and describe
their agency, its services, structures and practices. This enhances their ability to place their personal
style of social work practice within the agency context. Moreover, the profile is a learning opportunity
for the student who is required to prepare a well-presented, accurate and readable description of the
Agency and present this to their supervisor and the University. Agency profiles provide valuable
information about the nature and scope of the agency’s functions and services, its client base,
structure, service delivery mode and role, and enhance the public presentation of the agency within
the university system. They should therefore be accurate, up to date and well presented. With the
agency’s and student’s permission, the profile will be accessible to staff and students who are
exploring voluntary work or placement options. While the draft agency profile is being compiled it
will be shown by the student to, and discussed with, the placement supervisor who will be asked if
he/she is agreeable to QUT staff and other students accessing it.

On submission via email to QUT it will be understood that the document is now available for
viewing by other students. Any confidential or sensitive information should be removed prior to

Complete the profile only in relation to the agency where you are based for your placement
even if the organisation has more than one location around the state (eg Child Safety, Inala).

The profile should follow the outlined format, although students are encouraged to use their discretion
concerning the emphasis given to each separate section. For instance, in a small, non-government
agency there may be significant importance in the sources of funding from external bodies and this
may be a major driving force in relation to policy directions and the types of services that are
provided to the community. This area should therefore be emphasised in the profile. Similarly, aspects
of the organisational context that are of lesser importance should be given an appropriate level of
emphasis. In this way, the agency profile will be a brief overview of the role, responsibilities,
structure and service delivery methods. The following format includes a number of set questions and
areas that are required to be addressed. These should be described in sufficient detail and clarity so
that the reader is properly informed as to the nature, relevance and importance of each area upon
service delivery and the student's practitioner role. While agency documents may be attached to the
profile, it is important for the student to demonstrate their detailed knowledge and understanding of
the agency by succinctly detailing the relevant areas. You will therefore have to be succinct and focus
upon the material that is relevant to agency operations and the student practitioner role.

All profiles should be typed and professionally presented.

The profile should be emailed to Emma at by or before the advised due date.
Any questions concerning this profile or related issues, suggestions or feedback, can be raised with
the Field Education Coordinator.

Dr Mike Dee
Lecturer and Coordinator Field Education
Faculty of Health
Social Work and Human Services
Queensland University of Technology
Kelvin Grove
Tel: 3138 4750 Fax: 3138 0296

This profile is accurate as at ……/……./……
1.    Agency Name ...........................................................................................

      Agency Address ..............................................................................................

      Suburb ......................................................................... Postcode ..................

      Postal Address ................................................................................................

      Phone Number ................... Fax Number ................... Email Address……………………

2.    In which location is the agency situated? (See attached map and circle one)

      Caboolture                                    Sunshine Coast                                         Gold Coast

      Brisbane North BN                             Brisbane North-East BNE

      Brisbane South BS                             Brisbane South-East BSE                                Brisbane South-West BSW

      Ipswich IP                                    Logan LG                                               Beenleigh BL

      Other (specify)

3.    What type of agency is it? (tick one).

      Federal Government Agency                                          State Government Agency

           Local Government Agency                                            Non-government Agency

           Church or Religious-based Agency

      Other (specify)

4.    Name of Agency Manager/Coordinator.

5.    Name of Agency Contact Person (if different)

6.    Phone number and e-mail of Agency Contact Person.

7.    Is the agency easily accessible to public transport rail?

      If so, which Station _______________________________________________________

8.    Is the agency easily accessible to public transport bus?

      If so, which stop plus route? __________________________________________________

9.    Approximately how many workers (social workers, psychologists etc.) does the agency

10.   Approximately how many administrative staff does the agency employ?

11.   Does the agency utilise volunteers to assist with service delivery to clients?

12.   What sort of tasks and duties can volunteers undertake at the agency?

13.   Who are the Agency’s Primary Client Groups? (Be as specific as possible)

14.   Who are the Agency’s Secondary Client Groups? (Be as specific as possible)

15.   Does the Agency provide services to a specified location or region? (Specify)

16.   Does the agency have other outlets or locations from which they provide services?
      If yes, please indicate the location and type of services provided at these locations.

17.   Describe the types of client/community problems or issues that the agency addresses.

18.   Indicate the service delivery contexts provided by the agency. (Indicate all relevant areas)

      Individual Counselling                          Couple Counselling

      Family Counselling                              Child/Adolescent Counselling

      Groupwork                                       Casework/Case Management

      Voluntary Welfare Intervention                  Statutory/Involuntary Welfare

      Accommodation Assistance                        Financial/Material Assistance

      Mental Health                                   Client Advocacy

      Community Education                             Community Work/Development

      Policy Development                              Program Evaluation/Development

      General Hospital                                Other (describe)

19.   Specify the hours of operation of the agency. (eg .Is the agency a part-time operation?)

20.   What are the agency’s formal goals and objectives? Are there Strategic and Operational

21.   Describe the agency’s organisational structure and outline the formal lines of authority.
      (You may attach an organisational chart)

22.   How does the organisational structure affect service delivery?

23.   In general terms only, identify the agency’s source of funds for each of its program areas
      and outline how funding requirements affect client outcomes and service delivery.

24.   Detail the types of assistance or service delivery that the agency (strategies) provides to

25.   What are the agency’s client outcomes as specified in Strategic or Operational Plans?

26.   Describe the theoretical practice frameworks (professional, philosophical, political or
      ideological) that the agency and its staff utilise or espouse to guide their human service
      practice. If you are unable to identify exactly what theoretical framework the agency
      espouses pleased ask your supervisor. If the answer is still not evident then please state
      clearly what theoretical framework you would use as a worker in your particular agency.
      Important: this answer must be at least two paragraphs – half a page in length.

27.   Identify the key moral values and ethical principles the agency holds concerning its
      operations and service delivery. Another important question.

28.   Describe the agency’s human resource policies and practices and identify how these affect
      staff and service delivery. (eg. E.E.O., Anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, staff selection
      procedures, staff contracting arrangements, volunteer procedures and guidelines.)

29.   Outline any other relevant matter concerning the agency’s structure, operations or service


30.   Does the student require a drivers licence?

31.   Does the student need to have keyboard/computer skills?

32.   Does the Agency have any requirements concerning students? (eg. Full/part time, gender,
      life-stage, strand, academic achievement, written skills, dress code etc Specify)

33.   How many QUT students is the agency usually able to take?

34.   Which SWHS students could undertake this placement?

              Human Services                             Social Work

35.   What sort of regular functions, duties and tasks can be allocated to a student whilst
      on Field Education placement at the agency?

36.   What sort of projects or infrequent tasks can be allocated to a student at the agency?

37.   Any other information you believe is vital knowledge for future students to the agency?


Social Work and Human Service placement agencies are covered by their own Workplace Health and
Safety (WH & S) requirements, policies and procedures. During placement students are required to
conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner, avoiding any risk taking behaviours and acting
at all times fully in line with the placement agency's WH & S requirements. The University’s student
insurance policy specifically covers the range of activities included in Field Education and it is the
student's responsibility to be fully conversant and compliant with their placement agency's WH & S
requirements as well as keeping up to date with QUT H & S requirements relating to placement, in
the interests of their own health and safety and also the health and safety of all persons they interact

Early on in the placement students start compiling this Agency Profile and a central part of the
Agency Profile requires students to undertake a risk assessment comparing the activities identified as
covered by the QUT H & S requirements with the known and anticipated activities emerging through
the development of their Learning Plan and to be undertaken while on placement. Where there is no
divergence between QUT H & S requirements and the agency's WH & S requirements an entry to this
effect is to be made in the student's Learning Plan and notified via email to the QUT Liaison Visitor.
Where there is a divergence between QUT H & S requirements and the placement agency's W H & S
requirements, then this must be discussed with the agency supervisor and notified immediately via
email to the QUT Liaison Visitor, in order for any issues to be discussed and resolved.

QUT’s Health and Safety Policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) relating to Field
Placement can be found at: under Placement Information and elsewhere on
the Faculty of Health site.

38.   Describe the Agency’s Workplace Health and Safety policies and include a sample of them
      as an Annex if possible.

39.   Describe the Agency’s Workplace Health and Safety Risk Assessment Practices and
      Procedures and include a sample of them as an Annex if possible.

40.   Identify any Workplace Health and Safety risks or issues at the Agency impacting on you
      as a student and/or clients and staff of the agency and the ways in which these are
      addressed by the Agency’s Workplace Health and Safety policies and procedures.


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