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					                                           CS 100 Assignment #2

                                  Using Jottit to Create a Simple Web Site

Contact me, if you need help with this assignment or if you don't understand the instructions.

1. Copy this web site address: and paste it into your
browser. From the “supereasywebsitecreation” home page, click the various links and read the
instructions for using Jottit.

        Please don’t skip doing this. You will have an easier time with the rest of this assignment if you
        take your time and read all of the pages from the web
        site. Watch the DemoGirl Tour of Jottit video to see how to use Jottit.

2. Now, go to this web site: to create a simple web site.

        a) Type your first name and then click “create a site.”

        b) Remove the “That was easy” message from the site.

3. Click the “Claim this site” link.

        a) Type a password. Be sure to write your password in your notes.

                Jottit asks for an e-mail address. Use your BHC student e-mail address. Your Black Hawk
                College e-mail address is your myblackhawk user name followed by @mymail.bhc.e

        b) Make the site public and click “claim site.”

4. Click the “settings” link.

        a) Type your first name and the first letter of your last name as the title of the site.

        b) Type BHC CS 100 for the subtitle.

        c) Give your site an address. The address of the site should be your first name, the first letter of
        your last name, and then your CS 100 section number. For example, if your name is Sally Smith
        and you are in section 101, your web site name would be sallys101.

                If someone already has that address, add the second letter of your last name. Sally Smith
                would be sallysm101. Your CS 100 section number can be found on the course homepage.

        d) Click the “Home” link when you are done. You should see your web site address in your
        browser’s address bar.
5. On the homepage of your Jottit site, click “Edit” and then type “About Me” (without the quotation
marks). Press enter.

       a) Type a few paragraphs about yourself, but don’t type anything that you don’t want to “share
       with the world.” Click “Publish” when you are done typing.

       b) Add an image to your page. Go to the web site
       and read the instructions for “Adding Images” to learn how to add the image.

       c) The image should be a picture of you, if you don’t mind putting your picture on the web. If you
       do mind, you can use an image of a movie star or author instead.

               Note: After you upload your image to Photobucket and then save it, select the image and
               you will see the "HTML Code" to that image. Click the HTML code box to copy the HTML
               code. Paste the code where you want the image to appear on your Jottit page. DON’T use
               an image that was uploaded to Photobucket by someone else – upload an image through
               your own Photobucket account.

       d) Publish the page.

6. Create a new page and name it “Survey.” Type “My Survey” at the top of the page (without the
quotes) and then publish the page.

7. Log in to your Google account (the one you used in Assignment 1).

       a) Go to Google Docs and then click on the survey that you created for Assignment 1.

       b) Click “Form” and then click “Embed form in a webpage . . .” Copy the embed code for the
       survey (right click on the code and choose Copy). The embed code starts with <iframe scr=

       c) Go back to your “Survey” page in Jottit. Click “Edit” and then paste the embed code to your
       “My Survey” page (right click on the code and choose Paste). You should see your survey
       questions. Publish the page.

8. In Jottit, click the “design” link and change the color scheme of your site. Don’t change the fonts. Click
the “Home” page of your site.

9. Copy the web page address of your Jottit web site. You will e-mail it to me.
10. Go to your Black Hawk College e-mail account. You will see the e-mail icon when you are logged in to

        a) Compose a message. Send it to me. My e-mail address is in the syllabus.

        b) Subject: Assignment 2 - Jottit

        c) In the message area, paste the web address of your Jottit site. Below the address, copy the
        following questions and paste them to the message area. Then, answer the questions.

                1. What is your section number?

                2. Was Jottit easy to use?

                3. Did you read all the pages on the supereasywebsitecreation web site before you tried
                to use Jottit?

                4. Did you watch the DemoGirl Tour of Jottit video?

                5. Did you have any problems with it? If so, what problems did you have?

                6. Have you ever created a web site? If so, what software did you use to create the site?

        d) Send the message.

Assignment Points

   Creating the Jottit web site . . . 40 points
   Adding an image to the site . . . 20 points
   Adding your survey to the site. . . 20 points
   E-mail message . . . 20 points

Assignment Notes

   If this assignment is too difficult or frustrating, please ask me or someone else for help. Using web
    tools, such as Jottit and Photobucket may be new to you. Throughout the semester you will be
    using various web tools. Eventually you feel comfortable following the instructions given at the
    various web sites.
   Be sure to watch the DemoGirl Tour of Jottit video at this site to see how to use Jottit:
   As stated in the syllabus, you never have to use your first and last name on anything that I ask you to
    put on the web for this course, except for the files and discussions that are submitted within the
    Blackboard course management tool inside myBlackHawk. Contact me if you questions about this.

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