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					   Sakina Al-Amin                                 MISSION: To work in a dynamic atmosphere while providing a quality
                                                  service that aids in and improves the lives of others

         Email:                  PROFILE
        Arbor-Islamic-Issues-Examiner               Administrative Professional & Standardized Patient Instructor exceptional in
                                                    office managing, classroom conducting, and writing --with extensive experience
          Ann Arbor, MI 48104
                                                    in event planning, providing verbal/written feedback to health professionals, and
Education:                                          developing and assessing core aspects of academia
 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48197
                                                  SPECIAL SKILLS

                                                              Case Developer- Create with director of standardized patient
   Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics c/o 2008                      program, a unique case portrayal utilized for 5 consecutive years by
Bachelor of Arts, Near East Studies c/o 2008                   health care providers
                                                               Arabic/Spanish Speaker- Interpret at UM hospital, both languages
                                                              Database Maintainer- Manage Excel/Access rolling database,
    MI Merit Award Recipient                                  utilizing basic accounting skills
    MI Achievement Award Recipient                           Curriculum Developer-Field tester/reader, MEAP standardized tests
    M-Pact Scholarship Recipient                             Classroom Conductor- Substitute teacher (K-12), ESL teacher
    MI Competitive Scholarship                                (post-secondary level), lead teacher (toddler-aged) at accredited
      Recipient                                                daycare
    MSAer of the Year Award                                  Display Creator- Imagineer themed displays for interior design store
Achievements:                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
    National Collegiate Scholar
    Elected Vice President of “Best                Present
       Campus Organization”                       Employers: University of Michigan
    Podcast featured on NPR                                  Standardized Patient Instructor (SPI); UM School of Medicine/School
       segment                                                 of Dentistry; seasonal; since July 2004; Ann Arbor 48105
    Oft featured author on QuranClub
       blog (+90,000 fans)                          Previous (1999-2010)
    Attained “Preferred Substitute”              Employers: Arabic Institute, State of MI, Measurement Inc., Fuller Hill, VoiceBox Tech,
       status @ Pioneer High School                           Bath & Body Works
    Recruited by for writing           (Respectively; beginning with the most recent)
    Column ranked #1 in both national
       & city analytics                            o   Elementary Arabic Teacher; Summer Arabic Institute; 48126
    Typing speed 90 WPM, 99% acc.                 o   Substitute Teacher; Washtenaw Public Schools; 48197-48105
                                                   o   Reader/Field Tester; Michigan Testing Center; 48197
Extracurricular:                                   o   Lead Teacher; Toddler-10 years Daycare Center; 48105
 o Write regular column for                        o   Phonetician; Online Submission, detailing news & fun
                                                   o   Sales Professional; Hair, Body & Home Care stores, 48197-48105
 stories on Islam & Muslims
 o Study Abroad student in Egypt - 2007
 o Birth Doula at Center for Childbearing
 o Private tutor of students ranging from
 grades 3rd to 12th in math, reading, & writing
 o Childcare provisions for local mosque,
 friends, & family

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