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reduce downtime

                  In today’s competitive market, time is money and network downtime is costly...

                  How do you manage?

                  Some business spend is discretionary – but when it comes to your network,
                  the money you spend on keeping your ICT infrastructure available may be the
                  best business investment you ever make.

                  A decade ago, network downtime may have had little impact on your business – but today
                  it has a devastating effect on your ability to remain operational and can result in the loss of
                  literally thousands of dollars per downtime hour.

                  For companies today the impact of downtime can be significant as they often do not
                  have the capacity to handle problems or indeed the time and skills to pre-empt them. The
                  dollars invested in maximising your network up time is money wisely spent – it is well worth
                  securing a premium network maintenance plan.

                  Modern businesses rely heavily on key information systems, so when your network goes
                  down, every second it is not available costs you in terms of productivity and output. Getting
                  your network up and running again becomes an urgent, business-critical priority.

                  Uptime – Dimension Data’s premium network maintenance service minimises downtime
                  through delivering faster network restoration and reducing overheads. When it comes to
                  network maintenance, this best-in-class service is a business basic.
You can gain significant competitive advantage by keeping your network securely
functioning at optimum performance levels, forestalling potential problems and restoring
incidents with minimal downtime or disruption to your business – rather than fighting fires
when they’ve already happened.

Uptime frees up your internal resources to focus on programmes that are critical to your
business… you do what you do best . . . run your business – while we do what we do
best…take care of your network.

How do we do it?
Dimension Data has a unique networking heritage and deep domain expertise honed
in over 25 years of planning, designing and building networks for clients all over the
world. We have learnt what works best, and what businesses need to kick start the IT
maintenance process – and we have the skills it takes to keep networks up and running.

We also offer a global footprint, with a direct presence in 40 countries and extended service
coverage in another 120 countries, through our elite Preferred Partner Programme.

Through our long standing strategic relationship with Cisco – that includes both Cisco’s
premium programmes: Strategic Alliance and Global Services Alliance partnerships
– we have unparalleled access to advanced technologies, top engineers and
technical expertise.

The greatest benefit we can offer is our understanding that IT maintenance
is not just about fixing systems when they break. Rather that IT maintenance
needs are specific and based on client IT environments.

             is more than just another
                     break-fix offering
clear communication
                      How Uptime adds value to your network
                      Uptime includes value-added service elements that improve your network performance
                      – Uptime is more than just another break-fix offering.

                      Uptime delivers the following real benefits to your business:
                      •	 Reduced downtime
                      •	 Faster network restoration
                      •	 Reduced overheads

                      Your network will have less downtime and be more
                      productive, due to faster restoration:
                      •	 	 e	 sign	 Service	 Level	 Agreements	 that	 motivate	 us	 to	 resolve	 issues	 speedily	
                         throughout your contract.
                      •	 	 ur	 Service	 Level	 Agreement	 “clock”	 starts	 ticking	 the	 moment	 you	 call	 our	 Global	
                         Service Centre, and not when the problem is isolated, this reduces issue diagnosis
                         turnaround and response times.
                      •	 	 imension	Data’s	partnerships	with	Cisco	and	other	vendors	give	you	better	access	
                         to vendor technical resources, these relationships assist in the fastest possible
                         resolution of reported incidents.
                      •	 	 ur	holistic	approach	to	network	management	and	our	multi-vendor	skill	sets	enable	
                         us to establish the root cause of a network error before contacting a vendor. This
                         reduces downtime, as we are usually able to resolve incidents without involving third
                         parties. However if incidents need to be escalated, they are sent to the appropriate
                         third party vendor after validation.
                      •	 	 lthough	 we	 have	 a	 network	 centric	 approach	 our	 expertise	 are	 such	 that	 we	 can	
                         support your network, as well as the rest of your technology environment. This translates
                         into improved first point of contact resolution and reduced downtime.

                      You will enjoy improved peace of mind:
                      •	 	 ou	can	rest	assured	that	you	are	getting	best	of	breed	Service	Delivery	as	Uptime	is	
                         aligned	 to	 the	 Information	 Technology	 Infrastructure	 Library	 (ITIL).	 ITIL	 is	 regarded	 as	
                         the de facto standard for best practice IT Service management across the globe.
                      •	 	 ou	have	access	to	Dimension	Data’s	world-class	technology	expertise.	If	necessary,	
                         we facilitate access to third party expertise and resources. These expert engineers
                         are continually trained on new releases and technology improvements.
•	 	 lear	 communication	 is	 facilitated	 through	 our	 Global	 Service	 Centres.	 Our	 Service	
   Desk agents and engineers provide local language support in 17 different languages
   on a 24x7x365 basis around the globe.
•	 	 onsistent	 global	 Service	 Delivery	 is	 assured	 through	 our	 standardised	 processes	
   and alignment to industry standards.
•	 	 imension	Data	is	your	single	point	of	contact	through	to	issue	resolution;	we	assume	
   responsibility and accountability of incidents – even if third parties are contacted in the
   resolution process.
•	 	 ur	value-added	Service	elements	address	your	specific	business	needs.	

You will decrease your overheads:
•	 	 ou	will	no	longer	have	to	spend	hours	on	the	phone	trying	to	discover	the	status	of	
   an incident from third party vendors. As your single point of contact, we will keep you
   informed every step of the way. This saves you time and money.
•	 	 hile	we	maintain	your	information	systems	and	minimise	downtime,	you	are	able	to	
   focus internal resources on your core business.

Dimension Data’s areas of expertise include: Networking, Security, Converged
Communications, Data Centres and Storage, Customer Interactive and Microsoft

Additional benefits of working with Dimension Data:
•	 	 entralised	 ordering	 through	 Dimension	 Data	 Direct,	 our	 e-Procurement	 quotation	
   and ordering tool. You can centralise your order handling or get quick quotes on-line.
•	 	 treamlined	 Global	 Procurement	 and	 Logistics:	 Dimension	 Data	 streamlines	 global	
   purchasing decisions and manages the process from the moment the order is
   placed, right through to delivery. Issues around import taxes and customs clearance
   are a thing of the past.

                The Global
          Services Alliance
 is a unique relationship between
       Dimension Data and Cisco
How is Uptime delivered to you?
Step 1
Uptime is different from other maintenance offers, in that we                                       point of contact. We will keep you informed throughout the
don’t	 impose	 a	 standard,	 “one	 size	 fits	 all”	 to	 all	 our	 clients.	                        resolution process. Furthermore, we take ownership and
Experience has taught us that the starting point of a good                                          responsibility for registering and managing the incident until
maintenance service is a comprehensive understanding of                                             the incident is closed.
your current IT environment. If you already have a topology
map, we will maintain it and request regular updates from you                                       Step 3
to make sure that it is kept up-to-date. If not, we can undertake                                   If necessary, our Global Service Centre will escalate your incident
a once-off service to identify all the equipment in your existing                                   to the product vendor’s technical team.
infrastructure and create the topology map that will be used as
the base for future maintenance.                                                                    Step 4
                                                                                                    Depending on the Service options you select, an engineer or
Step 2                                                                                              spare will be sent to your site within the agreed timeframe.
If anything goes wrong on your network, all you need to do is
notify us of the incident. You can do this through calling one                                      Step 5
of our five Global Service Centres. Then, the Global Service                                        Finally, the Global Service Centre will contact you to confirm the
Centre that opened the call is assigned as your single                                              incident’s resolution and closure.

                                                                          If anything goes wrong on                                      3
                                                                         your network, all you need to
                                                                         do is notify us of the incident.
                                                                                                                        If necessary, we will escalate your
                                                                                                                          incident to the product vendor’s
                                                                                                                                   technical team.
      s t a rt b y u n d e r

                                                                            We will contact you to
                                                                             confirm the incident’s

                                                                            resolution and closure.


                                                       ir o n m e n t.
                                                                         We will send an engineer or
                                                                         spare to your site within the
                                                                             agreed timeframe.

Uptime is made up of a number of Service elements, which all work together to minimise
downtime and ensure business continuity. The elements are all complementary
and intuitive, and work together to comprise the overall maintenance service.
Complementing the technical excellence of our maintenance solution, is human
contact – we provide IT support in more than 17 languages in our five Global Service
Centres, which are always open and ready to provide online support and assistance.

The complementary service elements of the
Uptime maintenance offering are:
Contract Management:
Guarantees smooth delivery and professional management of your Uptime contract.
Your	contract	is	individually	set	up,	and	your	configuration	(asset)	base	and	topology	map	
is loaded into our system.

Incident Diagnostics:
Enables quick and accurate diagnosis of a reported incident and the necessary steps to
resolution, thereby minimising downtime.

Spares to Site:
This service makes sure that the correct spare is sent to your location, where it is needed
to resolve an incident. Based on our extensive logistics experience, we guarantee delivery
within agreed timeframes.

Engineer to Site:
You can choose the option of using our engineers to go to your premises to replace,
reconfigure or restore faulty equipment.

Engineer on Site:
To guarantee ultimate responsiveness, we can station engineer/s at your premises. We
ensure the competence, training and service ethics of the engineers, and they become
your onsite specialist network experts, fully dedicated to maintaining your network.

                         We provide IT Support in more than
                               17 languages in our
            5 Global Service Centres
Dimension Data will work with you to construct a Service offering to meet your unique business needs. Specific
regional variances may exist and these will be brought to your attention, during the consultation process.
service delivery
Base and Customised Service Level Agreements
Tight	Service	Level	Agreements	motivate	us	to	resolve	incidents	swiftly.	A	real	benefit	of	choosing	Uptime	is	the	Service	Level	Agreement	
flexibility	 and	 you	 can	 choose	 a	 timeframe	 and	 Business	 Continuity	 Level	 that	 suits	 your	 needs.	 You	 are	 able	 to	 choose	 between	 a	
Replace,	Reconfigure	or	Restore	Business	Continuity	Level.	These	and	various	timeframe	options	are	outlined	below.	

  Service Delivery Timeframes                                                    Business	Continuity	Levels	

  Business hours within country* x 5 x next business day                         Ship
  Once	you	have	logged	an	incident,	our	clock	will	start	                        Once	a	faulty	device	has	been	diagnosed,	a	new	device	will	
  running during normal business hours, five days a week.                        be sent to the site. You will need to use your own engineers
  The	incident	will	be	addressed	(in	line	with	your	Business	                    to install and configure the new device. Ship is a response
  Continuity	Level)	no	later	than	the	next	business	day.	                        commitment. Your chosen timeframe therefore dictates the
                                                                                 time within which we will ship the spare.

  Business hours within country* x 5 x 4                                         Replace
  Once	you	have	logged	an	incident,	our	clock	will	start	running	                Once	 an	 incident	 has	 been	 diagnosed	 and	 a	 faulty	 device	
  during normal business hours, five days a week. The incident                   established as the cause of the incident, our engineer will
  will	be	addressed	(in	line	with	your	Business	Continuity	Level)	               replace it with a spare. Replace is a response commitment.
  within four hours.                                                             Your chosen timeframe therefore indicates the time within
                                                                                 which our engineer will arrive at your site to replace the

  24 x 7 x 4                                                                     Reconfigure
  We start working on your incident as soon as it is logged,                     The new device is set up with the same configuration as the
  seven	 days	 a	 week.	 The	 incident	 will	 be	 addressed	 (in	 line	          old one, thereby reducing the risk of an unstable network.
  with	your	Business	Continuity	Level)	within	four	hours.	                       Reconfigure is a response commitment. Your chosen
                                                                                 timeframe therefore indicates the time within which our
                                                                                 engineer will arrive at your site to replace and reconfigure
                                                                                 the device.

  24 x 7 x 2                                                                     Restore
  We start working on your incident as soon as it is logged,                     The focus here is to restore the functionality and service
  seven	 days	 a	 week.	 The	 incident	 will	 be	 addressed	 (in	 line	          associated with the device within the chosen timeframe. If
  with	your	Business	Continuity	Level)	within	two	hours.	                        required to restore the service, our engineer will also replace
                                                                                 and reconfigure the device. Restore is a result commitment.
                                                                                 We are therefore responsible for the restoration of service
                                                                                 within your chosen timeframe.

*Country differences occur
Service Delivery Management
This Service element improves your network Service availability and our Service Delivery.
                                                                                                        Uptime is the
A Service Delivery Manager is assigned to you and is responsible for tailor-made reports                maintenance
(such	 as:	 End-of-Life	 and	 End-of-Service	 reports)	 as	 well	 as	 analysing	 and	 identifying	
trends and the causes of incidents, other than technical network issues. These are
                                                                                                        service for your
addressed in focused training programmes. The Service Delivery Manager also provides                    business. Ultimately
support during Service migration to Dimension Data and optimises the value you get from
your maintenance contract.
                                                                                                        Uptime will help
                                                                                                        you reduce
Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes
An effective network is stable and yet constantly changing as equipment is added,
upgraded, or moved. Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes – although a critical part
of keeping your network up-to-date and responsive – can be a drain on your internal
                                                                                                        and related
resources. We can free up these valuable resources by taking the hassle away. It is as                  business issues
simple as telling us what you want done… and it will be taken care of.

On-Line Services
Enable our engineers to quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve your incident, with
less involvement from your staff. Furthermore, this Service element provides you with
real-time information about the status of your network.

Software Support
Supplies	you	with	access	to	software	updates	for	your	Network	Operating	System	and	
takes care of licensing on your behalf.

Security Signature Update
Dimension Data can activate and configure the security functionality of your assets to
protect	your	network	from	viruses	and	other	malicious	intrusions.	Our	Security	Signature	
Update Service licenses access to security updates on your behalf, so that it continually
and automatically downloads the latest updates.

Whether	 you	 are	 looking	 to	 upgrade	 or	 add	 functionality;	 interested	 in	 centralising	 IT	
processes	 and	 implementing	 e-business	 strategies;	 feeling	 that	 the	 return	 on	 your	
current	 investment	 in	 your	 network	 should	 improve;	 concerned	 that	 too	 many	 of	 your	
internal	 resources	 are	 focused	 on	 IT	 support	 and	 not	 on	 your	 core	 business	 or;	 if	 you	
are	 simply	 feeling	 burdened	 with	 having	 to	 manage	 multiple	 IT	 vendors;	 Uptime	 is	 the	
maintenance service for your business. Ultimately Uptime will help you reduce downtime
and related business issues.
Dimension Data’s holistic approach to Service Delivery
Dimension Data has developed and refined an approach for Service Delivery
which allows us to accurately, flexibly and reliably meet your business needs.
With the evolution of market needs, we have recognised the requirement for
differentiated services, in the form of high value solutions, which meet strategic
business needs. With the application of the Dimension Data Services Continuum,
you are assured of close alignment of our comprehensive range of managed
services to your business processes.

As a strategic technology partner, Dimension Data takes an all-encompassing
approach to the delivery of services. Accountability underpins the entire lifecycle
of Dimension Data’s service provision.

Our	 involvement	 begins	 at	 the	 planning	 stage	 where	 we	 identify	 the	 objectives	
and ensure that the potential benefits justify the investment in technology. During
the build phase we procure and deploy best-of-breed technology solutions,
managing the risk throughout. Uptime - our value-added maintenance offer and
support infrastructure is designed to accommodate rapid response to service
requests and reduce costs.

As the responsible party for the end-to-end management of a service, a key
objective of our service offerings and deliverables is to maximise return on
investment	for	the	client.	Our	role	can	be	extended	further,	where	we	proactively	
improve and evolve the infrastructure to optimise its performance.

Closely aligned with the world’s leading technology vendors, Dimension
Data delivers managed services underpinned by the Information Technology
Infrastructure	Library	best	practices.	Our	service	delivery	approach	ensures	that	
your technology is closely matched to your business requirements, resulting
in optimal value creation, which can only be achieved through the seamless
interaction between our respective teams.

As a strategic technology
partner, Dimension Data takes
an all-encompassing approach to the
delivery of Services
 Dimension Data uses proved
    and integrated toolsets that are goverend
by industry best practices and international standards in all the
          service functions defined in the Services Continuum

          Plan               Build               Support                         Manage                           Improve                Innovate

     Identify Business      Implement             Break Fix               Full Lifecycle Support of               Strategy and        Commercialisation
         Benefits           Technology         and Monitoring           Infrastructure and Systems                  Evolution            of New Ideas

         Consult             Procure              Maintain                    Service Delivery                     IT Alignment       Breakthrough Use of
          Design             Integrate
•	 Plan incorporates our Consult and Design Service elements,
                                                                                Dimension Data’s
                                                                     (Service Level, Availability, Capacity,
                                                         IT Service Continuity and Financial Management)
                                                                                                                       Managed Services
                                                                                                               Service Benchmarking

   which assist you to evaluate your current environment and                  Service Support
                                                                 (Release, Change, We offer an extensive
                                                                                   Problem, Incident and           and growing suite of Managed
   justify technology investment.
                                                                        Configuration Management)
	•	 	n	 the	 Build Service function, we assist you to procure
    I                                                                                 Services in these areas:
   equipment before implementing and deploying new                                    •	 Network Integration
    Justify Technology       Manage            To Reduce Costs                        To Maximise Return on Investment                    Innovation
   solutions.	Our	role	is	to	reduce	risk	and	ensure	projects	are	
       Investment            Project Risk
                                                                                      •	 Security Solutions
   delivered to you on time and within budget.                                        •	 Converged Communications
	•	 	 upport Services include Uptime and a Monitoring Service
    S                                                                                 •	 Microsoft Solutions
   called Insite. Through our investment in people, processes                         •	 Data Centres and Storage
   and systems, we are able to deliver a higher quality of service                    •	 Customer Interactive Solutions
   at a better cost than you could in-house.
•	 	n	the	Manage Service function we take more responsibility
   I                                                                                  Dimension Data’s managed services combine
   and ownership for the running of your IT environment,                              Standardised Technology Architectures, Service
   throughout the lifecycle of technology. We start by building                       Processes and Process Automation through tools
   a set of Service Delivery and Service Support processes                            to deliver outcome-based services to clients.
   that enable us to proactively interact with your environment.
   The result – lower operating costs. Reducing the number of                         Our	 approach	 allows	 clients	 to	 leverage	 the	
   incidents/faults and ultimately lowering the cost of managing                      economies of scale that result from our continuous
   the environment, helps you maximise return on your current                         global investment in managed services. It also
   IT investment.                                                                     allows you to achieve the required ‘Quality of
•	 	 he	Improve and Innovate Service functions are visionary
   T                                                                                  Service’ at a cost- effective price point.
   lifecycle stages, in which we become your trusted advisor
   and work with you to enhance your competitive advantage,
   through the innovative use of your current and new
   IT solutions.
                         Regional Head Office Contact Details

                         One Penn Plaza
                         Suite 1600
                         New York, NY 10119
                         Tel +1 212 613 1220
                         Fax +1 212 563 7279

                         6 Temasek Boulevard, #26-01/ 05
                         Suntec Tower Four
                         Singapore 038986
                         Tel +65 6322 6688
                         Fax +65 6323 7933

                         121-127 Harrington Street
                         The Rocks, NSW 2000
                         Tel +61 (0) 2 8249 5000
                         Fax +61 (0) 2 8249 5369

                         Dimension Data House
                         Building 2, Waterfront Business Park
                         Fleet Road, Fleet
                         Hampshire GU51 3QT
                         United Kingdom
                         Tel +44(0)1252 779000
                         Fax +44(0)1252 779010

                         Middle East & Africa
                         The Campus
                         57 Sloane Street
                         Bryanston Sandton, 2191
                         South Africa
                         Tel +27 (0)11 575 0000
                         Fax +27 (0)11 576 0000

                         *trading as Datacraft Asia Ltd

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