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					          Columns added or Modified Sept, 2008: Cost, Target Audience, Focus Areas (skills), Course Tittles, Grant Funding, Student Fu
            *Various states

                State         State          University                            Degrees

                                       University of Alabama
          Alabama             AL       at Birmingham         MS in Health Informatics
issues    Arizona             AZ       University of Arizona   Post-Masters Certificate

                                       University of
          California          CA       California - Davis      MS in Health Informatics

                                       University of Colorado
                                       Health Sciences
          Colorado            CO       Center                 MS in Health Care Informatics
                  Nova Southeastern
Florida      FL   University              Certificate in Public Health Informatics

Georgia      GA   Emory University        MSPH in Public Health Informatics

                  Medical College of      BS or Post-bacc Certificate in Health Information
Georgia      GA   Georgia                 Administration, iMPH

California   CA   Canyon College          Health Care Informatics Certificate

                  University of Illinois at MS, Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Masters
Illinois     IL   Chicago                   Certificates in Health Informatics

                  University of Illinois at MS in Public Health, Certificate in Public Health
Illinois     IL   Chicago                   Informatics
Illinois   IL   Bellevue University    BS

                                       MS in Health Informatics, BS in Health
                                       Information Administration, PhD in Health
Indiana    IN   Indiana University     Informatics

                                       Interdisciplinary PhD - Health Informatics; Health
Iowa       IA   The University of Iowa Informatics Certificate

Kansas     KA   University of Kansas   MS in Healthcare Informatics

                Northern Kentucky
Kentucky   KY   University             MS and Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

                University of
Maryland   MD   Maryland               Graduate Certificate in Public Health Informatics
                     John Hopkins          MS in Health Sciences Informatics; Fellowship in
Maryland        MD   Medicine              Health Sciences Informatics

Massachusetts   MA   University            MS in Health Informatics
                                           MS in Health Management & Policy:
                     University of         Health Informatics Concentration, Graduate
                     Massachusetts -       Certificate in Health Informatics
Massachusetts   MA   Lowell

                     University of         MHI (practice oriented) and MS (research
Minnesota       MN   Minnesota             oriented), PHD in Health Informatics

                                            MS in Health Informatics (Residential and
Missouri        MO   University of Missouri Executive), PhD in Health Informatics
                                                            BS in Health Information Management and MS in
               Missouri         MO   Saint Louis University Health Informatics

               Montana               University of Montana BS in Health Care Informatics

               New York         NY   Excelsior College       Certificate

               New York         NY   Columbia                MA and PHD in Public Health Informatics
                                     The State University
very limited                         of New York -           Advanced Studies Certificate in Medical/Health
info           New York         NY   University at Buffalo   Informatics

                                     New York Medical        MPH in Health Informatics, Grad Certificate in
               New York         NY   College                 Health Informatics

               North Carolina   NC                          G
                                     East Carolina University raduate Certificate Health Informatics
Ohio           OH   Ohio State University MS

                    Oregon Health &       Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics
Oregon         OR   Science University    Management

Pennsylvania   PA   Drexel University     Online Certificate in Healthcare Informatics

                    University of
Pennsylvania   PA   Pennsylvania          Health Informatics minor

                    University of         MS of Health Informatics and Information
Tennessee      TN   Tennessee             Management and Post-Baccalaureate certificate

                                          Certificates in Health Informatics and Public
                    University of Texas   Health Informatics; MS or PHD in Health
Texas          TX   Houston               Informatics

                                          MS in Information Science specializing in Health
                                          Informatics; Certificate of advanced study in
                    University of North   Health Informatics (Post-Master), Interdisciplinary
Texas          TX   Texas                 PhD with HI concentration
Virginia        VA   University of Virginia   MS in Clinical Research

                     University of            Certificate, MS, PHD, post-graduate fellowships
Washington      WA   Washington               in Biomedical and Health Informatics

                     Fairmont State
West Virginia   WV   University               Health Care Informatics (undergraduate)

                     University of
                     Wisconsin -              MS and Certificate in Health Care Informatics,
Wisconsin       WI   Milwaukee                Dual HCI and ILS degree
rse Tittles, Grant Funding, Student Funding Opportunities, Delivery, Year Program Established


          School of Health Related Professions

          College of Nursing

          School of Medicine

          School of Nursing
College of Osteopathic Medicine with School
of Computer and Information Sciences

Rollins School of Public Health

Department of Health Informatics (School of
Allied Health Sciences)

School of Nursing

College of Applied Health Sciences

School of Public Health
College of Professional Studies

School of Informatics at IUPUI (Indiana
University- Purdue University Indianapolis)

School of Nursing

School of Nursing

College of Informatics

Department of Public and Community Health
Division of Health Sciences Informatics

College of Computer and Information Science

Continuing Studies and Corporate Education

Health Informatics

School of Medicine (Dept of Health
Management and Informatics)
Doisy College of Health Sciences

Montana Tech

School of Health Sciences

Biomedical Informatics

School of Informatics

School of Public Health

College of Allied Health Sciences
School of Allied Medical Professions

dept of medical informatics and clinical
epidemiology (school of Medicine)

Drexel Online

Penn Nursing

College of Allied Health Sciences

School of Health Information Sciences at

School of Library and Information Science
Public Health Sciences Dept.

Department of Medical Education and
Biomedical Informatics (under SOM)

School of Nursing and Allied Health

College of Health Sciences (certificate joint
with UWM School of Information Studies)
portunities, Delivery, Year Program Established

                                                  Entrance Requirements

          BA, GPA of min 3.0 average, official transcripts, GRE, GMAt or MAT scores,

          BA in nursing, official transcripts, cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, GRE scores, Arizona RN license

          Standard Grad School Requirements, GPA of 3.0 or better from prior study, satisfaction of
          prerequisites (see "other")

          BSN (or equivalent earned in another country), no exceptions. GRE scores above 400 on
          verbal/quantitative and 3.5 on writing
bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, GPA of 3.0 or higher, health professions degree is
desirable, see Other for additional background requirements

GRE of 50% or higher, GPA of 3.0 or higher, Strong quantitative background (calculus, linear
algebra) as well as background health or biomedical sciences

BS: core curriculum prerequisites, GPA of 2.3 or better; Certificate: Bachelor's degree, official
transcripts, prerequisites; iMPH: GRE score of 1000 or higher (GRE requirement will be granted to
professionals with terminal degrees (MD, PhD, DDS, DMD, ScD, EdD, DBA, etc.) from accredited
United States universities)

Application form online:

MS: Bachelor's degree, GPA of 3.0 or better. Post-M cert: Graduate degree with GPA of 3.0 or
better. Post-Bac cert: Bachelor's degree, GPA at least 2.75. at least two years of health care or IT
work experience preferred for all options

BA or equivalent, GRE scores (applicants holding a graduate or professional degree at doctoral
level, US licensed physicians exempt), official transcripts
n/a - part of undergraduate program of study

MS, PhD: Skills such as obtained in BS in Informatics degree, Bachelor's degree, GPA of 3.0 or
better, official transcripts, GRE score; BS: Min GPA of 2.5, C (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) in anatomy,
physiology, computer science, analytic skills/quantitative methods, business administration, and
organization/management. Prerequisite courses in anatomy, physiology, computer science and
statistics must be completed prior to enrollment in the program (55 credits)

RN license, BSN or equivalent, GPA of 3.0 or better, GRE score

RN license, official transcripts

For MHI: Bachelors degree with GPA of 3.0 or better; GRE, MAT or GMAT score (or previous
graduate degree or completion of at least 12 graduate credits with GPA of 3.5 or better). For
Certificate: Bachelors degree with GPA of 2.5 or better.

Bachelor's degree, GPA of 3.0 or better
Fellowships are open to any health or information-science professional with a doctoral degree (MD,
PhD, DVM, DDS, MLS), to non-doctoral professionals co-applying for a related doctoral degree or
already in such a program, or to non-doctoral public health professionals, for the Robert Wood
Johnson program

Admission to the program requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science,
or information systems; or a health or life science or profession (nursing, pharmacy, biology, etc.)
and knowledge of basic information technology concepts. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher

Bachelors degree

BA or equivalent, GRE score (can be substituted with MCAT or GMAT), official transcripts, GPA of
3.0 or higher, Prerequisites: equivalent of six semester credits or nine quarter credits in medical, life
or biological sciences, one year of calculus, a course or documented work experience in a
programming or application language such as C, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic, PASCAL, etc

MS(Residential): Bachelor's w/GPA 3.0 or better, GRE or GMAT; MS(Executive) - Bachelor's
degree and 3 or more years of professional experience (technical, administrative or clinical in
healthcare or health sciences). PhD - same as MS(R), but prefer candidates with MS in relevant
area. Prerequisites that can be waived (see Other)
Bachelor's degree, completion of course or demonstrated competency in Medical terminology and
Statistics, as well as PC literacy

ACT, SAT score requirement, prerequisites, good academic record

Bachelor's degree in a health care discipline or any Bachelor's degree and experience in health
care organization

bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, biology, nursing,
medicine, public health, information management, or similar; official transcripts, GRE score

Bachelor's degree, official transcripts

Bachelor's degree, GPA of 3.0 or better

Bachelor's degree
Bachelors degree, GPA of 3.0, official transcripts, GRE score plus CS prerequisites (see Other)

Bachelors degree, GPA of 3.0

Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, official transcripts, GRE score


Baccalaureate degree in a health-related discipline with GPA of 3.0 or higher

Certificate: Bachelor's Degree, GRE or MAT optional. Baccalaureate or higher degree, GPA of 3.0
or better, MAT or GRE score + competencies requirements (see Other)

MS: Bachelor's degree, GPA of 2.8 or better, GRE, GMAT or MAT score ;Certificate: Masters
Bachelor degree, GRE, MCAT, LSAT or GMAT score, official transcripts

BA or equivalent, GPA of 3.0 or better, GRE scores (unless applicant holds a US doctorate
degree), official transcripts

An associate or baccalaureate degree from FSU or an accredited college or university in health
information or nursing w/ minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

BA or equivalent, GPA of 2.75 or better, GRE score, official transcripts, prerequisite courses (see
Other for details)
                                                                                                   Health Inf

                          Degree Requirements                                      Cost

                                                                         In-State - $224 per
                                                                         semester hour Out-of-
40 credit hours of courses + 6 hours of Internship + 8 credit research   State - $560 per
project                                                                  semester hour

15 credit hours

43 credit hours: 31 required coursework, 3 elective, 9 research, research Unclear which fee
project and thesis                                                        schedule applies

                                                                         Tuition: In-state $375
                                                                         per credit hour; Out of
                                                                         state - $979 per credit
MS: 34 credit hours                                                      hour. Fees.
Requirements include M.P.H. core courses, a public health informatics     information not readily
practicum, and six public health informatics-focused electives.           available
                                                                          approx $21,000 (tuition
48 credit hours, cumulative GPA of at least B-, MSPH thesis, at least 200 and fees) - numbers for
hors practicum experience                                                 2005

BS: 69 credit hours, including practicum; Certificate: 26-27 credit hours,   Depends on the
including practicum; iMPH: 48 credits                                        program

1 180 contact hours (12 credits) course                                      $900 + $50 lab fee

MSHI: 45 credit hours for non-research track                                 $675 per credit hour

MS: 51 credit hours, field practicum, capstone experience; Certificate: 5
courses completed with a min of 3.0 GPA plus publication quality paper       $675 per credit hour
                                                                              $220 per traditional
                                                                              credit hour, $330 per
127 credit hours                                                              online credit hour

MS: 36 credit hours, including a thesis project; BS: 61 credits (as part of   3-credit course, in-
a 4-year degree), PhD: 36 credits beyond MS curriculum + usual PhD            state: $622; out-of-
RQs                                                                           state: $1,827

                                                                              sliding scale depending
PHD: 72-76 credit hours (Depends if BSN or MSN); Certificate: 20 credit       on residency and
hours                                                                         course load (see other)

40 credit hours

                                                                              In-state: $369 per
MS: 35 credit hours (18-foundation courses, 11 - electives, capstone          credit, out-of-state:
project), Certificate: 12 credits from MHI core                               $649

12 credit hours                                                               $1,275 per course
100 quarter hours (24 hrs core, 18 hrs electives, 6 hrs practica, 16 hrs   information not readily
research seminars, 36 hrs research)                                        available

core of 24 semester hours and 12 hours of electives plus a 1 credit
precepted internship and a 3 semester hour capstone project. A GPS of      $1035 per semester
3.0 or better is required for matriculation                                hour

MS: 12 courses, Certificate: 4 courses                                     $475 per hour + fees

MHI: 32 credits; MS: 42 credit including either project of thesis,         information not readily
depending on track; PhD - 70 credits.                                      available

                                                                           information not readily
MS(R) - 42 credits, MS(E) - 33 credits                                     available
                                                   information not readily
30 credit non-thesis program                       available

                                                   information not readily
BS: 120 credit hours                               available

17 credits                                         $410 per credit hour

                                                   information not readily
MS: 36 credits (12 courses)                        available
                                                   In-state - $6900, Out-of-
                                                   state - $10920, plus
information not readily available                  $1300 in fees

                                                   $645 per credit plus
45-46 credits for MS, 15 credits for Certificate   fees

                                                   information not readily
15 semester hours                                  available
                                                                           In-State program cost -
                                                                           $10440, out-of-state -
50 credit hours                                                            25,302

                                                                           information not readily
33 credits                                                                 available

9 credit hours                                                             $875 per credit

4 course units meet the education requirement needed to apply for the
National Certification exam in Informatics                                 n/a

                                                                           In-state: $369/hour; out
MS: 33 credit hours w/ GPA 3.0 or above and grades of no less than "B"     of state: $1062/hour;
for each course, written comprehensive exam.                               various fees

                                                                           In-State - $146 per
                                                                           semester hour, Out-of-
                                                                           state: - $471 per
Certificate: 15 credit hours, MS: 42 credit hours including practicum and semester hour; multiple
publication level paper; PHD: 93 credit hours, Health Informatics prefixed and substantial fees for
courses must be passed with grade "B" or better                            both.

MS: 36 credit hours, field experience, GPA of 3.0 or higher, no grade of
C on core courses, no more than two C grades allowed; Certificate: 24
credit hours, field experience, PhD: 48 credits with health related        information not readily
electives                                                                  available
                                                                            information not readily
31 credit hours, thesis or practicum                                        available
MS: 60 credit hours, including at least nine Thesis credits, cumulative
GPA of 3.0 minimum, complete an MS thesis and pass a final exam;
PHD: 90 credit hours, including 27 Dissertation credits, formal             information not readily
examinations: qualifying exam, general exam, final exam                     available

                                                                            information not readily
49 credits                                                                  available

MS: 35 credit hours, completion of a thesis or a professional project; Dual information not readily
degree - 56 credits.                                                        available
                         Health Informatics Programs in the United States as of 06/2006

                Target Audience             Focus Areas (skills of graduates)

                                           Prep for career as executive leaders
not specified                              of IT and health services operations

advanced training in informatics to
professionals who want to redirect their
careers to become health informatics       depend on electives, heavy
researchers                                research emphasis

                                           graduates will be able to apply for
Nurses who want to go into advanced        certification as an Informatics Nurse
practice or to prepare for PhD track       Specialist as defined by ANA.
MPH students at Nova Southeastern
University                                 Public Health Informatics

                                           depend on electives, overall public
see entrance requirements                  health focus
                                           Students who complete the
                                           bachelors or certificate programs
                                           are eligible to take the AHIMA
                                           national registration exam to
                                           become a Registered Health
                                           Information Administrator, iMPH
varied by degree type                      Graduates will manage information

Nurses and other Health care professionals
who want to broaden their knowledge of
Health Informatics                         not specified

                                            focus on the social and
Those with at least two years of experience organizational issues affecting
outside the academic setting in the health information technology in
care or information technology fields       health care.

unspecified                                PH/HI generalist
current Bellevue University Students     not specified

                                         MS: computerized patient records,
                                         cost reimbursement, clinical
                                         decision support systems and
                                         integrated health information
                                         systems; BS: prepares graduates
MS, PhD: unspecified, BS: current IU     for Registered Health Information
students                                 Administrator (RHIA)

Certificate: Current MSN and PhD students PhD: prepares for academic and
and those with MS, wishing to update skills research positions

                                         healthcare technology, process
                                         management, regulatory and ethical
                                         issues, organizational culture of
Working Healthcare Professionals         healthcare

Healthcare Professionals, policymakers   Public Health Informatics
applicants from a range of disciplines
including public health, clinical care, the
nursing sciences and biology, as well as
from cognate fields such as computer,
library and information sciences. Including
candidates with PhD or MS in those            Heavy research focus, emphasis on
disciplines                                   public health

                                              System analysis, design and
                                              implementation, product
                                              management, software QA, training,
IT professionals                              maintenance

                                              Policy and management in
Healthcare Professionals                      healthcare

Those with background in both life sciences
in basic IS/CS (see entrance requirements) varied depending on electives

For MHI - Healthcare Professionals, for
MS/PhD - very broad                           information not readily available
                                            development and implementation of
                                            clinical, administrative and
individuals with a strong background or     documentation systems designed to
interest in healthcare, computer science,   enhance the quality of care and
information science, biomedical sciences,   support decision-making in the
privacy and security of health data         healthcare sector.

                                            General HI skills with either
High School students                        Business or CS focus

not specified                               not specified

                                            depends on electives and
see entrance requirements                   background/skills at program entry

information not available                   information not readily available

Those interested in healthcare applied work
(see other)                                 See Other

broad                                       General HI skills
                                             The program prepares individuals
                                             for roles in the management,
                                             strategic planning, design,
                                             integration, implementation and
                                             evaluation of healthcare information
not specified                                systems

                                             developers and managers of
Health Care Professionals                    electronic health records

Health Care employees

Current MS in Nursing students

                                             Health care data management,
Health Care Professionals                    Clinical decision support systems

                                             Clinical Informatics, Computational
                                             Biomedicine, Learning &
broad, judging by variations in pre-         Technology or Dual Degree with
foundational courses                         SPH

Certificate: Information professionals and
select healthcare professionals              HI Generalists
unspecified                               Clinical Research focus

accept candidates from diverse background
that show "distinction in their area of
expertise"                                This is a research focused program

unspecified                               Health Information Administration

                                          Emphasis Areas: Technology,
                                          Decision Support Systems, or
unspecified                               Administration.
in the United States as of 06/2006

                          Sample Course Titles

      Analysis and Design of Health Info systems, Databases and
      Data Modeling, Clinical Administrative Systems, Org behavior
      and Leadership, Admin and Clinical Decision Support
      Systems, Communications and Network, Privacy and Security

      Clinical Data Acquisition and Analysis, Principles of Health
      Informatics, Telemedicine, Computer-based Patient Records,
      Clinical Databases

      Human Technology Interface, Management Information for
      Decision Support, Telehealth Applications, Database
      Management Systems, Human Computer Interaction Design
Public Health Informatics, Health Policy, Planning and
Management, Information Systems Project Management
Public Health Informatics (I and II), Database Management
Systems, GIS, Public Health Surveillance, Statistical Methods
or Biostatistics.

varies by degree, see course pages

Health Care Informatics

Ethics & Legal Issues in Health Informatics, Health Care
Information Systems, Health Info. Sys. Analysis & Design,
Health Care IT Vendor Management, Health Care Information
Security, Consumer Health Informatics
Public Health Concepts and Practice, Principles of
Management in Public Health, Health Information and
Decision Support Systems, WEB-Based Public Health
Management Tools in Health Informatics, Health Services
Organization & Delivery, Clinical Informatics Management,
Management of Systems Analysis & Design, Synthesis of
Health Informatics

Introduction to Informatics, Laboratory Information
Management Systems, Clinical Information Systems ,
Informatics Research Design, Health Informatics Standards &
Terminology, Intro to Biostatistics I

Informatics in Nursing and Health Care, Database Systems,
Advanced Nursing Informatics

Introduction to Health Informatics, Introduction to Management
Information Systems, IT Project Management, IT Project
Management, Research Method for Health Informatics,
electives from areas of: Health Informatics Policy, Business
Process Management, and Knowledge Management
Geographic Information Systems in Public Health
Surveillance, Public Health Information Systems, Information
Management for Public Health Professionals, Advanced
Health Informatics
Introduction to Public Health and Biomedical Informatics,
Health Sciences Informatics Evaluation, Health Sciences
Informatics Knowledge Engineering and Decision Support,

Intro to HI Systems, Org. behavior and workflow, Data
management, Project Management, Database design,
Business of HI, Usability

Health Info Systems, Healthcare management, Healthcare
Database design, Law and Ethics in Healthcare, Healthcare

Health Informatics I & II, Health Informatics Seminar,
Operation Research and Quality Control in Health Care,
Information Technology in Health Care

Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences, Design of Health
and Human Services Systems, Theory and Application of
Controlled Terminologies, Knowledge Management in Health
Care, Information Security and Policy
Programming and Problem Solving, Database Management
Systems, Introduction to Health Informatics, Medical
Vocabularies and Classification Systems, System Analysis
and Design, Project Management, Information Security

Intro to Health Care Informatics, Medical Data &
Terminologies, Database Applications, Applications
Programming, Public Health Informatics

Informatics and Health Care Delivery Systems, Knowledge
Representation: Data Standards, Terminologies and
Implications for Practice, Informatics Project Management

Database Systems, Programming and Problem Solving,
Introduction to Biostatistics, Introduction to Computer
Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine, Public health
informatics, Research design and data collection

information not available

Behavioral and Social Aspects of Public Health, Introduction to
Informatics in the Health Sciences, Distributed Information
Systems and Networks, Management of Health Information
Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Database
Management Systems

Health Informatics, Health Care Systems and problems,
Electronic Health Records, Database Systems in Health Care
Managerial Leadership in Allied Health, Analysis and
Interpretation of Data, Computer Applications in Health Care,
Health Info Systems Design& Implementation, Decision
Support and Expert Systems, Health Care Financial

Clinical Information Systems, Databases, Biostatistics, Org.
Behavior and management, Healthcare Data Management
Healthcare Informatics, Organizational and Sociological Issues
in Healthcare Informatics, Clinical Information Technology

Applied Health Informatics, Nursing Informatics, E-Health:
Business Models and impact

IT & Systems, Healthcare Info systems, Leadership in Health
care, Legal Issues, Knowledge management, statistics

Foundations of Health Information Sciences, Introduction to
Health Data and Electronic Health Records, Systems Analysis
for Health Informatics, Statistical Solutions for Health
Informatics, Advanced Database Concepts,
Health Sciences Information Management, Organization of
Information of Clinical Care, Community Based Health
Information, Medical Digital Imaging, Introduction to
Information Access and Retrieval, Introduction to Information
Introduction to Biostatistics, Database Design &
Implementation, Health Technology & Outcomes Evaluation,
Applied Epidemiological Methods, Introduction to Clinical
Core courses: Public Health and Informatics, Biomedical
Informatics Research Methods, Knowledge Representation
and Applications, Clinical Topics for Informaticists, Biomedical
Information Interactions and Design
Healthcare Informatics, Healthcare Organizations, healthcare
coding, Database design and Implementation, Programming,

Introduction to HealthCare Informatics, Healthcare Information
Systems Analysis & Design, Data Management Systems,
Computational Models of Decision Making, Health Care
Systems Applications - Administrative & Clinical, Managed
Care & Integrated Health Networks
                     Links to Web Pages of Courses                Sampling of Research Interests          N/A - non-research program
                                                         Healthcare information technology/systems (IT/S)      implementation           information not readily available

                                                         Standardized Language, Impact of Information    Systems on Patient Safety and Quality Indicators                          n/a                            information not readily available                          N/A - non-research program             N/A - non-research program

                                                                       HIV Treatment Error Reduction Using a Genotype
                                                                       Database, Physician attitudes towards clinical
                                                                       information systems and computerized physician
                                                                       order entry, Revenue Cycle Metrics at a Large   Academic Medical Center         N/A - non-research program                         N/A - non-research program
                                                                         Current areas of research include electronic
                                                                         medical records, health data exchange, standards
                                                                         and terminology for health data, clinical decision
                                                                         support, consumer health informatics, technology
                                                                         to enhance patient safety, telehealth application
                                                                         development and implementation, cost
                                                                         reimbursement and integrated health information systems.

                                                                        Specific foci include data and information
                                                                        management, knowledge building
                                                                        (knowledge discovery), telehealth (community-based care delivery), and
maticsCertificate.htm                                                   bioinformatics (imaging and genetics).
l                       New program, n/a                    N/A - non-research program   information not readily available            N/A - professional, non-thesis program   n/a     information not readily available             information not readily available                                        n/a - new program                        n/a,82561&_dad=portal&_
schema=PORTAL&DEPTS=HINF                                             n/a
                                                                     Internet-Based Information Technology to Reduce
                                                                     Prescription Errors; Automated ICF Coding Using
                                                                     Medical Language Processing; Refining
                                                                     Organizational Network Analysis Methods for use               in Public Health;

information not available                                            n/a                  N/A - non-research program                       N/A                                 N/A - non-research program
imtrack.cfm#coursework                                                   information not readily available
ormatics/certification/curriculum.shtml                                  n/a
_detail.asp?prid=28                                                 n/a              n/a

                                                                          Center for Biosecurity and Public Health
                                                                          Informatics Research, Computational and
                                                                          Predictive Oncology, Preventive Health Informatics and Spatial Analysis, Lab PHISTA

                                                                          Web-based clinical information; Information-
                                                                          seeking behavior of health care providers;                  Organization of medical digital images
m                                                                        Temporal pattern analysis in clinical data;
                                                                         Community Health Assessment Key Indicators,
                                                                         Personal Health Information Management for
                                                                         Breast Cancer Patients, Predicting Drug-Drug                    Interactions Using Drug Mechanism Knowledge         n/a

                                                                       Diverse - program faculty are from several
                                                                       departments: Business Administration, Health
                                                                       Care Administration, Computer Science, Library        and Information Science, Nursing
             Grant Funding                 Funding Opportunities for Students      Established      Delivery

                                        Federal Loans, work-study, state-          information   only 4-day
                                        programs for in-state students, various    not readily   residential
information not readily available       scholarships                               available     RQ

                                        stipend support, nonresident tuition fee
                                        remission and graduate student
                                        research appointments, fellowships,
information not readily available       standard federal aid                               1999 not specified

supported by funds from the Division of
Nursing (DN),Bureau of Health
Professionals (BHPr), Health Resources
Administration Services (HRSA),
Department of Health and Human
Services (DHHS) under grant number, 1                                              1996 (1998
D09 HP 00532-04-00, and the HRSA I-                                                first graduate
Collaboratory: Partnerships in Learning Federal and state loans and grants - no    in Informatics
Grant for $629,371.                     program specific options                   specialty)     Online only
information not readily available   information not readily available                 2008 Online
                                    Standard federal aid, School as Lender
                                    program, work-study options, limited RA
information not readily available   and internship options                            2001 Traditional

                                                                                            traditional or
                                                                                            online, iMPH:
                                                                              information   blended
                                    Standard selection of federal and state   not readily   (mostly
information not readily available   grants and loans                          available     online)

                                                                              not readily
probably n/a                        information not readily available         available     Online Only

information not readily available   Several program-specific scholarships             1991 Online

                                                                              not readily
information not readily available   information not readily available         available     Online
                                                                                   information     but some
                                                                                   not readily     courses
probably n/a                          Standard federal and state aid               available       online

                                      Scholarships, fellowships in limited         MS: 2003,
information not readily available     number                                       PhD: 2005       Traditional

                                      Graduate assistantships; scholarships;       Certificate:
information not readily available     loans; fellowships; awards                   1997            Traditional
Loans, grants, work study programs,
scholarships                                                                                2003

                                      Generic financial aid options plus limited
information not readily available     GA opportunities.                                     2007 Traditional

                                      No federal aid, but alternative loans or     not readily
n/a                                   employer reimbursement                       available       Online
                                                                                   1999 (first
information not readily available         NLM fellowships                          Fellow)        Traditional

                                          Graduate tuition scholarships (partial   not readily
n/a                                       funding)                                 available      traditional

program is funded in part by a grant from Federal financial aid and several Private not readily
the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation            scholarships                              available     blended
                                          RA/TA opportunities, NLM/NIH training
                                          funding, Graduate fellowships, special
                                          funding for minorities and                information
                                          disadvantaged - 85% of MS/PhD             not readily
information not readily available         students currently funded                 available     Traditional
                                          Earnst&Young and other private           information    residential,
                                          Scholarships, minority scholarships,     not readily    blended for
information not readily available         tuition waiver, NLM funding              available      Executive
                                        Several program-specific scholarships,
information not readily available       GA opportunities                                 2008 Traditional
                                        Standard college funding options,
                                        special scholarship for students from
                                        AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, NV, NM, ND,
n/a                                     OR, SD, UT, WA, and WY                           2002 Traditional

                                                                                 not readily
n/a                                     information not readily available        available     Online

National Library of Medicine (NLM) will
administer a $3.68 million grant from the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation            NLM funding for PhD students, standard PhD - 1994,
(RWJF)                                    aid options for MA students            MS - 1996     Traditional
                                                                                 not readily
n/a                                       information not readily available      available     Traditional

                                                                                 not readily
N/A                                     information not readily available        available     Traditional
                                                                                 not readily
N/A                                     information not readily available        available     Online
                                    Federal grants and loans, Graduate      not readily
information not readily available   Assistantships and Fellowships          available     Traditional

                                    FASFA and Private scholarships (not     pending
information not readily available   program-specific)                       accreditation Online
                                    Government loans and grants for full-   information
information not readily available   time students, special tuition for      not readily   Online
                                                                            not readily
information not readily available   information not readily available       available     Traditional

                                                                            not readily
information not readily available   General scholarship opportunities       available     Online only

                                                                                         Online or
                                                                                         Mixed for
                                                                                         cert., mixed
                                                                                         for MS, PhD -
NSF, DHHS and NIH grant funding     information not readily available               1997 some - online

                                    Teaching assistantships, Teaching
                                    fellowships, Graduate Library                         Blended,
                                    Assistantships, other funding           MS: 1988,     mostly on-
information not readily available   opportunities                           PhD: 1992     line
information not readily available   information not readily available              1997 Traditional

NIH research grants                 RA/TA opportunities, NLM funding                2000 Traditional
                                                                           not readily
information not readily available   information not readily available      available     Traditional

                                    Graduate assistantships, Department    information
                                    and University provided scholarships   not readily
information not readily available   (typically $40,000 year)               available     Traditional
                                                                                         Date of Most      Since
                                                                                           Recent        Previous   Date Added
                                  Other Information                                        Review         Review    to Summary

Fall entry only, part-time study (2 classes per semester, 6 semesters) to be                            RQs, Other
completed in 24 months.                                                                  Sept, 2008     Info       May, 2006

                                                                                                                    May, 2006
Prerequisites: Equivalent of six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter units, in any of the
sciences (life, medical or biological). Equivalent of three (3) semester or four (4)
quarter units in an object-oriented programming language. Equivalent of three (3)
semester or four (4) quarter units in relational databases. (Documented work
experience may satisfy these prerequisites.) Program grew from 7 to 14 students                         Links,
in 2008                                                                                                 Department,
                                                                                         Sept, 2008     RQs, Other May, 2006

                                                                                                        All sections
                                                                                         Sept, 2008     "state"      May, 2006
Demonstrate a background in the language of the biomedical sciences by
credentials or work experience, Demonstrate competency in the use of computers
by credentials or work experience. M.P.H. students at Nova Southeastern
University may acquire their Public Health Informatics (PHI) Certificate from the
Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics Program by selecting PHI-focused
electives and completing a field experience focused on public health informatics.        Sept, 2008   n/a        Sept, 2008
Portion of curriculum is flexible. Electives to be tailored to student's interests and                Entrance
career goals                                                                             Sept, 2008   RQs, Other May, 2006

There are two curriculum tracks for those with Allied Health/ Nursing Background
Curriculum.pdf) and those with Business/Computer Science Background
(                                Degree,
Curriculum.pdf) iMPH - pending accreditation.                                            Sept, 2008   RQs, Other June, 2006

                                                                                                      State, Links,
One multi-semester course                                                                Sept, 2008   Other         June, 2006

Dual degree possible: Master of Science in Nursing Administration/Master of                           Degree
Science in Health Informatics, Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Science in Health                         RQs, Other
Informatics                                                                              Sept, 2008   Info, Links May, 2006

MS program has to be completed in 5 years                                                Sept, 2008   RQs          May, 2006
                                                                                  Sept, 2008    RQs         June, 2006

                                                                                  Sept, 2008    Links, RQs   June, 2006

Tuition and fee schedule can be found at                                                        Degrees,                             Sept, 2008    Links, RQs   May, 2006

                                                                                                             June, 2006

Background information can be found at Certificate program can be used as
entry to MHI program. Program must be completed in 6 years (designed for 2
years of full-time, 9 credits/semester, study)                                     Sept, 2008   n/a          Sept, 2008

                                                                                  Sept, 2008    Links        May, 2006
Research project: define a 10-year problem and a 2-year project. The problem
should be one that the fellow can continue working on after completion of the
fellowship and one in which the fellow can become a recognized expert.                         Degrees,
                                                                                  Sept, 2008   Links, RQs   June, 2006

Classes in the evening to allow for full and part-time options                    Sept, 2008   n/a          Sept, 2008

Certificate program can be used as a path to admission to MS program with full
credit transfer, those with GPA 3.5 and better do not have to complete GRE        Sept, 2008   n/a          Sept, 2008

Only core courses have HI program home, all other courses have to be from other                ts, Links,
departments and there is no list of suggestions.                                  Sept, 2008   Other      May, 2006

For HI candidates must complete or waive four foundation courses: Algorithm                    University,
Design/Programming I and II, Database management systems I, Fundamentals of                    Degrees,
Microeconomics. Executive program combines weekend classes and distance ed                     Department,
options, has more lenient admission RQs.                                    Sept, 2008         RQs, Other June, 2006
Program officially starts Fall 2009, but some students already started on
coursework in 2008                                                                 Sept, 2008   n/a          Sept, 2008

Four-year degree program blends HCI courses with life sciences and mathematics                  Degrees,
college curriculum                                                              Sept, 2008      Other        June, 2006
The program must be completed within 3 years, Students who successfully
complete the program earn 5 credits toward our Master of Science in nursing
(Clinical Systems Management) degree, making it more efficient to complete both
programs.                                                                       Sept, 2008      Other        May, 2006

currently 50 students, faculty from all departments                                Sept, 2008   Other        June, 2006

                                                                                                Links, RQs,
Very limited information currently available, program appears to be in decline     Sept, 2008   Other       June, 2006
The program has not been designed to provide a technical education in systems
development or in Medical Informatics research and teaching; nor does it aim to
educate professionals in general business administration. The Health Informatics
program provides a specific focus on the practical application and management of                Degrees,
information systems in support of health care providers and public health                       Dept, RQs,
organizations.                                                                     Sept, 2008   Other,       June, 2006

                                                                                   Sept, 2008   n/a          Sept, 2008
Prerequisites: Computer Assisted Problem Solving in Business, Elementary
Computer Programming, Introduction to C++ Programming
                                                                                     Sept, 2008   RQs, Other June, 2006
The Certificate program can thus be used as an entry point for enrollment into the
Master of Biomedical Informatics (MBI) or Master of Science (MS) in Biomedical
Informatics programs.                                                                Sept, 2008   n/a        Sept, 2008

                                                                                     Sept, 2008              May, 2006

This minor's aim is to augment advanced practice, administrative, and leadership
Master's programs.                                                                   Sept, 2008   RQs, Other June, 2006

                                                                                     Sept, 2008   n/a        Sept, 2008

Students earning below B - dismissed. Program Curriculum revised in 2007 to                       ts, Links,
include pre-foundational courses as needed and foundational courses for all.         Sept, 2008   Other      May, 2006

MS can be completed on-line with one required session, offered in four locations                  Requiremen
nationwide: Denton, Houston, Minnesota, or Las Vegas                                 Sept, 2008   ts, Other  June, 2006
Part-time study options available                                                Sept, 2008    Dept, Links, June, 2006

                                                                                 Sept, 2008    Dept, Links, May, 2006

Students may be required to complete pre-requisites in computer competence,
medical terminology and other health related subjects                             Sept, 2008   n/a         Sept, 2008
HCI foundation courses to be completed prior to HCI program admission: HCA
102:Health Care Delivery in the U.S., 3 credits or BUS ADM 756: Health Care
Delivery Systems, 3 credits CL SCI 301-305: Human Pathophysiology, 5 credits or                Degrees,
CL SCI 701 & 702: Human Pathophysiology I & II, 6 credits. HMS 270: Statistics in              Department
the Health Professions, 3 credits or BUS ADM 210: Introduction to Management                   s, RQs,
Statistics, 3 credits.                                                            Sept, 2008   Other      May, 2006
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