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					            Our Capability to Achieve
Total Project Development Objectives

         – Process Plants that Work
                            July 2004

                                B    ATEMAN has base-metal plant references in minerals
                                     processing, smelting and refining applications dating back
                                more than two decades. Services have been rendered
                                worldwide, ranging from prefeasibility studies through
                                engineering, procurement and construction management
                                (EPCM) and lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) services for multi-million
                                dollar facilities. Design capability extends from processing
                                minerals containing base metals to pyrometallurgical and
                                hydrometallurgical plants. Proprietary equipment is also
                                     BATEMAN provides value-adding solutions to the
                                challenges of converting natural resources into marketable
                                products, comprising process-orientated engineering, specialist
                                niche technologies, financial and commercial facilitation and
                                contracting and project management. It actively seeks project
                                creation opportunities and the potential for equity participation.
                                     BATEMAN understands project needs and the requirement
                                to provide clients with qualified project teams to fulfill
                                customer requirements. It has major offices worldwide
                                strategically positioned to service the mining and minerals
Today’s commodity market        industries and its offices are staffed with engineers of all
provides a challenge to         disciplines fully conversant with local requirements and
develop mines and process       supported by the group’s expertise and experience
plants that deliver the         internationally on minerals technologies. We routinely call on
maximum financial return         the service of 2 000 professionals worldwide to address specific
over the life of the project.   technology requirements and project needs.
Resource developers need             BATEMAN commenced business almost 85 years ago in
to team with an                 South Africa as a supplier of North American minerals
engineering and                 processing equipment to the South African mining industry.
construction contractor         The firm developed systems engineering and erection support
with the personnel and          capabilities for this equipment and as a natural extension a
experience to create and        business developed to provide process-engineering services
implement innovative            globally.
strategies that deliver your         BATEMAN is registered in the Netherlands as Bateman
project’s development           Engineering BV. It now operates in Africa, the Americas,
objectives.                     Australasia and Europe.
                                     BATEMAN is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.



 4 BATEMAN                   Overview of Bateman Engineering BV

 5 What We Do                Services which complement our clients’ strengths

 6 Processing Technologies   Process modelling, comminution, preconcentration,
   for the Zinc Industry     flotation, dewatering, pyrometallurgy, leaching,
                             residue and impurities removal, purification,
                             solvent extraction (SX) and electrowinning (EW)

18 Our Approach              A team commitment to achieve project objectives

19 Safety, Human Relations   Safe plants, delivered safely and with consideration
   and Environment           for humans and the environment

20 Project Simulation        State-of-the-art project management systems that
   and Design Systems        use technology to save time and money

21 Special Zinc-Processing Technologies

22 Our Zinc Track Record     Presenting our zinc industry projects and studies

36 Why BATEMAN?              Because we have the right people with the
                             best tools and the right attitude.

   Bateman Engineering BV (BATEMAN) is an
   innovative solutions provider to the natural-
   resources industry internationally, providing a
   comprehensive blend of skills comprising process-                     Bateman
   orientated engineering, specialist niche
   technologies, financial and commercial facilitation                    Engineering BV
   and contracting and project management. The
   company operates under the BATEMAN banner
   and provides total solutions for the conversion of
   natural resources into marketable products.

B      ATEMAN serves many market sectors, including
       mining, minerals and metals processing, gas
compression and crude-oil refining, chemicals and
                                                                   sectors. Their capabilities complement the group’s other
                                                                   abilities to implement base-metal projects.
                                                                         BATEMAN has a comprehensive range of in-house
fertilisers, environmental protection, bulk-materials              and licensed engineered technologies covering bulk-
handling and water, sewage and effluent treatment.                 materials handling, pneumatic conveying, environmental
      BATEMAN has established a focused niche in                   control and mineral processing. This portfolio includes
developing regions with evolving economies where                   load-out stations and train pushers, pipe conveyors,
clients are faced with a daunting web of technical,                stockyard stacker and reclaimer systems, multi-cell and
financial, commercial, political, logistical and cultural           dome silos, overland conveyors in excess of 10 km,
difficulties in bringing their ventures to reality. We offer       pneumo-driers, small-goods handling including capsule
our clients project-management capabilities which can              conveyors and monorail-transport systems, electrostatic
cope with these difficulties in the exploitation of wealth         precipitators and hot-gas cleaning systems, and slag- and
creating products like copper, lead, zinc, cobalt, nickel,         matte-granulation know-how. Processing systems include
aluminium, platinum-group metals (PGMs), diamonds,                 all the key types of equipment, from feeders, to mills and
gold, gas and oil.                                                 crushers, screens, separators, flotation plants and
      For many decades the minerals and metals industry            thickeners and specialised conveyors and elevators.
has been the group’s main market. BATEMAN was                            International technology links ensure that the group
involved in gold projects in South Africa from the early           remains abreast of state-of-the-art process technologies.
days of the last century, but more recently has                    BATEMAN engineers are specialists in applying such
undertaken projects such as Beaconsfield, Mt Todd,                  technologies to the design and construction of process
Henty, Tanami and Nolans in Australasia, Carlin in USA             plants tailored to fully satisfy client requirements. A wide
and Muruntau, Sukhoi Log, Navoi and several other                  range is on offer and includes SX, resin and molecular
projects in the CIS.                                               recognition technology (MRT), leaching technology
      In the base-metals field recent major BATEMAN                 (ammonium thiosulphate, atmospheric acid leaching and
projects include Sepon (copper), George Fisher                     standard, medium and high-pressure autoclaves and heap
(lead/zinc), Skorpion (zinc), Kasese and Chambishi                 leaching), modular and transportable process plants for
(cobalt), Mt Gordon (formerly Gunpowder Copper),                   on-land and marine processing, Apic air-pulsed jigs for
Sanyati (copper), Bulong and Empress (nickel), and                 the recovery of metal-from-slag dumps and both DC
Peñoles bioleach pilot plant (copper). Recently the                open-arc and AC submerged-arc furnace technology with
group has dominated the PGM market for process plants              particular applications in the ferroalloys industry.
and major projects include Modikwa, Rasimone,                            Our track record of more than 3 000 successful
Potgietersrust, Impala’s UG2, Crocodile River, BMR and             projects in many industries covers nearly 70 countries.
EPMR projects, Hartley, Western Platinum Refinery,                  BATEMAN has a global infrastructure targeted to serve its
Stillwater and the Anglo Platinum PMR expansion.                   markets in Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Europe and
      BATEMAN has the largest reference list in Southern           the Middle East with offices in Boksburg, Germiston and
Africa for the design and construction of ferroalloy-              Gaborone; Denver, Tucson and Vancouver; Brisbane and
processing plants. Projects include smelters, metal-from-          Perth; and Almaty, Altendorf, Amsterdam and Moscow.
slag facilities, upgrading of ores and modular air-pulsed
jigs and BATEMAN’s involvement in build, own and                   ... worldwide technology
operate activities has been extended to other business             combined with local experience
                                                 We are active in all stages of project
                                                 development, from feasibility studies through
            What We Do                           to plant modifications and new plant
                                                 construction; taking greenfield and
                                                 brownfield sites from concept to handover
                                                 and commissioning. We embrace all of the
                                                 latest proven technologies to extract the
                                                 maximum benefit from resources.

Concept Development                                    I Tailings disposal, cyanide recovery, gas
                                                         handling, neutralisation, effluent
I Conceptual and strategic mine planning for             management
  opencut and underground mines                        I Project infrastructure (water, power, roads,
I Mineral and project economics                          camps).
I Project-risk analysis
I Development of process flowsheets and                 Project Delivery
  laboratory test-work programmes
I Scoping studies to assess viable alternatives        I Procurement, project management,
I Optimisation of concepts and flowsheets                 construction management and
I Dynamic or static simulation of materials-             commissioning
  handling systems (from pit face forward)             I Execution as lump-sum turnkey contractor,
  and processing plant.                                  EPCM contractor or as project services
Feasibility Studies                                    I Project execution using integrated teams
                                                         consisting of client and other important
I Total project feasibility studies as well as           stakeholders
  engineering cost studies                             I Project execution using alliance and
I Comprehensive assessment of all project                partnership contracting.
I Development of accurate and reliable                 Finance and Facilitation
  project capital and operating costs
I Value engineering to develop optimal (IRR)           I Facilitation of the optimum, most cost-
  solutions.                                             effective financing packages
                                                       I Embraces all components of the project –
Engineering Design                                       technical package, risk management, tax
                                                         planning, market profile, etc.
I Comminution circuits inclusive of large              I Funds sourced from export credit agencies,
  mills and fine grinding                                 stock markets and international banks,
I Minerals processing, gravity, heavy media,             development agencies and institutions
  flotation, magnetic separation, dewatering            I Commercial arrangements and off-take
I Pyrometallurgical (roasting, smelting                  agreements secured
  converting, slag cleaning)                           I Geo-cultural and geo-political experience
I Leaching (high pressure, low pressure,                 enhances an understanding of local
  bacterial, heap, agitated tank, vat)                   requirements.
I Solvent extraction, electrowinning,
                                                                                   Continued overleaf

                                                        What we do
                                                        – continued

Equity Participation                                  materials-management system
                                                    I Materials-control suite to manage the full
I BATEMAN may take an equity position in a            project life cycle for all tagged and bulk-
  project for a specific period                        materials items
I Other equity partners and shareholders            I Time, cost and deliverables control using
  may be secured.                                     Oracle to optimise the cost-engineering
Build-Own-Operate-Transfer                          I Document control and tracking using
Toll Treatment                                        LiveLink and LiveOffice to ensure effective
                                                      communication throughout the project team
I BATEMAN will design and then build, own           I Integration of the common planning tools,
  and operate (BOO) a facility                        e.g. MSProject and Primavera, into the
I Transfer (BOOT) of the facility for a pre-          IPROM toolset.
  determined price may be negotiated
I Releases scarce capital and management            Operational Consultancy
  resources for application elsewhere
I Enables outsourcing of non-core business          I Specialised engineers in all disciplines of
I Provides one-stop accountability from               design engineering
  inception of project to market delivery.          I Embraces all process treatment facilities
                                                    I Consulting on high-profit and low-operating
Low-Cost Engineering                                  cost operations
                                                    I Advises on the latest process technology.
I Through Bateman Africa and the small
  projects division, BATEMAN provides for
  the execution of smaller projects                 Spares and After-Sales Services
I Small experienced, multi-skilled teams
  with small-project experience                     I Cover all equipment supplied into
I Minimised project manhours and cost                 BATEMAN projects
I Cost-effective project services                   I Comprise spares, maintenance,
I Projects brought on track quickly.                  refurbishment – on-site or in workshops
                                                    I Include:
IPROM System                                          J field services that provide routine
                                                          servicing, replacement of worn parts and
I A fully integrated project-management                   precautionary remedial action
  system                                              J remote diagnostic monitoring of
I Intelligent pipeline and instrumentation                equipment performance which ensures
  diagrams (P&IDs) directly linked to the                 timeous corrective action
  3D model, engineering database and                I Provide on-line sales services.

                                             ... a comprehensive range of services
                                              Heat and mass balances that closely
 Process Modelling                            simulate plant operation form the basis of
                                              successful plant development and
                                              operation. BATEMAN utilises various
                                              simulation programs to perform front-end
                                              modelling of chemical and physical

Steady-State Simulation                               downstream de-bottlenecking. When interfaced
                                                      with actual control hardware, it becomes a

W       e have developed Limn, Metsim and
        Pyrosim models for a range of unit
operations commonly used in base metal
                                                      time-saving control system for de-bugging and
                                                      an excellent training tool.

comminution, flotation, hydrometallurgy and            Fine Element Analysis (FEA) and
pyrometallurgy operations. We also use the            Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
JK-SimMet modelling package for examination
of comminution circuits.

Dynamic Simulation
                                                      F   EA and CFD are applied in the design of
                                                          furnace components and for the design of a
                                                      wide range of other process and mechanical
                                                      equipment. We can determine the response of

T   he Windows-based package used for the
    dynamic simulation of processes, SysCAD,
models transient operating conditions,
                                                      structures to loads and the flow characteristics
                                                      of fluids and gases without the need to build
                                                      and test costly prototypes and conduct lengthy
providing upset analysis, surge verification and       field trials.

                                              On the Marlborough nickel project, we
                                              completed a fully integrated heat and mass
                                              balance across all plant areas believed to
                                              be a first for the new laterite nickel
                                              projects. Similar models were developed
                                              for the Hartley, Stillwater, Skorpion and
                                              other projects.

                                              For the George Fisher zinc project, a dynamic
                                              simulation model was developed for the
                                              underground trucks, shaft, road transport,
                                              concentrator, and associated bins and
                                              stockpiles. The simulation identified a
                                              number of potential operational issues which
                                              were addressed in the conceptual design
                                              development and project implementation.

Efficient comminution that takes into
account the specific requirements of the
downstream metallurgical processes is
needed to unlock the mineral wealth in
an orebody.

                                                       BATEMAN has designed and constructed
                                                       all forms of crushing systems including in-
                                                       pit, primary, secondary, tertiary and
                                                       quaternary crushing systems. Four-stage
                                                       crushing circuits to -3,2 mm have been
                                                       successfully applied on the Muruntau
                                                       heap leach project in Uzbekistan.
                                                       Multiple crushing installations were also
     The ore mill circuit at Skorpion Zinc,            recently incorporated in the Skorpion Zinc
                                                       plant in Namibia.

                                                       Grinding Circuits
                                                       BATEMAN has the services of a world
                                                       authority in the field of semi-autogenous
                                                       grinding (SAG) circuits and its experience
                                                       includes the design and construction of
                                                       large autogenous grinding (AG) and SAG
                                                       circuits. For example, BATEMAN has
                                                       completed conceptual designs for a 40 ft
                                                       (12,2 m) AG mill for Olympic Dam,
     Milling circuit at Hartley Platinum mine,         installed a 26 ft (7,0 m) SAG mill at
     Zimbabwe.                                         Hartley, provided two wet overflow mills
                                                       at Skorpion Zinc, one 5,5 m in diameter
                                                       and 6,4 m in length for ore grinding and
                                                       one 4,2 m in diameter and 7,95 m in
                                                       length for limestone grinding. It also has
                                                       many rod- and ball-milling references.

                                                       Fine Grinding
                                                       We have utilised tower mills, stirred mills
                                                       and ISA mills for flotation-concentrate
                                                       grinding and are experienced in the
     Installing ISA mills to regrind concentrate       operational and maintenance
     to –8 µm at George Fisher, Australia.             requirements of equipment essential for
                                                       the development of efficient plant designs.

   Preconcentration                          Physical separation processes can often be
                                             used prior to flotation to upgrade the
                                             flotation feed by making use of differences
                                             in the physical properties of ore and
                                             gangue minerals.

Dense-Media Separation
BATEMAN has designed and installed
DMS plants in the diamond, precious
stones, coal, industrial minerals, PGM
and zinc industries and pioneered the
removal of waste from concentrator-feed
streams using DMS.

Gravity Separation
BATEMAN’s experience includes the use                                            1 t/h DMS
of spirals to recover chromite concentrate                                       module.
from PGM flotation feed and the
application of jigs to recover metal from
slag. We have also investigated the use
of centrifugal separators to recover
precious metals from milling circuits.

Magnetic Separation
BATEMAN has been involved in a
number of studies and projects
incorporating the use of magnetic                                                A pilot-
separation in the processing of mineral                                          scale APIC
sands, as well as to concentrate PGM                                             jig in
from slow cooled converter matte into a                                          operation.
magnetic fraction.

  During flotation, surface chemistry is
  applied to selectively recover either
  valuable minerals or gangue materials.

Flash Flotation                                      cells. This experience includes the
In circuits employing multiple stages of             pumping of high air content froths
milling, flash flotation cells are used to             associated with fine grinding of
recover liberated mineral species after each         concentrates.
stage, in order to prevent overgrinding.
                                                     Reagent Plants
Conventional Flotation                               BATEMAN has designed and installed
BATEMAN has many references of plants                numerous packaged reagent plants,
using banks of conventional flotation cells           e.g. Impala UG2 plant, Lonmin, Anglo
and supplies proprietary cells in addition to        Platinum, Aquarius, etc., either as stand-
providing design and installation services.          alone or as part of concentrator plants.

Tank Cells
Large tank cells have become very popular
                                                          3-D CADD design
and BATEMAN has completed several such                      of flotation
installations in recent years.                               cells.

Column Cells
Our experience in the design of flotation
circuits includes column and Jameson

The Hartley flotation circuit, Zimbabwe.

                               New reagent plant
                             at Impala Platinum’s
                                Minerals Processes,
                                    Rustenburg, RSA.

                                        Following flotation, both the concentrate
                                        and tailings streams generally have to be
             Dewatering                 dewatered before being transferred to the
                                        next process.

Thickeners                              Filter Presses
BATEMAN has wide experience of the      Recessed chamber and membrane
use of conventional, high- and ultra-   presses have been used successfully to
high-rate thickeners to dewater both    generate concentrate cake for sale and
concentrate and tailings streams. The   occasionally even dry tailings for
more recent use of the BATEMAN          dumping in arid locations. They are
Ultrasep thickener has been very        used widely in base- and precious-
successful in areas in which water      metal refineries.
conservation is important.
                                        Continuous Pressure Filters
Vacuum Filters                          BATEMAN has recently installed several
BATEMAN’s experience extends to         horizontal plate pressure filters at a
drum, disc and belt filters on a wide    number of different metallurgical plants,
range of projects.                      including both concentrators and

Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum’s Ultrasep     Mt Gordon Copper’s horizontal-belt filter,
thickener, RSA.                           Australia.

                                                        Belt filters at
                                                        Skorpion Zinc,

  Pyrometallurgical plants still process a high
  percentage of all non-ferrous metal                     Pyrometallurgy
  flotation concentrates, although this
  percentage is probably declining as new
  hydrometallurgical treatment routes are

BATEMAN has a number of electric-arc
furnace plant references. We have also
been exposed to other technologies such
as flash smelting, Noranda and Teniente
processes, and top-submerged
lance furnaces.

As well as Pierce-Smith installations,
BATEMAN has worked on top-blown
rotary-converter installations and has been
involved in Ausmelt converting studies.

                                                       The BATEMAN electrode system installed
Peripherals                                            at Hernic Ferrochrome, Brits, RSA.
BATEMAN offers proprietary engineered systems
around belt, chain and pneumatic conveyors,
tapping and granulation, scrubbing, bag houses and
electrostatic precipitators. We also have experience
on acid plants and drying installations.

The COSAC 40 MW DC-arc furnace, Zambia.           Converter aisle at the Hartley smelter,

                                                 BATEMAN has wide experience of leaching
                        Leaching                 processes and designs to process ore,
                                                 concentrate and smelter mattes.
                                                 Hydrometallurgical processes appear to be
                                                 gradually becoming more favoured than
                                                 smelting processes for the treatment of ore
                                                 and concentrate.

Tank Leaching
BATEMAN has experience of both
cyanide and acid leach processes
carried out in trains of agitated tanks.
In this type of plant, selection of                                                  The leach
                                                                                     circuit at
materials is critical.

Medium Pressure Leaching
BATEMAN has a strong process group
experienced in autoclave design. This
experience has been used to process high-grade
sulphide ore, concentrates and converter mattes.

                                                                                     Mt Gordon
High Pressure Leaching                                                               autoclave,
BATEMAN was involved in the design for the
Bulong lateritic nickel project in which the leach
process utilises a titanium clad autoclave
designed to operate at 240 °C and 47 bar.

Emerging Technologies                                                                Bulong
We have worked on many projects employing                                            Nickel’s
heap leaching, including bacterial heap-leach                                        autoclave,
processes. Several bacterial tank-leach plants
have been designed and constructed, and we
have investigated sulphide oxidation using
microwaves. We also have experience of
project investigations using various novel
proprietary leach processes.

  The removal of leach residues and                     Residue and
  dissolved impurities with minimum loss of
  product is a critical step in most                    Impurity Removal
  hydrometallurgical processes.

Between leaching and the downstream purification
processes, it is often necessary to neutralise the
slurry or solution leaving the leach process. This
                                                            clarifier at
process is often coupled with iron removal and we               Bwana
have extensive experience of such processes using             Mkubwa
a variety of reagents.                                  mine, Zambia
                                                           – removing
                                                           solids from
                                                           the feed to
Clarifying, Thickening & Filtration                       the solvent-
Our experience covers a range of counter-current            extraction
decantation (CCD), counter-current filtration (CCF)             circuit.
clarifiers, pinned-bed settlers and sand filters.

Precipitation & Cementation
Efficient dissolved impurity removal is
essential in most hydrometallurgical
processes. We understand the basic unit
operations and apply our experience
in the design process to develop plants    Constructing the counter-current decantation circuit at
that minimise operating cost and           the Sepon Copper project in Laos.
maximise metal recovery.

Other Processes
BATEMAN has used solvent extraction, ion
exchange (IX) and MRT to remove minor
impurities from solution streams before routing
the solution to electrowinning circuits. We also
have experience at designing organic removal
circuits using various physical separation
                                                         MRT columns at Impala Platinum Limited-
                                                         Refineries, RSA.

                                         Copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel, PGMs, precious
                                         metals and iron sulphide minerals found in nature
          Purification                    can be selectively separated by molecular-
                                         recognition (MRT) and ion-exchange (IX)
                                         technology. BATEMAN expertise includes
                                         impurities removal by purification or cementation
                                         and classical precipitation techniques.

Ion Exchange (IX)
BATEMAN provides a one-stop solution combining several IX technologies.
Through an exclusive agreement with Mintek, traditional fixed-bed or fluidised-
bed technology, as well as the novel resin-in-pulp technology, is available.
The Mintek application base combined with a test-work capability enhances
the delivery of effective process solutions.
Typical applications
 I Removal of various impurities from base-metal and zinc refineries
 I Removal of copper, cobalt, nickel and zinc from slurries using resin-in-pulp
 I Removal of copper, cobalt and nickel during zinc purification and copper
 I Removal of iron from copper electrolytes allowing improved control of
    current efficiency in EW circuits
 I Resin-in-pulp can be used successfully to replace expensive solid-liquid
    separations prior to metal recovery steps.

Metals recovery
Trace amounts of metal contaminants may be extracted from large volumes of
solution flowing at many bed-volumes per minute, often in a form and
concentration worth processing further.
 I Copper recovery from in-situ mine-leach solutions and refinery bleed
 I Production of cathode-quality copper from acid mine-drainage streams at
    high flow-rates
 I Iron, aluminium, zinc, copper, cobalt / nickel and
    manganese recovery from acid mine-drainage and
    waste streams.

Environmental clean-up
Resin-in-pulp systems can
 I clean effluent streams and recover trace elements
   without the need for costly ultrafine filtration
 I clean-up effluents from base-metal and PGM
 I extract acid and recover copper from mine-leach         Resin-in-pulp pilot plant.

  BATEMAN has a wealth of solvent-extraction
  (SX) experience and has recently constructed
  and commissioned SX plants in Australia,              Solvent Extraction
  Africa and the Americas. This experience is
  complemented by BATEMAN’s ongoing
  commitment to improving the technology
  and equipment available for solvent

Bateman Pulsed Columns
This is a high-efficiency, cost-effective,
continuous contactor which can be applied to
extraction, stripping and scrub applications for
a wide range of metal recovery systems.
Benefits of the system include no loss of
organic solvents, low operational and
maintenance costs, minimal crud formation,
a small footprint and reduced fire risk.

Bateman Reverse-Flow
Enhanced-Coalescence Settler ®                          BATEMAN pulsed columns in Olympic
                                                        Dam’s uranium-extraction circuit, Australia.
This innovative development provides
substantial operational and performance benefits
over traditional mixer settler design and enables
side-by-side orientation of the pump mixers,
which reduces capital costs and provides
improved access for operators and maintenance.
The coalescence-enhancement channel and
other design aspects provide higher process
efficiencies and reduced organic loss.

                                                        Bateman Settlers® being used to extract
IMI Mixer & Compact Settler                             and strip copper at Mt Gordon, Australia.
This settler combines high-efficiency mixing
with good phase separation in solvent-extraction
processes requiring high throughput volumes.
It consists of an advanced generation turbine-
pump mixer and compact settler, both marketed
by BATEMAN for the original developer.

Conventional Mixer Settlers
We also have the capability to design fully
conventional mixer-settlers if required and have
several such reference plants processing copper,
                                                        The solvent-extraction circuit at Skorpion,
cobalt, zinc and PGM.                                   Namibia.

                                               BATEMAN designs tankhouses of all sizes,
        Electrowinning                         from small heap leach operations to large-
                                               scale, automated systems for electrowinning
                                               (EW) and electrorefining. Our experience
                                               extends across a range of minerals including
                                               copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt.

Bateman Crossflow Electrolytic Cell
BATEMAN’s redesigned cells provide an improved flow pattern around each cathode
resulting in improved cathode quality. The design also accommodates a close capture
ventilation system, providing a safe working environment which is particularly
important in the design of zinc, nickel and cobalt electrowinning circuits.

Tankhouse Layout
BATEMAN understands the importance of design practices that provide low-cost operating
facilities for both manual- and automated-strip plants. Attention to detail in materials handling
allows operators to focus on good operational practices that lead to low-cost metal production.

Electrowinning, Melting & Casting
BATEMAN has a close relationship with all the zinc-
technology suppliers and is able to offer this
technology for most zinc-refinery projects. We have
worked closely with Umicore, AdZ and Zincobre in
projects and bankable feasibility studies such as
Skorpion Zinc, Angouran Zinc refinery and McArthur
River zinc cell and casthouse.                                                             Zinc

BATEMAN installed the Mesco automatic
cathode stripping machine at Mt Gordon,
Australia.                                            Electrowinning at Skorpion Zinc.

We believe good people, good planning and
good systems are required to successfully             Our Approach
complete a project. To achieve our clients’
objectives successfully also requires the
utilisation of the appropriate technologies in
a commercially acceptable manner.

Teamwork is the answer
I We have strong teams of personnel experienced in the design, construction and
  operation of complex processing plants.
I We have a structured approach to building project teams to enhance the performance
  of the team beyond the sum of the individuals.
I Our people understand the need to work safely and to build safe plants.
I We ensure our clients’ needs are understood by the team.

Planning to achieve controllable outcomes
I Detailed planning for all facets of design, construction, commissioning and
  management ensures that complex projects are delivered safely.
I We place a strong emphasis on accurate measurement and reporting of progress to
  enable rapid remedial action, ensuring with confidence that construction and
  production targets can be achieved.

Procedures that allow the team to focus on implementation
I Our business processes add real value rather than simply providing quality compliance.
I Our latest project control systems are tailored to deliver time and cost objectives and
  are considered among the best in the business.

Technology implementation that provides life-of-project benefits
I The latest proven technology is used to achieve the specific project objectives.
I Innovative technology provides safer workplaces during construction, operation and
I Our global operations provide access to the latest industry developments worldwide, in
  all cases where this is permitted by our secrecy agreements with others.

Financial security to assist our clients
I Our reputation amongst the financial institutions is strong, giving credibility to the
  feasibility of projects.
I We have the corporate strength to deliver on our commitment to the success of the
I We can facilitate financial packages to assist project development.
I We may participate by providing short-term equity to initiate a project.
I BOO and BOOT options (see page 6) are available to assist clients realise projects.

... No Secrets – No Surprises

                                                     BATEMAN’s commitment to executing its
                                                     business in a responsible manner goes

    Safety, Health,                                  beyond mere policy statements and
                                                     procedures. We are proud of our safety and

   Environment &                                     environmental record on projects in harsh
                                                     locations internationally and make strenuous

 Human Resources                                     efforts to encourage a positive attitude to
                                                     these issues by all personnel on a project site.

Safety, Health & the Environment (SHE)                  SHE is an integral part of the BATEMAN management
system and our SHE policy guides our operations in a way that is safe and without risk to health and the
environment. The responsibility and commitment expected from our employees, contractors, customers and
the communities are clearly defined, not only to accord with the statutory requirements of the country we are
operating in but, more importantly, to minimise the trauma and the cost caused by workplace injuries.

    Global Performance                          Manhours                No of LTIs *           LTIFR **
    1997/1998     Australia                      2 009 207                       3               0,30
                  Republic of South Africa       1 704 079                       0               0,00
                  USA                              456 057                       0               0,00
                  TOTAL                          4 169 343                       3               0,14
    1998/1999     Australia                      1 378 292                       2               0,29
                  Republic of South Africa       1 888 004                       2               0,21
                  USA                              274 314                       0               0,00
                  TOTAL                          3 540 610                       4               0,23
    1999/2000     Australia                        923 390                       2               0,43
                  Republic of South Africa         528 423                       0               0,00
                  USA                              209 740                       0               0,00
                  TOTAL                          1 661 553                       2               0,24
    2000/2001     Australia                        242 465                       2               0,82
                  Republic of South Africa       4 328 698                       8               0,37
                  USA                              123 838                       0               0,00
                  TOTAL                          4 695 001                      10               0,38
    2001/2002     Australia                         38 600                       0               0,00
                  Middle East                      730 440                       0               0,00
                  Republic of South Africa       8 071 147                       7               0,17
                  TOTAL                          8 840 187                       7               0,16
    2002/2003     Australia                        402 420                       3               1,49
                  Middle East                      690 670                       0               0,00
                  Republic of South Africa      11 197 726                       9               0,16
                  TOTAL                         12 290 816                      12               0,20

    6 YEARS GRAND TOTAL                        35 197 510                       38               0,21
    * Lost-time injuries
    ** Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (per 200 000 manhours worked)

 We strive continuously for zero injuries with a zero tolerance for unsafe practices
Human Relations            Effective management of human relations is an essential ingredient in our enviable
record of virtually trouble-free construction activity. In countries with a low skills base or limited
construction experience, we have frequently been involved in setting up and running skills training
programmes before and during construction.
The Environment           BATEMAN is committed to responsible management of the natural environment by
controlling the risk associated with all environmental issues to a level that is low as is reasonably practicable
and requires all employees, agents and contractors to do likewise. We maintain the same standards
throughout the world and our projects have won environmental awards.

  At BATEMAN we use a comprehensive suite
  of powerful project simulation and design            Project
  systems to support all engineering design
  activities – thereby using the power of state-       Simulation and
  of-the-art computing technology to reduce
  resource loadings, rework and costs.                 Design Systems

Dynamic Simulation
Details of SysCAD and other packages used by BATEMAN are provided
under Process Modelling on page 7.
    We have developed Limn, Metsim and Pyrosim models for a range of
unit operations commonly used in base-metal comminution, flotation,
hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy operations and also use the JK-SimMet
modelling package for examination of comminution circuits.

Engineering Design & Drafting
BATEMAN uses an extensive array of proprietary
and in house developed software to develop
cost effective designs. We use both 2D and
3D drafting to gain a balance of cost
effectiveness across the design office,
fabrication shops, construction site and
operator training requirement and are
familiar with several 3D-
modelling packages.

               3D-CADD rendering of the
               spirals circuit of the Hillendale
               primary wet-treatment plant, RSA.

Rendering of the Sepon copper-processing plant developed during a definitive
feasibility study.

                                        ... Using Technology to Save Time and Costs

                                                  At BATEMAN we use a comprehensive suite
                                                  of powerful project systems to support all
                 Project                          project-related activities to speed up simple
                                                  administrative processes, simplify the
            Management                            collection, analysis, reporting and storage of
                                                  important project data and to facilitate
                Systems                           communications between design offices,
                                                  manufacturing workshops and site
                                                  construction personnel.

Business Process Management                             Engineering Design & Modelling
BATEMAN’s unique LiveLink and LiveOffice                BATEMAN uses full 3D modelling of process
software system simplifies the otherwise                 plants and has extensive experience in the use
complex process of preparing, registering,              of the Solid Edge, Vantage PD and Inventor
storing and retrieval of documents. The system          software suites. The discipline of getting the
automates workflow processes, standardises               design and material take-offs right the first time
formats and makes documents available to                pays dividends during the downstream
authorised users in offices and sites around the        procurement and construction phases.
world. In-built security permits the authority
levels to be set, thereby restricting access to         Procurement and Materials
unauthorised parties and ensuring that clients’         Management
project information remains confidential.                The use of Marian as an integrated component
                                                        of the above toolset enables BATEMAN to
Integrated Process Design                               manage efficiently the specification,
Engineering                                             quantification, procurement, delivery and issue
The development of ‘intelligent’ pipeline               at site of all materials.
and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) is the
fundamental building block for subsequent               Other Project Systems
engineering design and detailing. From                  I Scheduling software packages such as MS
these drawings, each of the relevant                      Project, Suretrak and Primavera ensures
discipline engineers can define his scope                  BATEMAN keeps up to date with the latest
of work and add to the growing engineering                developments in scheduling software
                                                        I Estimating packages
                                                        I Risk and contingency evaluation software.
database covering mechanical equipment
instrumentation, piping and other such
     BATEMAN’s close integration of intelligent         Communications Technology
P&IDs and the 3D model ensures that all                 I E-mail access to all project workstations
tagged and bulk systems are properly detailed,          I Remote access capability via the internet
quantified and procured.                                   using LiveLink.

                                         ... Using Technology to Save Time and Costs

  As it developed into a global engineering
  contractor, BATEMAN has during the past                 Special Zinc-
  few years also become increasingly involved
  in zinc-processing projects. Concurrently,              Processing
  skill in the application of several zinc-
  processing technologies has been developed.             Technologies

Dense-Media Separation
BATEMAN has supplied DMS plants to                     can be applied directly to zinc processing.
preconcentrate metal values to a number of
PGM concentrators and has carried out DMS              Solvent Extraction
laboratory and pilot-scale tests for several           Prior to the Skorpion Project, BATEMAN had
zinc-sulphide projects. Generally the results          been involved in several projects using
have been excellent, with a considerable               D2EHPA as the extractant to remove zinc from
upgrade being achieved in the flotation feed            nickel- cobalt- or copper-sulphate streams.
with very little loss of zinc.                         Thus, with our more recent experience in the
                                                       extraction of zinc as the major element to
Concentrate Regrind                                    report to the electrowinning circuit, we now
BATEMAN recently completed a major                     are able to offer a comprehensive range of
installation at an existing zinc concentrator,         process-design packages. Moreover, this can
incorporating ultra-fine milling to less than           be supplemented by our ability to offer either
10 µm, followed by further flotation to                 Bateman Pulsed Columns or two different
generate, separate and clean zinc and lead             types of proprietary mixer-settlers. Pulsed
concentrates. We have also studied ultra-fine           columns are, however, particularly suitable for
grinding for several planned concentrate leach         zinc processing, as a single column can
projects.                                              replace several mixer-settlers for extracting
                                                       and stripping zinc.
Oxide-Leach Projects
BATEMAN was recently the major contractor              Ion Exchange (IX)
for the Skorpion Zinc Project in Namibia, as a         BATEMAN has a close relationship with Mintek
joint venture partner in the Skorpion Project.         and is able to offer this technology for most
The project, uniquely, involves direct leaching        projects. We have so far identified several
of high-grade ore followed by multiple                 potential applications in zinc processing.
purification steps. There are several similar
deposits throughout the world for which we             Electrowinning, Melting &
believe a similar flowsheet could be                    Casting
appropriate and BATEMAN has already                    BATEMAN has a close relationship with all the
studied some of these.                                 zinc-technology suppliers and is able to offer
                                                       this technology for most zinc-refinery projects.
Medium-Pressure Leaching                               We have worked closely with Umicore, AdZ
BATEMAN has in recent years built up                   and Zincobre in projects and bankable
considerable experience of ore, concentrate            feasibility studies such as Skorpion Zinc, the
and matte leaching under a wide range of               Angouran Zinc refinery and the McArthur
conditions. Most of the expertise acquired             River Zinc cell and casthouse.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                                 Profile
    Skorpion Zinc Project
Client            Anglo Base Namibia (Proprietary) Limited
Description       150 000 t/yr zinc ROM ore leach & SX / EW plant
Location          Near Rosh Pinah, South-West Namibia
Contract          EPCM – US$450M
Completion        2003

                                            Ore mill                                           in the
                                            circuit.                                           casthouse.

                                            Lead                                               stacker-
                                            anode                                              reclaimer
                                            from the                                           under the
                                            zinc-                                              93-m
                                            EW cells.                                          dome.

Description                                              casting, a tailings dump, surface infrastructure
The Skorpion mine/plant was designed to                  and utilities.
produce 150 000 t/yr of special high-grade                    The project also included all surface
(SHG) zinc and over its mine life of at least            infrastructure on site, a construction camp for
15 years will be one of the lowest-cost                  4 500 people, a new airport with a 1 750 m
producers in the world. One of the 10 largest            runway, an upgraded road to the town of Rosh
zinc mines in the world, the deposit contains            Pinah, a major extension with leisure and
reserves of 21,4 Mt grading at 10,5 % zinc,              sporting facilities to an existing township, and
mined by conventional open pit methods. The              warehousing facilities in the port of Luderitz.
ore consists mainly of zinc silicates and zinc                Tecnicas Reunidas and Union Miniere
carbonates, rather than the more typical zinc            supplied the SX and EW technology design
sulphide.                                                packages respectively. BATEMAN designed,
    The plant consists of a limestone crushing           constructed and commissioned the complete
and milling plant, sulphur-burning acid plant,           materials-handling system, including a circular
run-of-mine (ROM) ore crushing and semi-                 stacker-reclaimer enclosed in a 93 m diameter
autogenous grinding (SAG) mills and circuits for         dome. The EPCM contractor was a joint
direct atmospheric acid leaching, neutralisation,        venture between BATEMAN and SNC Lavalin.
liquid-solid (LS) separation, basic-zinc-sulphate             BATEMAN also supplied hot-commissioning
(BZS) precipitation, zinc SX and EW, automatic           and consulting services after handover of the
zinc-cathode stripping and zinc melting and              Skorpion process plant.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                                 Profile
    Angouran’s Zinc-Processing Demonstration Plant
Client           Iran Zinc Mines Development Corporation (IZMDC)
Description      Demonstration plant for a 100 t/yr zinc direct-leach & SX / EW plant
Location         Zanjan, 350 km north-west of Tehran, Iran
Contract         LSTK – US$0,3M
Completion       2003

                                                                                        The solvent-

An existing plant was modified to produce a              carbonates of zinc, lead and calcium, some
demonstration plant which was used to confirm            troublesome minor elements, such as arsenic
the process route selected for the feasibility          and cadmium, and quartz, mica and other
study on a proposed refinery for the Angouran            silicates. Averaging 23 % zinc, it is
Mine, which could produce 100 000 t/yr of               considered to be high grade.
zinc from an ore feed of 473 000 t/yr. The                   The demonstration plant comprised
feasibility study was also carried out by               circuits for repulping the ore, acid, weak-acid
BATEMAN.                                                and neutral leaching, residue filtration,
     The tests provided data essential for              copper, cadmium, cobalt and nickel removal,
optimised plant design and enhanced process             BZS precipitation, tailings neutralisation, SX,
control and to determine the capital cost of the        EW and reagent mixing and distribution. The
full-scale plant. During the five-week test,             SX circuit used D2EHPA diluted with
nearly 20 t of 12 different blends of ore were          kerosene as the organic phase and featured
processed to produce more than 2 t of zinc              Bateman Reverse-Flow Mixer Settlers
cathode assaying between 99,99 and                      incorporating extraction, stripping, scrubbing
99,995 % purity. Careful management of the              and organic regeneration. Bateman Pulsed
entire reagent supply chain proved to be vital.         Columns were also used to test the SX unit
     The Angouran ore consists mainly of                operations.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                                   Profile
    Skorpion Demonstration / Training Plant
Client            Anglo Base Namibia (Proprietary) Limited
Description       1/1200 scale plant using SX / EW technology identical to main plant
Location          Near Rosh Pinah, South-West Namibia
Contract          EPCM – US$2,2M
Completion        2002

                                    from a
                                    cell in the

                                                     Ore storage with the milling circuit in the centre
                                    Leach            foreground.
                                    on the
                                    belt filter.

This facility was part of the project to establish        milling through leaching to neutralisation, for
the Skorpion plant to ensure the technical skills         iron removal, thickening, re-acidification,
required to operate the process could be                  residue belt filtration, zinc recovery from the
developed and learned by plant management                 wash liquor via basic-zinc-sulphate
and supervisory staff. It was used by Skorpion’s          precipitation, effluent treatment, sand filtration,
operational personnel to train Namibian recruits          SX and electrowinning. It also includes all the
and other operators in all aspects of the novel,          reagent-handling facilities and utilities such as
zinc-refining flowsheet.                                    an electrode boiler plant, reverse-osmosis plant,
    BATEMAN, together with the owner’s team,              compressed-air facility, concentrated sulphuric-
undertook the design, procurement,                        acid circuit, flocculant circuits and cooling
construction and commissioning of the facility,           towers necessary to operate the facility.
a 1/1200 scale replica of the main refinery                    BATEMAN first became involved in the
processing 3,6 t of ore daily to produce                  Skorpion Project development in January 1998
360 kg/day of special high-grade (SHG)                    with a feasibility study and an EPCM project for
zinc cathode.                                             a pilot plant including crushing, milling,
    It mirrors all of the main refinery’s                  leaching, neutralisation, LS separation, BZS
hydrometallurgical unit operations, from                  precipitation and zinc SX and EW processes.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                           Profile
   George Fisher Project
Client           Mount Isa Mines Limited
Description      Mine development, lead / zinc concentrator upgrade, smelter upgrade
Location         Mount Isa, North Queensland, Australia
Contract         Integrated team – project execution
Completion       September 2000

                                                                           The six new and two
                                                                           relocated ISAmills,
                                                                           with four classifying
                                                                           cyclone clusters in
                                                                           the foreground.

Description                                    facilities for materials handling, providing the
The George Fisher project consisted of the     cement-slurry-aggregate fill, ventilation and mine
development of a new mine located 22 km        development. The work on the concentrator
north of Mount Isa, the upgrade of the         included the installation of a fine-grind ISAmill
existing lead / zinc concentrator and          circuit, and upgrades to the ROM receipt,
refurbishment of the existing lead smelter.    flotation and zinc-filtration plants. The lead
     This complex brownfield project was        smelter required a major refurbishment of the
developed into a world-class facility. Mount   sinter plant and blast furnace. Detailed planning
Isa Mines Ltd and BATEMAN adopted an           of the 24- and 20-day shutdowns were required
integrated team approach, with Mount Isa       to minimise production losses.
Mines personnel providing the intimate
knowledge of the resource and existing         Highlights
facilities and BATEMAN the project-delivery    I Personnel from six organisations were
professionals. A structured approach to          successfully integrated into a cohesive project
assembling a cohesive team with common           team through a structured alignment process.
project objectives was adopted and nurtured.   I The project team interfaced well with
     The mine-development project included       operations personnel to minimise disruption of
upgrading the existing Hilton shaft and the      the plant operations.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                          Profile
   George Fisher Zinc Feasibility Study
Client           Mount Isa Mines Limited
Description      Dense-medium separation, ultra-fine grinding and froth flotation
Location         Mount Isa, North Queensland, Australia
Contract         Final feasibility study
Completion       November 1997

                                                                            Close-up of the
                                                                            new ISAmills for
                                                                            fine grinding the
                                                                            George Fisher
                                                                            ore down
                                                                            to 7 µm.

 Description                                      detail with the existing crushing, grinding and
 BATEMAN conducted a feasibility study to         heavy-medium separation. BATEMAN provided
 engineer the upgrade of the existing No. 2       metallurgical advice on the flotation and test-
 lead / zinc concentrator at Mount Isa to         work details and reviewed the work undertaken
 process the fine-grained ore from the new         by the client. The zinc-flotation concentrates
 George Fisher Mine. A capital- and               required pressure filtration to meet acceptable
 operating-cost estimate to an accuracy of        specifications for the moisture content for the
 ±15 % was developed for the process plant        downstream smelter.
 modifications.                                         The study required the development of
     To maintain acceptable metallurgical         design criteria, major-equipment specifications,
 recoveries, it was proposed that the lead and    flowsheets, equipment lists and piping and
 zinc circuits be modified for ultra-fine           instrument drawings. As future construction
 grinding of the lead and zinc rougher            tasks were to be carried out on an operating
 concentrates using Mount Isa Mines’ ISAmill      concentrator, the detailed estimation of
 technology. The economic benefits of SAG          manhours had to account for the difficult
 milling the plant feed were compared in          construction conditions.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                           Profile
    Mahd Ad’Dahab Project
Client            Mahd Ad’Dahab Mine
Description       Design, supply & construct a metallurgical plant
Location          Saudi Arabia
Contract          EPCM – US$5M
Completion        November 1996

                                                                             The zinc
                                                                             concentrator at
                                                                             Saudi Arabia.

Description                                     The plant included the following circuits:
Design, supply and construction of a            I Cyanide destruction
metallurgical plant to produce 300 000 t/yr     I Rougher / scavenger flotation
of zinc-flotation concentrate from an existing   I Cleaner column flotation
tailings dump.                                  I Concentrate filtration.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                               Profile
    Kasese Cobalt Project
Client            Kasese Cobalt Company Limited
Description       Cobalt bioleach, SX / EW plant
Location          Uganda
Contract          EPCM
Completion        Commissioned mid 1999

Kasese’s bioleaching section (above) with the SX circuit (far
right, top) and cobalt cathodes in the EW plant (far right,

BATEMAN carried out an audit of the                   The flowsheet incorporates hydraulic
bankable feasibility study in 1994.               recovery of a cobaltiferous pyrite
Subsequently, in late 1996 the company was        concentrate dump, bacterial-tank leaching,
appointed as overall project manager for the      neutralisation and iron removal, copper
implementation of the project.                    precipitation and zinc SX, cobalt
     BATEMAN prepared all on-site                 concentration by SX, nickel and sulphur
infrastructure and utility / service plant        removal and cobalt EW. Cobalt cathode is
designs, coordinated the basic engineering        crushed and treated by vacuum degassing to
input of three technology package suppliers       remove hydrogen prior to packaging.
(leach, purification and electrowinning)               The site is in an isolated location in the
and completed detailed design and cold            west of Uganda.
commissioning of the whole plant.
BATEMAN was also independently                    Highlights
responsible for the electrowinning                I Kasese features the first integrated
technology package.                                    bioleach SX / EW plant in the world.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                           Profile
    Sanyati Project
Client            Munyati Mining
Description       Copper SX / EW plant
Location          Zimbabwe
Contract          EPCM
Completion        October 1995 (copper project); January 1999 (study of zinc recovery)

                                                                            Sanyati Copper
                                                                            SX / EW.

BATEMAN was contracted by Munyati                The project consisted of three phases:
Mining to install a copper SX and EW plant       I engineering, procurement, construction
at the Sanyati Mine, located approximately         management and commissioning of a
190 km west of Harare, Zimbabwe. The               copper SX / EW plant to produce about
Sanyati copper deposits have been explored         5 000 t/yr of copper
for the past 90 years. They consist of several   I audit of the client’s proposed heap leach
deposits with an oxide cap overlaying              and roasting facilities
extensive sulphide-ore reserves. The high        I subsequent full feasibility study of zinc
arsenic content of the latter has in the past      recovery from copper raffinate by SX / EW,
made extraction by conventional smelting           carried out with the assistance of Tecnicas
techniques impractical.                            Reunidas of Spain.
     The electrolytic cathode copper recovery
plant was designed to produce 5 000 t/yr of      Highlights
high grade 99,99 % copper to meet ASTM           I First copper SX / EW plant in Zimbabwe.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                                 Profile
    Mt Gordon Expansion Project
    (Formerly the Aberfoyle Resources Limited, Gunpowder Expansion Project)
Client             Western Metals Limited
Description        Low-pressure autoclave leach, SX / EW
Location           Gunpowder, 125 km north-east of Mount Isa, Queensland
Contract           EPCM
Completion         August 1998

                                                                                   The innovative
                                                                                   process plant
                                                                                   was designed to
                                                                                   process a
                                                                                   whole ore feed
                                                                                   to produce LME
                                                                                   grade copper
                                                                                   on site.
The existing 13 000 t/yr copper-cathode heap-
leach operation was expanded to a 44 000 t/yr
copper-cathode, slurry-leach plant to process the         Flow Enhanced Coalescence Settler®
run-of-mine chalcocite ore. BATEMAN worked              I electrowinning using the ISA process and
closely with the client’s team to develop                 automated cathode stripping machine.
conceptual flowsheets and pilot various process
options prior to selecting the innovative process       Using a world-first flowsheet, BATEMAN
using ferric-sulphate leaching, with a low-             executed the EPCM contract over a fast-track
pressure autoclave, SX and EW. The process              12-month period, despite the harsh environment
plant consists of the following major elements:         of this remote site.
I 750 000 t/yr crushing and SAG milling circuit
I horizontal-belt vacuum filter for dewatering           Highlights were the development of:
   the leach feed                                       I an innovative flowsheet which has been
I whole ore, ferric-sulphate leach circuit utilising      proven in operation
   low-pressure autoclaves and open tanks               I an operable and maintainable plant layout
I pregnant-liquor treatment in hydroclassifiers,           despite significant topographic constraints, and
   counter-current filters and counter-current           I a close working relationship between
   decantation                                            BATEMAN and the client team through basic
I SX utilising the patented Bateman Reverse               feasibility engineering and project execution.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                        Profile
   WMC Olympic Dam Expansion
   – Uranium solvent extraction

Client          Western Mining Corporation
Description     Bateman Pulsed Columns for uranium SX
Location        Olympic Dam, South Australia
Contract        Design and supply
Completion      1998

                                                                  BATEMAN developed
                                                                  the design using a
                                                                  3D-design model (the
                                                                  model view is shown in
                                                                  the inset).

Description                                    have outperformed the existing mixer-settlers,
WMC awarded BATEMAN the contract to            particularly in the areas of:
design and supply an additional 10 Bateman     I increased uranium recovery (>99 %)
Pulsed Columns following the success of        I elimination of evaporative organic losses
the first two Bateman Pulsed Columns            I elimination of crud formation
commissioned in March 1997.                    I improved plant availability and reduced
                                                  operating costs.
The project was part of the 8,5M t/yr plant
expansion at Olympic Dam. This project was     Highlights
awarded on a lump-sum design and supply        I This is the world’s largest pulsed column
basis, with BATEMAN also assisting WMC           installation for the extraction of uranium.
with specialist personnel during the           I Three-dimensional modelling techniques
construction and commissioning phases.           were used to develop the detailed design
Design and equipment supply was completed        with an animated model used to assist in the
in 48 weeks. The Bateman Pulsed Columns          training of plant operators.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                                 Profile
   Bulong Nickel Project
Client              Resolute Resources
Description         High-pressure (acid) leach, SX / EW
Location            Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Contract            EPCM – A$242M (joint venture)
Completion          1999

                                                                                             the Bulong
                                                                                             Nickel plant,

BATEMAN completed the EPCM contract for                removal of zinc by means of SX.
the AU$242M Bulong Nickel project. This                    Prior to the EPCM contract, the consortium
complex hydrometallurgical plant included an           prepared a full feasibility study for this project.
autoclave for high-pressure-leaching, a seven-
stage counter-current decantation (CCD) circuit        Highlights
for the SX of nickel and cobalt and a cobalt           I The project has included the use of new
refinery.                                                 technology in a corrosive atmosphere
     The project was developed on a 24-month             necessitating detailed and accurate materials
schedule. A flowsheet for cobalt refining was              selection.
developed during the implementation phase              I The use of hypersaline water in the acid
without impacting on the project schedule.               leach required careful selection of corrosion-
The cobalt-refining process incorporated                  resistant material.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                                  Profile
    The Chambishi Projects
Client                Chambishi Metals PLC, a division of AngloVaal Mining (AVMIN)
Location              30 km north-west of Kitwe, Zambia
Description           (i) The COSAC DC furnace (ii) The hydrometallurgical plant
                      (iii) Operational support
Contract              (i) EPCM (ii) Reimbursable (iii) Engineering services
Completion            (i) January 2001 (ii) July 2001 (iii) Ongoing

  (i) The US$20M project covered the
      installation of a 40 MW DC-arc smelter
      including the civil, structural, mechanical,
      electrical and instrumentation work and
      engineering services. The molten alloy
      produced by the furnace contains between
      60 and 80 % iron, the remainder being
      copper and cobalt in approximately equal
      proportions. DC-plasma technology was
      selected for this application because cobalt
      recoveries would have been much lower in
      an AC furnace.                                       View of the roof dome of the COSAC DC
 (ii) This US$20M project involved the                     furnace with its graphite electrode.
      expansion of the cobalt-purification plant to
      enable it to handle an additional feed of
      cobalt-sulphate solution from the COSAC
      project and expand production of cobalt
      cathode (LMB-Grade A) from 2 600 to
      7 000 t/yr. Two process plants, a belt-filter
      for the cobalt purification circuit and a zinc
      SX plant, as well as new utilities and
      reagents sections, were added. The existing
      purification areas were upgraded with the
      installation of extra tanks and improved
      agitation in existing tanks. The plants have
      been designed for a 20-year life span.
(iii) BATEMAN has been auditing and advising
      Chambishi on process plants installed by
      others, e.g. pressure leaching and nickel,
      cobalt and copper SX.                                The zinc SX plant at Chambishi.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                       Profile
   Woodcutters Mine Upgrade
Client           Nicron Resources Limited (a division of Normandy Poseidon)
Description      Underground hardrock mining
Location         Northern Territory, Australia
Contract         Services for mine upgrade
Completion       1996

                                                                            loading station
                                                                            at Woodcutters
                                                                            Mine near

Description                                   construction. Access to both areas was
BATEMAN provided procurement and              via the decline used for existing mine
construction management services for the      operations.
‘life-of-mine upgrade’ of the Woodcutter’s         The commissioning involved twin
lead / zinc mine. The project was executed    tipping stations, ore passes, feeders,
on time and budget.                           conveyor, loading flask, a new skip, a
     The upgrade was particularly complex     new shaft extension, new winder rope,
because mining activities were continued      scroll tipping and winder controls, an
while the existing 3,3 m diameter shaft was   underground communications system, a
being extended by 300 m and a second          new dewatering pump station and a new
underground loading station was under         underground 22 kV substation.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...                                             Profile
   Gold Quarry Roaster Project
Client              Newmont Gold Company
Description         Detailed EPCM and quality control
Location            Carlin, Nevada
Contract            EPCM
Completion          1994

Description                                        north-eastern Nevada. The geology comprises
BATEMAN was awarded, as a subcontractor to         a fine-grained gold in altered / fractured Silurian
Lurgi Metallurgie GmbH of Frankfurt,               and Devonian siltstone and limestone.
Germany, the detailed engineering of a                  The refractory ore-treatment plant involved
circulating-fluid bed (CFB) roaster and the         the installation of two parallel lines, each
sulphuric-acid plant. Lurgi was responsible for    consisting of a preheater, a 3 500 t/day whole-
the detailed engineering of specific speciality     gold, ore-roaster and cooler, waste-heat
items within the roaster project, with overall     boilers, and hot gas electrostatic precipitators.
detail-matching engineering being the              Common to the two lines were the wet-gas
responsibility of BATEMAN. Adoption of             cleaning, mercury recovery and 500 t/day
Lurgi’s technology to US standards required        sulphuric-acid plants. Large vessels and gas
close coordination with many specialists from      handling at high temperatures offered technical
Lurgi. With special equipment being required       challenges, while special designs were needed
for the project, BATEMAN provided the              for handling acids, chemicals and oxygen.
engineering and procurement for the CFB                 On completion of the detailed engineering,
preheating and roasting, waste-heat recovery       BATEMAN assembled the discipline
and sulphuric-acid plants. Responsibility          construction packages for erection of the
included P&IDs, instrumentation, and               roaster equipment and acid plant. BATEMAN
implementing the control strategy specified by      purchased, inspected and delivered all
Lurgi. BATEMAN designed auxiliary services         equipment (excluding the waste-heat boiler
such as water treatment and cooling-water          and gas cleaning unit) related to the CFB
reticulation.                                      roaster and acid plant. Field assistance was
     The facility was designed to produce gold     provided on an on-going basis to ensure
from the complex gold-bearing ores at the          correct interpretation of drawings and enabled
Gold Quarry Mine, located in an arid area of       clarification as required.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...
Zinc Projects
Project                                Client         Date Description

Angouran Zinc, Iran                    IZMDC           2003   100 t/yr SHG zinc-demonstration plant with direct ore leach,
                                                              neutralisation, SX / EW and Cd, Co, Cu, Pb removal steps.
Skorpion Zinc, Namibia                 Anglo Base      2003   A 1500 000 t/yr metallic-Zn mine, direct ore leach, SX / EW.
Chambishi Zinc SX, Zambia              Avmin           2001   Zn removal as impurity (D2EHPA SX) in Cu / Co refinery.
George Fisher, Australia               MIM             2000   DMS, fine grinding flotation, concentrator and smelter
Kasese Cobalt, Uganda                  Kasese Cobalt   1999   Zn removal as impurity (D2EHPA SX) in Cu / Co refinery.
Bulong Nickel, Australia               Resolute        1999   Zn removal as impurity (D2EHPA SX) in Cu / Co refinery.
Mahd Ad’Dahab, Saudi Arabia            Mahd Ad’Dahab 1996     Zn concentrator with crushing, milling, floation and
                                                              concentrate handling.
Woodcutters Mine, Australia            Nicron          1996   Services for Pb / Zn mine upgrade.

Zinc Studies
MRM Zinc NT, Australia                 Xstrata         2003   Feasibility study for the largest Zn refinery of 465 000 t/yr
                                                              SHG & alloy zinc, cellhouse and casthouse with Zn dust
                                                              and dross milling, leaching and neutralisation removing the
                                                              chlorides and recovering the Zn from dross.
Angouran Zinc, Iran                    IZMDC           2003   Definitive feasibility study for a 100 000 t/yr SHG Zn
                                                              refinery with direct ore leach, neutralisation, liquid-solid
                                                              separation, SX / EW and a Pb flotation plant. The study also
                                                              included geology, mining, 100 km road, bridge, water,
                                                              power and slimes dam.

Halide removal, Canada                 TeckCominco     2001   BPC pilot-plant study to test whether halides (Cl & F )
                                                              could be removed from Zn electrolytes.
Kolwezi Tailings, DRC                  Anglo Base      2000   Multiple studies of Cu / Co tailings leach plant,
                                       Metals/ AMFI           incorporating Zn SX steps in almost all cases.
Tenke Fungurume, DRC                   BHP             2000   Study of oxide-ore milling and a leach / SX/ EW plant to
                                                              produce Cu and Co, with a Zn / Mn SX circuit.
Skorpion Zinc, Namibia                 BATEMAN         2000   Pilot-plant test work demonstrating the suitability of
                                                              Bateman Pulsed Columns to process Skorpion Project
                                                              plant solutions.
Hellyer Tailings, Australia            Dominion        2000   Study of a tailings treatment project to recover Au and Zn,
                                                              incorporating Zn SX.
Zincor MRT pilot plant, RSA            Zincor of SA    2000   Co / Ni removal using MRT in a conventional Zn
                                                              mainstream purification application.
FEMS II refinery, RSA                   Impala Platinum 2000   Zn SX (Cyanex 272) in a Co / Ni circuit.
Sanyati Zinc, Zimbabwe                 Munyati Mining 1998    Zn SX study for an existing Cu heap leach, SX / EW circuit.
Kakanda Tailings, DRC                  IPRC           1997    Test work, feasibility study and basic engineering for a
                                                              Cu / Co tailings leach circuit incorporating an integral
                                                              Zn / Mn SX step.
Nkana Cobalt Refinery upgrade, Zambia   ZCCM            1996   Prefeasibility study and test work for a Co / Fe / Cu alloy
                                                              lache and purification circuit including Zn SX.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...
Other PGM & Non-Ferrous Metal Projects (Post 1990)
Project                                  Client          Date Description

Sepon Copper project, Laos               Lane Xang        2004     Cu hydrometallurgical process plant with infrastructure to
                                         Minerals Limited          produce 60 000 t/yr of Cu cathode.
Impala BMR, RSA                          Impala Platinum    2004   Phase 1: Expansion of base-metals refinery.
Anglo Platinum PMR Expansion, RSA        Anglo Platinum     2004   EPCM for the expansion of the precious-metals refinery.
Aquarius RKI PGM Concentrator, RSA       Aquarius &         2004   LSTK for a 250 000 t/yr Cr tailings treatment plant for the
                                         GB Mining                 recovery of PGMs.
Pechiney Coega Aluminium Smelter, RSA    Pechiney, France   2004   Preparatory work on the proposed 460 000 t/yr Al smelter
                                                                   at the new Coega Industrial Zone.
Impala Minpro reagent facility, RSA      Impala Platinum 2003      A new reagent off-loading, make-up and distribution
                                                                   facility for the Rustenburg concentrator.
Mt Gordon copper-circuit modifications,   Western Metals     2003   Replacement of the hydrometallurgical facility by flotation.
   Australia                             Limited
BZL MRT project                          Britannia Zinc     2001   Hg removal from concentrated sulphuric acid.
COSAC Cobalt Slag Reduction Furnace,     Avmin              2001   Co slag reduction furnace design using a DC-arc furnace.
Peñoles Bioleach Pilot Plant, Mexico     Peñoles –      2001       EPCM – demonstration plant capable of treating 111 t/h
                                         Bactech-Mintek            of concentrate to produce between 500 and 650 kg of
                                                                   Cu/day, with associated Zn also being leached.
Modikwa PGM Concentrator, RSA            Amplats            2001   A 250 000 t/month sulphide concentrator, EP contract.
Crocodile River PGM Restart, RSA         Impala/Barplats    2001   DMS plant plus refurbishment of 80 000 t/month
                                                                   sulphide concentrator.
UG2 PGM Plant Upgrade, South Africa      Impala             2001   Flotation plant upgrade, LSTK.
Waterval PGM Concentrator Cleaner        Amplats            2000   Extension to existing flotation circuit, engineering services.
  Circuit, RSA
Nifty Copper Oxide Plant Expansion,      Straits Resources 2000    Upgrade to existing plant, increasing Cu-cathode production
    Australia                            Limited                   from 16 000 to 25 000 t/yr. The expansion included
                                                                   significant work to the heap leach, SX / EW facilities.
Rasimone PGM Concentrator, RSA           Anglo Platinum     1999   EPM services, 250 000 t/month plant.
Mt Gordon Expansion, Australia           Aberfoyle/         1998   EPCM for a pressure leach / SX / EW plant to increase
                                         Western Metals            production from 13 000 to 45 000 t/yr of Cu.
Polgietersrust PGM Expansion, RSA        Amplats            1998   EPCM services for a 200 000 t/month sulphide
                                                                   concentrator expansion.
Bulong Nickel, Australia                 Resolute           1997   EPCM services for a laterite processing plant to produce
                                                                   10 000 t/yr of Ni.
Palabora Copper Secondary Hoods, RSA     Palabora Mining 1996      Detailed engineering of secondary hoods and gas ducting
                                         Company                   to collect fugitive emissions from Pierce-Smith converters.
Impala PGM EPMR, RSA                     Impala             1997   EPCM for the Enhanced Precious Metal Refinery project.
Metallic Magnesium, Israel               Dead Sea           1996   EPCM contract for a 45 000 t/yr Mg refinery, recovering
                                         Works                     metal from brine.
Miami Copper Refinery Conversion, USA     Cyprus             1995   EPCM contract for converting the electrorefining facility
                                         Miami Copper              to EW.
Gecko Copper Concentrator                Posgold            1995   Study and implementation of refurbishment of a Cu-
   Refurbishment, Australia                                        flotation concentrator.
Sanyati Copper Project, Zimbabwe         Reunion            1995   EPCM services for the first Cu-SX / EW plant in Zimbabwe.
Impala PGM Smelter, RSA                  Impala             1994   Refurbishment of and modifications to a 6-in-line smelting
Western Platinum BMR, RSA                Lonrho             1994   EPCM for a new base-metal refinery.

BATEMAN’s Zinc Track Record ...
Other PGM & Non-Ferrous Metal Projects (Post 1990) continued
Project                                   Client        Date Description

Cananea Copper Materials Handling         Compania       1993    Engineering design for optimisation of transportation to
Optimisation, Mexico                      Mexicana de            heap- and dump-leach stockpiles.
Palabora Copper Smelter Upgrade, RSA      Palabora Mining 1992   EPCM for Pierce-Smith converter modifications, new
                                          Company                converter gas handling system and new smelter
Zacatecas Copper Tailings Disposal, RSA   Minera Read    1991    Redesign and upgrade of Cu-tails disposal system.
                                          de Angeles
Crocodile River PGM, RSA                  Rand Mines     1991    EPCM services, concentrator and smelter plants.
SAREF PGM Refinery, RSA                    Amplats        1990    Detail design and construction services for the
                                                                 largest Pt refinery in the world.


I Because we are a group specialising in leading-edge zinc process technology,
  enabling our clients to improve both the efficiency and financial return of their
  projects. This includes processes and equipment proprietary either to BATEMAN
  or its associates.
I Because we will work closely with your team to achieve your project objectives.
I Because we understand what is required to develop projects that maximise
  return on investment over the life of the project.
I Because we are active in all stages of project development from scoping studies
  to plant modifications and new plant construction, taking green- and brownfield
  sites from concept to handover and commissioning.
I Because we have a team of project development experts experienced in the
  design of innovative facilities.
I Because we plan projects from the outset, measure and report them accurately
  with tight control throughout, to produce predictable construction outcomes that
  meet the project objectives.
I Because we have networked communications, global competencies and core
  project-management capability to work in difficult and remote terrains and
  minimal infrastructure usually associated with the exploitation of wealth-creating
  products like precious metals.
I Because we facilitate financial and commercial arrangements and seek
  opportunities for equity participation in projects.
I Because we will build, own and operate (BOO) the facility and then negotiate a
  transfer (BOOT) if required.
I Because we have the corporate strength and capability to deliver our

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