Vital Sta' tis' tiks by sdsdfqw21


									                                          P R O D U C T I O N                                                                                           U P D A T E S
 UPSTREAM IN AFRICA                           CRC UNICEF FILMS                          SOUTH AFRICA’S WOMAN                        Biography                                LIFE HEALTHCARE COSMOS
 ProAfrica Productions                        Current Affairs Films cc                  JUDGE’S                                     BEAUTOWN                                 LAUNCH
 Dir: Didi Schoeman                           Prod: Jane Lipman                         Luna Films                                  Bush Coffee Productions                  FC Hamman Films
 TV Series. African Adventure / Travel        Documentary                               Jane Lipman                                 Prod: Motheo Seleke                      Dir: FC Hamman
 Series                                       DISGRACE                                  Documentary                                 Wildlife series                          Corporate
 URBO:THE ADVENTURES OF                       DO Productions                            SPOON                                       BIG FELLAS                               MARY KINGSLEY
 PAX AFRIKA                                   Prods: Brigid Olën/ Marlow de Mardt       Inspired Minority Pictures                  Rogue Star Films                         TROPENFIEBER
 Octagon CSI CT                               DOOMSDAY                                  Feature Film                                Dir: Philip Roberts                      Africade Productions
 Exec Prod: Sean Rogers / Vince Gibbons       Rogue Pictures                            STORMS IN AFRICA                            Feature Film                             Dir: Freddie Rpeckenhaus
 Animated Sci-Fi Action Adventuresd           Dir: Neil Marshall                        Two Oceans Productions                      BRASSFIELD ESTATE WINERY                 Documentary
 VIEW FROM THE SKY                            END OF THE ROAD                           Prod: Giselher Venzke/Bertha Spieker        FC Hamman Films                          NATIONAL COUNCIL OF
 Do Productions                               Film Afrika                               Feature                                     Dir: FC Hamman                           PROVINCES
 Dir:Yann Arthus-bertrand                     Prod: Meryl Schutte                       THE 3 INVESTIGATORS – “TC”                  Corporate                                Black Heat Communications
 Documentary                                  Dramatic Comedy for Mnet                  Two Oceans Productions                      BUSH BABIES                              Documentary of Paliament
 VIBE’z                                       EARTH FROM ABOVE (WAS                     Prod: Giselher Venzke/Bertha Spieker        Bush Coffee Productions                  PLAIN OF WEEPING
 Touchdown Africa                             VIEW FROM THE SKY)                        Feature                                     Prod: Motheo Seleke                      Marshall Nelson Productions
 Tech Dir: Quentin Haffern                    Do Productions                            THE DIRTY SKIRTS – IS THIS                  Wildlife series                          Doccumentary
 Reality TV Show                              PM: Bernard Chaudot                       IT                                          CALL CENTRE PROJECT                      SECOND CHANCE
 VILLA ROSA                                   Documentary                               The African Attachment                      (DEPT OF PRIVATE                         Eclipse TV /SABC 1
 Spectro Productions                          FLASHBCK OF A FOOL                        Music Video                                 ENTERPRISES)                             Prod: Tracey -Lee Dearham
 Dir/s: Vickus Strijdom,Abdries van der       Moonlighting                              THE PRO SHOP CREDIT CARD                    Panache Video Productions                Christmas Drama
 Merwe,Leroux Botha,Isabel Smit               Feature Film                              FC Hamman Films                             Exec: Lulu Bam                           SINKING THE LUSITANIA
 TV Drama                                     GUGU AND ANDILE (UGUGU                    Editor: Neels Smit                          Corporate                                DO Productions
 WHITE LION                                   NO ANDILE)                                30 Sec Commercial                           CONFESSIONS OF A                         Prod: Marlow De Mardt/Brigid Olën
 Nationwide Distributors                      Luna Films                                TO BE FIRST                                 GAMBLER                                  TV Drama
 Dir: Michael Swan                            Prod: Bridgette Pickering/Neil Brandt     DO Productions                              Roza Films                               SUPER SPORT MASTER
 Family Adventure Feature Film                TV Drama/Feature                          Dir: Patrick Reams                          Dir: Rayda Jacobs                        CLASSES INTERACTIVE DVD
 YO BIz                                       HANSIE                                    TISO CONFERENCE VIDEO                       Feature Film                             FC Hamman Films
 Touchdown Africa                             Global Creative Studios                   FC Hamman Films                             CIPHER                                   Editor: Neels Smit
 Dir/Prod: Linda Gumede                       Dir: Regardt van den Bergh                PM:Odette van Jaarsveld                     Tom Pictures                             Training
 Children’s Business Reality TV Show          Feature                                   Corporate                                   Director: Vusi Magobane                  TEARS OF MEN
 YO.TV                                        HOLA 7                                    WILD AT HEART 3                             Talk Show                                Bush Coffee Productions
 Urban Brew Studios                           Bite for Velocity Films                   The Out of Africa Picture Company/          CLASSIC ROCKS MUSIC                      Prod: Motheo Seleke
 Insert Dir/s: Herbert Hadebe / Sebulelo      Animation for commercial                  HBO                                         VIDEO MARANATHA                          Documentary
 Phakisi / Terri Cooperman / Guy              INGANEzEBABA                              Feature                                                                              TB FREE
                                              Penguin Films                             WORLD OF GOLF VODACOM                       FC Hamman Films                          International Radio Pictures
 TV Children’s Programme                      Line Prod: Quinty Pillay                  GOLF VILLAGE                                                                         Exec Prod: Nick Talilikis
                                                                                                                                    Dir: FC Hamman
 YO-TV IMAGING                                Drama                                     FC Hamman Films                             Music Video                              Commercial
 The Brewery @ Urban Brew                     JESUS AND THE GIANT                       Editor: Neels Smit                                                                   UMEMEzALA
 Dir/Ed: Freddy Louw
                                              TOM Pictures                              30 Sec Commercial                           Media Corner                             Seleke Cinema
 TV Children’s Programme                      Dir: Akin Amotoso                         XHILOVO                                                                              Writer/Director: Vusi Twala
                                                                                                                                    Talk Show
 YO.TV LAND                                   Short Film                                Funny Face Productions                      EARTH FROM ABOVE (WAS                    Feature
 Urban Brew Studios                           LIFE (US VERSION OF WILD                  Dir: Issac Diloro                                                                    MARCOS HERNANDEz “RED
 Dir: Herbert Hadebe                                                                                                                VIEW FROM THE SKY)
                                              AT HEART)                                 Commercial Religion                         Do Prodductions                          DRESS” & ‘TIME TO LET GO”
 TV Children’s Programme                      The Out of Africa Picture Co              zIMBABWE
 zOLA 7 SERIES                                                                                                                      Prod: Marlo de Mardt/Brigid Olën         VISUAL KITCHEN
                                              Feature                                   Dir: Darrell James Roodt                    Documentary                              Exec Prod: Karl Anderson
 Ochre Moving Pictures                        MAMELODI DOCUMENTARY                      Drama
 Factual Entertainment                                                                                                              ESCAPE FROM SHADY PINES                  Music Video
                                              PROJECT                                                                               DT Film Studios                          PLEASE VOTE FOR ME
                                              Independent Project                                                                   Prod: Andre Nivison                      Steps International
                                              Prod:Ajani Husbands                                                                   Short Film                               Exec Prod: Don Edkins
   POST PRODUCTION                            Documentary                                        COMPLETE                           FACING THE ISSUES                        SA Documentary
                                              NOAH’S ARK                                                                            International Radio Pictures Inc.        PT INCO
                                              Born Free Media                                                                       Dir: Amanda Holiday                      International Radio Pictures Inc
                                              Drama                                     ADROIT CONFERENCE                           Series                                   Exec Prod: Tony King/Redy Rinaldi
 “777”                                        NO.1 LADIES DETECTIVE                     FC Hamman Films                             FINALE                                   Corporate
 Afda – Jhb                                   AGENCY                                    DIR: Neels Smit                             Iron Pictures                            THE COCONUTS
 Producer: Jeandre Gerding;Millicent          Film Afrika                               Corporate                                   DIR: FRANCOIS COETzEE                    Attv Communications
 Vilakazi                                     Feature                                   ADVENTURES AT THE WATER                     FLEISCH/MEAT                             Dir: Andrew Timm
 Dir: Mak Brunger                             PLAY MORE GOLF SA                         HOLE 3RD SERIES                             Two Oceans Productions                   TV Series
 Student Short Film                           FC Hamman Films                           Vuleka Productions                          Feature                                  TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE
 ALBANY “FRESH BUSINESS’                      Editor: Neels Smith                       Prod: Julie Frederikse                      GET BUSHIWE                              Steps International
 BFTV (Bragge Film & TV)                      30 Sec Commercial                         AFROX GAS & GEAR                            DewClaw Productions                      Exec Prod: Don Edkins
 Dir: Alan Farber                             PUNCH                                                                                 Dir: Sophie Vartan                       SA Documentry
 Training Video                                                                         TRAINING SERIES
                                              DO Productions                            FC Hamman Films                             Children’s Vartan                        THE REBIRTH OF
 BAY OF PLENTY                                Prods: Marlow de Mardt / Brigid Olën      Dir: FC Hamman & Neels Smit                 HITCH HIKER                              UMKHUMBANE
 Cinga Films                                  REBEL MUSIC                               Training                                    SA Wild                                  Dogg Bite Entertainment
 Dir:Sarah Blecher                            Smokin’ Joint International                                                           Dir: Chris Du Toit                       Documentary
 Drama Series                                                                           AFROX TRUCK SAFETY VIDEO
                                              Dir: Mr Mpofu                             FC Hamman Films                             Feature                                  THE TIME OF THE SNAKE
 BORDERLINES                                  TV Sitcom                                 Dir: Neels Smit                             IMAGINE AFRICA                           Two Oceans Production
 Free Range Films                             REINVASMAAK                               Corporate                                   Broadcast HIV Africa                     Feature
 Documentary                                  Southern Exposure                                                                     Dir: Mickey Dube                         THE WEAKEST LINK SEASON
                                                                                        AFROX SPIRIT
 BROTHER’S IN LAW                             Drama                                     FC Hamman Films                             Reality Show                             5
 Penguin films (CT)                           SCORPION KING:RISE OF                     Dir: Neels Smit                             INCLUDE US TOO                           Rapid Blue
 Exec prod: roberta durandt                   THE AKKADIAN                                                                          Aitime Artists                           Prod: Louise Parrie & Jennifer Guy
 COMING HOME                                  FILM AFRIKA;NBC                           Bush Coffee Productions                     Prod: Ernest Mamogobo                    TV Game Show
 Mindpool Productions                                                                                                               Documentary                              TRC FROM BELOW:LIFE
 Writer: Amber-Jay van Rooyen
                                              UNIVERSAL                                 Prod Motheo Seleke
                                              Executive producers: Joerg                Wildlife series                             JAN DE WET EN DIE                        WENT ON
 Short Film                                                                                                                         LOFKLEUTERS DVD –
                                              Westkamp,David Wicht,Lisa Gooding         AURUM HEALTH – THIBELA                                                               Margaret Gribble
 CONVERSATIONS AND A                          SEVEN OF DARAN                                                                        MARANATHA RECORDS                        Documentary
                                                                                        TB HIGHLIGHTS DVD
 SLIGHT CASE OF MURDER                        Enigma Pictures                           FC Hamman Films                             FC Hamman Films
 Brainstorm entertainment                     Dir: Lourens Blok                         Editor: Neels Smit                          Dir: FC Hamman
 Killing Robins Givens Project                Feature Film                              Corporate                                   Music Video                                       Screen Africa relies
 Dir: David Hickson                                                                                                                 LAND OF THIRST                               on accuracy of information
                                              SKIN                                      BABY JAKE TRIBUTE DVD
                                              Moonlighting – Jhb                        – EMI RECORDS                               Vuleka Productions                          received and cannot be held
 CREATIONS                                    Dir: Anthony Fabian                                                                   Dir: Meg Rickards                        responsible for any errors or omis-
 Media Corner                                                                           FC Hamman Films
                                              Feature                                   Dir/Dop: Archie Mzazi                       TV Series                                      sions which may occur.
 Talk Show                                                                                                                                                                     E-mail production updates to:

The New Year is upon us and we are into a new cycle of commercials, feature films,
                                                                                                                                                    Vital Sta’ tis’ tiks
                                                                                          Efforts will continue to be made to build on this statistical data base in order
music videos and documentary processing at the film laboratories. Cape Town’s          to improve the accuracy, and should readers have comments or other ideas in
figures show the characteristic huge increase in commercial processing over the        terms of statistic gathering, please send an e-mail to Your
November/December period. Johannesburg however started the year on a quiet             comments would be appreciated.
note with no features and few commercials being processed. We will watch with
interest to see how the situation changes as the year progresses.
    We would like to thank the laboratories for the information they have supplied     sTaTisTics for December 2007 anD January 2008
this year. So once again we present our research on the number of Features,
TV programmes, Commercials and Corporate Productions made in a particular                Through The labs:
month.                                                                                   Cape Town
   We make no attempt to identify the title of the production, or the production         Features                    Shorts         Commercials                    Doccies      16mm	                 35mm
house or any other information as this is often confidential information – we supply       2	                          1	              123	                          0	           23	                  103
simply the number.
   We rely on the co-operation of broadcasters, suppliers of commercial material         Johannesburg
to broadcasters and local film laboratories for information however at the moment        Features                    Shorts         Commercials                    Doccies      16mm	                 35mm
local broadcasters are not forthcoming in providing these vital statistics.              	 0                           1                7                            1            5                     4

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