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Be Tire Smart Bulletin


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									    SPECIAL EDITION

Be Tire Smart Bulletin
   Rubber Manufacturers Association
Announces 2005 National Tire Safety Week
Tire Industry Rallies to Promote Important Safety Messages

         he Rubber Manufacturers                                                       aged with the level of participa-
         Association (RMA) recently                                                    tion,” said Dan Zielinski, RMA vice
         announced that the dates                                                      president, communications. “We
         for next year’s National Tire                                                 hope to continue and expand these
Safety Week will be April 24-30,                                                       very effective partnerships to reach
2005. The annual event is an ini-                                                      more motorists with important tire
tiative of RMA’s Be Tire Smart – Play                                                  care messages in the coming year.”
Your PART program, which is                                                               More than 20 state and local
designed to help drivers learn the                                                     governments across the nation
simple steps they can take to                                                          issued 2004 proclamations to
ensure that their tires are in good                                                    recognize National Tire Safety Week.
working condition.                                                                     Media outreach achieved more
   Participation in National Tire                                                      than 100 print stories, 277 televi-
Safety Week more than doubled                                                          sion stories, over 600 radio news
among tire retailers in 2004. More                                                     placements and nearly a thousand
than 9,000 tire retail stores distrib-                                                 radio public service announce-
uted RMA’s brochure. Many                                                              ments during National Tire Safety
retailers incorporated National                                                        Week.
Tire Safety Week in advertising and                                                       According to RMA research, 85
promotions, held events to check                                                       percent of drivers don’t check their
motorists’ tire pressure for free,                                                     tire pressure properly. Other survey
and promoted tire care and main-                                                       data by the National Highway
tenance to local media.                                                                Traffic Safety Administration
   RMA held tire care events with                                                      (NHTSA) found that one-fourth of
retail partners in Phoenix, Arizona;     Phillip the Tire visits Kerry and Madalyn     passenger cars and nearly one-third
Austin, Texas; Baltimore,                Paige Gross of Gross Tires in Williamsport,   of light trucks/SUVs have at least
Maryland; and Johnstown,                 Pennsylvania during National Tire Safety      one significantly underinflated tire.
Pennsylvania. RMA also distrib-          Week 2004.                                       The Be Tire Smart program is
uted radio and television packages                                                     funded by RMA’s tire manufacturer
and produced radio public service        Kaufman Tire, Les Schwab, Merchant’s          members: Bridgestone Americas
announcements in California and          Tire, National Tire and Battery (NTB),        Holding, Inc., Continental Tire
Arizona.                                 Northwest Tire, Peerless Tires, Pep Boys,     North America, Inc., Cooper Tire
   This past year, RMA partnered         Tire Centers-LLC, Tire Factory, Tire          & Rubber Company, The Goodyear
with many tire retailers, safety         Kingdom, Sears Automotive Centers, STS        Tire & Rubber Company, Michelin
advocates and state government           Tire and Auto Centers, Sullivan Tires,        North America, Pirelli North
agencies. Be Tire Smart partners         Town Fair Tires, VIP Parts, Tires and         America, Inc. and Yokohama Tire
include: AAA, Big 10 Tires, Best         Service and many others.                      Corporation.
One Tire and Service Centers, Belle         “Our tire dealer partners are the back-
Tire, Big O Tires, Discount Tire Co.,    bone of our program and we are encour-


                                           Plan a Women’s                  Sign Up for                2004 Highlights
           RUBBER                          Tire Clinic                     FREE Materials             page 3
                 association               page 2                          page 2
         Plan a Women’s Tire Clinic
                                                                                         Sign Up
                                                                                     for FREE Tire
                                                                                     Safety Materials

                                                                                              MA needs your help to edu-
                                                                                              cate motorists about proper
                                                                                              tire care and safety. By sign-
                                                                                              ing up to participate in
                                                                                     National Tire Safety Week, you’ll be
                                                                                     provided AT NO CHARGE with
                                                                                     RMA’s Be Tire Smart – Play Your PART
                                                                                     brochures that you can give to your
                                                                                     customers. You will also receive a
                                                                                     poster and a counter stand.
                                                                                        Materials will be shipped in the
                                                                                     weeks preceding National Tire Safety
                                                                                     Week so you’ll have them on hand to
                                                                                     distribute. This offer is available to
                                                                                     U.S. tire dealers only. Please fill out
                                                                                     the form on the back of this newslet-
                                                                                     ter and fax it to 202-682-4812 or visit
                                                                                     www.betiresmart.org and sign up
Kim Weber (center), RMA director, gives Rosario Marin (right), board member,         today online.
California Integrated Waste Management Board, and a consumer, tips on how to
check the air pressure and tread depth of their car tires.

          bout 89 percent of women           ed mailing sponsoring the event.
          drivers don’t check their tire   • Sponsor a “Ladies Day”: Offer dis-
          pressure properly, according       counts on parts and/or service for
          to the latest survey by RMA.       female customers on certain days,
Tire dealers can use National Tire           and provide a free tire gauge and
Safety Week to invite potential and          tire care information to all female
existing female customer in for a free       customers that day.
tire clinic to learn about tire care and   • Partner with a Child Safety Seat
safety. Below are some suggestions           Check Event: Many local police
on how to create a women’s tire clin-        and firefighter departments have
ic.                                          personnel dedicated to educating
                                             drivers about proper child safety
• Find a Female Tire Expert in Your
                                             seat use and tire safety is a natural
  Company/Community: Hold a
                                             tie-in. Contact the local coordina-
  one-hour “hands-on” tire clinic to
                                             tor and ask if your company can
  teach females how to take care of
                                             conduct tire pressure and tread
  their tires (pressure, alignment,
                                             checks at child seat checks. You
  rotation and tread) and guidance
                                             might also propose to host a child
  on how to buy new tires. Run an
                                             seat check event at your business
  advertisement or send out a target-
                                             so you could conduct a tire safety
                                             clinic to coincide with the seat
                                           • Partner with a local Girl Scout
                                             Troop: It’s never to early to teach
       RMA Contacts                          children about tire maintenance.
    If you have any questions or             During National Tire Safety Week
    need additional assistance,              2004 Scott’s U-Save Tires in the
    please contact RMA at betires-           Chicago area hosted a Brownie and
    mart@rma.org or 1-800-220-               a Girl Scout Troop to help them
    7622 or 202-682-4800.                    earn their car care badges. The
                                             activity also earned photographs
                                             in the community newspaper.

2     R U B B E R    M A N U F A C T U R E R S    A S S O C I A T I O N
         2004 National Tire Safety Week Highlights

         uring National Tire Safety          Bridgestone Americas Holdings              seat safety inspection. They attract-
         Week 2004, many partners             worked with independent tire               ed nearly 50 vehicles in a three-hour
         used the week to enhance             retailers and provided supporting          period.
         their ongoing advertising,           materials and staffing for several        Michelin North America conducted
marketing, community and employee             local tire safety events including         several programs with employees
outreach activities. Examples include:        Boone, Iowa; Williamsport,                 and in their communities to rein-
                                              Pennsylvania and Fayetteville,             force tire safety tips. The company
 Big O Tires stores in Kentucky lever-       North Carolina.                            distributed more than 15,000 Be Tire
  aged the public service aspect of          Pirelli Tire North America used            Smart – Play Your Part brochures to
  National Tire Safety Week to increase       National Tire Safety Week as part of a     U.S.-based employees. It also ran
  their ad buys in print, on TV and on        kick-off event in Atlanta, Georgia,        safety ads in newspapers in commu-
  radio while including tire safety           to promote tire care in conjunction        nities near Michelin facilities.
  public awareness information.               with a new urban marketing and             Articles and stories about tire safety
 Sullivan Tire distributed Be Tire           driver-education effort.                   were published on company
  Smart brochures at tourist informa-        Arizona Big O Tire stores offered          intranets, bulletin boards and
  tion centers throughout Cape Cod,           free tire inspections throughout the       broadcast on closed circuit televi-
  Massachusetts.                              month of April. To promote the             sions throughout facilities.
 Yokohama Tire Corporation includ-           free inspections, they included           Many independent tire dealers have
  ed tire safety tips on the back panel       information in their advertising           reported to RMA that they leveraged
  of its new safe teen driving                and offered free tickets to a popular      National Tire Safety Week with their
  brochure.                                   four-day country music concert to          own local advertising dollars to
 Cooper Tire and Rubber Company              drivers who had their tires checked.       attract customers and provide them
  shipped more than 400,000 Be Tire          Briggs & Sons Tire teamed with the         with tire care information.
  Smart brochures and other materials         North Carolina Highway Patrol to
  to eight thousand tire retail stores.       perform a free tire check and child

         Government Outreach                                                              Tips for Building
                                                                                       Partnerships Within

       or National Tire Safety Week 2004,    Senator Mike DeWine of Ohio made
       more than 20 governors signed          floor remarks about National Tire        Your Community
       state proclamations declaring          Safety Week on May 3 and submitted

       statewide National Tire Safety         them to the Congressional Record.                 ire safety messages resonate
Week. In addition, several states held       Congressman Sherrod Brown of                      among almost all populations,
events to promote tire safety during          Ohio included tire safety messages                so finding partners in your
the week. Local and statewide activi-         on his web site.                                  community is as simple as look-
ties included:                                                                         ing out your front door. Partnering
                                             The Arizona Governor’s Office of
                                                                                       with another organization or group
 California State Assembly pro-              Highway Safety and the Arizona
                                                                                       allows you to reach a wider audience
  claimed the week of April 25, 2004,         Office of Public Safety collaborated
                                                                                       and possibly gain some new customers.
  to May 1, 2004, as California Tire          with RMA, AAA Arizona and
                                                                                       Here are some ideas of groups or organ-
  Safety Week and urged Californians          Discount Tire to put together a
                                                                                       izations that have previously promoted
  to be " tire smart" by ensuring the         statewide tire safety effort. Program
                                                                                       tire safety with RMA and its partners.
  proper tire inflation pressure, align-      highlights included a kickoff event
                                                                                           Local AAA Branch: If your business
  ment, rotation, and safe tread depth        in Phoenix that attracted media
                                              coverage and the launch of radio         is part of the AAA auto approved net-
  of their tires.
                                              public service announcements that        work, contact the local office to see if
 San Leandro, California, distributed                                                 AAA would be willing to partner with
  Be Tire Smart brochures in conjunc-         continue to run statewide.
                                                                                       your business during a tire check clinic.
  tion with its first annual tire recy-      The Oklahoma Highway Safety              A representative from AAA could serve
  cling event.                                Office participated in National Tire     as a media spokesperson and/or distrib-
 Arizona Governor’s Office of                Safety Week by requesting that its       ute AAA literature at the event.
  Highway Safety and Arizona State            business partners in its Employer's          Driver’s Education Program:
  Police participated in a state educa-       Traffic Safety program promote a         Contact neighborhood high schools
  tion effort with RMA. State Police          tire safety theme during the week.       to see if your business can send some-
  also recorded radio public service          The Department also issued a press       one to demonstrate proper tire main-
  announcements (PSA) promoting               release supporting National Tire         tenance during drivers’ education
  tire care.                                  Safety Week.                             courses.

                                                      R U B B E R    M A N U F A C T U R E R S     A S S O C I A T I O N      3
         National Tire Safety Week: April 24-30, 2005
have participated in National Tire
Safety Week in the past, please verify   Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
that the information on the mailing
label is correct. If not, please make    Company Name: ________________________________________________________________
the corrections.
                                         Address: _________________________________________________________________________
   NEW PARTNERS: To obtain the
materials please fill out the form to    City, State, Zip __________________________________________________________________
the right or visit
www.betiresmart.org to sign up           Phone:___________________________________Fax:_____________________________
online. Materials will be shipped in
the weeks preceding National Tire        E-Mail: ___________________________________________________________________________
Safety Week so you’ll have them on
hand to distribute during that impor-    Number of Stores_________________
tant week!
                                         Brochure Language:     s English   s Spanish
NOTE: This is available to US-based
companies ONLY.                          Verify information on address label below:
FAX FORM TO: 202-682-4812 by             s Correct
March 1.                                 s Wrong, see changes on form

                                                                                             RMA at betiresmart@rma.org or
                                                                                             comments, and suggestions to
                                                                                             Please direct all inquiries,

                                                                                             Washington, D.C. 20005
                                                                                             1400 K Street, NW, Suite 900

  Rockville, MD
 Permit No. 5832
   U.S. Postage
    First Class

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